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FAC I LITI ES TVS fl ooring in the Stronger training studio at Gymnasium in Wandsworth, London


Gym activities can take place as normal – the noise and vibrations are imperceptible to neighbours Andy Roberts / TVS Group



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The overall effect means assorted gym activities can take place as normal and noise and vibrations are imperceptible to neighbours both nearby and further afield – a win-win solution for all. The Stronger studio, located at ground floor level, features six elite-level lifting platforms. Part of the task was to enable a seamless transition between the surrounding flooring and the lifting platforms. We installed heavy duty TVS Sportec tiles over impact protection tiles, ensuring a flush finish between the junction of the gym flooring and the lifting platforms. This detail is not only aesthetic, it also means there’s less likelihood of tripping as gym members move between zones. Flooring in the Athletica studio was much more straightforward, as we were able to install a single layer of our TVS Sportec heavy duty rubber tiles straight over the concrete substrate.


e were recently tasked with supplying and installing problem-solving flooring solutions in a new strength, conditioning and mobility gym in the heart of a busy London suburb. Architect-designed Gymnasium in Wandsworth features three training studios: Athletica – where the focus is on cardio and high impact activities; Stronger – a dedicated space focusing on strength training; and Compete – a studio where budding gymnasts can develop core strength and skills. The Compete studio backs onto a tower containing residential and business premises, presenting potential noise issues, so after an acoustic appraisal, it was agreed we should supply and install a multi-layered flooring solution with noise dampening qualities. Our chosen approach also inhibits vibrations caused by gym activities from entering other parts of the building.