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Hong Kong’s ambitious plans for US$32bn sports district


he developers of a 28 hectare

50,000-capacity stadium that can

sports complex in Hong

host international sporting events,

Kong have released new

a public sports ground, an indoor

renderings showcasing the

sports centre, a 60,000sq m retail

project, which is being considered

and dining area and more than

for approval by the territory’s

eight hectares of public open space

Town Planning Board (TPB).

with landscaped gardens, jogging

Located on the former site of

trails and a waterfront promenade.

works have already taken place. The TPB is reviewing a request to

the Kai Tak airport in South East

Local design practice Leigh

Kowloon, the Kai Tak Sports Park

& Orange and Australian sports

the stadium can have a retractable

has previously been described

specialists Jackson Architecture

roof that also “adds visual interest.”

by the government as “the most

have led the design of the scheme.

important investment in sports

The Environmental Protection

relax building height restrictions so

The park is designed to boost public engagement in sport and activity

The government believes the park will promote health and activity,

infrastructure in recent decades”.

Department have backed the

while supporting elite athletics and

Plans for the project include a

project and pre-construction

attracting international events.


Verdant Taikoo Place park will offer escapism from frenetic city life


onstruction has begun on a large-scale public space in central Hong Kong, designed by landscape architects

Gustafson Porter + Bowman, which will bring dense tropical vegetation and flowing water features to the heart of the concrete jungle. The 6,400sq m project is being developed as part of the HK$15bn (US$1.9bn, €1.8bn, £1.5bn) Taikoo Place scheme being overseen by Swire Properties in Quarry Bay. The developer is demolishing and rebuilding two office towers and adding an elevated walkway designed by Hugh Dutton Associés. For the park, the landscape team are planting lush vegetation and 70 trees – including 53 of a native species grown to raise awareness of Hong Kong’s spiritually symbolic

Taikoo Place is a cohesion of work, enjoyment, culture, and nature. As landscape architects it is a privilege to be able to transform such a large space between existing and new buildings Sibylla Hartel, Gustafson Porter + Bowman partner

ranging from small intimate places around water, where people can gather and socialise with friends

Fung Shui woodlands

and colleagues, to more open areas suitable for events such as jazz

sculpted through 3D modelling

concerts and outdoor markets.

to allow the water to “move in

The largest of these spaces, Taikoo Square, is designed to

exciting ways” through the site. The park will be defined by

create the impression of a series

bands of brown and white granite

of terraces and is typified by two

extending into the surrounding

large longitudinal pools connected

streetscape and Taikoo Place tower.

Fung Shui woodlands. The public

by a cascade and a small water

space will form a sequence of areas

table. Water features will be


The park will evoke Hong Kong’s spiritually symbolic

The entire project is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

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