FitTech Magazine Issue 4 2/2021

Page 44


ALFI will eventually offer you the possibility of having your personalised PT up close and personal. It also allows a 360-degree view of all the poses as clearly. We therefore developed the avatar

Will users need to wear AR glasses?

to be a neutral humanoid shape. Eventually

AR hardware is just around the corner! The

we may introduce the furry avatar, for fun!

glasses are now much more like a pair of

Can users customise the avatar?

reading glasses, so you put them on and you are able to interact with your phone without

We’re able to introduce a lot of features,

the use of a static screen. This means that

such as different avatars, accessories, and

ALFI will be in the room with you and you

outfits. We will eventually have a lot more

will be able to see the moves in life size.

shapes and sizes as we grow the app.

Why did you decide to make the app AR compatible? We were fascinated with the possibilities of using AR technology, as we felt that most other fitness

Take a look at our teaser AR app to get an experience of this. AR is much more accessible for fitness than VR as it is less immersive and therefore you remain fully aware of your environment around you.

With our app, ALFI will eventually offer you the

How do you create bespoke classes for the user?

possibility of having your personalised PT up

In either Yoga or HIIT you are able to take a

close and personal. It also allows a completely

studio class which has been set up for you,

unique way of working out by offering a

or you can build your own class. Within

360-degree view of all poses and the class.

the algorithm there are different levels

apps don’t give you such a personal experience.

Bertali says the app will complement members’ in-studio training


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