HCM Issue 4 2021

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Campling says the Bannatyne estate, which combines spa with health and fi tness, is ideally placed to develop a full wellness off ering


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are. We also offered Les Mills On Demand to members for free for 60 days, and around half-price thereafter. At its peak, we had over 12,000 LMOD subscribers. We’re now launching a digital membership in the next couple of weeks, aimed at people who perhaps aren’t ready to come back to the gym. Priced at £9.99 a month, it will be a bit of a revenue generator for us, but it’s designed primarily to entice people back rather than keep them working out at home. I imagine we’ll have a digital form of membership from now on – why wouldn’t we? – but looking after customers in our own premises is what we do best, and will always be our priority. As we re-open, we’re also tweaking our Start Smart programme to create a new Recover Smart programme. All returning members can use our In-Body scales, which will establish exactly where they’re at physiologically, and we can then tailor a 12-week programme to their needs, checking in every three weeks. Particularly for those who’ve had COVID-19, it will be a great support – albeit a light touch as COVID interventions go. We’re not going to pretend, to ourselves or anyone else, that we’re a medically-based business.