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Excite Live


Tailored training – personalise the experience The advanced digital user interface, Technogym Live, inspires people to embrace exercise and make it a part of their daily lives to achieve results. Using AI technology, members have access to all their favourite apps, training stats and preferences all in one place providing a personalised experience as unique as them. Not forgetting the universal wireless smartphone charging –a much-needed feature for on-the-go members.

elcome to the world of creative fitness, where exercise and fun merge to change the way we train. The way people train is changing as the demand for content and experience has exploded and this will shape the next evolution of training. Technogym is leading the way with exciting new training experiences through its innovative cardio range, Excite Live. A seven-piece range, Excite Live has revolutionised training, thanks to the Technogym Live platform which uses artificial intelligence technology and immersive content to give training an advanced level of personalisation. Excite Live is designed around four key pillars – tailored training variety, connectivity, ‘spacesavvy’ and sustainability – to offer a meaningful, engaging, and personal training experience.

Mobile connectivity – your world with you Members can go about their daily life while exercising, by logging into the Mywellness app via their Apple or Samsung smartwatch. This.will open their favourite social media apps, offer suggested workouts and present them with their training stats.

Here we explore two operators adopting Excite Live Ignite Fitness

Ignite Fitness aims to be fun, dynamic and welcoming


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Ignite Fitness has taken inspiration from around the world to create a club with stunning décor and unforgettable experiences. “We believe a gym should have a personality, with an atmosphere that gets people going,” says owner Andrew Charalambous. “We were clear about the experience we wanted to create – a gym space that is fun, dynamic and always welcoming. “Technogym completely understood what we needed as a brand and helped us to design and bring my vision to life,” he says. “The functionality and connectivity of the Excite Live equipment is incredible, it looks amazing and is so easy for people to use. The equipment even gave us back some floor space, because the new design has a smaller footprint.”