FitTech Magazine Issue 4 2/2021

Page 75

7 Minute Superhero used a phone’s front facing camera to detect a user’s exercises

The fitness industry has a lot to teach us about how to exercise safely and effectively, but they also have a lot to learn about how to use technology, gaming and storytelling make it into Zombies, Run! I know there are some online fitness classes that use elements of role playing but it’s hard being a great storyteller AND a great fitness instructor.

What are you working on at the moment?

What advice would you give the general fitness industry? Incorporating story and gamification can have a huge impact. Zombies, Run!, Pokemon Go, VR

We’re 100 per cent focused on Zombies, Run! We

fitness games, Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure –

want to keep improving the core zombie-centric

these are played by millions of people already!

gameplay and storyline while also experimenting with new kinds of stories and workouts. Last year we launched a free series of home

The general fitness industry has a lot to teach us in terms of how to exercise safely and effectively and how to motivate people on a

bodyweight workouts within Zombies, Run!

personal level, but they also have a lot to learn in

called The Home Front, which was super fun, and

terms of how to use technology and gaming and

I think we’ll do more of that in the future!

storytelling effectively. ● 2 2021