FitTech Magazine Issue 4 2/2021

Page 59

Professional athletes use Red Light Rising’s devices to increase gains and decrease recovery times

For athletes, we see an increase in strength gains, an increase in

hypertrophy gains, better endurance and faster recovery after workouts

gains, better endurance, faster recovery after

WP: In terms of fitness and recovery, light

workouts, longer time to failure, more reps,

therapy treatments have several mechanisms of

decrease in the onset of DOMS (Delayed Onset

action on the muscle cells, such as improvements

Muscle Soreness), reduction in joint pain,

in cellular ATP energy synthesis, glycogen

better recovery from head injury, reduction in

synthesis, oxidative stress reduction, protection

the likelihood of injury, and the list goes on.

against exercise-induced muscle damage and the

For general health we see mood improvements,

addition of new myonuclei supporting muscle

energy increases, more optimal hormonal

hypertrophy. All of these beneficial effects of light

balancing, skin healing and rejuvenation,

therapy promote improved physical performance

cognitive function improvements, reduction in

and enhanced post-exercise recovery.

pain and swelling, deeper and better quality sleep and there are also benefits to eye health.

Professional sports teams like the San Francisco 49ers use Joovv light therapy to help 2 2021