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Product innovation Eleiko’s powerlifting bars will shape the future of strength, says Erik Blomberg World Para Powerlifting (WPPO) and Eleiko have collaborated to integrate lift analysis technology into Eleiko WPPO Powerlifting Competition Bars. Eleiko re-engineered the product with a patent-pending update to the sleeve construction to house custom-designed velocity sensors. Eleiko worked with Vmaxpro to create an integrated sensor. The bar retains its precise certified weight calibration with or without this inserted.


Steph Eaves rounds up the latest launches in health and fitness

● Dual sensors provide in-depth information about each lift

“We’re pushing the boundaries for tech integration with free weights” Erik Blomberg

Athletes can see real-time output via the Vmaxpro app, which provides detailed lift and movement analysis, as well as recommendations for loads, based on readiness

and velocity measures. Dual sensors give information about each lift, including bar path, rotation and inclination and power or velocity for every moment of a lift.

The data can be synced to video footage to give athletes and coaches insight into every moment. Athletes and coaches can view and track 16 metrics and tailor the dashboard. “We continually innovate our products to support athletes in achieving their strongest performances,” said Erik Blomberg, Eleiko CEO. “With our long time partners at the WPPO we’re helping shape the future of strength sports and pushing the boundaries of tech integration with free weights, incorporating lift analytics capabilities into our product.” KEYWORD


Ecore flooring now offers a continuing education unit (CEU) focused on the benefits of high-performance

The right flooring material can enhance performance, comfort and enjoyment Bo Barber


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flooring for health clubs and sports facilities. “The right flooring material can enhance performance, comfort and enjoyment by absorbing impact, facilitating energy restitution and delivering improved acoustics,” says Ecore’s Bo Barber. The new CEU, which is registered with The American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) Continuing Education Systems is titled High-Performance Flooring for Sports, Recreation and Fitness


Continuing education from Ecore helps enhance performance, explains Bo Barber

● The Ecore CEU course is registered with the AIA

and identifies the critical performance needs for flooring, offering architects and designers guidelines to selecting optimal surfacing for different applications to deliver ergonomic and acoustic

and performance benefits and on completion of the programme, participants will have their credits reported to AIA and IDCEC. KEYWORD