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Active Leeds has had 7,000 visits to its sites via Hussle in two years

A proven revenue generator


An ongoing partnership between Active Leeds and Hussle has created exciting results in the form of increased usage and memberships

Hussle has helped us to communicate our vision to a much wider audience than we could have achieved alone Mathew Frieze, Active Leeds


ctive Leeds has been working with Hussle as its digital marketing partner for the past two years, creating nearly 7,000 visits to the trust’s 12 sites in that time. “We felt working alongside Hussle was a good opportunity to get a wider customer base into our facilities,” says Mathew Frieze, sales and retention officer at Active Leeds. “We needed a way to expand our membership portfolio and felt that engaging Hussle’s services was the most costeffective way for us to achieve this. “Hussle has helped us to communicate our vision – that Leeds is the best city to be active in – to a much wider audience than we could have achieved alone. “Anyone using the Hussle platform is exposed to our facilities, meaning we attract customers we’d never normally get through the doors – not just people who live in Leeds but anyone working in the area or passing through as they’re moving around the country. We’ve attracted a new segment of the market that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to tap into. It’s very beneficial for

us and has allowed us to increase our footfall and revenue. “Our number of customer visits increased 33 per cent year on year (comparing Q1 2019 with Q1 2020), despite the fact we were only trading for half of March due to COVID-19,” explains Frieze. “Hussle visited to give us a performance review and we agreed some actionable plans to help us increase our revenue further in 2020. However, this was just before the pandemic hit, so we’re looking to resume these plans shortly.” Hussle’s nationwide marketing power attracts customers to Active Leeds through commercial partnerships and its corporate offering, which has also enabled the trust to grow its membership base. “The way Hussle goes about advertising follows our brand and the messaging – getting more people active – is in line with ours too,” says Frieze. “We know that some customers go on to join our clubs directly and we look forward to working with Hussle’s new Membership Conversion Service later this year.” ●

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