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photo: Nuffield health

Nearly half those sampled are taking more responsibility for their health

7% - 3.65m people – struggle to exercise due to Long COVID

56% have gone to work despite their mental health being poor

41% said their mental health is ‘worse than this time last year (49 per cent of women)

33% called in sick because of their mental health, but gave another reason

36% of over 55s surveyed don’t plan to exercise at all in the future

21% reported low life satisfaction

49% of 25 to 34-year-olds are more concerned about their parents’ mental health because of COVID-19

46% of people identify as overweight but 25 per cent are not actively trying to change this in any way

47% of parents expressed fears about their children’s mental health as a result of the pandemic

28% exercise because they say it helps them maintain their mental health

36% reported high anxiety when asked how they felt on the previous day 53% of people say they’ve been less productive during work due to poor mental health

24% of the total sample surveyed by Nuffield don’t plan to exercise in the future

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