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New Sports Governance Academy set to launch in April A new Sports Governance Academy

■■The SGA will offer a number of free assets

(SGA), designed to support, develop and connect people working in the

will equip people in the sports and

sport and physical activity sector,

physical activity sector grappling

is set to launch in April 2020.

with governance, with resources,

Set up in partnership by Sport England and the Chartered Governance Institute (CGI), the SGA will offer those working

This will help organisations embed good governance Tim Hollingsworth

training and access to a thriving network of like-minded individuals. “Ultimately, it will help sports

in the industry a number of free assets

organisations to embed good

aimed at improving sports governance.

governance at all levels."

The resources will be made

The free ‘knowledge base’ will provide

available to all Sport England and

resources for raising governance

UK Sport-funded organisations.

standards such as guidance, template

Sport England CEO Tim Hollingsworth said: “This important support hub

documents, webinars and blogs. More: Read moRe online

power of physical activity

Care home staff trained to lead exercise sessions Run by Sport Aberdeen’s

Staff at sheltered accommodation are being

Healthy Communities team,

trained to organise and

with funding from Paths

lead their own strength and

for All, the project aims to

balance sessions for residents,

increase functional fitness

as part of a project to get

and daily walking among

those living in assisted housing

people not currently able to

more physically active.

take part in walking groups. “The training sessions have

Leisure trust Sport Aberdeen and Paths for All – a

already proved to be a powerful

charity aiming to increase the

tool in enabling those living in

number of people who choose

sheltered housing to improve

to walk in Scotland – are

their mobility and access a

running a training programme

better quality of life through

for Bon Accord Care staff

regular activity," said Jill Franks,

working at housing complexes

Sport Aberdeen director of

in Aberdeen, Scotland.

performance and planning. "We are looking forward

The First Steps programme will provide staff with the

to helping bring this

skills to promote and provide

training to even more staff

regular physical activity

in the coming sessions."

sessions for their residents.

More: Read moRe online

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■The ■ First Steps programme provides exercise sessions for residents

The sessions help residents gain mobility and access a better quality of life Jill Franks