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atrix Fitness is launching a three-tiered cardio offering to make it easier for customers to find fitness solutions specific to their needs. The line is compatible with five of the company’s consoles, enabling the creation of combinations of performance and technology that can accommodate virtually any fitness facility’s budget, space and members. “We believe choice makes all the difference,” says Matt Pengelly, MD of Matrix Fitness UK. “With our new cardio series and consoles, we provide versatile options, so facilities can choose the best fit, placing the end user at the centre of their decision. We’re excited to see how these new choices help our partners achieve their goals.” The Performance Series provides a portfolio of cardio platforms designed for heavy use, with rugged components tested against the highest international standards to withstand hard, continuous use for years.


Matrix Fitness is launching a new threetiered cardio range to provide total versatility, explains Matt Pengelly

● The combination of consoles and cardio lines gives a huge range of options

Ergonomic touchpoints are positioned to make even long, hard workouts comfortable and easy to navigate and this range of advanced features simplify and reduce service needs to minimise downtime and maximise member satisfaction.

The range includes a treadmill, climbmill, ascent trainer, suspension elliptical, hybrid cycle, upright cycle and recumbent cycle. The Endurance Series was created for heavy use in professional fitness facilities where space is at a premium and budgets need to stretch further. Streamlined designs simplify the exercise experience, while still providing performance that can challenge cardio enthusiasts.

This series is designed and tested to stand up to tough environments and heavy use and offers the most choices in regards to features, functions and pricing.


We believe choice makes the difference Matt Pengelly, MD, Matrix Fitness UK

The Endurance Series includes a treadmill, climbmill, stepper, suspension elliptical, upright cycle and recumbent cycle. The Lifestyle Series is ideal for light commercial use and features value-conscious design, reliable performance and a unified aesthetic that makes the exercise experience less intimidating. Simplified operation makes it easy for virtually anyone to start

a workout – even users who are unfamiliar with exercise equipment. This range includes a treadmill, climbmill, suspension elliptical, upright cycle and recumbent cycle.

Console options Five new consoles range from basic LED designs to touchscreen interfaces that mimic popular operating systems and are all compatible with the new cardio series. All consoles give users control of the data they collect, the content that keeps them engaged and the way they reach their goals. With the new Group Training LED Console, every class member can be kept in sync via the console, meeting the specific needs of group exercise. With wifi -enabled consoles, staff can also access the digital solutions of the Matrix Connected Solutions portfolio, including the most popular digital offerings, such as the Personal Trainer Portal, Workout Tracking Network and Asset Management. “The right technology is more than just the finishing touch,” adds Pengelly. “It really dictates what kind of experience the user is going to have, and it can change the way facilities manage their machines and interact with their members.” fitness-kit.net KEYWORD

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