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early four in five (73

say their mental health has

per cent) Britons are

become worse in the past year.

failing to meet NHS

The figures come from the

Nuffield Health Healthier


on exercise as a result

Nation Index, launched by

of successive lockdowns

the healthcare charity, which

leading to the formation

is based on a comprehensive

of unhealthy habits.

survey of more than 8,000

In addition, there’s evidence


Nuffield research: 8.8m Brits have done no exercise in past year

Britons. Nuffield says the

of a growing mental health

study offers one of the

crisis, as 41 per cent of Brits

most detailed looks at the FLICKR.COM/ANDREWCAMPBELL1/CCOMMONS

nation’s health since the start of the pandemic. The Index reveals that, on average, a third of Britons (33 per cent) agree their physical

A quarter of people over 55 have done no exercise at all

health is worse now (as of

We must help people get active to make sure we don’t store up problems for the future

April 2021) than it was a year

for the Healthier Nation Index,

to make sure we don’t store

ago, with older age groups

said: “This research shows

up problems for the future.

reporting the worst decline.

the pandemic has had a

“It is deeply worrying

significant impact on the

that 1 in 4 people over the

aged 55 and over said their

nation’s mental health and

age of 55 haven’t exercised

physical health has improved.

on our ability to exercise.

at all in the last year.”

Only 10 per cent of those

Reflecting on the findings, Judy Murray OBE, ambassador

Judy Murray

“The focus must now be on helping people get active


scheme, backed by National Lottery funding, has been launched to

support fitness and sports



new job retention


Retrain to Retain scheme to help 25,000 fitness professionals

professionals in England. Retrain to Retain is designed to support up to 25,000 fitness and sports coaches

Retrain to Retain will be a major boost to the sport and physical activity workforce

who have had to find work outside the sector during the COVID-19 pandemic and will prioritise those working in areas of economic

The scheme will be administered by CIMSPA and partners

Tara Dillon, CIMSPA

deprivation or supporting under-represented groups. Sport England is investing


It will also offer support to

operation and addressing

Tara Dillon, CIMSPA CEO,

up to 5,000 self-employed

skills shortages by funding the

said: “Retrain to Retain will be

£5m in the scheme, which is

people or micro-businesses

costs of essential training.

a major boost to the sport and

providing training, resources,

and more than 500 employers

and tools to help fitness

to reopen their businesses,

administered by CIMSPA and

professionals return to work.

by reducing the cost of

a consortium of partners.

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Retrain to Retain will be

physical activity workforce.” More:

Profile for Leisure Media

HCM Issue 5 2021  

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