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The study will analyse the

he Global Health and Fitness Alliance (GHFA)

sector’s social and economic

has commissioned

contribution and deliver a

Deloitte to produce a new

‘comprehensive view of its direct

report, The Economic Impact

and indirect value to society’.

of the Health and Fitness


GHFA tasks Deloitte to prove the value of sector

Initially covering around

Industry, with the support of

60 countries, which between

IHRSA and the goal of securing

them account for the majority

a seat at the table in terms

of the global health club

of World Health Organization

market, the work is due to be

(WHO) policy development.

published in the new year. PHOTO: FITNESS AND LIFESTYLE GROUP

The report will analyse operators’ P&L items including rent, utilities and people; the value to communities of the career opportunities this activity

GHFA is aiming to make the sector’s case at the highest level

creates; the sector’s quantifiable impact on industries, including

We want to secure a seat at the table of the WHO as it briefs its next physical activity policy

“The GHFA was created

Group and spokesperson for

health and technology; and

as an independent, globally

the GHFA’s Advisory Council.

the socio-economic value of

representative group of our

fitness facilities over and above

sector’s senior decision-makers,

the table of the WHO as it briefs

exercise conducted elsewhere.

ensuring we have the authority

its next physical activity policy

and influence to move at

for national governments.”

GHFA says the work is the

Greg Oliver

first step in building a conclusive

pace,” explains Greg Oliver,

global case for the sector.

CEO of Fitness and Lifestyle

“We want to secure a seat at



early half (49 per cent) of health club members in the US who’ve cancelled their membership since


Half of lapsed US gym members plan to rejoin the pandemic began are eager

The insights presented in this report will inform how we, as operators, must deliver a personalised and curated member experience with our offerings and programming

to rejoin their clubs within the next six to 12 months. This is one of the key findings of the The Next

Fitness Consumer report, compiled by ClubIntel, the IHRSA Foundation and ABC Fitness Solutions, which unveils current beliefs and motivators

The report was compiled by IHRSA, ABC and ClubIntel

The Next Fitness Consumer

of the fitness consumer. Conducted in June 2021,


Those with no interest in

In-person health club usage

cent and other digital exercise

the study surveyed 2,113

being physically active were

was down by 8 per cent in

programmes 8 per cent, while

consumers who were either

not included in the study,

June 2021, while studios

the use of at-home fitness

currently physically active,

which was administered

were down 5 per cent.

equipment was up 13 per cent.

or were not active but

in collaboration with

were interested in being so.

research panel Dynata.

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Meanwhile, the use of free online workouts was up 15 per