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Kelly-Anne Stead Mytime Active



his is the perfect time for the industry to support people into healthier lifestyles through weight management programmes. We’re seeing a real recognition of the health benefits of being a healthy weight, with customers saying they want to lose weight to be in better shape to fight any illness, not just COVID-19. Since 2012, Mytime Active has been running programmes commissioned by local authorities to help them target communities where lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and cancer were a big issue. In the light of COVID-19, we’re adapting this to provide a fun, nonthreatening product which will appeal to the deconditioned market, or people with a BMI over 30. Our proprietary programme, Theory of Change, has four pathways to wellbeing: BeActive – moving more; EatWell – a balanced diet; BePositive – develop good self esteem and the confidence to make the changes you want and BeTogether – buddies to support you and confirm you matter to your community. We don’t make false promises about shedding the pounds and inches as quickly as possible, but we do guarantee customers will feel better in themselves and be in better shape by the end.

Mytime Active is supporting people with its Theory of Change programme

In our programme in the Midlands, of more than 3,200 completers of a 16 week course, an average of 60 per cent achieved 5 per cent weight loss or more. Plus they had long-term improvements in selfconfidence and overall wellbeing. For operators wanting to move into this area, the digital shift during lockdown has to be applied to this product too, so you need to offer a hybrid programme. Secondly, it’s all about the aftercare: the support over the following six or 12 months is critical to getting customers to do regular exercise, build activity and good eating habits into their lives.

It’s all about the aftercare: the support over the following six or 12 months is critical

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