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New health and fitness alliance for the US


will look to strengthen and unite the fitness industry’s voice in

influencing policy and policymakers in the US.


major new initiative


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The National Health & Fitness Alliance (NHFA) aims to consolidate and centralise the advocacy, public affairs, stakeholder engagement, fundraising and lobbying efforts of

We look to unite the advocacy and lobbying efforts of the entire fitness industry NHFA will look to unite US fitness industry voices

Gale Landers

the health and fitness industry – and to represent

legislation to provide the

demonstrate” the essential

lobbying efforts of the entire

and protect its interests.

industry with relief from the

role the fitness industry plays

fitness industry in Washington,

economic harm caused by

in addressing the epidemics of

DC, by collaborating with

mandated COVID-19 protocols.

obesity, physical inactivity, and

and incorporating the work

preventable chronic disease;

of the newly-created state

and improving mental health.

alliances, while supporting

NHFA has been created by the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub

Other core objectives

Association (IHRSA) and

include protecting the industry

will look to drive successful

from harmful state legislation

health and fitness lobbying

and uniting industry voices

said: “We look to unite the

in Washington, DC, including

to “loudly proclaim and

advocacy, public policy, and

Gale Landers, interim chair,

club companies.” More: http://lei.sr/J8A7r_H


mpowered Brands, the

The company also aims to

franchise investment

expand, with the acquisition

business that acquired

of new businesses.

franchise business énergie

In addition to énergie, the

Fitness out of a CVA in June

portfolio includes boutique

2020, has announced plans

operator, Victus Soul, HIIT

to accelerate the roll-out of

concept, Thé Yard and an

its four key brands in Europe.

upcoming launch called Raw – a


Empowered Brands announces European expansion


‘digitally-enabled’ studio. Jan Spaticchia, chair of Empowered Brands, said the company’s aim is to become the ‘most dominant fitness franchise business in Europe’. “We’re leveraging the size of our central franchise operation and combining

We’re leveraging the size and scale of our central franchise operation Jan Spaticchia

this with the power of entrepreneurship,” he said. More: http://lei.sr/t5H7c_H

The business acquired énergie Fitness out of a CVA in 2020

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