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Stepping into Mondrian Doha begins the first chapter of a wonderful story that unfolds around every turn Marcel Wanders

Folk tales of One Thousand and One Nights inspire Marcel Wanders’ lavish Qatar hotel

T The hotel is shaped to resemble a falcon – Qatar’s national bird

he famous Middle Eastern

skylight, with a Peony Tiffany

folk tales of One Thousand and

Lamp pattern printed across it.

One Nights are the inspiration for a lavish dome-topped

hotel opening in Doha, Qatar.

which in turn mirrors the modern

Local practice South West

reality of Doha – the Qatari capital

Architecture and Dutch interior

that has grown immeasurably over

designer Marcel Wanders

the past few years, transforming

– working in the region for the

itself from a modest fishing

first time – have collaborated to

village into a global visionary

create the “fantasy-like” Doha

capital,” said sbe in a statement.

Mondrian for hotel operator sbe. Design features are inspired by

Wanders added: “Stories connect us to our history, our culture

the local patterns, ornate Arabic

and to each other. Stepping into

writing and historic souks syn-

Mondrian Doha begins the first

onymous with famous traditional

chapter of a wonderful story that

tales from The Arabian Nights.

unfolds around every turn.

The hotel’s public spaces feature

“Conceptually, we have married

patterned carpets, ornate stained

local culture with a modern design

glass, intricate mosaic tiling and

aesthetic. While many themes are

full mosaic walls, giant columns

collectively layered throughout the

decorated with golden eggs and a

hotel, each individual space tells

‘tree of life’ comprised of flowers.

its own tale. Guests may therefore

The centrepiece of the 270-room

have many different experiences

hotel is a dramatic spiral staircase

and weave for themselves a

in the lobby atrium, designed

collection of stories to share.”

as if it ascends into the sky. Guest rooms are divided into


CLAD mag 2017 ISSUE 2

“The hotel is the embodiment of Arabia through a modern lens,

Additional facilities include an entertainment floor with a

five categories, but each contains

nightclub, rooftop pool and skybar,

its own Swarovski crystal chan-

a huge spa, and a vast wedding

delier and custom-built furniture

ballroom, which brides can

“designed to mirror the desert.”

enter inside a 24k gold sculpted

The building itself is shaped like a falcon, in reference to Qatar’s national bird. It is topped by a large stained glass domed

caged elevator. Eight restaurants and bars will also feature. Doha Mondrian will open in September 2017.