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The Uptivo platform is very helpful in addressing social distancing rules EP Home-Delivery Coach Our fitness studio in Italy, called EP Home-Delivery Coach, helps people of all ages and fitness levels reach their full potential, with attention to their individual needs and goals. My co-founder Allegra Ravera and I offer a variety of services, ranging from at-home


Uptivo monitors outdoor group training

PT and small group sessions, to indoor and outdoor classes, both on-site and online. In 2020, we adopted the Uptivo heart-rate monitoring platform to add more quality and attention-to-detail to our services and to be able to track members’ workouts in real-time. Monitoring training intensity allows us to step in at the appropriate time to push members or to slow them down when they’re trying too hard. We pride ourselves on educating clients on the correct quantity and intensity of physical activity, and Uptivo has a precious role to play in that. Heart rate monitors are included in our premium packages – PT and small group – and offered optionally for classes. The response has been extremely good. The platform proved helpful during lockdowns and in addressing social distancing, thanks to its outdoor group training monitoring option and because of functionality, that allows us to add heart-rate-based telemetry to online live sessions with up to 25 members. We use Uptivo management features to schedule activities, manage bookings and waiting lists and let members purchase credit packages and subscriptions via the Uptivo app for iPhone and Android phones.


Leisure United realised the downsides of running separate platforms


Sean Lucas First Sports We were already Leisure United’s software partner for the football side, and as the gym and fitness facilities came online at Sheffield Westfield, they realised the downsides of running separate platforms and approached us for an all-encompassing software solution to support every aspect of the multi-faceted sports and fitness centre. We recognised their requirements could largely be met by our existing

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Developer: First Sports Client: Leisure United, Sheffield Westfield Where: UK ●●www.first-sports.com

software with its member management, access control, payment processing, course management and event booking modules. From there, we worked with the management team to “fill the gaps”. We focused on operational functionality and reporting, investigating everything from joining online, to managing and tracking access, and, following installation, the system now supports 20,000 registered users. Our partnership with Leisure United has grown to support all ten of their existing hubs throughout England.


Enrico Paleari

Operator: EP Home-Delivery Coach Developer: UPTIVO Location: Italy ●●https://uptivo.fit