FitTech Magazine Issue 4 2/2021

Page 53

Developers must commit to truly understanding user needs

A ‘use error’ is any

situation where the

outcome is different from the intention. Wherever we can,


we’re looking to

remove potential use errors

Experience beyond safety

The impact of good usability

the fitness sector is really important. Good

process, this creates what we call ‘use errors’. A

usability design eliminates risk. However,

use error is any situation where the outcome is

safety is only one half of usability. The other

different from the intention. Wherever we can,

half is not so much about meeting regulatory

we’re looking to remove potential use errors.

Anticipating the safety needs of a product in

requirements, but building in pleasing user

When usability is applied poorly during the design

Let’s say you went to reduce the intensity of

interactions from the very beginning and

something, but ended up turning it off completely,

making the product more satisfying to use.

which wasted time and interrupted your activity.

We know that in today’s world of tweets, comments, online reviews and forums, positive word-of-mouth within the community is essential

Or you complete a workout only to realise your HR monitor wasn’t connected properly. In other cases it could simply be a matter

if a product is to have long-lasting success

of comfort or just not understanding how to

in the market. There are many factors that

use a product. These can create a different

contribute to a successful fit-tech product, but

outcome from what was intended by the user

a commitment to enhancing user experience

and result in frustration and annoyance. In

and truly understanding user needs at their

other circumstances, as mentioned, some

very core is a foundational part of that.

use errors could result in serious harm. 2 2021