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Solo 60 is booked through an app and accessed with a PIN code

What kind of vibe are you aiming for? An international award-winning interior designer called Bergman Interiors designed our first site and created a concept to roll out to future sites. We took this and bent it to suit each site’s quirks. We’re going for a high-end feel with bespoke touches in each – for the gram, of course.

What improvements will you make with your next site? We have ambitions to incorporate the technology from our digital products into the physical space. This is a huge mission in relation to how customers will experience our spaces going forward.

Will you own and operate or also franchise? We’ve had a huge amount of interest and requests for franchising the model and the technology but at the moment we have no plans to do so. We’re extremely protective about the experience Solo 60 provides and our plans for the future are to own and operate all sites to maintain these standards.

How much does it cost to use Solo 60? Prices vary depending on time, location and method of payment – for example, using pay-as-you-go and credit packs. Our pay-as-you-go pricing is dependent on the time of day and – using surge pricing – on the demand for slots at that time. ©Cybertrek 2021 Issue 5 2021


How has the Solo 60 concept developed since launch? Our Standard Place location in Shoreditch has been extremely successful, with close to 3,000 Solo 60 Sessions completed, while Brewery Square near Tower Bridge, which will open this month (June 2021), will see the launch of Solo 60 Studio for those who love group exercise. Solo 60 Studio will be limited to six people at one time and cover six unique concepts. Group exercise will be offered in all future locations and will sit alongside the original Solo 60 Session offering. The group exercise content will also go out via our third product, Solo 60 Stream.


The fi rst Solo 60 location in Shoreditch will be followed this month by a second location near Tower Bridge