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Weight loss Consumer research has shown a population-wide surge in interest in reducing lockdown weight gain and getting fitter. Is the industry ready and willing to put its hand up to help people with weight loss? Kath Hudson reports


fter the challenges of the last year, there’s never been a better time to recruit members, but now clubs are fully open, lockdown life is hopefully behind us and there’s a strong appetite for getting healthy, is the industry willing to commit to offering obesity management and weight control services? This isn’t about the aesthetics of a beautiful body, it’s about health and taking the strain off the NHS.


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The obesity epidemic had been running out of control and the pandemic is preying on those carrying the most weight. Research from WW (Weight Watchers) found that 41 per cent of Brits admitted to gaining weight during the restrictions and 65 per cent put on half a stone or more. Historically the industry has been reluctant to make big claims in this area, but is now the time to get properly skilled up and make a splash by launching weight management programmes? We get insights from the experts.