FitTech Magazine Issue 4 2/2021

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Auro provides users with audio instruction from


Olympians and expert trainers

work with our trainers to make killer playlists, similar to a boutique studio class, but if you don’t like our music then you can overlay your own from Spotify, Apple or Amazon music. We also connect with 20+ devices so you can track all your metrics in real time and really understand your progress with Auro.

Since 2018, we’ve grown to 170,000+ users in more than 50 countries. I’m so happy to see that we’re helping so many people

Why did you choose to create fitness instruction without a screen?

users, particularly those that are

How has Auro evolved and grown since you launched in 2017?

new to fitness or new to a particular

We launched the product in 2017 as a

When you’re undertaking fitness

discipline, they will need some visual

video livestreaming product and then

activities, unless you’re on a stationary

assistance, so all of our posture-based

we relaunched in 2018 as an audio

bike, in most cases it’s not safe or

classes offer video guides which are

product. Since 2018, we’ve grown to

necessary to be tied to a screen,

designed to help users to master the

170,000+ users in 50+ countries.

especially a small screen.

moves before they jump into the class.

When you run, do burpees, meditate

We do understand that for many

We have large diversity in our

However our belief is that once you

userbase, be it age, sex, geography or

or even do yoga, it’s not a great

start the class, your trainer should be

income. We’re reaching a wide base

experience to keep squinting at a tiny

able to guide you completely, solely

of users and I’m so happy to see that

screen. Even when you do yoga in a

through vocal instruction.

we’re helping so many different people.

studio, chances are you will never see the coach unless you’re at the front.

Our mantra for users is ‘stop squinting, start sweating’!

We started out with just running classes but now we have nearly 700 2 2021