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Make the SWITCH We talk to Dave Wright, CEO of Myzone, about the world’s first interchangeable heart rate monitor that provides real-time feedback – and the impact of COVID-19 Dave, tell us about MZ-Switch

MZ-Switch is the world’s first interchangeable heart rate monitor that can be worn on the wrist, chest and arm. It gives users feedback on their heart rate in real-time and converts this into clear and simple colour-based zones based on the intensity of effort they’re putting into their activity. Wearing the monitor on the wrist and arm provides 95 per cent PPG accuracy (photoplethysmography), for non-gripping activities such as walking, running and swimming (wrist only), while the chest-based application provides 99.4 per cent EKG accuracy (Electrocardiogram) for more intense activity such as functional or gym training.

Why are you launching it now?

All over the world, gyms and fitness centres have been forced to close as part of regional and national lockdowns in an attempt to halt the spread of COVID-19. As a result, people have been increasingly exercising outdoors and activities such as walking, running and cycling have become even more popular. In development for more than a year, MZSwitch is perfect for these kinds of activities. Users simply strap the device onto their chest, wrist or arm to track their activity and get an accurate reading of how hard they’re working during exercise, wherever they’re working out. We believe that its ease of use, combined with unrivalled versatility will bring the benefits of heart rate tracking to a variety of new markets. MZSwitch makes it incredibly easy for gym members to experience Myzone during group exercise, for the corporate sector to encourage employees to become more active during the working day and for schools to utilise heart-rate technology during PE classes.

How does it work?

MZ-Switch uses our unique point system, known as Myzone Effort Points (MEPs), to help people commit to regular exercise and enjoy the journey. Users earn MEPs when they exercise in their target heart rate zone. Myzone’s five coloured zones are based on a user’s maximum heart rate and each zone awards a different number of MEPs, so the more effort someone puts into their workout, the more points they earn. Now, thanks to MZ-Switch, users have endless opportunities to earn MEPs and keep active.

How will it benefit facility owners?


The MZ-Switch can be worn on the chest, arm or wrist

MZ-Switch is accurate, versatile and easy to use. It connects with gym equipment, inclub display screens and the Myzone app, so users can share their workouts.