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Despite well-publicised evidence pointing to the link between obesity and severity of illness from COVID-19 we found 8.8 million UK adults had done no exercise for 12 months

Team effort Dr Davina Deniszczyc talks us through the findings of the first Nuffield Healthier Nation Index, which has benchmarked activity levels and attitudes to exercise among the UK population


s trading gears back up after 18 months of lockdown in the UK, the true breadth of the impact of the pandemic on the mental and physical wellbeing of the nation is becoming clearer. But so is the determination of the majority to prioritise, and invest in their physical and mental health to overcome any bad habits picked up in lockdown. By focusing on improving our own health and wellbeing and encouraging those around us to do the same, we’ll help prevent longterm health conditions and support the nation’s

recovery from the pandemic and it’s important to acknowledge that we all have a role to play. Healthcare charity, Nuffield Health, launched its inaugural Healthier Nation Index to take a comprehensive look at all aspects of the nation’s health following the start of the pandemic, with the aim of building a stronger understanding of how people are feeling, identify where the biggest challenges are and providing crucial information to the public, NHS and policymakers to guide future decision-making and improve outcomes for everyone – ensuring the UK builds a healthier nation.

SNAP BRIEFING Nuffield Healthier Nation Index 47% are taking more responsibility for their health because of the pandemic 90% of over 55s say their health has been negatively impacted by the pandemic 33% of all UK adults believe their physical health is worse than a year ago

25% of over-55s had done no exercise in the last 12 months 59% lack motivation or the energy to exercise 50% lack time to exercise due to work 39% dislike exercise 36% say they can’t afford it

16% - 8.8 million UK adults - had done no exercise in the last 12 months

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37% of all respondents and 49% of millennials have found it difficult to restart exercising