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PRODUCT INNOVATION Lauren Heath-Jones takes a look at the latest technology and innovation currently making waves across the world of sport

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Kevin Roberts of CricHQ announces collaboration with My Action Replay


ricHQ, the world’s largest digital platform for cricket

organisations, will integrate My Action Replay video capture technology into

Kevin Roberts of CricHQ

its digital platform. The integration will enable

The platform will allow the delivery of a viewing experience similar to that of pro-cricket clubs

The platform will also allow

cricket teams to stream

cricket organisations to deliver

matches with live match data

a viewing experience similar

and share highlight reels and

to that of professional cricket

action replays using CricHQ.

clubs. This new feature intends

Users will also be able to

to meet increasing demand

search for and review video

from cricket organisations

coverage of individual players.

for video capture, recording and live-streaming of recreational cricket matches. CricHQ chair Kevin Roberts said: “CricHQ will integrate with My Action Replay so it can be indexed, which means that players and fans can watch the footage they want, when they want it, and on any device. Live streaming will have contextual infographics such as scores and data more extensive than what is currently provided on TV.” Barnaby Kent, founder of My Action Replay, said: “Combining video, scoring and match data in real-time means that the viewing experience for cricket fans will be so much better.” SPORTKIT KEYWORD


88 Issue 131  May/June 2017


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Sports Management May/June 2017 Issue 131  

Sports Management May/June 2017 Issue 131