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Aim Architects built this spa resort around natural hot springs in China’s Sichuan province

RUFF WELL WATER RESORT The landscape surrounding a new spa resort project in China’s Sichuan province was all the inspiration needed for Shanghai-based Aim Architects to design an ethereal complex that seems to disappear into the forest. “It is a place where water has shaped the land. Rivers have carved out the valley and water naturally springs from the earth in warm water wells,” said the architects in a statement. A small hill in the centre of the site guided the design of the resort. The main facilities wrap around the hill, with detached buildings connected by a roof. Exterior walls are clad in timber and clay, while local river stone made of compressed pebbles, which gives it a terrazzo-like appearance, is used for floors, paving, pools and benches. A series of pools dot the remainder of the site, linked by stone pathways through a pastoral setting. Some are housed indoors, where the cool texture of river stone plays against the warm hue of stained timber, while one outdoor pool is surrounded by blue pebbles and sheltered by a sharply angled canopy of timber and rusted metal.

Rivers have ca r ved ou t t he valley and water naturally springs from the earth in warm water wells Local river stone has been used for floors, pools, paving and benches throughout


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