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readmill classes bring the group effect into what’s normally perceived as a lonely style of training,” says fitness development manager Charlie Banfield. “These motivating workouts create running camaraderie and bring a community together. Other benefits include improved technique, enhanced aerobic capacity to ignite metabolic rate and ultimately burn calories and increased competitive edge by challenging run times and distances.” Nuffield introduced treadmill training classes in 2018 and offers two options. Skillrun Edge is built on the foundations of speed, stamina, agility and power. This class improves running technique and gives a competitive edge through longer training blocks of six minutes. Skillrun HIIT is a fun fitnessinspired class built around the principles of High-Intensity Issue 8 2021 ©Cybertrek 2021


Nuffi eld’s Skillrun treadmill classes have grown in popularity since launch

These motivating workouts create running camaraderie and bring a community together Interval Training. There are 4 x 4-minute rounds alternating between running drills and floor work. “These classes have been popular thanks to leveraging the features of Technogym’s Skillrun,” says Banfield. “It’s a performance treadmill capable of delivering speeds up to 30kph, as well as a gradient from -3 per cent to +25. The sled and parachute functions increase acceleration and top end speed, which allows members to mix up their runs with power-specific training. Utilising this seamless technology, together with our bespoke programming, has significantly increased the demand and popularity of these classes over the years. “Emphasising the camaraderie and community aspects of running classes will definitely attract more people to attend. With more people trying running for the first time, these classes provide an alternative Charlie Banfi eld way to train in a gym setting.”