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Many of the barriers for women becoming active are around women’s health issues were not taboo and women felt that they did not need to hide ‘their’ issues then it’s our belief that more women would show up and stay. Lastly – there are just not enough women in sport and exercise. There are some absolutely pioneering women doing great things, but this shouldn’t be news! But it is news when a woman coaches a men’s team, or umpires a men’s game, or coaches an Olympic Team, it’s all news. We don’t need more women in sport and exercise so that there can be more ‘period’ talk! We need more women to add different perspectives, life experiences and knowledge.

How long have you known each other and what’s the story of your collaboration? We haven’t known each other long, but it feels as though we’ve worked together for years. Baz and Bella started working together in 2019 and Baz read about Dr Emma Ross in The Telegraph and started to work together soon after. We’re all totally different in terms of our areas of expertise, but we share an unwavering belief that women need to be educated and empowered to make the right choices for them.


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The trio are committed to championing the cause of women in sport and improving opportunities for women

What are your different areas of expertise? We have a scientist, a coach and a doctor and between us, 60 years of working with women and athletes. Dr Emma Ross is sports physiologist and has worked with Olympic and Paralympic teams for 10 years, doing pioneering work in the area of female athlete health [she’s currently working with Jessica EnnisHill, developing health tech for women], Baz Moffat was on the GB rowing team for four years and is now a women’s health coach, with a specific interest in the pelvic floor and Dr Bella Smith is an NHS GP partner in Suffolk specialising in women’s health. Collectively we have it all covered from periods to hormonal contraception, to breast health, female specific sports nutrition, pelvic health and mindset and we love to make sure that even though everything we do is evidence based that everyone gets what we’re talking about! We are also supported by Propel Teams and their network, which has really helped us to shape our passion into a viable business. They provide us with the business experience we just don’t have, the confidence to dream big and the contacts to make it all happen. l l