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‘Breakthrough moment’ for exercise referral programmes new data from the National ReferAll



kactive has published


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Database (NRD) – the

UK’s first open-access database for exercise referral schemes. The data shows that since its launch in 2019, the NRD – which records outcome data for patients participating in the schemes – has grown to represent 40,000 unique persons who were referred to

This database is integral to the success of exercise referral schemes in the future The NRD records outcome data for patients on referrals

Matthew Wade, ukactive

one of 123 exercise referral schemes across the UK,

schemes have not been able

NRD holds the key to unlocking

of schemes, so we can

between 2012 and 2021.

to provide conclusive evidence

best practice and transforming

increase the efficacy and

of their effectiveness, due to

how referrals are delivered.

consistency of our services.”

The sample has been

Wade said: “This database

The NRD was developed

taken from more than

their variability and the data

600,000 exercise referral

representing only a small

is integral to the success of

by ukactive, the National

scheme records captured

proportion of schemes.

exercise referral schemes

Centre for Sport and Exercise

in the future, ultimately

Medicine and ReferAll.

within ReferAll’s database.

According to Dr Matthew

Until now, data available

Wade, head of research and

providing the guiding

development at ukactive, the

evidence for the improvement

concerning exercise referral



here were more than

among adults and children.

one million admissions

It shows that, in total, there

made to NHS hospitals

were 1.02 million Finished

during 2019-20, where

Admission Episodes (or

obesity was a factor. The figure comes from

FAEs – the first period of admitted patient care under

NHS Digital and its statistics

one consultant within one

on obesity, physical activity

healthcare provider) with

and diet; England, 2021 – an

obesity as a primary or

annual compendium of data

secondary diagnosis. This

on obesity, including hospital

marks a significant increase

admissions, prescription

of 17 per cent on 2018-19.

items and obesity prevalence


A million hospital admissions linked to obesity in 2019-20

Women accounted for two-thirds (64 per cent) of admissions where obesity was a factor.

Around two thirds of UK adults are now overweight or obese

In total, around two thirds of UK adults are now overweight or obese.

NHS Digital More:

Two thirds of admissions linked to obesity were women

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