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Researchers found 24 per cent of people surveyed do not plan to do anything in relation to exercise or their physical or mental health now that lockdown restrictions have ended, with those over 55 most likely to say this (36 per cent). Although 46 per cent of people identified themselves as overweight, 25 per cent of those admitted they are not actively trying to change this. Despite this, there are green shoots of hope starting to appear, particularly when it comes to understanding the link between physical and mental health, which is hugely promising. Almost 3 in 10 of people said the main reason they have been motivated to exercise and look after their physical health in the last 12 months

is because exercising helps with their mental health (28 per cent) and almost half of people (47 per cent) agreed they would take more responsibility for their health after lockdown. After 16 months of restrictions, the health and wellbeing sector must take the opportunity to help people recover from the impact of the pandemic as quickly as possible by taking better care of their mental and physical health. At Nuffield Health our commitment to helping build a healthier nation is unwavering and we are determined that we can and will build back healthier, happy and stronger. l Dr Davina Deniszczyc is medical director of Nuffield Health

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