FitTech Magazine Issue 4 2/2021

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The new feature ‘Vascular Age’ was developed by cardiologists to provide an easy-to-understand assessment of arterial health – just by stepping on the scale

Letombe says Withings is committed to getting all its products medically validated in each market

sleep apnoea. We’re ultimately bringing health monitoring technologies that people would typically find in a doctor’s office into the home, in PHOTO: Withings

order to help patients and their physicians make lasting and sometimes life-saving changes. We clinically validate all our products and ensure they have the certifications needed to confirm their medical-grade capabilities.

How do you compete with the big tech companies, and all the new wearables flooding the market?

Tell us about your latest technology We have some new technologies that we’re

very excited about. One is ScanWatch, the first clinically-validated hybrid smartwatch to detect

We design all our products to be non-intrusive

both AFib and overnight breathing disturbances.

and simple to use. Whether a customer is tech-

Developed with medical experts, it also monitors

savvy or a tech novice, our products are easy to

activity, heart rate and oxygen saturation (SpO2).

live with. We’ve accomplished this by creating

It’s Withings’ most medically advanced wearable

devices that have long battery lives so that people

– ScanWatch is advancing the field by helping

don’t have to worry about charging them daily.

people improve their overall health and detect

In addition to our products having a beautiful

prevalent, yet underdiagnosed cardiovascular

design aesthetic, they also provide people with

and sleep conditions. Like our other devices,

medical-grade technologies that they can use to

it boasts a battery life of up to 30 days and is

monitor serious health conditions like AFib and

built into a traditional analogue watch design.


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