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Developer: Technogym Client: Tees Active Location: UK ●

Martin Perry Technogym Tees Active is a not-for-profit community trust in the UK that works in partnership with organisations such as the NHS, Sport England, ukactive, and Public Health England to connect with hard-to-reach groups, as well as more active members of the community. Technogym Mywellness has been in use by Tees Active for many years and since the start of the pandemic, has been deployed to add live and on-demand content to the mix for members. Tees Active wanted one solution for all its member activity. With the infrastructure of Mywellness already embedded into the customer journey, adding live and on-demand was the next step. With a diverse membership ranging from general fitness to specialisms such as cardiac rehabilitation, weight management,

Developer: Mindbody Client: Heartcore Location: UK ●


Mindbody Mindbody customer Heartcore, founded over 12 years ago, prides itself on being one of the founders of London’s fitness and wellness scene with one simple goal in mind – to touch lives. Although the business was used to seeing its in-studio classes packed with loyal clients, the pandemic forced Heartcore to explore digital options to keep clients moving and healthy. When Heartcore switched over to live streaming, they were worried clients would be confused when Issue 4 2021 ©Cybertrek 2021

and neurological interventions, a platform was needed that gave every member the service they wanted. Streaming being an effective way of connecting with more vulnerable people. Mywellness content was delivered via a multi-stage approach to offer members the chance to engage with activity during lockdown and beyond. Now facilities are open again, streaming services are helping Tees Active add value to memberships and extend their reach beyond the local area. The platform offers a flexible way for Tees Active to use its own content and reach specialist demographics with the right support. For example, weight management programmes have continued via the app. Over 1,000 members have already signed up. Of these, 500 are regular members who enjoy the opportunity to connect with their favourite class instructor and see a familiar studio setting in the background.

At Heartcore, a group of 2,500 members continue to use the live stream

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Technogym partners with Tees Active

it came to booking and signing up. Realising that consistency is key to helping their community transition to a digital platform, Heartcore’s turned to the Mindbody app to make the process seamless. The studio has now been able to resume in-studio sessions for personal and group bubble training, but the digital offerings still play a big role, with a group of around 2,500 clients continuing to use the live stream. The Mindbody app has been designed to help fitness businesses increase brand exposure, stay connected with clients, and provide real-time scheduling and payments. ●


Technogym will support Tees Active’s on-demand health offer, rolling out specialist content