FitTech Magazine Issue 4 2/2021

Page 13


The Active Giving app connects users with environmental projects

Users can choose from six different projects to fund with their activities. They can also create their own team

Our app offers brand and logo placement to companies when a user starts and completes an activity in-app. Part of the revenues that Active Giving generates through

#activators – our ambassadors – and

also allow more integrations for our

logo placement is then invested into

can take part in Active Giving virtual

partners’ offers as well as integration

different social and environmental

classes and events as well as receiving

with other fitness trackers.

projects. The other part is invested

affiliate benefits from our partners.

into the company’s operations.

Apart from helping to fund environmental projects, what are the benefits for users? Users can choose from six different

has now passed the bar of 225 million

What are your future goals for the app?

calories burned, and has helped to

Our goals for the app are to become

plant more than 500,000 trees with

the daily companion of every individual

their fitness activities.

wanting to maintain good health

Our amazing community of users

and have a positive impact on the

Meanwhile, our Team functionality

Do you plan to add more features or to upgrade?

allows users to create their own team

Yes, it’s in our DNA to improve our

competitions and organisations.

and challenges – this a tool that is

services and product. We are planning

The future of sports and fitness are

aimed at creating more awareness

to enable more interactions between

dependent on the climate and the

about our planet and the importance

users on the app, connecting users

conditions of our living environments.

of maintaining good health within a

from all around the world. We’ll

Our goal is to positively influence

specific community.

onboard new not-for-profit partners

the future of our planet by instilling a

and allow users to financially support

global vision of wellbeing and a sense

the projects they choose. We will

of collective action. ●

projects to fund with their activities.

By joining Active Giving, users have access to our network of

world. We would love for the app to be integrated with worldwide sport 2 2021