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Ben Beevers Everyone Active

We’re currently trading at between 80 and 90 per cent of pre-pandemic levels

Beevers says some attendances are beating pre-pandemic numbers as customers focus on their health

Issue 8 2021 ©Cybertrek 2021

As expected, sales have recovered quickest in the suburbs, while central city locations are running behind, with fewer people returning to their place of work. Consequently, we’ve seen a 10 per cent decrease in members at our city-centre location in London. We’ve noticed our customers are taking more accountability for their actions to ensure their own and others safety in our centres, whether that’s cleaning down equipment or planning their visit ahead of time. Following the lifting of restrictions on 19 July customers are still attending quieter sessions at off-peak times. Those returning to our centres are demonstrating an increased awareness of their own health, which is especially evident for the over 50s and we’ve seen an increase at several centres for swimming attendance, at higher than pre-pandemic levels. Everyone is happy to be back, including our colleagues: a survey we conducted in May, found more than 75 per cent of colleagues felt the reopening of centres has improved their mental wellbeing.

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e clearly have a large section of the population wanting to reconnect with activities at local leisure facilities and membership sign-ups have been really positive in the months since reopening. We’re currently trading at between 80 and 90 per cent of pre-pandemic levels. Over the past 17 months, we’ve evaluated every area of the business, including how we operate and sell in a new environment. We’ve also made several developments to benefit our business in the long term, including our digital operations [Everyone Active launched Everyone on Demand in partnership with Les Mills, among others].