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Get it right first time!

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Bond It: Safe in the knowledge


Tech giant Ideagen’s new 30,000sqft head office completes

Billesley Manor Hotel & Spa Brought Back to Life with Dazzling Design with DesignLSM

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Vicaima: Doors fit for a new world!


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Anything Less is a Compromise

Award-winning design studio Elicyon delivers show apartment at One Casson Square

Shackerley’s SureClad® Provides a High-Class Modular Solution For Gresham St Paul’s

Global Expansion and Re-structuring of Bond It


Vicaima: Driving security forward with the complete package




Former Listed stable converted to comfortable offices with secondary glazing

Matteo Bianchi Studio creates visionary interior for award-winning London letting agent

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VELUX® introduces a new generation of glass rooflights for flat roofs offering unobstructed views and maximum daylight VELUX® announces its new range of glass rooflights for flat roofs; a new generation of innovative and highly competitive flat roof windows with a minimalistic glass-to-edge design, joining the existing portfolio of VELUX domes.


or the past 80 years, the VELUX Group has created better indoor environments by bringing daylight and fresh air into homes and other buildings all over the world. Adapting to the ever-changing needs of homeowners, VELUX is now launching a flat glass rooflight and a curved glass rooflight with a minimalistic and modern design. The unique and innovative rooflights provide undisrupted views of the sky while promising even more daylight and are a desirable statement piece for any contemporary home. A unique new design of flat roof windows

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The new glass rooflights, fixed or electrically-vented, have a unique, glass-to-edge design which allow for 52% more daylight to enter the home compared to the previous generation of flat roof windows. Anti-heat and blackout blinds can be discreetly placed in the base unit construction

“Our new glass rooflights are designed to give people more of what they love in their homes: comfort, energy efficiency, maximum daylight, and fresh air. With more daylight, better indoor comfort, and seamless design, homeowners can bring more of the outside into their homes.”

between the lower pane and outer glass, so as not to compromise on daylight, design or views up to the sky when not in use. “Our new glass rooflights are designed to give people more of what they love in their homes: comfort, energy efficiency, maximum daylight, and fresh air. With more daylight, better indoor comfort, and seamless design, homeowners can bring more of the outside into their homes.” explains Scott Leeder, Market Director for VELUX Company Ltd. Key benefits for homeowners Ideal for flat roof renovations and new build projects alike, the glass rooflights are a worth-while investment for homeowners looking for a state-of-theart finish to their home. With a hidden sash and slim frame, the rooflights achieve a modern aesthetic when installed. The curved glass rooflight also offers a clear view and drainage with the unique CurveTech de-sign. The new generation of VELUX glass rooflights have excellent energy performance and optimal thermal insulation thanks to the ThermoTechnologyTM EPS insulation and low placement of the glazing unit. Compatible with VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO and VELUX App Control, smart home integration and control becomes effortless. In addition, the design has superb sound reduction

thanks to the double and triple-glazing options available which creates a quieter indoor climate. The rooflights offer several important safety features. The laminated glass on the inside can resist significant breakage attempts and the outer glass is toughened making the roof win-dow resilient, even in the harshest weather conditions. Key benefits for installers The rooflights come with a 10-year warranty, offering robust quality and ease to handle for installers. Enhanced installation features include: • Insert nuts for safe and hassle-free crane lifting to the roof • Pre-drilled holes and one torx size for all screws to save time • Solar-powered accessories without wires • Built-in motor and pre-paired wall switch and rain sensor for the electric variant • Pre-manufactured interior linings for a seamless finish inside the home • VELUX Rewards can be claimed on all flat roof windows, visit velux. for more information. The indoor comfort and peace of mind which comes with any VELUX flat roof window makes the new generation product offering a market challenger and sets the course for the future of flat roof windows.

The flat glass roof windows are available from £626 excl. VAT and suitable for 2-15° roof pitches. The curved glass roof windows are available from £750 excl. VAT and suitable for 0-15° roof pitches. To find out more information, visit


RIBA registered Architects & Large Architecture Practices - 14% Property Developers - 9% Building/Refurbishment/Construction Contractors - 26% Housing Associations - 11% Local Authorities - 12% BIID Registered Interior Designers - 14% Key decision makers within the Hotel, Sport & Leisure sector - 6% Builders Merchants - 3% Health & Education Based Specifiers - 5%


2022 FEATURES LIST January & February

Paying attention to waterproofing products which offer protection in event of fire is not the norm. We hardly think of water management and fire in the same thought, however the benefits of doing so are not quite as crazy as it sounds.


he demand for sustainable, cost efficient building methods and materials is constantly increasing, as is the demand for safer building materials. The waterproofing sector should embrace and support the goal of creating healthy and safe living environments throughout the lifecycle of products. There are many different design challenges experienced when designing a suitable, maintainable and capable waterproofing system. From existing basements to multi-level basements, basements which will encompass high water tables at some stage during their service life.

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The Delta Fire Retardant range has been manufactured with DELTASAFE, a new innovative fire-retardant property which enables our MS 500 membrane to achieve a Euroclass rating of B-S2, d0 in accordance with EN 13501-1:2018 meaning it is now possible to specify a Type C Cavity Drainage Membrane that meets Meeting building requirements of today, but also that of tomorrow, without having to radically alter specifications.

VIEW OUR PRODUCT DEMO: A Type C Cavity Drainage System is a maintainable basement waterproofing solution suitable for new-build basements, refurbishment and retrofit projects. The Type C System comprises of a Cavity Drain Membrane, Drainage system, Submersible Package Pump and Control System. This type of system is designed to combat water ingress and can be used to habitable grades 1-3 in according to BS 8102:2009. The Delta Fire Retardant Type C Cavity Drainage System is the safest form of waterproofing system available, offering complete protection from water or water vapour and fire retardant protection. Our Design and Build Philosophy is quality driven, working with architects and trades alike, putting at the forefront construction considerations to ensure buildability, functionality, and

maintainability. The result of this single approach is a consistent, complete, and quality design that is hard to equal. The success of any project is highly influenced by the team tasked with delivering it, let our Technical Team assist in you in your successful project. We don’t wait for problems to arise and then work to solve them; we identify them in advance and solve them before they become a problem. Whatever the needs of your project, you can rely on our Technical Team to ensure you get the right advice, support and practical help at exactly the right time to keep you ahead of the competition. Call us today on 01992 523 523, email Visit our website here:

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• Doors, Windows & Fittings

With Delta MS 500 Fire Retardant membrane it is now possible to specify a Type C, Cavity Drainage Membrane that offers not only protection from water or vapour ingress but also protection in the event of fire.

A Type C Cavity Drainage System is a maintainable basement waterproofing solution suitable for new-build basements, refurbishment and retrofit projects. The Type C System comprises of a Cavity Drain Membrane, Drainage system, Submersible Package Pump and Control System. This type of system is designed to combat water ingress and can be used to habitable grades 1-3 in according to BS 8102:2009.


SterlingOSB Zero makes walls strong and sustainable Many materials can be used to form walls and partitions but, when it comes to choosing a versatile, cost-effective and sustainable option, West Fraser’s SterlingOSB Zero is a winner. Ubiquitous on many construction sites and used in agricultural and portable buildings, the panels are easy to saw, drill, nail, plane or file. They are perfect for structural use in dry and humid conditions. The fact that West Fraser’s SterlingOSB Zero is stronger and tougher than ply, with no knots, voids or delamination to cause problems, means that it is used widely in wall sheathing, partitioning and Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). The high-quality boards are available in a range of grades, sheet sizes and thicknesses. Minimal finishing is required, helping to speed up construction. The boards are square-edged, so butt together easily and cleanly; nails can be driven as close as 8mm from the panel edge without causing splitting. When incorporated as sheathing in external stud walls, SterlingOSB Zero often forms the centre of a sandwich with a vapour barrier and outer

cladding on one side and internal insulation and dry lining plasterboard on the other. Internal partitioning is even simpler to construct. In dry lining applications, SterlingOSB Zero StrongFix provides another option for easy installation. This board product is precision engineered with a custom groove for metal C-studs at 600mm centres. The consistent density of OSB means fixtures and fittings of up to 400kg can be attached anywhere on the panel and achieve secure anchorage. As many contractors look to decarbonise their businesses, SterlingOSB Zero provides effective solutions. Timber is highly energy efficient as a building material and can deliver low energy fabric designs, with excellent levels of thermal engineering, utilising low U-values, air-tightness and thermal bridging. West Fraser’s SterlingOSB Zero has good environmental credentials. All the panels are made in the UK, so their carbon footprint is low. It is also the first OSB product to be made in the UK with zero added formaldehyde, so it is a ‘greener’ board that meets all standards with ease. SIPs are now the main component of many sustainable buildings. These panels incorporate a highly thermally efficient insulating foam core sandwiched between two structural facings of SterlingOSB Zero. This highperformance building system is manufactured under factory-controlled conditions and may be fabricated to fit nearly any building design. Building with SIPs saves time and improves build quality. The system is extremely strong, energy efficient and cost effective. SterlingOSB Zero has aesthetic applications too. When left exposed, it has the advantage that it gives spaces a more natural look. Due to its raw visual appeal, designers and architects are increasingly employing the material as a creative showcase in cafes, bars, restaurants and retail outlets. It can be finished with most popular surface treatments and allows designs, logos and marketing messages to be applied. West Fraser offers product and technical support on the SterlingOSB Zero range through dedicated advice teams.

November & December

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• Heating, Ventilation & Insulation

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• Lighting & Electrical

For further information, call 01786 812 921 or visit

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COMBINED DAMP PROOFING AND SOUND REDUCTION FOR WOOD FLOORS Triton’s Platon Comfort is a highly effective, single application damp proof underlay for wood and laminate floors laid on concrete. Equally effective for renovation or new build projects, the tough polypropylene membrane can be laid directly onto a new concrete slab as soon as it is dry enough to walk on. Platon Comfort offers three times the water vapour resistance than film membranes and eliminates the need to install a foam underlay. Construction height is only 2.5mm so effective damp protection can be provided without any disruption to the planned floor layer build-up. The unique stud design means they ‘give’ a little when subjected to a load, which improves walking comfort and reduces impact sound by around 17-19 dB. Platon Comfort can be overlaid with floating flooring systems such as laminate or engineered timber flooring (including glue-free systems), chipboard or plywood insulation, under floor heating systems or screed.

RRNews - Issue 50

May & June

RRN721010 Norbord HP.indd 1


Supplied in 18m x 1m rolls, jointing of the membrane is carried out using Comfort Tape. Platon Comfort is loose laid and no special equipment is needed to cut and install. Read more about Platon Comfort and download the installation guide here: For further information and product samples please contact us at or 01322 318830. RRN5210009 Triton HP.indd 1

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s UK summer staycations continue to soar, luxurious hotel Billesley Manor Hotel & Spa is delighted to open its doors and welcome guests to the heart of rural Warwickshire, following an extensive £5.6 million refurbishment. Guests can expect newly refurbished bedrooms complete with rich, warm designs, upgraded guest spaces with a contemporary twist, a stunning restaurant and bar featuring original 16th century oak panelling, and a newly renovated spa and wedding venue.

BILLESLEY MANOR HOTEL & SPA PROVIDES A STAYCATION STEEPED IN HISTORY FOLLOWING £5.6 MILLION REFURBISHMENT Discover a rich history and elegant new design at this Magnificent Elizabethan Manor House Hotel

This unique 125-year-old property boasts charming grounds, complete with an 11th century church and a listed, ornate topiary garden, steeped in history. A variety of conference spaces have also been refreshed, and an ambient library adorned with a ceiling of floating books provides a light filled area for relaxation or inspiration, said to be where William Shakespeare wrote his famous comedy ‘As You Like It’. Rooms & Design Many of the bedrooms have been expertly upgraded with sumptuous new furnishings. Four poster beds, period fireplaces and contemporary fabrics ensure a charming blend of traditional and modern, with elegant and refined design. Communal spaces have also been enhanced with a new look, still in keeping with the former 16th century Elizabethan home’s historic charm. The incredible transformation includes the grand welcoming reception area, Great Hall, bar, lounge and gallery, and the Stuart Restaurant for guests to indulge in everything from themed afternoon teas to exclusive gastronomic delights with locally sourced produce. Drawing inspiration from the romantic English landscape, historic origins and the notable voices past and present that have retreated to Billesley, the hotel is the perfect sanctuary for guests looking to feel re-energised and inspired. The hotel’s new makeover has kept its glorious floor-to-ceiling oak wood panelling complemented and elevated with a new rich colour palette of blues and golds. Plush, velvet furniture has been added throughout the property, whilst artwork by Pratiksha Tayal brings a contemporary twist to the traditional paintings that previously adorned the walls, creating a timeless luxury haven for all guests to enjoy.

Wellness Retreat Those looking to wind down can experience a number of indulgent beauty therapies within the newly refurbished Decleor spa. Guests can take a dip in the pool followed by a steam and a sauna, or make use of the secluded yoga hut and fantastic gym facilities. The romantic and historic topiary garden offers an idea backdrop for sunrise yoga and meditation which guests can enjoy on their own accord after picking up a yoga mat from reception.

The hotel’s new makeover has kept its glorious floor-to-ceiling oak wood panelling complemented and elevated with a new rich colour palette of blues and golds.

Bucolic Surroundings Located in 11 acres of beautiful countryside just outside the medieval town of StratfordUpon-Avon and close to many engaging locations, this 16th Century country hotel provides a sanctuary from which to feel relaxed and inspired. Enveloped in rolling countryside, Billesley Manor Hotel & Spa draws inspirations from nature, creating spaces to reconnect. The exquisite, listed topiary garden planted over 125 years ago, has been curated and shaped to form giant chess pieces, inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. The exquisite setting provides another unique opportunity for guests to spend time unearthing the true spirit of Billesley Manor Hotel & Spa. |


RRNews - Issue 50

Woven through History Listed in the 1086 Domesday book commissioned by William the Conqueror, the Billesley Estate has an expansive history dating back to 705 AD. One of its most famous visitors includes none other than William Shakespeare himself, who allegedly married Anne Hathaway in the All Saints church next to the hotel, and who’s granddaughter followed suit by getting wed in the very same church. William Shakespeare famously

wrote lines from his play ‘As you Like It’ from the library and as such many nods to Shakespeare can be found around the hotel from hand crafted feather pieces to more traditional artwork, allowing guests to become immersed in the rich tapestry of Billesley’s history.


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