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Housebuilder welcomes students for New Lubbesthorpe site visit

Nuffield Health at St Bartholomew’s reaches halfway point

Rockwell partners with Gateway Housing Association to deliver new affordable homes


ROOFTOP DEVELOPMENTS Langley Structures Ltd is helping housing providers to make the most of their buildings by transforming and redefining the roofscape in our inner cities by providing new dwellings on top of existing flat roofs. Langley’s expertise ensures we can help clients exploit the space above their buildings and help deal with the chronic shortage of both affordable housing and the lack of new homes. Langley’s ‘upwardly living’ approach has many financial and commercial benefits. There is no land to acquire and no long term planning consultation process to undertake, plus, the speed of build is considerably quicker compared to conventional construction methods. The lightweight material makes handling easier, which also enables dwellings below to continue as homes with residents in-situ during the build.

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LANGLEY STRUCTURES LIMITED T: 01327 704778 F: 01327 704845 E: enquiries@langley.co.uk

We have in-house CPD seminars available, to book email: CPD@langley.co.uk




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Hello and a very warm welcome to our latest issue of Public Sector Building News. Within these pages we explore some dynamic new projects, including the completion of the first phase of West Suffolk College’s £8 million Campus for Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) Innovation. You can find out more about this project on page 36. We are very much looking forward to all of the upcoming exhibitions including; Architect@Work taking place on the 29th-30th January at the Old Truman Brewery, London. The Surface Design Show taking place on the 11th-13th February at London’s Business Design Centre. Also, FutureBuild taking place on the 3rd-5th March at the ExCeL, London. And last but not least Smart Home Tech Live taking place on the 17th-18th March at the NEC, Birmingham.

On the cover PAC & GDX accommodates Blackpool Coastal Housing’s access control requirements. Read more on page 61.

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Education - Housebuilder welcomes students for New Lubbesthorpe visit

Latest News - Maintenance contract awarded for ‘Flying Banana’ train



Leisure - Willmott Dixon secures deal for new pool in Ripon

Project - Medical research centre at University of Nottingham completed



Safety - How Wireless is Transforming Fire Safety in Social Housing

Housing News - Housebuilder to launch new release of homes in Yate



Housing News - Rockwell partners with Gateway Housing Association

Project News - Brighton seafront transformation accelerated



Healthcare - Nuffield Health at St Bartholomew’s reaches halfway point

Energy Efficiency - 2020: The Year of Net Zero

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SALVATION ARMY TO OPEN ITS DOORS TO HOMELESS OVER WINTER A joint initiative by two councils to give rough sleepers in North Devon and Torridge a warm bed for the night kicks off next week.

RISE IN NUMBER OF AFFORDABLE HOMES DELIVERED – BUT “NOWHERE NEAR ENOUGH TO SOLVE HOUSING CRISIS” Pension funds model proposed to help kick-start investment in the affordable housing sector New official figures published show an increase in the number of affordable homes delivered in 2018-19 – but a property and construction consultancy says the number is still way under the numbers needed to solve the housing crisis. According to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, the Affordable Housing Supply: April 2018 to March 2019 figures for England show that there were 57,485 affordable homes delivered (completions) in England in 201819, an increase of 22 per cent compared to the previous year.


But commenting on the new figures, Clive Docwra, Managing Director of leading property and construction consultancy McBains, said: “Today’s figures will no doubt be seen in some quarters as a progression in that more affordable homes are being built. But the fact is that around three million homes need to be built in the next two decades to meet the housing crisis. The government has singularly failed to build anywhere near enough homes. Earlier this month, for example, a report from the National Audit Office found that a government pledge to build 200,000 new starter homes for first time buyers in England had failed to produce a single property.

“We need to see the major parties make strong policy commitments to boost the housebuilding programme, which is failing to deliver the number of homes required to meet the housing shortage. “The parties need to look at new funding models as currently there is little incentive for large developers to build affordable homes.

One solution could be establishing a government-backed fund through which pension schemes would be able to invest directly in affordable housing construction schemes, as has been suggested by housing associations. “It could be run by the housing association sector, help fund smaller housebuilders who are currently being hit by Brexit uncertainty and a weak economy, and use modern methods of construction to fastproduce new homes. Equally, affordable housing could provide pension schemes with a reliable, socially responsible, long-term investment option. “We clearly need to think radically as otherwise we will continue to fail to make inroads into the amount of affordable homes required to meet demand.”

The project, called Safe Sleep, last year helped 111 people, at least 36 of whom are now in secure accommodation. This year, North Devon and Torridge councils have joined forces to provide the service to rough sleepers across both districts. Safe Sleep will be based at the Salvation Army centre in Barnstaple and will be open between 2 January and 31 March 2020. Housing officers from both councils are now calling for volunteers to help out when the Salvation Army centre opens its doors, as well as requesting donations, including: • tinned soup and tinned tomatoes • pasta and rice • lentils, beans and pulses • tea, coffee and biscuits • board games for adults North Devon Council’s Lead Member for Housing, Councillor Nicola Topham said: “We are very pleased to be opening our doors to those in need during the cold winter months by offering shelter at night and refreshments. We would be very grateful for volunteers who are in a position to help out at the centre between January and March, making tea and coffee, providing a warm welcome, and supporting staff.

Last year, residents were generous enough to donate items to support those in need and we’d be extremely grateful to receive this help again. If you have any provisions you don’t need, please take them to Lynton House in Barnstaple. Torridge District Council’s Lead Member for Homelessness and Housing Need, Councillor Michael Clarke said: “I would echo the comments made by Nicola and would ask everybody to do whatever they can to help support this important work. Sometimes our assistance here can lead to longer term solutions for people using this service and it’s encouraging that over a third of those we’ve helped previously have now secured long term and more permanent accommodation.”

Latest News

HOUSEBUILDER WELCOMES STUDENTS FOR NEW LUBBESTHORPE SITE VISIT A group of Year Nine students have visited a New Lubbesthorpe homes development to learn some tricks of the building trade.

During the visit, the students learnt about health and safety, the process of building a house and the equipment used during construction.

The Brookvale Groby Learning Campus girls took a tour of Davidsons Homes’ development ‘The Market Village’, to learn more about the construction industry and the homes being built onsite.

Elaine Dawson, a teacher at the Brookvale Groby Learning Campus who accompanied the students on the trip, said: “All of us very much enjoyed our visit to The Market Village development.

The girls and I had a great time and took so much away from our experience. It was fantastic to see the girls encouraged to learn about the opportunities that are available for everyone in the building industry. Stephanie King, Sales Director for Davidsons Homes, said: “It’s wonderful to see a group of young students be so enthusiastic about this industry, and we are very pleased that the girls enjoyed the tour we gave them. “We are particularly keen to encourage women and girls into the construction industry, as there are so many different skills to learn and enjoyable career paths to discover. We champion this with our apprenticeship schemes and inclusive employment policies, as we hope to demonstrate the many options open to talented young people. “The students were a joy to host. They showed great eagerness to learn and we hope it is not too long before more students from Brookvale Groby Learning Campus pay us another visit.”


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Network Rail has awarded a contract to Loram UK for the maintenance of its New Measurement Train following a competitive tender in 2019. The contract, awarded in December, is budgeted for £8million over five years. The New Measurement Train monitors and records track condition information at speeds up to 125mph. Known as the Flying Banana because of its distinctive yellow livery, it is the fastest train in Network Rail’s infrastructure monitoring fleet, which identifies faults on the railway before they become a safety issue or affect performance.

83% OF MILLENNIALS SAY BUY-TO-LET PROPERTY STILL WORTHWHILE INVESTMENT Despite a stagnant property market, a new survey has revealed that 75% of people still believe that investing in buy-tolet is worthwhile. Among millennials the number was even higher with 83% saying they considered it to be a good investment and more than a third of them saying they would use the investment as a pension. The survey, which was carried out by Perrys Chartered Accountants, also revealed that uncertainty due to Brexit (28%) and increased tax and stamp duty rates (29%) were the main reasons why investors would be put off. In recent years, landlords have seen an increase in taxes on buy-to-let properties including stamp duty rates and income tax. Meanwhile, buy-to-let mortgages have become more difficult to obtain.


Property prices in London – traditionally an indicator for how the market will

fare in the rest of the country – have started to dip. Despite this, 76% of Londoners would still consider investing. Donna McCreadie, who is a buy-to-let tax specialist at Perrys, said: “Buy-tolet is still a solid long term investment despite what current market indications and the drop off in purchases might suggest. It’s interesting that the younger generation still sees it as a way to plan financially for the future. However, there are many things to consider before jumping in, including stamp duty charges, how income tax might be affected and what the return on the investment is likely to be.” Donna added: “Investing in a property is a long term plan rather than a quick fix to financial freedom so it’s important to gather as much information as possible and speak to a professional tax specialist and mortgage advisor before making a commitment.”

The New Measurement Train will be maintained at Loram UK’s Derby facility, where Network Rail’s other infrastructure monitoring trains have been maintained since 2010. Equipped with high-tech measurement systems, track scanners and highresolution cameras, the New Measurement Train is a converted Intercity High Speed Train that has been travelling around Britain’s railway network for 15 years.

The train’s speed means it can measure large distances in a single operating shift. It covers 115,000 miles in a year and captures around 10TB of image data every 440 miles. Engineers use the data that the train collects to make repairs and plan maintenance. Earlier in December, Loram UK completed a threemonth overhaul of the New Measurement Train coaches as part of the infrastructure monitoring fleet operations contract. The overhaul process happens every four years and involves taking apart the train completely, testing all its parts, making any improvements or fixes and then rebuilding the train. Mike Black, supply chain services director, Network Rail, said: “This contract simplifies the maintenance of the New Measurement Train. It will not only deliver savings to Network Rail and ultimately the taxpayer, but also ensure that the train is maintained to a high standard so it can continue to work for the safety of passengers and other railway users.”




If you know of a blind that gives more than 80% solar reflectance, use it. If not, visit www.reflex-rol.co.uk

De Leeuw Ltd., incorporating Reflex-Rol U.K. and Mermet U.K. are associate members of ES-SO


Reflex-Rol is a division of De Leeuw Ltd

Reflex-Rol (UK) Insulating Solar & Glare Control Systems

Reflex-Rol (UK), Ryeford Hall, Ryeford, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire HR9 7PU Tel: 01989 750704 Email: info@reflex-rol.co.uk Online: www.reflex-rol.co.uk

Best Practice or Best Value? Recent public sector tender for asbestos services: Scored 100% on price, 0% on quality Is there room for best practice anymore? And what does best value mean when it comes to Asbestos? Graham Warren of ACAD explores how these two positions aren’t polar opposites but can be two sides of the same coin offering a positive route forward for everyone. Anybody following any news outlets over the past decade knows we have less money to spend meaning procurement decisions have to be carefully considered. This, perhaps understandably, has led to an increased focus on cost reduction and therefore an increased weighting to prices submitted by contractors at the expense of other criteria. The mindset being if all Asbestos removal contractors have a 3 year Licence from HSE and all surveying or air monitoring consultancies you appoint are UKAS accredited, then surely you can just rely on those measures and opt for the cheapest? Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. The Asbestos Licensing Unit of the HSE will be amongst the first to tell you that you shouldn’t just rely upon a Licence term to vet a potential Asbestos removal contractor, and now as we move to fixed 3 year licence terms for all other than new licence applicants this clearly doesn’t work. Prior to running ACAD I worked for an ALMO. Everybody at the time wanted a best practice approach to asbestos and I was taken on to deliver this. The trouble was that even with an extensive knowledge and career within the Asbestos industry, I wasn’t sure where to find the elusive best practice instruction manual (Spoiler: the manual doesn’t exist!). Sure, they had all the relevant H&S Guidance from HSE that was being closely followed and they enjoyed access to a range of external organisations who could offer advice but even then, they realised they were behind the times and needed to improve. They simply weren’t up to speed with the evolving expectations of HSE and had no mechanism to learn from issues encountered by other, similar, organisations. Any that’s where my journey in search of best practice began. Asbestos management is a broad church of which large scale housing stock Asbestos management is a discipline in its own right. Those of you in this or a similar role will instantly recognise this, as a minimum you typically need a blend of Asbestos, PR and IT competence to manage the range of issues, people and huge amounts of data involved. I soon realised though that my first step in finding best practice was to look around at similar organisations to see what they did to identify their best practice approaches.


As soon as I made contact with my peers in other organisations I found myself sharing ideas, this rapidly grew into a regional best practice forum that enjoyed input from local HSE inspectors alongside housing organisations with headquarters spanning from Northumberland down towards Hull, across to Manchester & Merseyside then up through Cumbria. This is when I realised that best practice isn’t something static or owned by a person or organisation but is in fact the knowledge and ideas that are continually developed at the forefront of an industry.

This learning curve is forever moving forwards, driven by ideas from those stepping up and getting involved, pushing the industry forwards. These new ideas weren’t about adding cost and complexity, they were about identifying efficiencies and smarter ways of working. By doing a little more, by doing a little better, by doing a little bit smarter and yes sometimes by spending a little more the overall outcome was increased significantly. And this is where the concept of best value was born in that particular arena.

Best practice in Asbestos control

The model I developed at the ALMO is now taking place on a broader stage through ACAD. ACAD is a trade association for Licensed Asbestos Removal contractors and organisations associated with the asbestos industry including analytical organisations, equipment manufacturers & suppliers and clients. A recent example of where this model bears fruit is the shift in HSE expectations around soffit removal. The concept of partial enclosures was introduced in 2012 for this type of work but the new guidance introduced in 2017 confirms full enclosures rather than partial enclosures are required where AIB is nailed OR where it is in poor condition OR likely to break up during removal. ACAD members have access to this information and follow it to ensure they, and you their clients, adhere to the best practice approach and are therefore not at risk from enforcing authority action. Other Licence Holders might pick up on this eventually, but with HSE publishing limitations there’s no guarantee. Couple this position with the fact HSE are enforcing on this latest guidance, clients and contractors are running quite a risk if they are not up to speed with this.

ACAD is a trade association for Licensed Asbestos Removal contractors and organisations associated with the asbestos industry including analytical organisations, equipment manufacturers & suppliers and clients.

This is where the best practice approach through ACAD and our members meets best value. Although a full enclosure will likely cost more than a partial enclosure, the Licence holder and you, their client, avoid the risk of enforcing authority action with the resultant consequences and costs. Building on this ACAD members get to help shape the development of guidance like this through the interactive membership model ACAD operates to give members a real voice at all the mainstream groups and committees ACAD attends. So how should a client with asbestos responsibilities keep in touch with evolving best practice? The first step is to ensure you specify ACAD membership during procurement exercises and only use those that are part of this growing association. The second step is to look at membership for your own organisation to ensure you too have direct access to these new thoughts and ideas and, where possible but by no means essential, contribute your own ideas into the mix to help drive continual improvement. ACAD offers membership categories specifically for clients including a membership category for public sector & not for profit organisations that is completely free of charge. Best practice and best value delivered through ACAD. Graham Warren 01325 466 704 www.tica-acad.co.uk


The Place to Be Woodscape recently had the pleasure of working with Macgregor Smith Landscape Architects, who headed up an incredible public realm enhancement project in the centre of the World Heritage City of Bath, which completed in June 2019. The central plaza within the SouthGate Centre, along with Brunel Square outside the main train station, were identified as places that could be more effectively utilised for both the everyday, and for the many events that take place in Bath throughout the year. The necessary flexibility of the spaces required planter seats that were movable to allow reworking of the area for the various events. The key circular seat design with offset tree void was made up from a combination of timber slats and intricate bronze fretwork from Inspired Metal, with Woodscape bringing the necessary technical experience required to manufacture the seats in such a way that they could be relocated as needed, working alongside the team to ensure the perfect solution.

The impact of the public realm enhancements and new street furniture have already brought about a huge benefit to the area and will remain to do so as they continue to play an important role in the cultural activity at the heart of the City for years to come. Custom metal tubular benches were produced to perfectly wrap around a series of artificial grass mounds, mimicking the ‘combes’ that are so reminiscent of the local landscape and bringing colour and life to the space. The existing large Plane tree at the heart of the space is embraced as a centrepiece within the design and encircled by a circular hardwood tree seat with bronze fretwork text exploring what makes the City unique. The space is finished off beautifully with dramatic lighting spilling out from within a striking bronze lantern, composed from intricate typography depicting an A-Z of ‘What Bath Means to Me’. Four large circular tree seats were produced for Brunel Square, utilising a bronze finish skirt to tie into the existing Bath design aesthetic, and durable hardwood slats with L-shaped backrest, providing considerable seating space for an area with high pedestrian traffic.


The impact of the public realm enhancements and new street furniture have already brought about a huge benefit to the area and will remain to do so as they continue to play an important role in the cultural activity at the heart of the City for years to come.

#designthenation southgate, bath

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MCGILL ENDS TURNAROUND YEAR WITH ANNOUNCEMENT OF ANOTHER SIGNIFICANT CONTRACT WIN Dundee building services company, McGill, has announced another significant contract win in what

has been a turnaround year for the company after it entered administration in February, with the loss of over 440 jobs. Today McGill have announced, after a competitive tender process, it has been awarded a significant contract to service and repair warden call equipment in sheltered housing complexes for Fife Council. The announcement is the latest in a series of contracts that McGill have been awarded since the business was rescued in March. The company is currently delivering several new

AMEY TURNS TO AUGMENTED REALITY IN FIGHT AGAINST £90M ‘UNFLUSHABLES’ ISSUE Leading public services provider, Amey, will be turning to a new augmented reality app to help fight ‘unflushables’. The app uses technology commonly used in video games, to show householders right before their eyes how flushing the wrong items would block their drains and sewers. Amey has partnered with ClicksandLinks, a specialist supplier in the augmented reality field, to develop the app, which will be piloted across the Severn Trent contract. A contract which serves 4 million properties and 8 million customers across the Severn Trent area.

The app allows sewer operatives to ‘overlay’ a typical sewer network on a customer’s property or surrounding area on their Android mobile phone. The app then runs animations which mock-up how ‘unflushable blockages’ are formed – in real time. Currently, blockages are the most frequent waste issue reported to all water companies, with around 70% of sewer blockages on the network caused by unflushables, such as fats, oils, grease and wet wipes. Previously, operational teams have issued print-based guidance informing customers of what should,

contracts including a £2.6million contract for Govanhill Housing Association and a £1.6million contract Langstane & Castlehill Housing Association that it was awarded earlier in the year. McGill Operations Director Chris Ferriday commented: “We are delighted to be awarded this contract, and continue to work with our long-standing clients, Fife Council. This contract win demonstrates the strength of our fire & security team and our commitment to re-building McGill. Ferriday continued: “The past nine months, since McGill was bought out of administration have been some of the most demanding, but also rewarding. We have re-employed the very best people and this contract win is testament to their efforts and expertise.”

or should not, be put down their drains. However, research shows that 25% of ‘unflushable blockages’ will happen again within 12 months of the customer being notified, suggesting this method of communication may not be effective. Amey is hoping that the app will be an effective way to increase customer understanding about the impact unflushables have on the water network, and help to prevent future blockages. Speaking about the app, Ben Hawkins from Amey’s innovation team, said:

The UK water industry spends about £90m a year clearing sewer blockages. Many of these are caused by putting unflushables down the drain. This app is the first of its kind and demonstrates Amey’s commitment to using new technology, in increasingly tech-reliant times, to help our customers visualise and solve these issues. From the next Asset Management Period (2020-2025), the penalties for poor blockage reduction performance will increase for water companies. Amey aims to assist clients with educating their customer base, to tackle the huge task of blockage reduction.


The app will be launched in 2020.

Company News

WILLMOTT DIXON SECURES DEAL FOR NEW POOL IN RIPON Willmott Dixon is strengthening its track-record as a leading provider of leisure, fitness and wellbeing accommodation, with a £10m contact from Harrogate Borough Council to extend an existing leisure centre.

LEEDS BME-HOUSING ASSOCIATION CEO “HUMBLED” BY RECOGNITION IN NEW YEAR HONOURS LIST Ali Akbor, Chief Executive of Unity Homes and Enterprise, has spoken of his pride at being awarded an OBE in the New Year Honours List. Mr Akbor, who joined Unity in January 1999 and also serves as Secretary/ Treasurer of BME National, was honoured for services to the community in Leeds. Responding to the announcement, he said: “I am deeply humbled to receive this award, which is something I never envisaged. I regard it as recognition for the work that Unity staff and Board members – past and present - have done over more than three decades. “I am part of a team, this is a team achievement and I trust each team member feels suitably proud. There can be no greater honour for me than to work with them. From a personal perspective, I also want to thank my family and friends for their support and encouragement over the years. They have always been there for me and we will celebrate this special moment together.”

The project will see the company expand Ripon’s leisure centre by building a new 25m pool and associated changing and community areas. Willmott Dixon will also add a new main entrance and lobby to the current centre as well as upgrade the dry leisure facilities with new changing rooms and health suite, two dance studios, a ‘spin’ studio and a meeting room. Outside, new play areas will be created, while the car park will be reconfigured and a new sheltered cycle rack installed, with a new bridge linking the existing facility and the new-build pool element. Procured via Major Works England and Northern Ireland, a part of the Scape National Construction framework, Willmott Dixon is working with Pick Everard as architect and Gleeds as QS and project manager.

When completed in 2021, the new six-lane pool will provide a 60 per cent increase in water recreation space in Ripon compared to the existing pool facility at nearby Ripon Spa Baths, which is nearing the end of its lifespan and will close when the new pool is open. Councillor Stanley Lumley, cabinet member for sport, said: “After what seems like many months of planning and discussion, the work to build the new pool is finally underway.

This represents a significant investment and will provide the people of Ripon with state-of-the-art swimming facilities. Combined with the refurbishment of the leisure centre, we are transforming the sport and leisure offer in this part of the district. Willmott Dixon has delivered over £300m of dry and wet leisure facilities over the past three years, and recently produced a report into the growing sector called Creating a leisure legacy. Other current leisure projects include Harpenden Leisure and Cultural Centre, Five Towns Leisure and Wellbeing Hub in Pontefract, Ingleby Barwick Leisure Centre and Tameside Wellness Centre.

Tom Riordan, Chief Executive of Leeds City Council, said: “This prestigious honour is thoroughly deserved. Ali has played a prominent role in improving the lives of so many people in Leeds and beyond over many years. “Alongside the provision of decent homes, he understands that social and economic regeneration, access to life opportunities and the removal of equality imbalances are essential for local communities to thrive. I am delighted for him and his family.”


New LST fan heaters join the Electronic 7-day Timer range Three new low surface temperature fan heaters are the latest addition to Consort Claudgen’s Electronic 7-day Timer range. The PLSTiE Slimline LST heaters now have two additional ratings, a 500W and 750W, both of which are compact heaters and ideal for use in narrow hallways or landings.

The new Square Heritage XL 240L litterbin from Leafield Environmental is designed to reduce the number of individual litter units required or decrease the frequency with which bins need emptying. It houses a 240 litre wheelie bin which makes emptying an easy proposition while reducing the risk of injury by manual handling and speeding up the overall collection process. Made from 100% recycled, UV stabilised medium density polyethylene (MDPE), the Square Heritage 240L has a double-skin wall structure for ultimate rigidity and durability while the lack of a base floor makes locating and removing the wheelie bin an easier proposition. A moulded-in ground fixing facility enhances stability while the ribbed exterior discourages flyposting and graffiti.

A new 2kW fan heater has also been introduced. The CN2MLSTiE is equipped with intelligent fan control which detects the temperature in the environment and automatically adjusts its fan speed to quickly achieve a warm airflow temperature. This allows the heater to immediately blow hot air, even when initially powered on in a very cold room, for the user’s comfort. The CN2MLSTiE also incorporates a mesh grille to prevent the ingress of small objects. All heaters offer 6 heating periods per day, 7 days a week and have an optional open/close window detection feature. The digital control panel has an easy-to-read display and four large control buttons with tactile feedback. It is easy to operate and allows setting of comfort and setback temperatures which help reduce the overall energy consumption. For more details, visit www.consortepl.com or contact Sales at 01646 692172.

PSBN120030 Consort QP.indd 1

High Capacity Litter Bin with Traditional Style

The large front ‘lift and drop’ door provides safe and easy access to a standard 240litre wheelie bin. It has ‘slam shut’ multi-point locking mechanism, a heavy duty, automotive grade, corrosion free lock and a concealed hinge with a flush finish. The curved hood prevents waste being left on the top of the bin and discourages climbing. It incorporates a metal stubber plate and the underside provides the housing for an optional fire extinguisher. Four large, moulded through apertures ensure there are no rough edges to cause injury to users. A separate stubber plate can be affixed to each aperture if required. Each face of the bin has a facility for attaching posters and a separate area for litter/dog waste signage and to enhance the overall appearance, optional decorative gold banding is available. Website: www.leafieldrecycle.com

Helifix showcase vast range of repair techniques 13/01/2020 at London Build 2019

13/01/2020 11:35:37 PSBN120019 Leafield QP.indd 1

Keep control of your keys and assets whilst keeping them managed & secured at all �mes


Helifix exhibited at London Build on the 27th & 28th November 2019, displaying a vast range of products and repair techniques, illustrating the variety of faults that Helifix products can repair. The in-house technical sales team and external Technical Business Managers were on hand to discuss specific projects and explain why Helifix repairs are often a more sustainable option. Helifix products and their concealed, non-disruptive, installation techniques play an important role in preserving our built environment, from housing and offices to bridges and listed buildings. The sales and technical teams have considerable experience and technical expertise to discuss your projectspecific requirements and answer any questions you may have. To speak to a member of the team call Helifix on 020 8735 5200 or email sales@ helifix.co.uk


PSBN120033 Helifix QP.indd 1

13/01/2020 11:49:57

KEMPER SYSTEM HELPS TO RESTORE HISTORIC EDWARDIAN MANSION The roof of a Grade II Listed Edwardian country house has been repaired thanks to a liquid waterproofing solution from Kemper System. Located on a 1,800-acre estate within the South Downs National Park on the Hampshire/Sussex border, Stansted House originally served as a hunting lodge in the 11th century. It has since been extensively redeveloped and is now used as a tourist attraction and for a variety of events, including weddings and corporate functions. It also offers residential and office space. The 500 sq m roof had been laid with lead roll which were spread over three tiers and also used across nine dormer flat roofs. Over time, parts of the lead had become damaged due to age so were causing water ingress at several points.

To resolve these issues, roofing contractor, All Angles Roofing, specified Kemper System’s Kemperol V210M, a cold-applied liquid waterproofing system. The existing damaged lead substrate was cleaned and prepared, and the Kemperol was then applied over the top in a single, wet-on-wet process. This involved the use of an innovative polyester reinforcement fleece, designed to increase the speed of resin saturation and allow trapped air to escape quicker to save time on site and further improve the ease of application. Once cured, the system formed a seamless, elastomeric waterproof membrane which bonded directly to the substrate. Mike Baulu, director of All Angles Roofing, said: “Replacing lead with lead would have been expensive, so we advised the use of Kemperol V210M, which offered a very costeffective, reliable, and quick solution for this prestigious refurbishment project. “The system eliminated the need to remove, and dispose of, the existing lead - and as it is cold applied, it ensured the waterproofing process was very time efficient. This was

particularly important to minimise disruption for the occupants of Stansted House and its visitors, enabling the building to remain open throughout the works.” A further benefit of the Kemperol was its ‘grey’ colour which emulated the weathered appearance of the original lead substrate. Victoria Ramwell from Kemper System added: “The Kemperol V210M has provided this historic building with a highly durable roof covering that cannot delaminate and is UV stable. Solvent free and tear resistant, the system is proven to last for at least 25 years.” Email: enquiries@kempersystem.co.uk Website: www.kempersystem.co.uk


TG Escapes Timber framed buildings can be seen in schools up and down the country providing classrooms, office space, training rooms and special needs spaces. Many may be less aware of just how flexible an offsite modular building system can be. TG Escapes have provided buildings for chapels, sports halls, 2 storey classroom blocks and most recently a café for St Bernards Grammar School and twin dance studios at Hendon School. St Bernard’s needed to upgrade their canteen to accommodate more students and were attracted by TG Escapes buildings. They looked at various options but for them the style of the building stood out as it was going to be a prominent feature of the school. The modular build process also appealed as it meant less disruption on site whilst the school was still running. “The facility is a vast improvement on our previous canteen and also the space can be used outside service times.” Matt Devereux, Facilities Manager. Dance and Drama are key strengths of Hendon School rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, but their existing facilities were outgrown and old. The project was partly funded by ESFA’s Condition Improvement Fund. Barker Associates assisted the school with the application process and

were appointed to develop and manage the project. The budget and timing were tight for the facilities required, and so an economical design solution was required. TG Escapes’ approach reduced the onsite construction period, and within just six months two new 90 sqm dance studios and ancillary spaces, replaced the dilapidated temporary building which was previously used by the Arts and Drama Faculty. The completed building was handed over in August 2019, and operational for the beginning of the school year. Speaking at the new studio opening Craig Maguire, Acting Head, stated, ‘Dance and drama are a central part of Hendon School’s offering. Our talented students can now utilise this wonderful building to practice

and further develop their skills and unleash their creativity.’ In summary timber frame offsite construction is suitable for buildings small or large. Not only does it produce a great looking building, but with a smart use of PV can achieve an A+ energy rating. Most importantly the biophilic design principles incorporating natural materials and maximising natural light, helps connect students and staff to nature improving educational outcomes and wellbeing. For more information call 0800 917 7726 or email info@tgescapes.co.uk.



Smart Home Expo 2020: the UK’s Ultimate Event for the Smart Technologies Revolutionising the Way We Live 38% of UK consumers own or use smart technology, and with this number rising it’s evident why smart tech is continuously making the headlines! Welcome to Smart Home Expo. The UK’s ultimate event for the smart technologies revolutionising the way we live back for another year on the 17th & 18th March 2020 at Birmingham’s NEC. Continuously bringing you the latest solutions and innovations in smart technologies that are a must for any future renovation or refurbishment project, this year’s show will put its focus into key topics taking the industry by storm - from smart buildings and commercial spaces, to smart homes and their future, Smart Home Expo has you covered. For 2020, the show is evolving to another level with the launch of the new zone, Smart Buildings LIVE - the UK’s hub for the innovations driving Smart Buildings forward. This feature groups together speakers, panel sessions, workshops and visitors from commercial property end-users to real estate developers - this has attracted a whole other audience to the show. You’ll be able to shop from 250 worldclass suppliers and try before you buy, but Smart Home is much more than just a marketplace where visitors can find the latest innovations - it is a place where people come together and learn about the industry’s future.


As the epicentre of the smart home and building world, you’ll be under the same roof as the industry giants courtesy of the unparalleled speaker lineup, providing you with 150 inspirational seminars. Throughout both days, seminar theatres will be brimming with information and advice, leaving audiences informed, educated and empowered. What’s more, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in countless interactive features, join the training sessions at the Smart Building Workshop, be face to face with the most innovative brands in Smart Building technology and attend our Workplace Innovation panel session

to learn from the experts what it takes to make your workplace smart. With all of this, and more lined up, Smart Home Expo and Smart Building LIVE are sure to become the hub of the smart world, offering all the innovations that are empowering people within the industry. Register for your FREE ticket at www.smarthometechlive.co.uk

17 & 18













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WORKS COMPLETE ON GROUND-BREAKING MEDICAL RESEARCH CENTRE AT UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM Midlands contractor G F Tomlinson is celebrating the completion of a pioneering project at the University of Nottingham – delivering a major expansion to the Centre for Biomolecular Sciences that will house vital research into the treatment for cancer. As part of the works, a new state-ofthe-art facility has been constructed, located on the University Park Campus. This will provide worldclass laboratories, offices and meeting rooms for academic and postgraduate students and staff, for research into identifying new breakthroughs in the treatment and diagnosis of serious diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular, liver, bone and respiratory conditions. Spanning five floors, the 65,000 sq ft new-build flexible research centre is the third phase of the development by the University to its Centre for Biomolecular Sciences. The centre has been constructed to satisfy

demands for increased biomolecular research and re-enforces the University of Nottingham’s position as a global hub for breakthrough medical research.

There has also been the installation of rooftop plantrooms, two green roofs, photovoltaic panels and brise-soleil sun screens - ensuring undesired heat and light do not enter the building.

The new facility will allow several research groups, previously spread across six of the University’s sites, to work under the same roof. This includes groups in Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, Cancer Science, Respiratory Genetics and Pharmacology.

A bridge link has also been built to connect the centre at its third floor to the adjacent Boots Science Building. This is as well as a new bridge from the existing Centre for Biomolecular Sciences to the new expansion.

This is the eighth project completed at the University of Nottingham by G F Tomlinson; with the company currently working on a number of educational and public sector projects across the Midlands. The new centre at the University of Nottingham was built with sustainability at the forefront throughout; being constructed to the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) standard of ‘excellent’. Specialist curtain walling has been used for the building to provide highlevel insulation while also blending into the external building façade.

G F Tomlinson started works on site in 2017, investing in several social value initiatives throughout the project. This included offering two 40-metre tower cranes for high-rise fire training for officers from Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service, as well as hosting a Bowel Cancer Awareness Day for G F Tomlinson employees, the supply chain and University staff. The contractor has provided 450 hours of work experience, as well as investing over 33,000 hours into social value throughout the project. This includes an investment of 15,371 hours into skills and training; 1,063 hours into environmental protection; 16,961 hours for community support; and 325 hours into sustainable procurement. Managing director of G F Tomlinson, Andy Sewards said: “Having worked with the University of Nottingham on a number of projects, it is incredible to see the impact that the works have across the campus and for its many students and staff members. Their breakthrough research into biomolecular sciences is revolutionary, and the new centre will help increase their capability as well as the profile of the University. As a regional contractor, delivering higher education projects is key to our business and we are proud to say we have delivered such an important facility for the future of medical research. Well done to all the team for their hard work and dedication, which has evidently paid off to deliver this amazing project within the initially predicted timeframe.


G F Tomlinson worked alongside Buro Four as project managers, cost managers Gleeds, architects Benoy, WSP Safety Ltd as the principle designer and M&E engineers.

Director of the Centre for Biomolecular Science, Professor Chris Denning commented: “I would like to thank all the staff from G F Tomlinson who worked on this project. They displayed a huge amount of professionalism and were a pleasure to work with; accommodating our many requests for site tours and to show our funders around this incredible facility. This expansion provides many exciting opportunities and allows the researchers in our Centre to be at the forefront of an interdisciplinary effort to deliver our vision – that through chemical and biological discovery and engineering, we will diagnose, treat and cure disease, and provide security for quality of life.” Senior Capital Projects Manager at the University of Nottingham, James Hale added: “It is great to see the expansion complete and further our vital offering at the Centre for Biomolecular Sciences. The new world-class facilities will allow us to meet the demand for increased biomolecular research, and strengthens the University’s

strong reputation as an international centre in the field. I would like to thank all those involved in the project, including G F Tomlinson, for helping bring our plans for the University to life.” Director of Buro Four Project Managers, David Boles said: “We are incredibly proud to have project

managed this exciting project which will provide such opportunity for the University, students, region and the field of Biomolecular Sciences. We particularly enjoy working with universities to deliver complex and highly functional science and research facilities where collaboration is at the heart of strategy, and this project meets all of those aspirations.”


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PICS provide a wide range of decorative concrete paving solutions for applications across the public infrastructure arena. Locally produced and low maintenance products for long term durability and low lifetime costs, PICS provide the client and designer with simple to specify and contractor friendly paving systems, using British manufactured products.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Supplies Ltd Unit 2, Red Shute Hill Industrial Estate, Hermitage, Berkshire RG18 9QL. Tel: +44 (0) 1635 202224, Email: sales@picsuk.com, Web: www.picsuk.com

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FUTUREBUILD 2020: BE THE CATALYST FOR CHANGE From recent demonstrations to government declarations, the message is clear – we need to work together if we are to succeed against the climate change challenges that we all face. Against this backdrop, Futurebuild 2020 (03–05 March, ExCeL London) will inspire professionals working in public sector construction to join fellow industry decision makers and innovators to be the catalyst for change and deliver a more sustainable built environment. Setting the agenda Futurebuild is recognised for its industry-leading conference offering, and the programme is evolving for 2020. Sessions in the Arena will follow a three-day progression with the central theme of how to respond to the climate and ecological crisis and commit to making a real change. Key highlights include the ‘Carbon neutral cities of the future’ session, on day two of the conference (04 March), where a panel including London Mayoral Candidate Rory Stewart will examine the pathway to healthier, more resilient cities.

With the conference focusing on the biggest issues facing the built environment at a macro level, six Keynote Stages located across the event floor will look at the specific challenges impacting Building, Offsite, Energy, Interiors, Resourceful Materials and Critical Infrastructure. This programme of solution-driven sessions will share the latest thinking and research, to educate, inform and inspire visitors to make a positive change. Relevant sessions for public sector professionals within the Buildings section include ‘Building a safer future – what steps are being taken towards fundamental reform’ (03 March). Following the Grenfell disaster, a panel of experts will discuss what progress has been made in building competency and what this means for industry and the supply chain. Other highlights include a discussion on day three (05 March) on ‘How social value can drive better practice’. This session will explore what social values look like within the context of the built environment and the recent progress that has been made on social value measurement. On the Critical Infrastructure Keynote Stage, ‘Where, what and when should we build?’ hosted on day one (03 March) will explore the radical changes needed in new developments. Chaired by Robert Huxford Director of Urban Design Group, the panel will discuss what

needs to be done to achieve net zero carbon and how to overcome the environmental and resource constraints the industry faces. Beyond the stages Around each Keynote Stage there will be an exhibition of innovative brands, offering unique solutions to the challenges discussed in the companion knowledge programme. The exhibition will feature some of the largest headline brands in the sector, alongside SMEs and startup organisations. Connecting the whole event will be the Innovation Trail – a guided route where visitors will discover innovative products, solutions and materials and meet the leading thinkers behind them. The game changers are back With the focus of Futurebuild 2020 on innovation, the event will also see the return of the Big Innovation Pitch. Hosted in conjunction with technical partner BRE, the competition will identify and celebrate unique approaches to some of biggest challenges facing us all. Entrants will present their groundbreaking ideas on each of the six Keynote Stages on day one, before shortlisted entries go head-to-head in the Arena on day two. A panel of renowned judges will determine the overall winning idea, which will be incorporated into BRE Academy Training and showcased in the BRE Innovation Park. Martin Hurn, Event Director of Futurebuild, comments: “The responsibility for tackling the climate emergency lies in all of our hands and we must collaborate in order to find solutions to secure our future. Futurebuild 2020 provides the perfect platform for forward-thinking decision makers across the built environment to come together and play a key part in driving positive change”. For more information about Futurebuild 2020, the home of innovation, visit www.futurebuild.co.uk.


making the transition to a

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People On The Move

NEW FINANCE DIRECTOR READY FOR THE CHALLENGE AT MANNINGHAM HOUSING ASSOCIATION OWNERSHIP Bradford-based Manningham Housing Association (MHA) has appointed Shendi Keshet as Director of Finance and Resources. She will take up post in the New Year.

Lee Bloomfield

MEA PROMOTES DAVID TILEY TO ASSOCIATE MEA are delighted to announce that David Tiley has been promoted to the position of Associate. David has worked as a Senior Quantity Surveyor at MEA for over 22 years and has successfully delivered numerous high profile residential, education, leisure, healthcare and charity projects for both new and existing clients. David is a key member of the team who is continually looking for new ways to improve the service we provide to our clients. Current key projects for David include a new golf clubhouse and facilities in Basingstoke, the refurbishment and construction of new bedrooms suites at the prestigious Grade 2 listed Great Fosters Hotel in Egham, Surrey, a programme of drive-thru restaurants and coffee outlets throughout the UK, as well as the delivery of on-going commissions at Bicester Village. Commenting on his promotion David Tiley says “In my new role as Associate I will be working with the senior management team contributing to the strategic direction of the company. It comes at an exciting time for us as we have recently moved to new offices and have been awarded a number of new high profile and exciting projects which I am looking forward to delivering.”


Ms Keshet is the third senior appointment made by the BME housing association since the autumn, following Nas Hussain as Community Partnerships and Investment Manager, and Matthew Hayes as IT Manager. Originally from Canada, Ms Keshet joins MHA on a permanent basis after choosing to undertake interim roles in recent years. These include Head of Financial Planning at Beyond Housing, one of the leading housing providers in the North-East of England which manages 15,000 homes across Redcar and Cleveland, and North Yorkshire. She has also held the dual Londonbased roles of Director of Financial Transformation at the Industrial Dwellings Society, and Deputy Director of Finance at Soho Housing. Ms Keshet said the opportunity to join MHA was an exciting prospect. She commented: “I know West Yorkshire well, having lived in Halifax for many years, and followed MHA’s journey closely. There has never been a better time to join its leadership team which is held in the highest regard in Bradford, Keighley and far beyond. I have particularly

Shendi Keshet

enjoyed working for BME housing associations throughout my career and MHA is one of the best in the country. It is a well-grounded and financially stable organisation with a bright future. I am thrilled to be part of what comes next.” Lee Bloomfield, who will enter his third year as MHA Chief Executive in 2020, spoke of his pleasure at having Ms Keshet onboard. He said: “It was a rigorous recruitment process and Shendi’s qualities shone through. A year on from having our financial viability grading increased to the highest level by the Regulator of Social Housing, we are in a great place with ambitious plans. The Director of Finance and Resources post is newlyconfigured as we seek to turn both our Growth Strategy and Corporate Strategy into realities. Shendi ticks every box and is a first-class hire for MHA.” Barrington Billings, MHA Chair, said that Ms Keshet was the outstanding candidate in the rigorous recruitment process. He continued: “We want nothing but the best at Manningham Housing Association and Shendi is certainly that. Her life and workplace experiences really add to the diverse blend of talent in our staff, which has already earned us two prestigious accreditations for our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, and outstanding excellence in customer service Shendi is an ideal fit for MHA and will do an excellent job.”

Barrington Billings

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How Wireless is Transforming Fire Safety in Social Housing Following the public outcry over Grenfell and the numerous failings identified in subsequent investigations, most notably the Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety (Hackitt Review), the government has adopted a no-compromise approach to fire safety in social housing. While legislation based on the Hackitt recommendations has yet to be made law, primarily due to delays relating to the Brexit process, social landlords and regulators have recognised the urgent need to offer protection and reassurance to all residents.


Social landlords are under intense pressure to act on this commitment by delivering rapid enhancements to the fire systems in their properties, without compromising on quality or effectiveness, and there is a growing

industry-wide consensus that wireless is the most effective way to achieve this.

Why choose wireless? Whereas traditional wired systems can take weeks to install, with outlays for fire watches, resident displacement and unknown job costs, wireless devices can be programmed on or offsite and installed in minutes to offer maximum protection, with no need for wiring or redecoration. This offers a number of benefits for specifiers and installers in social housing, whether they require a rapid solution for a permanent fire system, or a temporary installation. Many people think of wireless devices as being best suited to large industrial sites or historic buildings, but they can

also offer significant advantages to the social housing sector. Simple and hassle-free installation can offer cost benefits, with additional savings on redecoration, cabling and labour. It’s possible to be in and out of each property in minutes, minimising the upheaval for residents and offering them long-term reassurance. If the landlord is required to update or replace the fire system outside of the normal refurbishment cycle, these are all advantageous factors. Wireless technology is prevalent in most electronic devices from phones to laptops and security systems, and fire alarm systems are no different. With over 20 years of development having gone into them, wireless fire systems have reached new heights of quality and reliability, with devices

Fire, Safety & Security Feature

of these systems is limited only by the number of devices that the fire panel can handle. Due to the way wireless devices are managed, they can also be retrofitted to an existing fire system without any need to replace the existing wired components. This would be particularly useful, for example, in a high-rise block with a system that previously only covered stairwells and communal areas. It would be possible to add detectors, sounders and other devices inside the residential units with minimum upheaval and no requirement, in most cases, to replace the existing system. Wireless and hybrid systems can be monitored and controlled remotely in the same way as a wired installation, offering a 24/7 view of system integrity. In terms of monitoring and control, wireless systems are essentially identical to a wired system in config and control terms so all cause and effect, false alarm management and monitoring required on any standard system is already available.

Implementing the Hackitt Review

ranging from optical, multi-criteria and heat detectors to notification, alarm, interface and control units. Our own Hyfire range also include a Visual Alarm Device (VAD), which is certified to EN54 Part 23, using LED technology to extend battery life. All wireless devices available in the UK need to be certified to the relevant EN54 standards and fully compliant with BS5839 Part 1. Fire panels are wired via a loop to translators, from which wireless devices can be used on their own to build fully wireless systems of virtually any size, or mixed with compatible wired products to provide seamless hybrid solutions, offering total flexibility to specifiers and installers. A pre-installation survey guarantees the cost of the job, there being no hidden surprises as no holes need to be dug in walls, and also ensures that the system will perform just as any wired system would. The scale

Two specific terms repeated many times in the Hackitt Review were the principles of ‘risk ownership’ and the need to treat ‘buildings as a system’. These are directly relevant here because, by taking steps to ensure that each property has a fit and proper fire system, landlords are in effect taking ownership of the potential threat of fire within that building, primarily in order to minimise fire risk, to ensure that residents are alerted and evacuated in a timely manner should the need arise, and also to achieve rapid containment and suppression of the fire, using internal systems, the Fire Brigade, or more likely a combination of the two. Social landlords also now recognise more than ever that the fire system is a vital cog in the overall system that manages and protects every building with two or more residential units, and especially those with three floors or more. We are seeing this in the ways that different elements within the building, ranging from fire systems to HVAC and CCTV can now interact to enhance safety and efficiency. Even fire door closers, which were once acoustically triggered, can now be linked directly and wirelessly to the fire panel to maximise their effectiveness. Wireless technology has a key role to play in delivering on the Hackitt Review recommendations. This is not due to any specific mention, or stated preference for, wireless devices in

the report, so much as the way that wireless can offer rapid and simple solutions for landlords and their fire systems installers. For example, one major social landlord in the south of England has embarked on a rapid review and upgrade of the fire systems right across its estate, accelerating a cyclical process that would usually span a decade or more. In this case, the organisation has installed more than 13,000 Hyfire wireless devices across 400 sites in 2019 alone. Without wireless solutions, this would be an even more expensive and complex undertaking, causing major disruption for residents who are very often elderly or infirm.

The Future is Wireless In the wake of the Grenfell tragedy and the Hackitt Review, industry bodies such as the FIA have recognised the value of wireless technology to help meet both the revised legislative environment and the expectations of social housing residents, especially in high-rise developments. The Scottish Government, which has introduced legislation in response to the review, specifically mentions the use of wireless and hybrid systems as acceptable for the upgrade, expansion or replacement of existing systems. With Grenfell and its aftermath continuing to make the news and the UK government expected to bring forward legislation based on the Hackitt Review in 2020, the pressure on social landlords to deliver rapid and effective solutions is only going to increase. This means we can expect the use of wireless technology in the social housing sector to increase further in coming years, quite possibly to a point where it becomes the first choice of many installers.

By Paul Parkes, UK & Ireland Sales Manager for Hyfire wireless fire detection and alarm devices.


Housing News

HOUSEBUILDER TO LAUNCH NEW RELEASE OF HOMES AT NEW COMMUNITY IN YATE Properties at David Wilson Homes’ Ladden Garden Village development in Yate are proving so popular that the five-star housebuilder is releasing a new selection of homes at the site. The exciting new development, which boasts excellent commuter links and proudly promotes RSPB friendly gardens, is proving highly popular among local buyers and those from further afield. “We have seen tremendous success at Ladden Garden Village since its launch,” said sales director, Louise Ware. “Located just five minutes from Yate town centre and close to a direct train service to Bristol, the homes at this wonderful development are in high demand. We are now introducing our third phase of new houses, which will be ready to move into in the Summer of 2020.” Among the releases is the Cannington house type – which is exclusive to the development and designed over three floors.

The ground floor benefits from a light and spacious family/dining room, an adjacent kitchen, a study and a handy utility cupboard. A lounge can be found on the first floor, along with the family bathroom and one of the three double bedrooms. On the top floor, there are two further double bedrooms, including the master with en suite. Another property exclusive to the development is the Bayswater home which has four bedrooms and is also designed over three floors. There is an open-plan kitchen with dining and family areas, which boasts the added benefit of French

doors that lead to the rear garden. The lounge, with an attractive bay window, completes the first floor. Upstairs, there are two double bedrooms – one with en suite – as well as a single bedroom and a family bathroom, while on the third floor there is a spacious master bedroom which comes with an en suite and dressing area. Ladden Garden Village is an exciting new development including a range of two, three and fourbedroom homes. Once complete, the new community will feature shops, sports pitches, a local centre, primary school and additional local amenities.

DEPUTY LEADER ELECTED AS HOUSING FORUM CHAIR Councillor Peter Moss, the Deputy Leader of Preston City Council, has been elected as the new Chair of the North West Housing Forum (NWHF). The NWHF brings together housing officers, developers and elected members from across the region and political spectrum to discuss the


issues facing housing and to share ideas and best practice. Councillor Moss was elected to the role at the November meeting of the forum held in Bolton. He will combine the role with his duties as Cabinet Member for Planning and Regulation at Preston

City Council and becomes the first person from Lancashire to hold the role. He said: “I am proud to represent the city of Preston in the role of Chair of the North West Housing Forum and hope to continue and build on the great work the forum does. My immediate aim is to keep housing and funding for housing in the North West very much on the agenda of all the region’s politicians and policy-makers. A decent home is a fundamental right for everyone and we must end the housing crisis now”. Established in 1999, the forum meets to discuss housing issues throughout the North West including Lancashire, Cumbria, Cheshire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside.

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SENSORY DESIGN // ACTING NATURAL // CURATED INNOVATIONS An impressive list of industry experts from architecture, development and the arts are set to share their knowledge at ARCHITECT@WORK, 29th to 30th January. This twoday trade show with a focus on architectural innovation will take place at The Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch. It includes free admission for registered trade visitors and complimentary catering throughout, which encourages networking and downtime as well as deal-making opportunities. Innovation is without a doubt key in the world of architecture and interior design. And that is exactly where ARCHITECT@WORK distinguishes itself in a unique way: all products showcased during the event have first been assessed and approved by a jury of architects and interior designers. Carefully curated content in a unique, lounge-like atmosphere is what ARCHITECT@WORK offers you. Take part in one of the talks / panel discussions with names such as Victor Orive (Zaha Hadid Architects), Mark Broom (ACME), Roland Karthaus (Matter Architecture), Matthew Holloway (Grimshaw), Biba Dow (Dow Jones Architects), Rory Harmer (Tate Harmer) and many more. Register now to attend the event free of charge: click here.


Old Truman Brewery Levels G1 & T1 29-30 January 2020


EXCLUSIVE TRADE EVENT FOR ARCHITECTS AND INTERIOR DESIGNERS with over 200 innovative products and services showcased by manufacturers and distributors All exhibitors go through a strict selection process with an external judging panel, ensuring the presence of high caliber innovations. NETWORKING in an original and creative atmosphere FOCUS ON SENSORY DESIGN | ACTING NATURAL < Seminars by high profile architects Full programme available online < Materials curation by MaterialDriven < Photo wall selected by world-architects < RIBA pop-up Bookshop < Art

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“A New Year’s Revolution: Aico launches groundbreaking SmartLINK Gateway technology” Aico, the market leader in domestic Fire and Carbon Monoxide protection, has launched the SmartLINK Gateway, the Ei1000G. This is a first in asset management and compliance, providing full visibility and remote whole system monitoring of Aico Fire and Carbon Monoxide alarm systems. Stemming from their ethos of innovation, Aico has launched the SmartLINK Gateway to provide a groundbreaking solution for Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) to have access to real time data insight into the status of the Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm systems across their entire housing stock. Using its built-in GSM data connection, the Ei1000G utilises Aico’s next generation of wireless technology to report events including

fire/CO activations and alarm head removals as they happen to the SmartLINK cloud portal, for full visibility and remote monitoring. The development of the Aico SmartLINK Gateway has been greatly influenced by RSLs and their teams, through extensive feedback and rigorous trials that have significantly shaped the final product; Aico designed this alarm management system to assure tenant safety at any time. As the pinnacle of Aico’s technology, this pioneering product facilitates the safety of tenants at all times and aids with compliance across housing stock, ensuring ease of monitoring for RSLs and clear, actionable intelligence. Fife Council served as a trial site for the SmartLINK Gateway, Lead Officer Jim Macdonald commented:

In a building that relies on residents for access, we can monitor alarm systems remotely to make sure everything is working correctly, and the tenants are kept safe. The main benefit of this product would be saving time and money while getting an immediate response, rather than going through the normal procedures. 34

“We have always found that Aico is very adaptable in working with

clients, such as ourselves, to make sure the products are fit for purpose.” Aico have always been at the forefront of Radio Frequency (RF) technology and are now leading the way in revolutionising this technology with real-time data monitoring. By using in-built GSM data connection and RF interconnection to interface with Aico alarms and accessories, easy installation and reliable connection is assured, meaning full visibility of connected RF systems. Although designed for SmartLINK, the Ei1000G is backwards compatible and therefore will also give visibility to RadioLINK+ systems. Events are reported directly as they happen via the online portal, which gives accessible intelligence that can be actioned, reported on and documented. The Ei1000G SmartLINK Gateway aims to improve efficiency, reduce costs, aid with forecasting and compliance and enable smart asset management. This groundbreaking technology gives a proactive approach to fault-finding, defining any trends in alarm activations and maintenance requirements while drastically minimising the issue of property access. The SmartLINK Gateway will revolutionise the way in which alarm systems are managed, paving the way to a solution-focused approach to asset management. For more information about the SmartLINK Gateway and to register your interest, please visit www.aico.co.uk or call 01691 664100.

A New Year’s Revolution in tenant safety No more time consuming and expensive manual checks. No more updating endless spreadsheets. Minimise your requirement to constantly access your resident’s properties, causing less disruption for you and them. Now, checking fire and carbon monoxide alarms are working to protect your tenants will be easier, less costly and more efficient – with the innovative Ei1000G SmartLINK Gateway from Aico. Visit www.aico.co.uk/EI1000G.

A Revolution In Tenant Safety

T 01691 664100

E enquiries@aico.co.uk



FIRST PHASE OF SPECIALIST STEM CAMPUS DEVELOPMENT AT BURY ST EDMUNDS COLLEGE COMPLETES The first phase at West Suffolk College’s £8 million Campus for Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) Innovation is complete and has opened its doors to the 2019 cohort of students. The refurbished 4,300 sqm teaching facility comprises two seminar rooms, 10 classrooms, six laboratories, learning hubs, social spaces and a business centre. “This building marks the first of a multiphased campus redevelopment programme, which will bring stateof-the-art, specialist STEM facilities to the region,” said Keith Prendergast, director at Pick Everard. Pick Everard – the property, construction and infrastructure consultancy – provided full, multidisciplinary services for the project. It worked alongside Wynne-Williams Associates, which provided landscape architecture, and contractor Coulson Building Group. Keith continued: “This first phase has significantly modernised the college’s offering. Our designs have enabled further and higher education teaching services to take place under one roof, alongside a space for local businesses. This creates greater links with industry, addressing the skills gap in STEM and creating an opportunity for real collaboration. “The campus is on the site of a former specialist engineering facility, where high-end equipment for TV and media


was developed. It’s great that we’re helping to continue this story, creating a space that will train the next generation of engineers. “The space has now been completely refurbished, enhancing its exterior appearance and significantly improving the internal specification. “The site will eventually house 350 students and has also been designed to accommodate space for businesses linked to the educational offer. We’re incredibly proud to have been involved and look forward to seeing the rest of the campus develop.” The façade has also been improved and now accurately reflects the modern teaching facilities inside, with a striking red transparent gateway entrance and Brise Soleil structure. The completion of the £3.4 million facility in phase one has meant that West Suffolk College can consolidate its computing and engineering departments, bringing them together under one roof. Gary Jefferson, executive director engineering and technology at West Suffolk College said: “The transformation of the Vitec factory is nothing less than remarkable. We have taken a 1960’s factory and, in phase one, we have created a state-of-the-art computer science and engineering facility which will train the creators, programmers and innovators of tomorrow from GCSE level through to degrees.

“We now have an ultra-modern teaching accommodation for nearly 400 students, covering digital technologies and engineering disciplines and are already approaching our capacity. The philosophy of the design is helping the cross-disciplinary project work that our students are completing with businesses. By creating spaces for students to circulate and collaborate on projects in a flexible environment, we can future proof them for success in their careers ahead.

At this phase, we have still only developed approximately one third of the site and have amazing plans to develop the remaining two thirds. We’re set to expand our site by creating labs for agritech, physics, chemistry, biology, big data, artificial intelligence and fully immersive augmented and virtual reality technologies. The campus will eventually cover a 5.5-acre site and has seen significant investment from the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP).

Cable Transit Systems Cable Transit Systems

Tested to BStoENBS1366-3 • Tested EN 1366-3 ETA approved and -marked • Designed for single or Designed for cables single or multiple multiple • Easy cables to install and Easyalter to install and cabling alter cabling • Use in floors and walls Useincluding in floors and walls drywall including drywallt design • Easy retrofi Easy retrofit design

Fire-stopping Business Critical Cables - fireclamp Even a ‘small,’ fire lasting a short period of time can pose a significant threat to personnel in the vicinity. Moreover, the affects of fire, smoke and water damage on business interruption, even for a relatively short time can be disastrous. Fire resistant walls and floors penetrated by data and telecommunications cables are at particular risk if these openings are moderately or highly active, i.e. where new or replacement cables are frequently being installed. If insufficient care is taken in re-installing the passive fire protection seals or the seals are not appropriate for the type of penetration then they won’t perform if they ever need to. The Abesco Fireclamp® range of CT120 and CT240 Cable Transit devices are designed and rigorously tested to prevent the spread of fire and smoke from one compartment to another where these are breached by electrical, data and telecommunications cables. These fully retrofittable devices do not require the use of putties, sealants or coatings and can accommodate few or many cables – even up to full size cable ladders. Fireclamp® Cable Transits are round, square or rectangular powder coated steel sleeves with an inner lining of specially formulated intumescent material. When exposed to approximately 150oC the intumescent expands to many times its original volume, sealing off any voids to prevent the passage of fire. The unique flange for the devices enables them to be attached in place without the use of mechanical fixings into walls or floors. Used worldwide in hundreds of complex environments, Fireclamp® Cable Transit devices are tested and approved by independent third party laboratories such as Underwriters Laboratories, UL. Fireclamp® Cable Transits are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. When it comes to business critical fire sealing of cables - in data processing centres, banking and finance buildings, TV and media studios, apartment buildings, hotels, office complexes, hospitals, airports, retail centres, etc - rely on the proven solution - Abesco Fireclamp® Cable Transits.

h i g h

p e r f o r m a n c e

f i r e s t o p

p r o d u c t s

Abesco Fire Ltd. Alma Place, Laurencekirk AB30 1AL. Scotland Tel: +44 (0)1561 377766 | www.abesco.net

Fire, Safety & Security

Grenfell two years on – the Fire Protection Association renews its call that government changes to building regulations don’t go far enough The Fire Protection Association, the UK’s national fire safety organisation, is highlighting that, if we want to prevent another Grenfell Tower tragedy, it’s time for some immediate change. The organisation remains firm in its message that two years after “Grenfell”, the government’s changes to building regulations and the socalled ban on combustible cladding do not go far enough in protecting buildings and the people who live in them, from fire.

The Fire Protection Association says the solution should be: • Third party certification - we welcome the acknowledgement of the value of independently verified products, but believe this assurance should be mandated and extend to the installers of products and the risk assessors • Extending the ban on combustibles to all high-risk buildings regardless of height – not just buildings over 18 metres • Ban single staircases in building in excess of 18m – to offer both an entrance and exit staircase • Mandatory installation of multi sensor detection for all high-risk occupancies – a fire detector that monitors a number of potential dangers, including smoke, heat, carbon-monoxide Jonathan O’Neill, OBE, managing director, Fire Protection Association commented: “The Fire Protection Association supports a total ban on combustible building materials, to all


high-risk buildings, such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes, blocks of flats – not just those buildings over 18 metres. We also want a ban on single staircases in all tall buildings, because in the event of a fire you need at least one staircase for people to be able to evacuate the building, and a second staircase for the fire and rescue services for entry. Our support of third-party certification, to provide independent verification of building regulations services, as well as the mandatory installation of multi sensor detectors (that can detect several sources, such as heat, smoke and carbon monoxide) is also a key consideration.

There is clearly much that still needs to be done, so we are keen to see change now - and will help in any way we can to ensure that we never again experience a tragedy on the scale we witnessed at Grenfell.


Superior strength, lasting beauty As well as improved strength and stiffness, other benefits of SentryGlas® include: • Safety: In the event of breakage, glass fragments remain firmly bonded to the interlayer, reducing the chance for injury • Security: SentryGlas® can be used in glazing that withstands bullets, hurricane-force winds and even bomb blasts • Durability: SentryGlas® is extremely durable and resistant to clouding, even after years of exposure • Design Versatility: SentryGlas® can be used in glass manufactured flat or curved, including annealed, toughened, heat-strengthened, spandrel, wired, patterned and colour tinted glass • UV control: SentryGlas® is available with or without UV transmittance

The SentryGlas® interlayer is five times stronger and up to 100 times stiffer than conventional laminating materials. With this kind of strength the glass can be a more active structural element in the building envelope, opening up design possibilities that didn’t exist before. Besides its strength, SentryGlas® ionoplast interlayer retains its clarity – even after years of service. Unlike other interlayers, SentryGlas® ionoplast interlayer is much less vulnerable to moisture exposure or yellowing over time.

Limitless possibilities Some of the many SentryGlas® interlayer applications include: Minimally supported and open-edged railings, facades and canopies Structural glass flooring, stairs, walkways and pedestrian bridges Hurricane resistant windows, doors and skylights Bomb blast resistant windows, doors and facades SentryGlas® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates for its brand of interlayers. It is used under exclusive license by Kuraray and its sub-licensees. For more information please visit www.sentryglas.com.

To find out more visit www.firmanglass.com Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email: sales@firmanglass.com www.firmanglass.com

Housing News

ROCKWELL PARTNERS WITH GATEWAY HOUSING ASSOCIATION TO DELIVER NEW AFFORDABLE HOMES Rockwell, a London-focussed mixed-use property developer, has today confirmed Gateway Housing Association as its partner for delivery of the affordable housing at its landmark development at 82 West India Dock Road, Westferry. The 30-storey hotel and residential building adjacent to Westferry DLR station, at the gateway to Canary Wharf, which is due to start construction shortly and to be completed in Q1 2022, will deliver 259 jobs and 66 new homes of which 35% will be affordable. Gateway Housing Association, the largest provider of sheltered housing in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, will take a 250-year lease on the 18 affordable homes within the scheme in their preferred location on the lowest residential floors.


Tower Hamlets is anticipating the highest population growth of any Borough, with 60,000 additional residents by 2028. The affordable housing includes a mix of tenures, for people at different stages of the property ladder; including London Affordable Rent, London Borough of Tower Hamlets Living Rent and Intermediate Shared Ownership. The provision of 3-bed family sized homes and Social/Affordable Rent homes within the scheme each exceed the Borough’s target. Donal Mulryan, Founder of Rockwell, commented: “I’m delighted that Rockwell is partnering with Gateway Housing Association to bring forward and manage the affordable housing in this landmark development. Gateway share our commitment to providing great housing and support which meets the needs of the people of the Borough. This

further ensures that the scheme has a positive and meaningful legacy for the local community.” Kate Dodsworth, Chief Executive at Gateway Housing Association added: “There’s a real need for more homes within Tower Hamlets as the demand continues to greatly outstrip the supply.

We’re thrilled to be working with Rockwell to increase the borough’s provision of affordable homes and look forward to working with them throughout the development process.

The New Serverless IP Residential Solution

Simple Technology for Complexed Requirements IP System | No Server | ONVIF capability | SIP Integration with Cisco Mobile App | POE |IP65 Rated | 7â&#x20AC;? Monitors | Call Recording Touch Screen|9,999 apartments | SD Card Memory

www. aiphone.co.uk 0207 507 6250 Enquiry@aiphone.co.uk

@AiphoneUK @AiphoneUK

Housing News

EX-SUNNYSIDE HOSPITAL STAFF CUT TURF MARKING THE START OF WORK ON 35 NEW AFFORDABLE HOMES ON THE HISTORIC SITE Over 40 ex-nurses of the former Sunnyside Royal Hospital near Montrose visited the iconic site to tour the grounds one last time and cut the turf, marking Sunnyside’s new lease of life as a housing development.

Work on the first phase of homes is expected to be completed in summer 2021, with the second phase which will deliver an additional 59 homes set to begin work that same year. The 94 homes in total will be earmarked for social rent.

During their visit around the grounds of the estate, overlooked by the historic building which they once worked in to support a wide variety of mental health issues, the nurses recalled stories from their time there and found out more about the homes to come.

The first phase of homes will offer a range of property sizes of one, two and three bedrooms, and will provide good quality housing for a range of family needs.

The psychiatric hospital was the first public asylum in Scotland and among the first in the Englishspeaking world. Sunnyside Royal Hospital’s most famous patients were Charles Altamont Doyle, father of Scottish author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who struggled with epilepsy, and iconic Shetland sculptor Adam Christie. The nurses then cut the turf, marking the start of work on a £4.4m development of 35 affordable homes within the estate grounds. The nurses were joined at the site by Hillcrest chief executive Angela Linton and Sunnyside Estate & PertBruce director Jamie Pert. The homes, developed by Sunnyside Estates – a partnership between Tayside construction firm Pert-Bruce and Edinburgh based developer FM Group on behalf of Hillcrest Homes, are set to be the first of two phases of affordable homes at the site.

With energy bills rising, the homes will also be developed with energy efficiency in mind. Some of the measures include gas central heating, advanced cladding and insulation and as well as smart meters in all of the homes. Angela Linton, Hillcrest chief executive, said:

Sunnyside has a huge historical significance to the local area, and we’re delighted that the hospital building will be preserved for future generations as part of the wider development plans. As well as boosting Angus’ affordable housing provision, these 35 properties being developed for Hillcrest in the beautiful grounds of the estate will give families a modern, energy efficient place to call home.

The original building was founded in 1781 by Susan Carnegie as Montrose Lunatic Asylum, Infirmary and Dispensary, and was located on Montrose Links, receiving a Royal Charter in 1810. A new and improved asylum – the iconic building which still stands today near the village of Hillside was designed by William Lambie Moffat and completed in 1858. Despite the addition of a new building called Carnegie House at Sunnyside in 1899, the hospital still experienced problems with overcrowding, housing 670 patients as of 1900. As a result, a further two buildings were added – Howden Villa in 1901 and North Esk Villa in 1904. The asylum passed into the ownership of the NHS in 1946, and changed its name from Royal Asylum of Montrose to Royal Mental Hospital of Montrose, before becoming Sunnyside Royal Hospital in 1962. Sunnyside Royal Hospital’s most famous patients were Charles Altamont Doyle, father of Scottish author Arthur Conan Doyle, who struggled with Alcoholism and epilepsy, and iconic Shetland sculptor Adam Christie.


After the introduction of Care in the Community in the early 1980s, the hospital went into a period of decline and closed in December 2011. It was bought from NHS Tayside in 2016 by Sunnyside Estates Ltd.

No.1 Choice Electric Radiator Collection EHC offer a comprehensive Range of Electric Products that are all controlled by our DSR Smart Technology which enables you to select different Heaters and mix and match them as a Hybrid Heating System for the various rooms within your property to suit your design style and budget – the choice is yours.

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Heating, Ventilation & Insulation

Making Public Buildings Safer

Antimicrobial protection, exclusive to Contour Heating

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THE HVAC SYSTEM FINALLY COMES OF AGE For years HVAC systems have been just that, stand-alone systems that basically turned the heating or air conditioning up or down. However, as technology has improved they are now far more sophisticated and worthy of the BMS, building management system moniker. This has coincided with a far greater awareness of the importance of staff wellness and the value of delivering a comfortable working environment. On a more practical, component level, the replacement of old style pumps with inverter driven types will go a long way to helping the heating systems to work much more efficiently and thus saving costs. Alongside this investment in upgrading old boilers with condensing type boilers, a move that is being driven as much by legislation as energy efficiency can also produce large savings.

Another important factor for any building or facilities manager is being aware of how the use of the spaces within a building may change over time, and how this impacts on the heating and ventilation requirements. The maximum and minimum heat demands of a large, open plan call centre that may be occupied for 12 hours, 7 days a week is going to be very different from when that same space is comprised of several, smaller single occupancy offices, were individual workers are based for no more than 9 or 10 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Being aware of these changes, understanding the need for adjustment and acting accordingly will ensure optimum comfort for staff and the optimum in economic energy consumption. Adding this approach to investment in other upgrades eg lighting, can make a real difference to staff wellness and consequently their performance; said Terry Tarbox, Contracts Manager, Southern Maintenance Solutions (UK) Ltd. Email: info@smsmaintenance.com Tel: 01635 33363

44 PSBN120034 SMS Half Page.indd 1

BACKGROUND Southern Maintenance Solutions UK Ltd was founded 30 years ago and since then has established itself as one of the leading providers of commercial heating, cooling and air handling installation and maintenance services in South East England. It has had success in both the private and state education sectors, but also has long standing maintenance agreements with a range of commercial property managers for premises including places of worship, modern gym facilities and office/ manufacturing buildings. In addition to its core activities, engineers at the company are also qualified to handle the installation and maintenance of a range of complimentary systems including electrical systems, water treatment, commercial kitchens and commercial pipework installation. The company recognises the need to invest in its staff and currently has two apprentices working towards industry recognised qualifications.

13/01/2020 12:29:37

Commercial Energy Solutions

OFFSITE FABRICATION SOLUTIONS With 16 Years experience of Commercial Offsite Fabrication, Alternative Heat have established themselves as a market leader in this sector. We offer a wide range of prefabricated offsite solutions for the commercial, industrial and residential markets, including:

• Packaged Plant Rooms • Plant Skid Modules • Multi Service Modules • MEPH Laterals & Riser Modules • MEP Utility Cupboards. With state of the art production line fabrication facilities at our Head Office, we offer an unrivalled design, fabrication, delivery and installation service for our bespoke prefabricated solutions

Project News

INTERNATIONAL TEAM GETS GO AHEAD FOR NEW CITY BRIDGE IN NORWAY The City of Drammen (Norway) has awarded Degree of Freedom and Knight Architects, with Saaha Architects, Norconsult, Asplan Viak, Light Bureau and Scan Survey, the contract for designing the New City Bridge. The contract was signed at the end of December by the recently elected mayor of the City of Drammen, Monica Myrvold Berg and Birger Opgård, Degree of Freedom director. The city bridge is the fundamental link in the City of Drammen, creating the axis between the Strømsø square and the Bragernes square on the two sides of the river. The new bridge will have a powerful and clear expression. The geometry of the bridge is a direct result of the surroundings. The team will further develop the bridge solution from the parallel assignment until the start of construction works in 2022.

Knight Architects, Saaha and Asplan Viak) proposed in the parallel assignment that was carried out for the City during the winter of 2018. The team has been strengthened with the addition of Norconsult for the preliminary and detail design stage, who will contribute in several engineering disciplines, and Asplan Viak who will take care of the zoning plan in addition to the landscape architecture. In addition to the New City Bridge, the team will also design a new temporary pedestrian and cycle bridge across the river, upstream of the current city bridge, that will be used during the demolition and construction period.

The bridge solution that is now to be optimised and developed to detailed design is the solution that the original team (Degree of Freedom, Team



City of Drammen


Knight Architects with Saaha


Degree of Freedom with Norconsult

Landscape Architect:

Asplan Viak


Scan Survey


Light Bureau

Project manager and Degree of Freedom director Birger Opgård said: “We are proud that the City of Drammen has chosen our team to carry out this great and important task and we are looking forward to developing a spectacular bridge for the city. We know there has been a great interest in this project both in the press and in the political environment.

In our design process, we will keep a strong focus on budget, also creating an aesthetically beautiful bridge. After the introduction of Care in the Community in the early 1980s, the hospital went into a period of decline and closed in December 2011. It was bought from NHS Tayside in 2016 by Sunnyside Estates Ltd.

CONSORT CLAUDGEN LAUNCHES 2020 HEAT BROCHURE Consort Claudgen have launched their latest product directory which highlights their extensive range of electric heaters and heating controls. The new publication introduces two new wireless controllers in the run-back time control and thermostat range; a motion activated SLPIR and an IP65 rated waterproof SLPBWP. The advanced CRXSL, SLTI and LC controllers are now compatible with Consortâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s RX and SL heaters. There are also new heaters in the electronic 7-day timer range; 500W and 750W PLSTiE Slimline low surface temperature (LST) fan heaters, CN2MLSTiE 2kW LST fan heater modelled with a mesh grille and intelligent fan control, and electronic

7-day timer heaters with an RF receiver which allows connectivity to Consortâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s multizone heating system. Fan heaters with intelligent fan control are also enhanced with safety monitoring features. Additionally, two new quartz softstart controls incorporate a receiver function providing users with the option to control a quartz heater with a wireless SL time control. All of these are detailed in the brochure along with the established panel and fan heaters, convectors, LST heaters, air curtains, downflows and towel rails. Download a copy: www.consortepl.com t: 01646 672172 sales@consortepl.com


GEORGE CLARKE RAILS AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT’S SLOW TIMETABLE ON FUTURE HOMES The chancellor of the exchequer announced the Future Homes Standard in March 2019, but what is it? Well, it’s a standard that is expected to set us on a course to reduce carbon emissions to NET-ZERO by 2050 and the government now sees housing as being a key part in that – which it should as some claim that homes account for a third of all greenhouse gas emissions in the UK. The government intends to introduce in 2020 ‘a meaningful but achievable uplift to energy efficiency standards as a stepping-stone to the future homes standard’ with the intention ‘to make new homes more energy efficient and to future-proof them in readiness for low carbon heating systems’ in readiness for the introduction of a further uplift in standards in 2025. So, a lifting of standards next year and then again in 2025 when the full Future Homes Standard is implemented. Ambitious Now, this standard is very ambitious. The government claims it will achieve a 75-80% reduction in carbon emissions compared to a home built to the current building regulations. This will be done through very high fabric standards and low carbon heating systems, so a combination of higher levels of insulation, triple glazing in all windows (both of which we should be doing anyway!),heat pumps, heat recovery ventilation, etc, etc.


George Clarke is an architect, writer, lecturer and TV presenter, a founder of TV production company Amazing Productions, and creative director of George Clarke + Partners.

Their initial consultation seeks views on a number of things like this: Two options to increase Part L of the building regulations. 1. One is a 20% reduction in emissions delivered by very high fabric standards only (ie, insulation and triple glazing) 2. The other is a 31% reduction due to a combination of carbon-saving technology (ie. solar PV panels, etc) combined with better fabric standards, but not as high as option 1 so using double glazing rather then triple glazing.

This ATNA government I hate being so negative. Believe me I’m one of the most positive and enthusiastic people in the world. But, for far too long, when it comes to raising building regulation standards, this government (and many before it!) have been what I’m now going to abbreviate as ATNA… ALL TALK NO ACTION! Are we really going to spend 5 years talking about whether to install more insulation, install triple-glazing and replace our gas boilers with low carbon air-source heat pumps?

Now call me stupid, but I thought we already had to install double-glazing under the current building regs! Surely we should be doing both at maximum ecological capacity.

It’s too little and taking too much time.

Improving the building fabric (triple glazing should have been introduced as standard 10 years ago!) AND installing heat pumps and panels!

A ZERO-CARBON HOMES POLICY was first announced by Gordon Brown in 2006. Every single new build home built in the UK by 2016 was to be zerocarbon!

Talking shop And then there is this. The government ‘envisage research into the Future Homes Standard to commence from 2021, alongside the establishment of an industry Taskforce, with research continuing into 2023 . . . with the intention of consulting on the implementation of the Future Homes Standard in 2024.’ REALLY? Consulting on the implementation in 2024? It could all be too late by then! It was urgent a year ago! Didn’t the government listen to David Attenborough’s People’s Seat address at COP24 in Poland in December 2018? I actually can’t believe that speech was nearly a year ago when he said:

Right now (and he really meant RIGHT NOW!), we are facing a man-made disaster of a global scale… If we don’t take action the collapse of our civilisations and the extinctions of much of the natural world is on the horizon. We don’t have time for 5 years of chit chat and consultation to do what we all know is easy and is the right thing to do!

A complete joke And you may forgive my negativity when I tell you this.

That policy was completely scrapped by the Conservative party in 2015 when they won a majority government in the general election! The policy of zero-carbon was scrapped “to reduce net regulations on housebuilders”! Rubbish! It is 13 years since that policy was first announced by Labour. And now, 4 years after the Tories scrapped it, they announce the ‘Future Homes Standard’ as if it is something amazingly new. Oh, but they need 5 or 6 years to think about it. WHAT A COMPLETE JOKE! I support the idea of the Future Home Standard, just as I supported the zerocarbon homes policy that Gordon Brown announced in 2006. But, government is far too slow and far too incompetent when it comes to doing the right thing in making the changes the home building industry and the environment desperately needs to see. We need big change and action right now. But instead, in the politically turbulent times, we’ll just continue with ATNA! Website: www.ecodan.co.uk

SO QUIET WE HAD TO SHOUT ABOUT IT Ultra Quiet Ecodan The NEW LOW NOISE Air Source Heat Pump • An 8 dB(A) drop in sound output • Virtually eliminates the need for planning permission • Allows installation under Permitted Development


Heat Pump Product of the Year (Ultra Quiet Ecodan)

Domestic HVAC Product of the Year – Heating Units

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BRIGHTON SEAFRONT TRANSFORMATION ACCELERATED Plans for a 50m outdoor swimming pool have been brought forward by 5 years to transform Brighton seafront. Sea Lanes Brighton are accelerating their plans to open a 50m National Open Water Swimming Centre on Brighton seafront in 2020 following feedback from the local community. A Summer Pop Up at Sea Lanes Brighton saw thousands of visitors enjoy yoga, guided sea swims and open water events and helped grow local businesses The Body Hub Brighton, About Balance, Bison Beer and Brighton Beachbox. Joe McNulty, Director at Sea Lanes Brighton said:

We are so grateful to the Brighton community for embracing Sea Lanes Brighton and the Summer Pop Up activity. We have been able to gain a better understanding of the local appetite for future water based activities and want to bring forward the opening of the 50m pool by 5 years to fulfil the needs of the Brighton people.


Sea Lanes Brighton was granted planning permission in April 2019 to transform Madeira Drive with a 25m swimming pool and 39 small business units. Joe McNulty, Director at Sea Lanes Brighton continued: “Currently the nearest 50m pool to Brighton is over 20 miles away and we want to change this. “We are working closely with Brighton & Hove City Council to revise the plans so we can begin the transformation of the seafront and provide much needed swimming facilities for the local community.”

Project News


Skanska has reached practical completion of its work for the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, delivering the construction of The Zayed Centre for Research into Rare Disease in Children. This is Skanska’s second scheme at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), supporting the world-renowned children’s hospital’s vision of driving forward new treatments and cures. Skanska has been responsible for designing, building and fitting-out the Centre, which will bring together pioneering research and clinical care under one roof to drive forward new treatments and cures for children with rare and complex diseases. The building is also home to new outpatient facilities. The Zayed Centre for Research is a partnership between Great Ormond Street Hospital, University College London (UCL)

NUFFIELD HEALTH AT ST BARTHOLOMEW’S REACHES HALFWAY POINT The City of London’s first independent hospital has reached a significant construction milestone marking progress on the build of Nuffield Health at St Bartholomew’s. Nuffield Health CEO Steve Gray and Kier Project Manager Peter McStay marked the halfway point of the build by placing the first Portland stone slab which will make up the rear façade of the historic building in Giltspur Street near Smithfield Market.

patients access to some of the most experienced and skilled consultants in the world, supported by cutting-edge technology in comfortable, welcoming surroundings providing access to a wealth of great resources. Since works began, archaeologists from the Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) have examined the historic site in detail and preparatory works have been undertaken. The former pathology building, made famous as the launch pad for the feigned suicide leap by the eponymous detective played by Benedict Cumberbatch in the BBC’s Sherlock series, has been demolished with the exception of the façade, which has been retained.

and Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. The building includes: • 4,200m³ concrete to build the frame, weighing 10,500 tonnes • 5,000 metres of drywall partitions • 13,000m² of floor space • 2,500m² of glass within the external walls • A BREEAM sustainability rating of Excellent In addition: • 500 researchers, clinicians and allied health professionals from GOSH, ICH, and from UCL’s Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences will work in the state-of-the-art facilities • 200 patients a day will be seen in the Centre as outpatients • The Centre has more than 160 lab bench positions • The Centre houses 21 consultation rooms and eight clinical investigation rooms

The matching Portland stone being used to build the new facades was selected to reflect the historic importance of the site and its surroundings; it is essentially the same stone used by James Gibbs in 1738-69 to construct the adjacent Grade 1 Listed St Bartholomew’s Square, and by Sir Christopher Wren before that in many of his famous London churches. Reviving the two buildings to create state-of-the-art 21st century medical facilities, whilst retaining the grand facade of the pathology building and working on a site constrained by other historic buildings which make up the hospital founded in 1123, is a complex engineering project but the construction remains on schedule.

When it opens in spring 2021 the City’s very first independent hospital will feature 48 bedrooms, four stateof-the-art operating theatres and 28 consultation rooms, and will specialise in cardiology, cardiac surgery, oncology and orthopaedics, and other surgical and medical specialties. The £65million building will also provide physiotherapy and diagnostics, and will complement Nuffield Health’s 35 consumer fitness and wellbeing clubs, 63 on-site corporate gyms and 150 GPs in its catchment area, which will refer patients to the new hospital. Nuffield Health has partnered with Barts Health NHS Trust, leasing the former pathology and residential staff quarters buildings, to give




Corroded System


WATER DEMINERALISATION FOR CLOSED LOOP CIRCUITS BACKGROUND: • VDI2035/2 stipulates the following; In order to prevent corrosion in closed loop circuits, the following parameters must be attained and maintained. • Conductivity < 100microSiemens/cm • pH must be between 8.2 and 10 and for Aluminium systems between 8.2 and 8.5 • Oxygen 0.1mG/Lt • In order to achieve the above parameters, the water within the circuit must be Demineralised. • Demineralisation is a Chemical Free and practically maintenance free solution to prevent Corrosion and protect all components of the Heating Circuit; Boilers, Pumps, Pipework, Heat emitter, ( Radiators, Fan Coils, AHU’s etc)

BENEFITS: • Up to 20% savings on energy consumption • Reduction inCarbon Emissions • No more corrosion damage of appliances such as boilers, heat pumps, radiators, heat exchangers and pipework • Prolongs Life of all components in circuit, reducing maintenance costs • Noise dramatically reduced due to the removal of gas formations. • Chemical free


Ideal for Retrofit & New Build Applications; Housing Schools, Nurseries/Creches Nursing Homes Offices



Surface Design Show 2020

– The Best in Material Innovation Architects can discover the best in material innovation from across the world, all in one place at this year’s Surface Design Show. Held at the Business Design Centre in Islington from 11-13 February 2020, the show now in its fifteenth year, will focus on the thought-provoking topic of ‘Close to Home’. As well as over 180 exhibitors, visitors can also enjoy a packed programme of talks and CPDs, plus the everpopular Opening Night Debate and the lively PechaKucha evening, which will be hosted by Phil Coffey of Coffey Architects. The winners of the prestigious Surface Design Awards will also be revealed during the 2 ½ days, with the additional categories of public realm and affordable housing new for 2020. The ‘Close to Home’ theme will look beyond aesthetics and into manufacturers’ impact on the environment, from the processes used in mining or manufacture, through to the carbon footprint sustained during sales and distribution. How to

specify for design and architecture projects with a conscience will also be examined, from reusing waste materials to looking at what happens at the end of a product’s life cycle. New exhibitors to the 2020 Surface Design Show include Wonderwall Studios, creator of joyous panelling from salvaged woods that enriches surfaces and enhances interiors, and Mortise Concrete, producer of individually designed and hand crafted polished concrete countertops and products. Returning exhibitors include Reading based natural stone supplier Amarestone. As well as established brands, Surface Design Show is dedicated to promoting up-and-coming designers in the materials sector with its New Talent section, curated by internationally acclaimed speaker and forwardthinking chief creative director at Trendease International Jennifer Castoldi. In addition to materials for indoor and outdoor architectural applications,

Light School is a key component of the show. Here leading manufacturers will demonstrate the relationship between light and surfaces, as well as showcasing the latest architectural lighting products. Light Talks, a series of sessions supported by the Institution of Lighting Professionals and collated by Rebecca Weir from Lightbout.IQ will underpin this knowledge sharing. Surface Design Show 2020 will host approximately 30 presentations from 50 speakers across the purpose-built stages, all highly relevant for the architecture community. The Surface Design Awards, now in their sixth year, are an intrinsic part of the show, with this year’s edition attracting 107 entries from over 21 countries. The esteemed judging panel is co-chaired by Paul Priestman, designer, co-founder and chairman of global design consultancy PriestmanGoode, and Amin Taha, chairman of Groupwork and director of Amin Taha Architects. The remaining judges are Nikki Barton, head of digital design at British Airways; Sean Griffiths, an artist, architect and academic practicing at Modern Architect; Charles Holland, principal at Charles Holland Architects; Glenn Johnson, director of design at the Advanced Design Group of Collins Aerospace; Daniel Mota Veiga, global head of product design for KEF / GP Acoustics; and Steve Webb, co-founder of Webb Yates Engineers. For all things innovative in surfaces and materials, the Surface Design Show provides the perfect platform for architects to explore.


Tickets are free to professional and trade visitors. Register at https://www. surfacedesignshow.com/register



NO BLOCKAGES NO OVERFLOWING NO FOUL ODOURS A Three Stage Drains Solution Designed to Save you Money! Used together or individually, the Aluline solutions can reduce waste and operational costs associated with Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) Management.

1 SINKGuard3 A Sink Filter that Works


The Devastator Compact Drain Dosing System The Devastator is a biological drain maintenance system designed to work with Aluzyme-C fluid, specifically formulated to degrade fats and grease found in commercial kitchen drains.

Use SINKGuard3 to reduce drainage costs? Remove pipe blockages caused by solid waste entering into the drainage system/ pumping stations/traps.

Grease Traps & Waste Water Management

We design and manufacture for commercial & Industrial projects on Grease Management, Septic Tanks/Treatment Plants, Hygienic Drainage Gullies/Channels, mostly in stainless steel. All our Traps are Air Sea led Units

Aluzyme-C Liquid Filter Basket

Protect your d rain

Filter Basket



Tile Gully DrainDrain


Liquid Ca for you re r drains!

Vinyl Gully

Kitchen Floor Channels

Grease Trap

SinkGuard3 Sink Filter with Odour Trap

Please Contact Our Sales Team On

01928 563532

Email: enquiry@alulinegroup.com

Website: www.alulinegms.com

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£99.99 plus VAT









Professional Epoxy Wood Repair with a 50 Year Guarantee FREE Training courses available - Starter kits now on offer REPAIR WITH PRIDE


Available from: Call us on 01276 582321 56

PAINTSHACK Snows Ride Farm, Windlesham, Surrey, GU20 6LA info@paintshack.co.uk https://paintshack.co.uk/


The restorer’s guide to making an entrance Magicman are modern day restoration masters. They restore the hard surfaces of everyday items, no matter how big or small, with seamless sustainable repairs. From the specialised to the mundane, from holes in doors to giving entire building porticos a facelift, Magicman Technicians have the training and first-hand experience to provide a solution. You might say they really know how to make an entrance. From single repairs to snagging entire offices or buildings, with over 100 directly employed staff available, Magicman have the staff nationwide to meet your requirements. Instead of replacing damaged items such as doors, floors, window frames or counter tops, most of these items can be sustainably restored in situ to look like new and extend their lifespan. Better for you, better for the environment. Repairing on site has the additional benefits of saving you time and money while reducing waste to landfill. Magicman are unrivalled in the range of restoration solutions they offer. They repair, renew or restore damage such as chips, dents, scratches, scuffs, holes, burns, cracks or splits to permanently repair wood, laminate, veneers, uPVC, ceramic wall or floor tiles, porcelain, acrylic, cladding, powder coat, brick, stone, granite, marble and even glass. In addition they can also resurface and apply slip resistant surfaces to baths and shower trays, polish out graffiti and scratches from glass and restore entire building frontages. Before

Their highly skilled Repair Technicians restore the hues, patterns, texture and sheen to match the original item. Repairs generate a typical saving of between 50% - 80% compared with the cost of a replacement. Because Magicman come to you and their repairs are so quick, the turnaround time is reduced and costs are dramatically lowered. Also your items are brought back into use much more quickly. You can have the confidence and peace of mind to know that Magicman Technicians are directly employed, background checked and fully insured. They all undergo an extensive bespoke training programme at the Magicman Training Academy which includes full Health and Safety Training as well as good customer service. During an ISOQAR audit Magicman’s Technician training programme was reported as ‘exemplary’.

Magicman can resurface and apply slip resistant surfaces to baths and shower trays, polish out graffiti and scratches from glass and restore entire building frontages. Magicman maintain a fully implemented Quality Management System and demonstrate good governance and social responsibility regarding our Environmental Management systems. They are fully accredited and certified in ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018. They are fully transparent and publish all their certificates (including insurance) and policy documentation on their website. [https://www.magicman.co.uk/about/ certificates-policies/] Trusted in the construction industry for over 26 years, they work anywhere in


After the UK but also have the capacity and infrastructure to work internationally. In recent years they have been involved in important building projects in Stockholm, Islamabad and Bermuda to name but a few. Whether you are a facilities manager, maintenance manager, dean or head master, if you have ever accidentally scratched a hard wood floor, cracked a tile or had a lock or hinges fitted in the wrong place or even the wrong door you will be familiar with the problems of sourcing a replacement in the short time available. Long lead times for deliveries, end of range items, ancillary damage caused by the removal of broken items or the installation of new ones and hiring electricians and plumbers if necessary, can combine to cause stress and delays to yourselves and your customers. If you would like to know more please contact sales@magicman.co.uk or visit our website www.magicman.co.uk. Download our brochure at: www.magicman.co.uk/downloads/ magicman2018.pdf



Talking salt storage with Gateshead Council Eleven years after its construction, Rubb returned to Gateshead Councilâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s salt storage facility to catch up with Interim Street Scene Director, Philip Hindmarsh. The structure itself is a custom designed salt barn, sitting on top of a 3m high concrete supporting wall. The salt storage structure measures 30m wide x 30m long, with a tapered leg height of 5m. The overall height of the storage facility is 13m. We sat down with Mr Hindmarsh to hear how his Rubb structure has served the borough over the years.

How has the building performed over its eleven-year history? It has performed well. There have been some repairs, the only maintenance we have had over the 11 years. The building faces the prevailing wind and has stood up to the corrosive environment over time to protect the salt. What has it been used for? Storage of salt. We usually buy in around 5,000 tonnes of salt per year, which means this building has stored around 55,000 tonnes over its lifetime. This facility supports the rural areas in the west of Gateshead, some of which are on higher ground. In the winter months we run a permanent night shift. If the weather is bad, then the gritters will be on the roads 24/7, with minimum downtime. Of 600 miles of road, we grit around 323 primary and secondary roads to keep everything moving. How often is the building used? 24/7, all year round. We bring the salt in over the summer. In February and March of 2017 our salt supplies were really hammered, and we used a large proportion of our stock. In 2010 we used the full 20,000 tonnes and had to purchase more from Peru. Many councils now take part in the governmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s salt sharing scheme.


Interim Street Scene Director, Philip Hindmarsh

As clients, what would you say are the benefits of such a structure? It protects the salt from the elements. When salt gets wet it doesn’t perform as well. It forms into clumps and can cause problems with the gritters by clogging the treadmill. It is more cost effective to have dry salt as it can be distributed more effectively and efficiently.

It has stood the test of time for 11 years with minimal repairs. It has performed well, despite facing the prevailing wind.

What are the main needs or challenges that the salt barn has helped the council meet or solve? The quality of the salt is better and that is why we are looking at another salt shed for our other salt pile. It is very difficult to cover the salt and protect it from the elements outside, so a salt barn is a much better solution. It also provides a better working environment for staff and the drivers when loading up the gritters.

Custom designed salt barn

How would you rate the overall performance of your Rubb building to date? It’s great; it’s done its job. It has stood the test of time for 11 years with minimal repairs. It has performed well, despite facing the prevailing wind. What does the future hold for Gateshead Council and future winter planning? We will continue to bring the salt in over the summer so it’s ready for the winter. We will be investing in an additional salt barn in the future. We work closely with a meteorology company to help us make more accurate seasonal predictions. We currently have a five-day weather forecast which flags up any significant weather to help us plan ahead, and we have a more accurate three day forecast to help inform decisions. We will continue to have staff working closely with the weather forecasters and people working through the night in winter. This means that we can get out and get those roads gritted when needed. As Mr Hindmarsh looks to the future of winter planning, we do too. Rubb recently produced a concept VR tour of a 15,000 tonne salt storage facility to help customers better visualise the potential of a Rubb structure.


Safety & Security

ERA DOORCAM - SMART TECHNOLOGY’S LATEST LEAP FORWARD With remote-controlled security operating systems becoming ever more popular, the latest tech development in home security is the ERA DoorCam Smart Home WiFi Video Doorbell. Using a Smartphone app, DoorCam allows householders to view callers and talk to them in real time, whether they’re home or not, offering not only convenience, but thanks to a motion detector which alerts householders when someone has arrived, added security and peace of mind.

Security simplicity With ease of operation in mind, once DoorCam is wired in, the householder can simply plug in the WiFi chime which comes as standard, connecting up to four more chimes in the home.

DoorCam allows for two-way talk with high quality sound with adjustable volume, brightness and colour to suit.

High quality technical spec DoorCam allows for two-way talk with high quality sound with adjustable volume, brightness and colour to suit. The video camera has a 180° field of view and records in 720pHD resolution. Infrared night vision ensures 24-hour operation and DoorCam is easy to DIY install or for professional installation, by a qualified electrician.

For further information visit www.eraeverywhere.com, email info@eraeverywhere.com or contact the sales team on 01922 490000.

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Emergency Access & Security

Our unique range of emergency door bolts provides security and access in one convenient unit. Quick & easy to fit.

Door Bolts

The simple, modern emergency bolt

• • • •

Outward & inward door models Alarmed & non-alarmed models Heavy duty construction Battery powered alarms (105db)



Outward Opening

Door Alarms

Easy to fit and operate • Horizontal & vertical fit • Battery powered alarm (105db) • Heavy duty construction

Inward Opening These alarms help prevent doors being left open too long • Alarm resets on door closing • Choice of battery, 12vDC and mains powered units

EASY INSTALLATION FOR INCREASED OCCUPANT SAFETY BlazeMaster® Fire Protection Systems are lightweight, flexible and join together using a quick, one-step solvent cement process. When compared to metal systems, this enables building owners and contractors to save time, limit costs and avoid unnecessary tenant disruptions.

BLAZEMASTER.COM WILL.ROBINSON@LUBRIZOL.COM +(44) 07710 372281 +(44) 07710 372281 To speak with a piping systems consultant

Heavy Duty

Door Open Too Long

Other Products

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Dorgard Wireless Fire Door Retainers


The Emergency Bolt Company Ltd Unit 6, Vennland Business Park Mart Road, Minehead TA24 5BJ, UK

Thermostat Covers

Call Point Covers

T 01643 709591 F 01643 708504 E sales@theemergencyboltcompany.com W www.theemergencyboltcompany.com

PAC & GDX accommodates Blackpool Coastal Housing’s access control requirements Blackpool Coastal Housing (BCH) was set up in 2007 by Blackpool Council to manage its housing stock of almost 5,000 homes. To offer residents the highest level of security, access control and door entry products from PAC and GDX have been installed across its estate, in order to utilise the benefits of cloud based remote monitoring. With a mission to provide and maintain good quality homes for Blackpool Council’s tenants and leaseholders, BCH has won a number of awards and accreditations for housing, repairs, customer services and community projects. New and improved The safety and security of residents is a high priority for BCH, which is why it has used PAC & GDX products for many years. During this time the primary system was made up of a GDX5 door entry system, along with an Indigo 1000 access control system, which were fully integrated. Innovative technology An upgraded system was specified for a BCH site comprising 80 blocks. It utilises the existing GDX5 front panels, which have been integrated with the PAC 512 controllers to create a highly innovative remote monitoring platform that can be accessed via a PC, tablet or smartphone. This is achieved through the use of a general packet radio service (GPRS) platform, which is a faster and cost effective means of connecting remote sites via a mobile network. It provides an enhanced service over traditional mobile/landline

telephone connections and makes administration of the system more flexible. The PAC 512 devices control all aspects of two secure doors, with up to two card readers installed as entry and exit readers on each door. Each door also has a programmable auxiliary input that may be used for alarm system integration, and an auxiliary output that enables a buzzer or strobe to activate when security is breached or a door is left open. In the event of communication loss, the PAC 512 allows all local functionality to continue until the server connection is restored, while the system features an auto-dial or email alert program that, in the event of an equipment failure at one of the locations, sends a notification so that the issue can be quickly rectified. Up in the sky BCH can also access information via the PAC Residential Cloud – helping to further enhance its remote monitoring operation. Remote diagnostics, technical issues and servicing can be carried out, and it’s also possible to remotely view status, set and unset a system and access an event log. For instance, if someone loses a key fob, BCH can access their information, carry out an authorisation check, let them into their abode and, if necessary, deactivate the missing device. It also allows the incumbent installer to remotely access the system’s software to physically input any special information such as extended door release times for specific residents. With a number of vulnerable residents, BCH worked with PAC & GDX to generate reports which show when a key fob hasn’t been used for a specific period of time.

Hassle free With a large number of residents, each with their own key fobs, BCH was keen to avoid any disruption during the upgrade and wanted to ensure that the process was achieved as seamlessly as possible. Configuring the physical hardware was helped by the installation team’s existing knowledge of PAC & GDX technology. On-site training was also provided by experts from PAC & GDX and, on the very rare occasion when there was a problem, a full support and advice package was available. Installing a new access control system can often result in replacing existing key fobs with new ones – not only is this costly and inconvenient but there is also an administrative burden associated with transferring all the information to the new devices. However, all these issues were circumvented, as the use of the PAC Residential Cloud meant that the migration of tenant fob information into new system was straightforward – so much so that tenants didn’t even realise any change had taken place. In addition, having access control data in the cloud means that it is always backed up. Home help Anthony Walker, BCH’s Mechanical & Electrical Officer, considers the installation a total success and concludes, ‘I initiated this upgrade project because I firmly believed that it would improve tenant satisfaction and make our overall operation more efficient. I’m delighted that both of these objectives have been achieved and that PAC & GDX access control technology has improved security, safety and protection across our estate.’ For further information please visit www.pacgdx.com


Energy Efficiency Feature

2020: THE YEAR OF NET ZERO 2020 will be a defining year for the UK’s built environment, marking the dawn of a decade of action in which the industry will be transformed by the UN’s 2030 agenda for sustainable development. Central to this will be the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) special report calling for all new buildings to be net zero within the next 10 years, and all existing buildings by 2050 at the latest. Multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy, Cundall, has named 2020 the ‘Year of Net Zero’, announcing its resolution to collaborate with industry bodies to revolutionise the built environment’s approach to net zero. Cundall will work alongside the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), the UK Green Building Council, the Greater London Authority (GLA), and the London Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI) to help unify the industry and define targets for achieving net zero carbon in both new and existing buildings. They will then lobby to set these targets in legislation ready to showcase to the world at COP26 which is taking place in Glasgow in November.

Simon Wyatt, Sustainability Partner at Cundall, said: “We saw more industry action around sustainability in the second half of 2019 than in the whole preceding decade and I expect this to continue to shape the industry in 2020. With COP26 due to take place in Glasgow, it’s an excellent opportunity for the UK building industry to set an example for the rest of the world and lead the conversation on how to achieve net zero carbon in the built environment. “Ultimately, achieving net zero is an engineering problem that needs a technical solution, and we are dedicated to helping the industry achieve it.” Cundall is currently working with the GLA to launch new standards for whole life carbon for all referable schemes by early February, simultaneously setting out a proposed roadmap and targets for all developments in the next decade. The next step will be to set intensive targets for whole life and embodied carbon and mandate compulsory reporting for all building projects. At the same time, the practice is also collaborating with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the London Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI) to help unify the industry on setting operational energy intensity targets for all building types. Once agreed the aim will be to get these

included in legislation for both new and existing buildings so that we can meet our net zero carbon targets. Cundall has also reaffirmed its commitment to achieving net zero carbon throughout its own business operations, incorporating the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals into every element and leading the way for others to do the same. Tomás Neeson, Managing Partner at Cundall commented: “Sustainability permeates through every aspect of Cundall, achieving net zero is a huge part of that, and with COP26 in Glasgow later this year, we are committed to not only achieving net zero carbon throughout our own offices, but to sharing our learnings and leading the conversation around net zero carbon projects that started in 2019 and will likely only become more vociferous as COP26 draws closer.

When we launched our latest Sustainability Roadmap in late 2018, we were under no illusions that achieving our ambitious net zero goals would be straight forward. “Net zero is a complex issue that needs the type of technical solution that we, as engineers, are best-placed to provide, and it is through the process of continuously learning from our project experience, developing our approach and adjusting our methods that we can succeed.” Cundall Australia has led the charge to net zero, achieving certification in late 2019 and setting the bar for Cundall’s other offices around the globe to follow suit by June this year. Once this is achieved, the practice will continue along the path to being 115 per cent carbon positive by 2025. Cundall’s #yearofnetzero campaign will run throughout 2020. The UN’s #2030isnow and #decadeofaction campaigns are ongoing.

Simon Wyatt, Sustainability Partner at Cundall


Tomás Neeson, Managing Partner at Cundall

26 Marsh Green Rd W, Exeter EX2 8PN

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Public Sector Building News - February 2020  

Public Sector Building News - February 2020