FitTech Magazine Issue 4 2/2021

Page 64


KILIAN SAEKEL Light, sound and vibration are being used by A-Champs

to make training more effective and fun for amateurs

and pro athletes alike. CEO Kilian Saekel speaks to

FitTech about the power of multisensory stimulation

Tell us about A-Champs – what’s it all about?

Where did the idea for A-Champs come from?

At A-Champs we’re concerned that people of

My whole career I spent developing and

all ages don’t move enough to stay happy and

manufacturing sporting goods in China. When my

healthy. And that’s why we’ve recently developed

wife got breast cancer a few years ago it made

an interactive home training system that’s more

us much more aware of how important it is to

fun and effective than any other way of training.

take care of ourselves and our health. Lifestyle

It works body and brain at the same time and

and physical activity play a crucial role in staying

turns any training into a playful experience.

healthy and fit. So once we got through with

It’s a platform that features sports science-

all her chemotherapy and rehab we decided

based training programmes and games – these are

to start a business to help families to stay fit,

delivered through interactive sensor pods that come

and that’s how the idea for ROX came up.

with light, sound and vibration. Through the app, all members of the family. These include: fitness

What was your first product and how did you develop it?

programmes, active games and sports-specific

From the very beginning we have been producing

training that lets you train like a pro athlete. And

solely ROX. The original idea was to recreate

the cool thing is, you can even compete with others

the Super Mario game in real life, where kids run

from all over the world via the global leaderboard.

between interactive light blocks to get points.

the users can select different training content for


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