FitTech Magazine Issue 4 2/2021

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Mathieu Letombe CEO at Withings

Withings is known for pioneering uncomplicated, connected health devices. But how does the company

compete with new players entering the market? Its CEO talks to Steph Eaves about bringing

medical-grade tech into people’s day-to-day lives

Can you tell us about the Withings story – so far?

In 2008, Withings was created by a small team of engineers and the company officially launched the first ever connected scale in 2009. Following this launch, Withings rolled out a range of connected health devices, including a wireless blood pressure monitor, an under-the-mattress sleep monitoring system and the first activity tracker to be integrated with an analogue watch. In 2016, we were acquired by Nokia to form Nokia’s health division, but in 2018, our original founder, Eric Carreel, brought the company back under the original Withings name. Since then, we’ve been focused on bringing PHOTO: Withings

medical-grade, clinically validated devices into the home to provide consumers and their physicians with accurate and regular patient-generated data. Today, we’ve built the largest ecosystem of connected health devices, which are covered by 45 technical patents and a portfolio that monitors more than 20 vital health parameters, including blood pressure, weight, sleep, heart rate, activity, ECG and more.


2 2021

One of Withings’ newest products, the ScanWatch detects both AFib and overnight breathing disturbances