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The hexagonal structures house treadmills in pod-like sections

‘Extraterrestrial design’ and passion for running collide at Nike’s futuristic pop-up gyms With an ethereal, out-of-this-world design, stepping inside the main hub of the Nike+ Run Club takes you far away from the busy, chaotic streets of the city Tilman Thürmer


hinese architecture and

during the colder months when

design studio Coordination

pop-up gym services may be more

Asia have completed a series

appealing than a run outdoors.

of sci-fi tinged pop-up

department store Lane Crawford

in Shanghai’s Times Square.

on Times Square – is intended to

Created for the Nike+ Run Club –

pre-register online to use the hubs,

together to explore their cities

or sign in at the similarly-designed

through running – the hexagonal

information hub nearby. the attention of customers,

create a kaleidoscopic interior.

nothing beats a shareable, livable, the studio in a statement. “The

sense of momentum as runners pre-

need for a strong brand-customer

pare for their workout, “wrapping

connection has never been more

participants in a temple-like setting

prevalent, and what better way

devoted to the running experience.”

to connect than in-person? “The hubs are a haven for those

statistics are displayed on colourful

serious about running – from

electronic screens both inside

seasoned pros to beginners.

for them, and outside to draw

We created a space where talk

attention from passers-by.

can become action and people

Aside from running, Nike is using the hubs to host

CLAD mag 2017 ISSUE 2

one-of-a-kind experience,” said

and ceiling build up to create a

Runners’ live performance

than a run outdoors

“When it comes to grabbing

pod-like sections, intended to LED strips of light on the floor

gyms may appeal more

maximise interest. Anyone can

a community which brings people

structures house treadmills in

Nike believes pop-up

The choice of location – outside

running hubs for sports giant Nike

can become athletes.” Coordination Asia founder

training professional sessions,

Tilman Thürmer added: “With

equipment demonstrations

an ethereal, out-of-this-world

and healthy living events.

design, stepping inside the main

The design team wanted to create

hub of the Nike+ Run Club takes

“a fully-fledged experience inside an

you far away from the busy,

extraterrestrial setting,” particularly

chaotic streets of the city.”