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£3bn needed to ‘build back better health’ in UK is calling for a £3bn intervention fund to build back better health

in the UK as we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic.



parliamentary report


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The report, called Levelling Up Health, has been produced by the All Party-Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Longevity after extensive consultation and recommends a new approach

We need to confront ideologues on both sides of the political divide Damian Green

Social inequality has led to 40,000 additional deaths

to improve the nation’s health, identifying five key elements mortality rates. Blackburn

in the UK to date if the

must be responsible for all

with Darwen, for example,

national COVID mortality

health matters and that the

huge health inequalities in

has had 345 per 100,000

rate had been as low as the

private sector has ‘no place

society in the UK, with 90

people die, five times more

least deprived places.

in health’, but also those

per cent of those who’ve

than South Cambridgeshire

died with COVID-19 having

with 68 per 100,000.

as part of a 10-year plan. The pandemic has exposed

Damian Green, chair of the

public health measures as an infringement of liberty.”

significant prior poor health.

Shockingly, the report

need to confront ideologues

The most deprived places

shows there would have

on both sides – those on the

been 40,000 fewer deaths

left who argue that the state

have had much higher

on the right who oppose

APPG on Longevity, said: “We

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uropeActive has joined the

of citizens at the heart

All Policies for a Healthy

of EU policymaking.

Europe (APHE) initiative,

APHE’s main two policy

as part of its strategy to

calls are for the European

engage with EU policymaking. Launched in 2018, APHE is an

Commission to establish an ‘EU Charter on Wellbeing’

initiative that brings together

and for it to create an

a diverse group of NGOs,

‘Observatory of Wellbeing’.

think tanks, associations, companies and individuals. Its mission is to position the health and wellbeing


EuropeActive joins ‘All Policies for a Healthy Europe’

In a statement, EuropeActive said: “We look forward to working with the other knowledge partners of the APHE initiative to make sure that policy and decision makers in Brussels fully

We want to ensure decision makers recognise exercise as an essential part of disease prevention

recognise physical activity


More: http://lei.sr/h7u7F_H

promotion as an essential part of the EU’s disease prevention and health promotion policies.”

APHE wants wellbeing to be placed at heart of policy making

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