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HRSA has signed a

MedFit Education Foundation

partnership deal with

and MedFit Network. The partnership will

MedFit, a professional

provide medically-based

membership organisation

for fitness and allied

fitness education training,

healthcare professionals.

as well as access to medical fitness specialist courses and

The collaboration is part of plans to intensify the

a number of other projects

relationship between fitness and

which look to bring fitness and

healthcare globally – and will see

healthcare closer together.


IHRSA partners with MedFit to intensify healthcare relationship

Among the first initiatives will

IHRSA work together with the PHOTO: IHRSA

be a programme of medicallybased fitness education training being provided at the IHRSA International Convention & Trade Show (IHRSA 2021) in

The partnership provides medical-based fitness education

Dallas, US, later this year. IHRSA interim president and CEO, Brent Darden, said: “MedFit’s lead positioning in

Our mutual organisations embrace the transformation of fitness and wellness Brent Darden, IHRSA

for leading the world to a healthier lifestyle. “This is an opportunity for

MedFit founder Lisa Dougherty said: “Chronic illnesses and the behaviours

the emerging medical fitness

the fitness industry to

that cause them account for

space has been very impressive.

up-level its education and

the majority of healthcare

“Our mutual organisations

services to be on the front

costs today worldwide.”

embrace the transformation

line of healthcare and position

of fitness and wellness

the sector as essential.”


franchise deal which will see it open 20 studios



RIB3 has secured a


TRIB3 and Urban Gym Group sign 20-site deal for Benelux

across Belgium, the

Netherlands and Luxembourg. The boutique operator has signed the area development deal with Dutch entrepreneur and investor,

Our property team is already in advanced discussions on several other locations

Jordy Kool, who has been given exclusive territory rights to the Benelux region. Kool is the co-CEO of Urban Gym Group (UGG) and the

The first UGG TRIB3 site will open in Amsterdam in 2021

Kevin Yates, TRIB3

TRIB3 sites will be managed within the portfolio of UGG.

The plan is to roll the 20

The franchise agreement

sites out across five years,

follows Kool becoming an

with six to open in the first

investor in TRIB3 in early 2021,

two years of the agreement.

through his investment group,

According to TRIB3 CEO,

Iron Asset Management.


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Kevin Yates, the first TRIB3

store in Benelux will open later this year, in Amsterdam.

“Jordy and I share a lot of the same values and both

“Our property team

see massive opportunities

is already in advanced

for growth in the industry.”

discussions, along with UGG, on several locations,” Yates said.