FitTech Magazine Issue 4 2/2021

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When every type of user has

been considered, mapping out

the experience journey for each user and listing all interactions in as many different use


environments as possible is a good exercise

Important considerations for good usability design:


Drop your feelings for the current format

For instance, who uses it? Who cleans it? Who assembles it? Who delivers it? Who maintains it? Who sells it? Who doesn’t use it but has to live with it? The list goes on. The products with the best user experience consider all interactions from all stakeholders, not just

This is more to do with mindset, but an important one to embrace. To design a product with the best UX possible, the overall format and architecture of the product must be driven by insight and a total understanding of the context of the product’s

those involving the primary user.


Anticipating the entire experience journey

When every type of user has been considered,

use. This ensures that the user experience

mapping out the experience journey for each

is prioritised and can be enhanced with the

user and listing all interactions in as many

freedom for the design to go in any direction,

different use environments as possible is a good

rather than being restricted by any existing beliefs

exercise to go through. Having this visibility

or chained down by a desire to stay close to

of all interactions helps to see the bigger

the current format of established products.

picture and also helps identify opportunities to

Innovation doesn’t tend to happen when there’s a strong feeling to lean towards many

simplify user steps in the experience journey. This is difficult to do when you don’t have all

characteristics of historic models, without a

the information analysed and mapped out. This

clear user-centred justification. A strong desire

approach is proactive and can bring significant

to question every aspect of what went before is

value. The reason it’s so valuable is that poor

more likely to result in great product design.

user experiences usually find their way into


products because the task of doing a detailed

Every stakeholder must be appreciated

analysis either doesn’t get done or gets pushed back in the development process until usability

To enhance the user experience as much

issues start to present themselves. By this time,

as possible, it’s important to consider every

it’s too late and you end up fire-fighting and

type of user. We call them ‘stakeholders’,

making decisions quickly in isolation without

which isn’t just the people who are

the proper time for thorough analysis and robust

invested in a financial sense but includes

thinking where you consider how one decision

anyone who is affected by the product.

impacts other aspects.


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