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he Gym Group reported

with England on 12 April 2021

it outperformed all

– resulting in total membership

its own expectations

increasing from 547,000 at

in the six weeks of

the end of February 2021 to 729,000 by 24 May 2021.

operations following the


The Gym Group posts stunning results in return to trading

Members’ keenness to get

reopening its 180+ clubs.

back on the gym floor is also

The group said there had been “strong demand for the

reflected in gym visit data

return to gyms” since lockdown

being “extremely strong”.

restrictions on gyms were

The average number of

eased across the UK – starting

visits per member per week


since reopening stands at 1.5 – compared with 1.1 for the comparative period in 2019. All of the Gym Group’s sites are back trading and all of its

The company has opened four new gyms since 12 April 2021

members are now paying, with the free freeze option having

cleanliness protocols. The

performing “extremely

been removed on re-opening.

Gym Group has opened four

well” and have grown strong

Encouragingly, member

new gyms since 12 April – in

levels of membership.

Visits per member and new joiner sign-up rates are at record levels

satisfaction scores are

Chichester, York, Cambridge

significantly higher than

and London Sydenham, taking

new joiner sign-up rates are

pre-COVID-19 levels, reflecting

the total estate to 187.

at record levels,” he said.

Richard Darwin, The Gym Group

positive feedback from

Richard Darwin, CEO,

members on safety and

said all four new gyms are

“Visits per member and


Association (STA) has partnered with a psychologist to provide

new mindfulness and wellness resources for its members. The new wellbeing and mindfulness activity guidance



he Swimming Teachers’


Swimming teachers given new resources to develop mindfulness

has been designed to help

Millions of children have lost out on the opportunity to access their lessons

swimming teachers care for and support young learners’ wellbeing and mindfulness during lessons, at a time when the effects of the

The resources will help swimming teachers support learners

Zoe Cooper, STA

pandemic are still being felt. Developed in partnership


activities and comes with a

Zoe Cooper, STA’s

to access their lessons during

with Dr Alexandra Barnett,

separate parent guide and

commercial director, said:

lockdowns and for many,

a chartered counselling

a digital marketing pack

“Swimming has been hit

this will have affected their

psychologist, the 17-page

containing posters, social

hard by the pandemic.

confidence and competence.”

guidance note contains

media banners and a logo

30 different mindfulness

for swim schools to display.

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“Millions of children have lost out on the opportunity