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Generating an accurate picture of how leisure centres are used will be a big step towards redesigning a service that addresses rising health inequalities It will enable us to get a better balance between efficiency and effectiveness so we can contribute to the wider health-based partnerships that will develop within the Integrated Care Systems and Primary Care Networks. Health investment is evidence-led and without evidence, relationship building will be much harder. 3) Further support It will enable Sport England to demonstrate to central government the impact of the £100m recovery fund and make the case for further support. This could be additional financial support direct to councils through a further allocation to the recovery fund, specific recognition through local government financial settlements, or funds allocated through health policy and funding.

Failure to provide evidence that the initial funding has been successful would not be helpful for those making our case. As a previous chair of the Quest/NBS board I’ve always encouraged the sector to make more use of data and evidence – both to help improve its performance and to evidence its value and impact. However, I’ve often found reluctance to fully engage with measurement, whether it be the National Performance Indicators, Active Lives, or the NBS itself. As a sector, we seem very comfortable when the data confirms how good we are but less comfortable when it exposes our weaknesses and where we could improve. This cultural reluctance has held us back in the past and will do so again if we don’t wake up fast to the importance of data to the current challenges and opportunities ahead of us.

Activity on a pay-as-you-go, casual or concessionary basis is not being counted in official numbers in many cases

These weaknesses in data collection will mean we fail to show the full picture of the social value of our services

We’re only tracking what’s happening with more wealthy people and excluding people who are less well off

We must report accurately on how facilities are being used and how they’re addressing health inequalities ©Cybertrek 2021 Issue 5 2021


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HCM Issue 5 2021  

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