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August 2020




Interview: David Evison, Managing Director at leading safety company Arco, on COVID-19



Fibrelite Provide Lightweight Retrofit Trench Covering Solution For Iconic London Football Stadium


Willmott Dixon appointed on prestigious Halo office development in Bristol

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Fire Service answers developer’s safety call


First residents set to move into Bexleyheath development


Morrison Utility Services secures major support contract with Cadent


Merlo appoints Carousel to support with ambitious growth strategy


Railway Industry Association sets out four ‘asks’ for UK’s future trade policy


Terex Trucks TA300 proves top of the class on Texas high school


Interview: David Evison, Managing Director at Arco on COVID-19


Solivus Wins Exclusive Contract to Supply Solar Films to Stadia Worldwide


Euramax: UK window and door manufacturer celebrates 70 years


Howard Wilson appointed sales manager Ireland for Siemens Building Products

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Construction begins for new £20m care home in Eastbourne Willmott Dixon appointed on prestigious Halo office development in Bristol

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Latest News

FIRE SERVICE ANSWERS DEVELOPER’S SAFETY CALL Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service answered the call from a North East regeneration and development specialist to strike a deal which has improved both site and fire safety. By agreeing a licence for nearly 1.4 acres of unused land, adjacent to Tynemouth Community Fire Station, Vistry Partnerships North East was able to create a much improved access to a development adjacent to Stanton Road. Rather than construction traffic using this road to reach the site, it will instead use Preston North Road - allaying fears of traffic safety and parking issues on the neighbouring residential streets, during the build. The proceeds from the deal are welcome income for Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, which has seen significant funding cuts over the past decade. The extra funds will help to support a wider plan of

investment, as the service continues to ensure the highest standards of both public and firefighter safety. Work on the construction of a 64 apartment Extra Care facility for Housing 21 is expected to be completed by the end of this year. It is designed to help older people to live independently, in their own homes, for longer, through the provision of on-site care, which can be called upon as and when necessary. A number of attractions for community use will help the new residents to meet with and form friendships with each other and near neighbours. Andrew Rennie, Development Director with Vistry Partnerships North East, said: “By agreeing this licence, we have found a solution to unlock and regenerate a technically challenging site that has been dormant for many years. In partnership with Housing 21, we are creating a scheme which will enhance

SUCCESSFUL TRIAL OF SUSTAINABLE ROAD KERBS IN DONCASTER TO BECOME ‘THE NORM’ Doncaster Council has improved the safety of its highway maintenance by swapping traditional concrete road kerbs and drains for recycled plastic units designed by Durakerb, according to a report jointly produced by Doncaster Council’s Highway Operations and Highway Asset Maintenance. Made by green construction innovators, the eco-friendly construction products made from recycled plastic waste brought significant safety benefits to the workforce and are easily installed manually in accordance with social distancing guidelines. Initial trial installation of new kerbing took place in February at sites including the North Bridge and Marsh Gate junction in Doncaster – a high-stress area with typically high levels of HGV use and ‘override’ - after previous concrete units and restoration attempts had failed. Following a full assessment over time, the highways team was so impressed by Durakerb’s benefits that they decided to accelerate their use in both safety works and smaller construction projects across the local area. The report recommended that council ‘extends the use of the plastic kerbs to other suitable projects across the borough with a view to them becoming the norm rather than the exception’. Concerns over health & safety in the construction industry have increased in recent years as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is continuously raising awareness of the dangers posed to workers. Recent data released by the HSE revealed that in the last financial year the number of deaths in the construction industry has increased by a third making it higher than any other sector.

community facilities, with the grounds and amenities being open for use to the local neighbourhood residents. We listened to local residents’ concerns and are glad that we could find an alternative, more suitable access point to the site and that the outlay required to make it happen, is to be re-invested into the local community - through a range of fire safety initiatives.” As well as being pleased by the extra revenue secured by the deal, the fire service is also delighted that each of the 64 apartments will be fitted with a tank fed, cold water sprinkler system which, when activated, automatically alerts the fire service and centre staff, providing additional safety for residents. Assistant Chief Fire Officer John Baines added: “As a highly performing Fire and Rescue Service, we are proud of our service to the community and excellent reputation for the safety of our firefighters. Our track record hasn’t been without its challenges, particularly


pandemic opens opportunities for SME developers to push projects forward Growing unemployment will provide increased opportunities to obtain labour and skills for the project, further boosting the economy Lenders are offering development finance packages, with bridging options, to help SMEs to get back to business in the latter half of 2020

Saffron Walden, 31 July 2020: ‘Build, build, build’ is the Prime Minister’s message as we lift from lockdown and focus on getting the economy moving. Infrastructure and construction are the key to getting the country on track and preventing a worse recession than the country is already expecting. However, the focus of the government has been on larger construction companies and projects, with little emphasis on the estimated 280,000 SME developers (20% of all UK SMEs) who supply a good percentage of affordable homes, with smaller development projects.

It can seem a little daunting for smaller developers to begin a housing development at this time, but it could actually be the perfect opportunity to take advantage of high unemployment and the recession following this year’s unprecedented events

04 Construction UK Magazine - August 2020

Latest News following significant cuts over the past decade and funding uncertainty beyond the next 12 months. This income will help to support our wider investment programme, which includes new operational fire appliances and equipment, protective clothing and investment in technology. We are wholly committed to ensuring that Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service can operate as a modern, efficient and effective fire service, enabling our dedicated and professional firefighters and specialist staff to best protect the public we serve.

Evidence produced by the National Fire Chiefs Council indicates that sprinkler systems operate on 94% of occasions, demonstrating very high reliability. When they do operate, they are very effective - extinguishing or containing the fire on 99% of occasions.

“I am also delighted with the inclusion of sprinklers in the new apartments and would urge other developers to follow suit. Quite simply, sprinklers save lives, reduce injuries and improve firefighter safety. In addition, they protect homes and businesses, which clearly supports the economy and protects the environment. Evidence produced by the National Fire Chiefs Council indicates that sprinkler systems operate on 94% of occasions, demonstrating very high reliability. When they do operate, they are very effective - extinguishing or containing the fire on 99% of occasions. This work with Vistry Partnerships North East really is a win / win initiative. The sprinkler systems will protect the new residents and the alternative access will minimise disruption for the surrounding residents, with no impact on our operations whatsoever.” The Tynemouth development is one of 14 live Vistry Partnerships North East sites, which will create more than 1,300 new homes of varying types and tenures across the region.

we are approached with potential projects that can be kickstarted immediately, we are more than happy to offer development financing, even during this unusual time.” Many will wonder how financing a development now, and beginning a project during a country and worldwide recession, can benefit them as an SME developer? Affordable housing - targeting first-time buyers - will provide access to a very lucrative market, so planning the right type of project will be key to success. With land prices and unemployment, as discussed, offering a potential early saving, in the time the development takes to complete it would be expected the market would have stabilised and offer a glimmer of hope for property prices. A recent survey of mortgage brokers, found that a whopping 70% of them believed the market would return to prepandemic levels in nine months. Small developers, during the lockdown, were able to access funding from the government as their projects suddenly came to a grinding halt. Medium sized businesses, however, were particularly hard hit, with little or no financial support. So now the pace must be picked up to ensure that current projects remain on track and on budget and new projects can be launched at pace. For SME developers, the upcoming drop in land prices could offer a lifeline for their next project. Lower land prices, a significant proportion of the cost of a development, will mean a smaller initial investment for the developer. That - combined with increasing unemployment due to the pandemic will make skilled workers and labour more easily accessible, meaning work can progress quickly and efficiently. But, what about financing?

Peter Owen, Head of Development Finance at Saffron Building Society explains: “It can seem a little daunting for smaller developers to begin a housing development at this time, but it could actually be the perfect opportunity to take advantage of high unemployment and the recession following this year’s unprecedented events. “As a development finance specialist, I work with SME developers daily, often monitoring their process and advising them where I can. I have seen the problems this lockdown has caused for smaller developers. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel and getting to work on a project now, could really reap rewards for them moving forward. “At Saffron, we offer finance for developers, designed to suit the requirements of the build, and offer guidance and advice along the way. If

If the market does not recover by the completion of the project, SMEs could be faced with having to accept a much smaller profit margin – maybe little or no profit – on the sales of the homes. Peter Owen explains how others have dealt with this awful situation: “If the property market has not recovered at the end of a project, although disheartening, it is not the end of the world. My clients, who have fallen foul of a slump in the property market, have used bridging loans to finance their next project – allowing 12-24 months of leeway whilst the market recovers. Bridging allows the developer to borrow against their development whilst waiting to sell – this funding is then used to finance the next project. This allows the SME to continue with a flow of builds with limited disruption. When the markets return, it’s sell… sell…sell!”

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Latest News

INDUSTRY WORKING GROUP LAUNCHES BUILDING CONTROL REGULATION PROPOSALS Leadership organisations from across the building control sector have come together in the ‘Future of building control working group’ to develop 11 key recommendations for the future oversight and regulation of the profession and Building Control Bodies. The group has produced proposals for regulation of the building control profession following discussion with the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG). Reform of the building control sector is an important part of the Building Safety Programme and responds to recommendations in the Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety relating to competence of the Building Control Profession. The 11 recommendations are a starting point for further dialogue with government and the Building Safety Regulator as to how best to protect the public interest by

making sure the sector further improves competence amongst professionals and organisations. Key recommendations include: • Steps to simplify and unify building control legislation, process and procedures • An independent designated body to oversee professional registration and organisational audit • Introduction of a new competence framework to cover all persons working in building control including those working on higher risk buildings in scope of the new regulator • A unified pan-industry Code of conduct for all Building Control Bodies and professionals • A unified pan-industry career structure to set clear expectations of competence across the building control sector.

FIRST RESIDENTS SET TO MOVE INTO BEXLEYHEATH DEVELOPMENT A new apartment development in Bexleyheath, will soon be welcoming its first residents. Bellway London’s Eastside Quarter development, off Broadway, opened to the public in December and has since seen more than 100 apartments purchased, 70 of which were reserved before the development opened on site from one of Bellway London’s previous Homebuyers Events, which showcases multiple Bellway London developments off-site to support buyers onto the market. Transforming the site of the former civic offices in Bexleyheath, the development will comprise 518 new homes once complete.

In a joint statement the Future of Building Control Working Group said: “These recommendations are a potentially key part of the reform of the construction sector. They suggest a consistent plan to make sure building control professionals and the bodies they work for are competent and effective. “We are all committed to working together to further improve the essential public protections building control delivers. These proposals will help everyone to have confidence building control is working first and foremost in the interest of their safety, welfare and in supporting development of an inclusive and sustainable built environment. “We look forward to engaging more widely in the sector to discuss these recommendations. We are also keen to move to the next stage of dialogue with Government and the Building Safety Regulator to work up proposals for reform in more detail.”

With safety measures in place, we are also pleased to be able to welcome potential purchasers to the development and help them find their new home here. It will also feature balcony space with each apartment, a concierge service, residents-only gym, podium and roof gardens, plus 3,000sqm of floor space for commercial lettings. The development, which will welcome its first residents into their new apartments next month, has recently re-opened to the public by appointment-only, so visitors can speak with an on-site sales advisor on a one-to-one basis. Emma Hamlett, Sales Director for Bellway London, said: “We are looking forward to safely welcoming our first residents at Eastside Quarter into their new homes. We have a limited number of people accessing a property between reservation, exchange and completion to make the moving-in process much safer. “With safety measures in place, we are also pleased to be able to welcome potential purchasers to the development and help them find their new home here. “For health and safety reasons, viewings are strictly by appointment only, so anyone hoping to see the development in person should take a look at our website before calling to book a time slot for their visit. “As construction work continues on the next phase of apartments at Eastside Quarter, we will soon welcome our first residents to the development and a new community will really begin to form from that moment onwards.” A range of one, two and three-bedroom apartments are currently available to reserve at Eastside Quarter with prices starting from £265,995. A virtual tour of the three-bedroom show apartment is available to view on the website for buyers unable to visit the development. Apartment listings and contact details to book appointments are also available online.

06 Construction UK Magazine - August 2020

Case Study Fibrelite Provide Lightweight Retrofit Trench Covering Solution For Iconic London Football Stadium

Bespoke Fibrelite GRP trench covers installed over electrical cabling trenches

Years in the making, this was one of Fibrelite’s most complex projects yet. Hundreds of metres of custom trench access covers were custom engineered, and replaced failing covers around this prestigious stadium. Problem The existing trench covers were worn, outdated and unfit for purpose. The primary issues were: • They were unable to withstand heavy loads which had caused them to crack and deform • They posed potential safety issues to pedestrian and service vehicular traffic due to the covers being distorted • Covers had no surface tread pattern, potentially causing their surfaces to become slippery when wet • The existing covers had to be repeatedly cut and replaced to accommodate cable runs for a variety of staged events Solution Fibrelite custom designed, engineered and supplied retrofit trench access covers for the stadium, which could be installed directly into existing framework, minimising disruption. Fibrelite’s technical team worked closely with the stadium’s technical team to provide the best possible solution for both their immediate and long-term requirements, which, included an industry recognised fire rating.

Key features of the Fibrelite covers used in this project: • Custom manufactured to fit existing 38mm deep frames • C250 (BS EN124) load rated • Bespoke cable ports which can be easily removed and replaced by hand. These also accommodate electrical cabling which exits from the trench to above ground networks • Lightweight, allowing easy and safe removal by 2 people using Fibrelite’s FL7 lifting handles • A ‘fit and forget’ solution: corrosionresistant, unaffected by water, underground gasses and most chemicals • Fire resistance to BS 476-7, class 0 of the Fire Safety Building Regulations 2000 • Anti-slip/skid surface provides skid resistance in both wet and dry conditions that exceed the requirements of: - UK Slip Resistance Guidelines: issue 4:2011 - EN124:1994/PAS26: 1998 - HAA104\09: 2009 • Aesthetically pleasing

All Fibrelite trench covers can be safely removed manually by 2 people using the FL7 lifting handles

Fibrelite covers are chemically inert so will not corrode over time

Results This stadium now has a safe, lightweight long-term trench access solution which will last for years with minimal maintenance.

Existing covers had no tread pattern, potentially causing their surface to become slippery when wet

Lightweight Fibrelite covers allow easy, safe removal by 2 people

For more case studies, visit the Fibrelite website Fibrelite covers have an anti-skid surface, effective when wet or dry

Construction UK Magazine - August 2020 07

Company News MORRISON UTILITY SERVICES SECURES MAJOR SUPPORT CONTRACT WITH CADENT Morrison Utility Services (MUS), the UK’s largest dedicated utility services provider and a part of M Group Services, has been awarded a major support contract by Cadent in their highest profile network, North London. Under the terms of the 10-year Construction Management Organisation (CMO) contract, Morrison Utility Services will work collaboratively with a purpose-built Cadent Investment Planning Office and Local Delivery Partners within the North London network, to support the delivery of Cadent’s RIIO2 regulatory outputs and targets, while continuously optimising efficiencies and driving performance to deliver an experience that “customers love and others aspire to”. As the CMO for North London, MUS will support Cadent by managing the planning and delivery of the network’s mains replacement programme and other related

investment projects such as customer led diversions and the Multiple Occupancy Building (MOB’s) replacement programme. Key activities within each Construction Management Organisation will also include; scheduling the agreed programme, local authority, stakeholder & customer engagement interface and generally acting ‘as if’ Cadent in the role as managing agent between Cadent and its Local Delivery Partners, in respect of operational delivery, customer and safety performance across key metrics, and providing support services to Local Delivery Partners, as required.

Sean Kelly, Executive Director MUS commented: “This is a great achievement for the team who have worked to develop a response that fully supports Cadent’s needs and objectives whilst putting customers and safety at the forefront. During the tender process we demonstrated our ability to work in a collaborative manner and that we understand the challenges ahead. “We have forged an excellent relationship over many years with Cadent and look forward to bringing our broader utilities experience to the CMO to continue to build this relationship even further as we go forward into GD2 and beyond.”

HOUSEBUILDER SHOWS SUPPORT TO NEWARK HOSPICE A Newark housebuilder has made a donation to a local hospice to show support for its awareness campaign. Ashberry Homes has backed Beaumond House Community Hospice’s Bright Blue Campaign with a £500 gift. The Bright Blue Campaign was created by the hospice in order to raise awareness about its work and involves local people and businesses putting up blue decorations around the area.

Beaumond House offers support to people with life-limiting and terminal illnesses within a 15-mile radius of Newark and has an in-patient unit, a hospice at home team and day therapy sessions, which have had to be adapted during lockdown to work remotely. Cathy Lowe, fundraising and marketing manager for Beaumond House, said: “This is the fifth year that we have been fundraising and raising awareness using the Bright Blue Campaign, and this year has been the most challenging.

“It costs over £1 million a year to run the hospice and we get about £480,000 of that from the Clinical Commissioning Group so that still leaves over £600,000 that we have to raise ourselves, which is why donations like this are so important to us. During this lockdown period we have not been able to hold the same number of fundraising events as previous years, but we have been overwhelmed with the support we have received. It’s donations, like this one from Ashberry Homes, that will ensure that we will be able to carry on giving long-term support to our patients and their families.” Ashberry Homes is currently building two, three and four-bedroom houses at its Middlebeck development, which is located just over a mile away from the hospice, off Bowbridge Lane. Sales Manager for Ashberry Homes’ Eastern Counties division, Rachael Gatehouse, said: “Beaumond House Community Hospice does such tremendous work for people in and around Newark. As a housebuilder in Newark, it is important to us to support the whole local community – and in particular, local good causes – especially in a time where fundraising events have had to be postponed or cancelled. “Because we are building homes in such close proximity to the hospice, we will continue to show our support for Beaumond House and the Bright Blue Campaign.”

08 Construction UK Magazine - August 2020

Company News MERLO APPOINTS CAROUSEL TO SUPPORT WITH AMBITIOUS GROWTH STRATEGY Carousel is pleased to announce its new partnership with agricultural and construction manufacturer, Merlo Group, supporting it with its long-term growth strategy. Merlo, a market-leader in telescopic handlers, has appointed Carousel as its UK distribution and final mile service provider. Carousel’s innovative solution dramatically accelerates the speed of delivery to dealers, improving customer experience and supporting with market stand-out.

LAND & WATER WINS CONTRACT FOR WORKS ON WROUGHTON RESERVOIR ON BEHALF OF THAMES WATER Leading wet civil engineering specialists, Land & Water, is celebrating winning an £800k contract at the Wroughton Reservoir in the South of Swindon, on behalf of client Thames Water.

The solution Handling all of Merlo’s critical movements in its direct-to-dealer deliveries and returns, Carousel now moves all shipments from the manufacturer’s UK headquarters and distributes them overnight to 70+ dealers across the country.

The works are due to start in August and are a joint venture with Costain, Atkins and Black & Veatch. The project will ensure that the reservoir can continue its essential role in storm water attenuation in the area, despite it no longer being operational as a water storage forpotable supply. The project is due to be completed in November.

The bespoke solution enables late, end of day order cut-offs, and consolidates deliveries so they can be easily managed through one central platform. Goods can be ordered right up until 5pm and are delivered next day, pre-breakfast and direct to dealer. This solution ensures maximum convenience as well as the fastest arrival time and maximum up-time for the endcustomer.

With the initial planning stages highlighting potential access challenges to the site, the experts at Land & Water were chosen as a result of the company’s specialist plant and equipment combined with its knowledge surrounding the reuse of materials. As with all projects,

Using Carousel’s owned service and technology platform, Gateway®, Merlo and its customers have 100% visibility and control over all consignments, allowing dealers to ‘self-serve’ bookings and returns and reduce the burden on in-house customer service teams. By establishing new processes, and garnering these efficiencies, Carousel is supporting Merlo in its objective to grow its dealer offering in the coming years. Solution results Despite being implemented just days before the UK’s ‘lockdown’, the solution has already achieved:

• • •

A 5.8% net-increase in parts turnover, compared to same period last year An estimated 30% reduction in administration time 95% & 96% Customer Service levels in March and April respectively.

Robin Cooch, Merlo Group’s National Parts Manager, said: “We are so pleased to be working with Carousel. I have been exceptionally impressed by what it has achieved so far – and in such a short amount of time. “We knew that if we were going to enhance our proposition, a traditional, fixed solution just wouldn’t work. Carousel understood that we needed a flexible solution that optimised our operations and put the customer at its heart. We were confident in their ability to deliver excellent service, and quickly, and they definitely haven’t disappointed.”

Land & Water was committed to finding the most environmentally sound way of completing the project, whilst meeting its exceptionally high standards. This is part of Land & Water’s ongoing environmental commitment to enhancing and enriching the areas in which it works. Using long reach excavators fitted with specialist attachments to enable safe working, and tracked dumpers, Land & Water will be constructing temporary access routes to and from the site, before removing trees and roots from the existing dam. The team will also be reinstating an earth slip to the south east corner of the reservoir, installing new headwalls and associated pipework, replacing existing bypass culverts, constructing seepage monitoring points and restoring existing water level operating controls. Tom Cartmel, Project Manager at Land & Water, says: “We are looking forward to starting this project at the Wroughton Reservoir and seeing works progress over the coming months.

Our primary focus is maintaining the safety of the reservoir but we are also ensuring the works are being carried out in a way that is sympathetic to existing mature trees, maintaining our responsibility to the local habitat. The project marks another successful win for Land & Water as the company continues to trade stronger than ever despite the difficulty faced in the year so far.

Morton Griffiths, UK Managing Director, said:

Our work with Merlo is a fantastic example of the huge benefits a bespoke approach can bring to your aftermarket. “By using our own technology, we have been able to help Merlo to not only enhance customer experience but also pave the wave for its future growth plans. It’s a step change that has already brought valuable efficiencies but that will also provide a strong foundation for them to continue meeting the changing needs of their aftermarket.”

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Latest News Railway Industry Association sets out four ‘asks’ for UK’s future trade policy

Chair of the ADEPT’ Transport Board and 1st Vice President Mark Kemp

The Railway Industry Association, the voice of the UK rail supply community, has set out four key ‘asks’ for Government as the UK looks to develop an independent trade policy. The four asks include: • Rail to continue to be included in the negotiation of free trade deals – UK rail exports are a real growth opportunity; • Access to an appropriately skilled workforce and mobility for skilled UK workers, at all levels, to enable the UK to compete globally; • Consistent application of standards with mutual recognition/ equivalence and non-discrimination as core principles in all trade agreements; and • Smooth cross border trade rules – which minimise cost and delay, and avoid trade distortionary tariffs as much as possible. Damian Testa, Senior Policy Manager at the Railway Industry Association (RIA), said: “As the UK prepares to leave the EU transition period and develop its own independent trade policy, it is worth remembering that the rail industry is a significant UK exporter, selling £800 million each year overseas in goods and services. With the UK currently negotiating Free Trade Agreements with a number of other states, there is the opportunity for the UK rail industry to export even more, but there is also the risk that that barriers to trade could arise through changes in policy. “The Railway Industry Association is therefore setting out four principles today highlighting what the rail sector needs to flourish in a post-transition environment. This means rail being considered in free trade agreements, ensuring continued access to skilled overseas and domestic workers, the consistent application of standards and smooth cross border trade rules that minimise disruption for rail businesses.

As we approach the crunch point for talks with the EU and other nations, we ask the Government to consider the role rail can play in developing a ‘Global Britain’.

Active travel must be embedded into transport network to ensure government’s ‘new era’ - ADEPT launches new policy position Following the Government’s £250m emergency active travel fund back in May, local authorities across England have been installing temporary infrastructure to enable more walking and cycling. The Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport (ADEPT) has now launched its key policy position, saying that investment in active travel must enable these structural and behavioural changes to become a permanent part of everyday life.

if it is serious about its commitment to achieving net zero and tackling climate change. It argues that successful measures must be made permanent and councils must be enabled to bring about structural change. To do this, however, councils must be properly resourced with long term capital and revenue funding to ensure both the delivery and ongoing maintenance of active travel infrastructure created through local cycling and walking infrastructure plans.

The paper argues that to truly usher in the Government’s ‘new era’ and ensure active travel is here to stay, walking and cycling must be designed into the travel network to maintain the changes that Covid-19 has brought about.

Chair of the ADEPT’ Transport Board and 1st Vice President Mark Kempsaid: “The concept of a ‘20 minute neighbourhood’ where people have everything they need - schools, shops, recreation and work - within a 20-minute walk is gaining traction across government.

Typical measures already brought in by councils have focused in many areas on locations with high footfall and narrow footways – those that have presented a challenge for enabling social distancing. Reducing waiting times at pedestrian crossings, installing temporary roadworks and signage, and reallocating road space are just some of the changes introduced at speed. Local authorities have been keen to adapt these in line with community feedback to ensure that the needs of different users can be accommodated.

“Enabling active travel is going to be fundamental to delivering rejuvenated neighbourhoods and creating brilliant places with stronger local economies, where people are able to enjoy a higher quality of life with cleaner air, a healthier lifestyle and a greater focus on local communities.

ADEPT considers the Government must empower local authorities to go further

12 Construction UK Magazine - August 2020

“ADEPT members are ready to work with government to make this truly a ‘new era’, but to succeed, these changes can only be made at the local level, using local knowledge and securing the buy-in of communities through clear engagement. To do that, place directors must have the resources in place and the ability to lead.”

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Lightweight Shirts, Shorts and Trousers make working on site a breeze this summer. Everyone needs to be cool, dry and safe at work this summer - to maintain wellbeing and working efficiency on site. That’s why Snickers’ new Topwear will make work this summer a real breeze! There’s also brand new LITEWork Trousers and Shorts, plus special offer ‘Two-pack’ 100% Cotton T-shirts. Choose from three different easy-care colour and design options to compliment whatever you’re wearing - at work or play.

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Solvent-free and non-flammable, Seal It Liquid Membrane is designed for professional roofing applications as the ultimate alternative to bitumen based and GRP roofing membranes: ideal for all existing roof substrates. With outstanding water resistance and weather proofing it is self-levelling, gap-bridging, non-shrinking and non-cracking. You can even apply it when it’s wet! Full available system comprises: Primer, Reinforcing Mat, Sealer and Accelerator. Available in either white or grey and in stock now.




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TEREX TRUCKS TA300 PROVES TOP OF THE CLASS ON TEXAS HIGH SCHOOL CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS Five TA300s are rebalancing material to prepare the ground for two major new high school construction projects in Texas. It’s back to school for Franco Builders as the family-owned contractor takes on two major new high school projects in the Houston area – Alvin ISD (Independent School District) High School 4 and Fort Bend ISD High School 12. The 550,000 ft2 Alvin ISD High School 4 will accommodate around 2,500 students, while the 485,000 ft2 Fort Bend ISD High School 12 will provide space for 2,800. Both ISDs are experiencing unprecedented enrolment growth with at least 1,000 new students joining each year since 2014. The new schools will alleviate the overcrowding on existing campuses and help future-proof the districts as rapid residential development continues. They will incorporate academic, athletic and fine arts areas and are planned to open in time for the 2022-2023 school year.

Houston-based earthworks and underground utility specialist Franco Builders won the tender to prepare the building pads, as well as rebalance the soil across the entire campuses. “We have over a million truck yards of material to rebalance over each jobsite – it’s a massive undertaking,” says Jose Zuniga, who founded Franco Builders along with Manuel Franco in 2002. Helping Jose, Manuel and their team to complete the work is a fleet of five Terex Trucks TA300 articulated haulers, leased since March 2020 through local dealer Easton Sales and Rentals. Competitive spirit “We’ve rented TA300s from Easton for quite a few years now – we just fell in love with them,” Jose explains. “We even rented some for the first few months on the Alvin job but we still have over a year of work to do on the site, so it made sense to switch to a lease agreement.”

“Terex Trucks has a terrific lease program,” says Vic Palermo, Sales Representative at Easton Sales & Rentals. “Each hauler has guaranteed service and full warranty on everything so it’s a good business decision. It can save a lot of money for the contractor and can help them be more competitive in the bidding process.” “We really liked the overall package of service, warranty and financing,” Jose adds. “Repairs on any piece of capital equipment have the potential to be expensive and there was a good service program offered for the first few years. It’s great that we can work the haulers without having to worry about maintenance or breakdown. That’s all taken care of.” Masters of mud The Terex Trucks leasing program makes a compelling offer, but it was the TA300’s sheer reliability that first made Franco Builders fall in love with the truck. Terex Trucks articulated haulers are renowned

GRE ASSETS CONSOLIDATES ITS COMMITMENT TO THE SPANISH PROPERTY MARKET Leading property developer, GRE Assets has showcased its commitment to the Spanish property market by making it part of its core strategy as the company progresses an exciting new project in Spain. Located in the Poblenou neighbourhood of Barcelona, Brises Diagonal Mar will deliver 63 stunning two, three and four bedroom apartments on the Mediterranean coast. It is the latest of GRE Assets’ developments in Spain and the first phase is due to launch in September 2020. A strong tourism economy, international investment, the expansion of Barcelona airport and a limited supply of new-build apartments, were among the factors that led to GRE Assets first investing in Spain in

2015. Over the past five years the company has expanded its international operations through the delivery of its Morales and Bac de Roda projects, as well as the opening of offices in Barcelona and Madrid. Responding to demand and bringing a new specification to the Spanish housing market has been the key to GRE Assets’ success. With 70% of apartments on the market in Spain 20 or more years old, research shows that there is now a surge in buyers looking for high quality, energy efficient and smart new-build apartments. GRE Assets responded to this by creating new communities in Spain which combined the latest technology and new materials with contemporary design and the provision of outdoor space.

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Laurence El-Kassir, Group Commercial Director at GRE Assets said: “When we expanded our operations into Spain, we needed to understand the market so having a team of locals who were familiar with the region and culture has been essential. “We had already identified a demand for apartment living, but our experience in the UK meant we were able to create new energy efficient and secure communities which were in short supply in the Spanish market. It was also extremely important to have accurate prices for our clients as Spain was experiencing price fluctuations in 2015 and we wanted to ensure returns on investment. “We are extremely proud of the work we have done in Spain and are seeing a growing trend towards new build properties. The Covid-19

Global News project going. It’s extremely important that our fleets are updated, and we try to minimise unscheduled downtime on all projects because time is money. It’s all about working efficiently.” Easton aims to give every customer the special treatment, which has allowed them to develop longstanding relationships, such as with Franco Builders. “We work together really well,” says Vic. “If they need machines, I make sure we have the best ones for the job – and if they have a problem, our service manager will have a crew of technicians out there right away, or if not, the very next morning.”

for their robustness and are designed to go where others can’t follow. The heavy-duty axles are capable of bearing large loads, while the effective drivetrain gear reduction and differential locks help achieve market-leading traction in poor working conditions. With all three axles in permanent (6x6) all-wheel drive, the TA300 maintains maximum traction will reducing driveline abuse and wheel spin for lower tyre wear and fuel consumption. “We get a lot of rain the in the Houston area and the off-road trucks have to fight through some pretty nasty terrain at times,” explains Jose. “The TA300 is a steady machine with good traction. It doesn’t struggle to get in and out of the slope areas so there’s no risk of it getting stuck in a hole.” Perfect attendance record “The trucks have very little downtime and if they ever do have an issue, they are quick and easy to fix,” says Jose.

As well as being strong and flexible enough to handle the pressures of tough environments, the TA300 has built-in mechanisms to make service interventions quick and safe to maximise uptime. All test points are located at ground level, with the fully tilting cab and electronically raised hood ensuring easy access. The three-stage aspiration air filtration provides increased engine protection to lengthen maintenance intervals, while the hydraulic systems with magnetic suction filters guard against contamination and unscheduled maintenance. In addition, the long transmission oil change interval of 4,000 hours helps keep the machine up and running longer. Schedule for success “Easton helps us track maintenance intervals and notifies us when it’s required,” says Jose. “They’ve been really good at making a schedule to avoid downtime and keep the

“Everyone at the office and service department is really knowledgeable about the trucks,” Jose adds. “They can pinpoint any warning signs of potential problems that can come up. They’re always just a phone call away.” Only the best will do “Of course, me and Manuel have known Vic for more than 20 years,” concludes Jose. “He’s incredibly knowledgeable – not only about Terex Trucks. He’ll tell you straight what’s good and what’s reliable and what’s junk. He’s not going to sell you trash.” It’s clear that the Terex Trucks TA300’s incredible traction on tough terrain, robustness and ease of maintenance made it the very best articulated hauler for the job. And thanks to a proactive and efficient service from Easton Sales & Rentals, Franco Builders can rest assured of completing the projects within budget – and getting the kids to school on time.

We are extremely proud of the work we have done in Spain and are seeing a growing trend towards new build properties. The Covid-19 pandemic has made buyers rethink their priorities when choosing a new home and research has shown that outdoor space is high on the list. Due to this, we would also expect other developers to follow suit by delivering higher specification apartments which offer spacious contemporary living as well as private terraces and balconies. pandemic has made buyers rethink their priorities when choosing a new home and research has shown that outdoor space is high on the list. Due to this, we would also expect other developers to follow suit by delivering higher specification apartments which offer spacious contemporary living as well as private terraces and balconies.”

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See the whole picture with launch of new VELUX STUDIO window Three-in-one roof window makes its way to market Leading roof window manufacturer VELUX® has launched its new STUDIO window, which is the first roof window to boast three sashes in one frame. The innovative, one-frame design features two VELUX centre-pivot roof windows on either side of a fixed unit to bring in even more daylight and offer a wider, more impressive view. By utilising a solar conversion kit, VELUX STUDIO can be remotely operated via VELUX INTEGRA® technology, offering greater flexibility to homeowners who want better control of their indoor environment. The VELUX STUDIO window offers a number of unique benefits to the trade, including: • It’s easy to order as only one product code and one flashing package are required to order • The innovative one-frame module follows a standard installation process so you can save time and get the job done in one day • Having three glazing units in one integrated solution makes installing multiple windows a whole lot easier Grant Sneddon, product manager for VELUX, said: “We are ecstatic to be launching our new VELUX STUDIO window, a revolutionary product in the roof window market.

“We are constantly looking for new ways to innovate our offering to installers, merchants and homeowners so we can continue to be market leaders in providing roof window solutions that offer the best in daylight and ventilation capabilities and create healthier home environments. VELUX STUDIO does exactly that.

In comparison to a similar triple combination VELUX roof window installation, VELUX STUDIO’s all-in-one mechanism provides a more cost effective solution and brings in 23% more daylight. VELUX STUDIO is currently available in size FK06 (1837 x 1178mm), white painted finish, double and triple glazed variants with slate or tile flashing kits that include all installation products (usually sold separately). Prices start from £1,017 excl. VAT. For more information, visit www.velux.co.uk/studio

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A WINDOW TO GREATER ENERGY EFFICIENCY How windows can make for greener buildings The UK government states that around 40 per cent of the country’s energy consumption and carbon emissions are attributed to the way in which buildings are lit, heated and used. The entrance and exit points of a building are the first points of call when looking to reduce this figure, but are commonly overlooked. Here, Nick Cowley, managing director at PVCu window, door and composite door manufacturer Euramax, breaks down the window components that can cut costs and boost efficiency. Energy efficiency provides more benefits than simply creating a more comfortable living space. Increasing energy efficiency can reduce a building’s operational costs, fuel consumption and overall emission of greenhouse gases. Energy performance Owners of buildings that use energy to condition their indoor temperature must present an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) upon selling or renting their space. The Energy Performance of Buildings (England and Wales) Regulations 2012 introduced EPCs to ensure that all buildings have a minimum energy performance rating of ‘E’. Large public buildings such as a leisure centres, colleges or hospitals must present a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) with a rating between A and G, with the latter being the least efficient. The purpose of DECs is to promote the improvement of a building’s energy performance and raise public awareness by informing visitors about the building’s energy use.

There are a number of ways to increase the energy efficiency of a building — from replacing inefficient heating systems, to choosing energy efficient exterior materials and insulation. However, windows can be responsible for up to 30 per cent of a building’s energy loss. This proportion could be reduced by ensuring that efficient glazing, gas and frame materials are used during their fabrication.

The gas The substance between the panes of glass is also a crucial component in ensuring the window remains energy efficient. The cavities between the panes can be filled with air, however, it is not as thermally efficient as argon. The properties of this gas make it a more suitable investment for long term energy efficiency and performance.

The glazing Window glazing acts as a protective barrier from the exterior elements outside the building. However, single pane glazing is extremely inefficient as heat can easily escape through it. Double glazing provides an extra layer of insulation and is much more thermally efficient.

Gases such as argon are preferable to air because air contains moisture that can condense on the inside of the glass units. Furthermore, argon is a noble gas. This means that it is unreactive, helping to ensure the efficiency of the windows is long lasting. It is also more viscous than air, which restricts molecular movement, reducing heat transfer and loss, therefore improving the thermal insulation efficiency.

Part L of UK’s building regulations sets the standard for the energy performance of buildings, specifically regulating the conservation of fuel and power. When selecting windows, they must have a maximum U-value of 1.6. A U-value measures how well heat is transferred through the entire window. The lower the U-value, the higher the energy efficiency as it retains more heat. A low U-value cannot be achieved with single pane glazing.

The frame Lastly, frame material is also vital in assuring energy efficient windows as this is another area where heat can escape from a building. Frame materials have drastically changed over the years, with trends switching from timber and aluminium to popular composite and un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride (PVCu) materials.

Although double glazing is more expensive, it is vital to enhance a building’s energy efficiency. With a high percentage of energy lost through inefficient windows, double glazing offers return on investment when compared with how much money is spent on energy bills as a result of heat loss. Furthermore, double glazed windows can help to achieve a higher energy efficiency rating from The British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC), which also rates windows on a scale of A to G. The Energy Savings Trust UK found that a detached home could save up to £160 on energy bills each year with A rated double glazed windows. Therefore, a large public building with more windows could save a greater amount and reduce its overall energy output.

Although aluminium is widely recyclable, these materials cannot provide sufficient thermal efficiency — which could contradict its lowered environmental impact as more energy is required to heat the building. In comparison, using an insulating material such as PVCu could improve energy efficiency. As the material is non-conductive and retains heat, it can contribute to a more consistent indoor temperature. Euramax supplies a range of PVCu windows that can be tailored to a number of building types, from a residential home to a high-rise commercial building. All Euramax windows feature double glazing with Low Emissivity glass and argon filled frames. The windows have a U-value of 1.4, giving its products an overall energy efficiency rating of A. With inefficient windows responsible for as much as a third of a building’s heat loss, the built environment must take the opportunity to reduce its emissions caused by energy waste. While double glazing is widely recognised and associated with energy efficiency, this must be combined with efficient gas and frame material to increase efficiency and reduce emissions.

Nick Cowley, managing director at Euramax

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We interviewed David Evison, Managing Director at leading safety company Arco, on COVID-19: face masks, expert advice and the practicalities of getting the UK back to work What do you think are the main challenges for business owners in getting employees back to work? Many businesses face the challenge of introducing entirely new procedures to manage the risk of the COVID-19 virus spreading in their workplace. To do this they have to write a full risk assessment to illustrate that they have done everything possible to manage that risk and to many companies who might not have done this before this is a daunting task. The Government has issued a set of guidelines to ensure a safe return to work However, many business owners and managers are concerned about how these should be met, as well as the measures they need to put in place to ensure they are compliant and fully protecting their employees. Employees themselves are looking for reassurance from their employer that they have done all they can to provide a safe working environment for them.

Many businesses are also possibly purchasing types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that they haven’t had to buy before. How do they know what to buy? How can they be sure they are buying the right products and that they are fully compliant and meet the right standards? This is where working with a trusted supplier is really critical because a company like ours has the expertise to help businesses make the right decisions and provide them with the reassurance they need. Why has there been such an influx in fake and/or non-compliant PPE products on the market since the pandemic started? Since the start of the pandemic, there has been a huge surge in global demand for PPE products. This has led to a shortage of supply, making the marketplace complicated and stressful for those needing to secure supplies urgently.

The Government has issued a set of guidelines to ensure a safe return to work However, many business owners and managers are concerned about how these should be met, as well as the measures they need to put in place to ensure they are compliant and fully protecting their employees. Employees themselves are looking for reassurance from their employer that they have done all they can to provide a safe working environment for them.

18 Construction UK Magazine - August 2020

In some cases, new suppliers have emerged, taking advantage of the increased demand for different types of PPE and introducing poor quality and non-compliant products that may not have been tested or correctly certified to UK safety standards. There has also been a large increase in PPE that has been tested to different international standards which are not suitable for use in UK industry. This could be putting lives at risk. Our recommendation is that customers work with companies like Arco, that can provide assurance on product quality and conformity. We have our own, independently accredited, product testing lab on site to test for counterfeit products and we are working with trading standards authorities to help identify instances of non-compliant products coming on to the market. You recently secured a huge order of face masks – please tell us more about it. With a strong and well-established international supply chain network, we have secured a supply of 40m Type II masks and 90m Type IIR masks. These are currently being delivered in batches over the next couple of months to our 400,000sqft National Distribution Centre

Interview We are working with a number of leading UK businesses, such as Transport for London to fulfil their requirements for these masks. (NDC) in Hull. A series of 20 trucks have been arriving in a carefully timed schedule to deliver the first 19m masks to the front line. It’s an effort that we are really proud of. These type of masks are now urgently needed in the UK, with Type II masks or face coverings a requirement on public transport and other working or social environments where social distancing is not possible. We are working with a number of leading UK businesses, such as Transport for London to fulfil their requirements for these masks. What are your main recommendations for businesses on selecting the right face masks? We are issuing specific guidance on the use of face masks to enable customers to select the right product for their needs and also ensure that the higher levels of protective equipment are issued only where necessary. This is particularly important for companies specifying face masks for the first time. For example, Type II face masks are suitable for most workplace situations, where masks are being issued with the objective of preventing the transmission of Covid-19 virus from one person to others. Type IIR splash resistant medical face masks are required in clinical settings to protect the wearer against contaminants contained in splashes of blood or bodily fluids. Again, these guides are available free to download from our website. How has the scale of your operation helped you with the practical side of responding to the pandemic? As a business with expertise in emergency response, our priority from the outset was protecting our colleagues and supporting our existing customers. Our recent £30m investment in a 220,000 sq. ft. expansion of our national distribution centre almost trebled our storage capacity and enabled us to cope with the exceptional demand by more than doubling our dispatch capabilities, which allowed us to distribute 100 pallets a day with 5,000 parcels. To do this, the warehouse transitioned into a 24/7 operation throughout the height of the pandemic to service the increased level of orders. This allowed us to prioritise large critical orders for the NHS and food industry, in order to keep the country running. We’re extremely fortunate that as a family-owned business we have always been able to invest during times that other businesses could not and we have seen the benefits of that here, enabling us to be a

David Evison, Managing Director - Arco key player in the international supply chain of PPE. We are proud to play our part in the fight against this virus and helping to save lives. How can a business like Arco support businesses getting back to work safely after lockdown? We have a deep understanding of today’s workplace safety requirements, as well as experience in product sourcing and selection. Using this wealth of expertise, we have created a series of Covid-19focused expert advice sheets, starting with risk management and advice on risk assessments, they also cover topics such as hand washing and sanitising, social distancing, cleaning regimes, use of face masks and selecting the right type and,

We have a deep understanding of today’s workplace safety requirements, as well as experience in product sourcing and selection. Using this wealth of expertise, we have created a series of Covid-19-focused expert advice sheets, starting with risk management and advice on risk assessments, they also cover topics such as hand washing and sanitising, social distancing, cleaning regimes, use of face masks and selecting the right type and, most importantly, how to identify non-compliant or falsely certified PPE. most importantly, how to identify noncompliant or falsely certified PPE. All this information is free to download from our website and Arco experts are also available to work with customers to find the right solution for them. www.arco.co.uk/coronavirusadvice

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Events & Awards News

DIGITAL ENGINEERING TEAM WINS TOP AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN IMPROVING FIRE SAFETY The Digital Engineering team at multidiscipline property and construction consultants Ridge and Partners LLP (Ridge) has won the Constructing Excellence SECBE Award in the Digital Construction category for their unique BIM firestopping solution that addresses all M&E services passing through fire rated walls and floors. This ground-breaking innovation reduces the risks and costs associated with fire safety regulations, which are now subject to closer scrutiny following the findings of The Hackitt Review in response to the Grenfell disaster.

Brent Rees, Partner and Head of Digital Engineering at Ridge

Ridge was awarded the accolade for their unique ‘Model Firestopping Review’ innovation designed to test the compliance of building designs against regulations and test data, using Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology. The concept was initially developed by Ridge in collaboration with Laing O’Rourke and Rockwool on a major project for a large automotive client. The process uses BIM modelling to check compliance of ‘Fire Stopping’ for mechanical and electrical services passing through walls and floors. It reduces the risk of buildings not complying with fire regulations which

require firestop products and the building services passing through them to be installed in accordance with laboratory tested data. Brent Rees, Partner and Head of Digital Engineering at Ridge said:“We have worked closely with our clients to help address this vital issue and more intelligently demonstrate compliance with the regulations. In doing so, we have created a completely new way of using digital technology to reduce the risk and cost for our clients that would be incurred if they did not comply with the regulations. Most importantly, in the long term we are helping to save lives in the event of a building fire.” Adrian O’Hickey, Senior Partner at Ridge, added: “We feel incredibly honoured to have been recognised for our work in this important field. The advantages of our innovation will be felt by contractors, designers, suppliers, building owners and operators. The ultimate benefit is the reassurance that these buildings are protected from the risk of fire as much as they possibly can be.” The awards were held last week, with winners announced during a virtual awards ceremony.

At Monster Mesh, we specialise in supplying large format print to the construction sector, from Heras fence covers, crowd barrier covers, PVC & mesh banners, scaffold wraps and PVC & ACM hoarding panels.

Contact us today for all your COVID-19 site safety fence covers, barrier covers and large format print requirements. All custom designed and made to your specific site needs. We offer a personal service to all our customers, simply browse our products online and then call us to discuss your requirements. We are always happy to talk and advise.

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SOCOTEC AWARDED PREFERRED SUPPLIER STATUS WITH JAGUAR BUILDING SERVICES SOCOTEC, the UK’s leading provider of testing, inspection and compliance services, has been awarded preferred supplier status with Jaguar Building Services, a provider of mechanical, electrical and public health building services maintenance. Competing alongside 14 other service providers, SOCOTEC’s Water Treatment & Equipment division participated in a three-stage supply chain rationalisation procedure, where they were assessed on such factors as quality, cost and final presentation. SOCOTEC’s delegation of technical, commercial and service delivery stakeholders presented an innovative approach to contract management which

was well received by Jaguar Building Services’ commercial and technical team. Accordingly, SOCOTEC will work as part of a group of four preferred suppliers for Jaguar Building Services’ water treatment and hygiene requirements, delivering a range of water consultancy services to support their expanding portfolio of properties and developments. Mick Pratt, commercial director, Water Treatment & Equipment, SOCOTEC UK, commented: “Having worked with Jaguar Building Services for the past 15 years, we were delighted to have been awarded preferred supplier status for their upcoming projects. “This partnership further strengthens SOCOTEC’s reputation as a market leader in

water treatment and consultancy services, and we look forward to working closely with Jaguar Building Services throughout 2020 and beyond.” “We have worked in partnership with SOCOTEC for a significant period of time, and were pleased to learn that they have been selected as a trusted supplier for Jaguar Building Services,” said Paul Roberts, managing director, Jaguar Building Services.

We are confident that they will continue to deliver a professional, reactive service across the board and be instrumental in taking us forward as we move into an exciting phase of growth..

SOLIVUS WINS EXCLUSIVE CONTRACT TO SUPPLY SOLAR FILMS TO STADIA WORLDWIDE Solivus, a UK based company has secured a global contract to supply Heliatek’s award-winning solar film to stadia and arenas. Solivus specialises in creating renewable, sustainable products and has just signed the contract with Heliatek, a global leader in organic, solar films. The unique film won the 2020 Innovation Award at the World Energy Summit. It is ultra-light, ultra-thin, flexible and end of life disposal is environmentally friendly. It can be fixed to glass, metal and concrete surfaces whether they are horizontal, vertical or curved making it the ideal solar solution for stadia and arenas. Two premier league football clubs are already in advanced discussions with Solivus CEO Jo Parker Swift and her business partners. ‘This presents a really exciting opportunity for us,’ she said. ‘We have been working with Heliatek for three years and already have exclusive future distribution rights for the UK and US. The global contract with Heliatek opens up a whole new market for us and provides Solivus with exclusive access to the UK, 37 countries across Europe and the rest of the world. This takes Solivus to another level. Jo continued: ‘In 2019 James Bulley, Chief Executive of Trivandi, joined Solivus as Non-Executive Director. James has a wealth of experience in mega-event and stadia projects and in 2012 he was the Director of London’s Olympic Park. ‘This collaboration between Trivandi and Solivus is unique as Trivandi brings its knowledge and expertise in stadia and arenas and Solivus with its innovative solar film from Heliatek designed specifically for this sector. It is this formidable joining of forces that has led to us securing this global contract with Heliatek.

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Company News In January of this year the CEO of Heliatek, Guido van Tartwijk came to the UK to meet with James and heard the Trivandi story. He said, “We were immediately convinced about Trivandi’s dynamism and industry expertise and knew that together with Solivus, both would be able to crack this marked”, said the Heliatek CEO. After this meeting things moved quickly.’ James described the technology as ‘a gamechanger’. He explained: ‘Stadia and arenas have been looking into renewable energy for years. If you think about long span roofs, the steelwork has to support heavy lighting, sound systems and video boards. The addition of traditional glass PV solar panels on the roof means that the extra steelwork required to support the weight of the panels outweighs the cost benefit of introducing solar. Also, many of the roofs are curved which works against rigid, conventional panels. The solar film still performs even when there is shading from structures above the roof surface. It does not switch off unlike traditional PV panels. This is what makes this solar film product so unique.’ James said the benefits extend beyond its weight of just 1.8kg per square metre, it’s flexibility and ease of installation.

With no additional reinforcement costs to the roof, stadia and arenas will start to see payback straightaway and a return on investment from an unused asset. We can also help organisations meet environmental standards as the Solivus technology is truly green from cradle to grave. Trivandi, whose experience extends to the Rio Olympics, the US Super Bowl and Asian and Pan American Games has already undertaken a comprehensive feasibility study across three venues in the UK including two stadia and an arena. ‘We are confident that we can roll it out internationally,’ James said. ‘Jo and I are looking to the UK, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, and the US initially and are using Trivandi’s global networks across 22 countries to start conversations in those territories.’ Jo described the potential value of the market as ‘substantial’. She said, ‘There are nearly 5000 stadia across 224 countries and that is before you factor in arenas. Some of them will be tied into conventional systems and are waiting for a payback point though they could fix our product on top of their existing installations and get an instant return. We expect to get involved at an early stage in new developments. ‘Ultimately our vision extends beyond stadia and arenas and we already in discussions with companies in the commercial warehousing sector and have installations in the residential market but we want to celebrate this huge step forward in the delivery of a ground-breaking renewable energy supply.’

marketplace,” said Nick Cowley, managing director at Euramax. “Following trends and analysing the requirements of our sectors has allowed us to expand our customer base to a number of home improvement customers and builders’ merchants, leisure home and modular home manufacturers across the country.

UK WINDOW AND DOOR MANUFACTURER CELEBRATES 70 YEARS Euramax looks back at its journey and how the company has changed Yorkshire based window and door manufacturer Euramax is celebrating its 70-year anniversary. Incorporated in 1950 as a family run business, Euramax now employs 150 people, operates from a 205,000 square foot facility and manufactures over 3,000 products a week. Boasting an impressive number of firsts in its 70 years, the company has also witnessed the paradigm shift from cost-effective windows and doors to luxury, double-glazed materials. Originally founded as Ellbee, the company’s journey began in Leeds, manufacturing aluminium window frames for narrowboats and the automobile industry before partnering with a glazing company to supply pre-glazed aluminium windows. In the 1990s, Ellbee became the first company in the UK to supply unplasticised polyvinyl-chloride (PVCu) windows to the static caravan market. It also became the first to develop an internal clamping system for efficient window installation, which is still widely used in the industry today. As the company expanded, Ellbee moved to its first of three factory sites in Leeds in 1964. In 1996, Euramax International was formed and in 2013 the company moved to its current facility in Barnsley. After the arrival of managing director Nick Cowley in 2019, Euramax broke into the portable building and modular construction markets. At present, Euramax manufactures and supplies PVCu windows, doors and composite doors for a number of sectors, including the holiday home and home improvement markets, as well as builders’ merchants, including Wickes, Selco and Travis Perkins. “Euramax has transformed into a company that adapts to support its customers’

“The caravan market has changed dramatically since the 1960s. Static Caravans that were not highly regarded and were considered popular for those who couldn’t afford to travel abroad, have now been developed into impressive modern homes. As the style, size and purpose of these products developed, so did the requirements of Euramax’s products,” continued Cowley. “Energy efficiency was not a consideration in the original development of the caravan market. But, gradually the need for warmer accommodation was in demand. We knew that the market needed energy efficient windows, which is why we moved from supplying single glazed aluminium windows, to double glazed PVCu, which has better thermal properties. In fact, our windows are rated A for their energy efficiency by The British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC). “While the industry and its requirements have changed, our ability to consistently supply glazed PVCu windows to what is an ever-changing market has remained the same. Some of our longest serving customers include Willerby Holiday Homes, Atlas Leisure Homes and Carnaby Caravans.

Turning 70 is a great milestone for Euramax. There aren’t many window and door manufacturers that can say they have survived a recession. We’ve gone from barges to building and construction and I’m very proud of that. Who knows what the next 70 years will bring? “In addition, we developed our unique hybrid PVCu and composite doors in 2019. We wanted to provide our customers with the best of both worlds as we found that composite options can become swollen in the summer,” added Cowley. “I don’t think our success this far would’ve been attainable without the dedicated team we have,” said Richard Banks, commercial director at Euramax. “Some of our employees have been with us nearly 40 years now. “During my time with Euramax, I have seen many changes in personnel, products and processes. However, the one thing that has remained consistent is the dedication of our employees to fuel our passion to listen to our customers and deliver the solutions they require,” said Banks.

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People On The Move

TRAINEE QUANTITY SURVEYORS PRAISE HOUSEBUILDER’S APPRENTICESHIP SCHEME An apprenticeship programme run by a Cardiff-based housebuilder is helping budding quantity surveyors to kick-start their career in the housing industry. Harri Morgan, 20, and Oliver Bowcott, 22, both secured a place on Bellway’s apprenticeship scheme after leaving college three years ago and have since honed their skills by working alongside the team at the housebuilder’s divisional office in St Mellons. The pair also spend one day a week at the University of South Wales, where their five-year course helps them to learn all the skills they need to become a fully qualified quantity surveyor. The Bellway Wales division employs 7 apprentices, who work across all areas of the business, including out on-site and in the head office.

Harri, from Neath, said: “I’m now two years into the three-year apprenticeship scheme and I’ve really enjoyed my time with Bellway so far. “The programme has given me a great insight into the housing industry, and it has been brilliant to be able to put my skills into practice. “I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship scheme to anyone leaving college. They’re a fantastic way to start your career as you are able to gain hands-on experience, all while you are earning.”

Bellway and Ashberry at the moment, which will help to provide 465 new homes for Churchdown in Gloucestershire. It is the biggest project we have worked on, so it is really exciting!” Bellway retained its five-star builder status with the Home Builders Federation this year, after more than nine in ten buyers responded to a survey to say they would recommend the housebuilder to their friends and family.

Oliver, from Caerphilly, said: “I found out about the apprenticeship scheme while I was at college and I was really keen to apply. “Bellway has a great reputation in the housing industry, especially as a five-star builder, so it’s been really beneficial to work alongside the team here. “Ever since we joined the company, we have been given the chance to put our skills into practice and we are currently working on a joint project between

Savista Developments announces Karen Green as Land Director Howard Wilson appointed sales manager Ireland for Siemens Building Products Howard Wilson is the new sales manager for Siemens Building Products in Ireland. He is responsible for promoting the Desigo Building Management System and associated peripheral devices. He also has responsibility for the Siemens Gamma KNX product range and the Cerberus PRO fire detection systems through the expanding Siemens partner network. Howard has extensive experience in the BMS industry working for over 14 years for both manufacturers and systems houses. He graduated from the Technological University Dublin with a B.Eng. in Control and Automation Systems. “Siemens Smart Infrastructure is shaping the market for intelligent, adaptive infrastructure for today and the future. Our Building Products portfolio provides customers with integrated building management software and platforms for automation, fire safety, security and other domains and we intend to grow our network of partners who can supply and deliver these solutions,” commented Howard Wilson.

Karen Green has been appointed as Land Director for care home construction company, Savista Developments. Karen, who has over 17 years’ experience sourcing off market opportunities, acquiring sites and obtaining planning permissions plans to support Savista Developments by overseeing the ultimate acquisition of sought-after care home development locations across the South of England. Karen Green said: “With a strong ethos and the aim of Savista Developments to be the leading developer of exceptional environments, delivering innovative solutions for later living lifestyle on behalf of its sister company Hallmark Care Homes, Savista presented the ideal opportunity for me to join the Hallmark family and to deliver on the company’s ambition. I am looking forward to 2020 and I am thrilled to be part of their journey and story.” Avnish Goyal, Managing Director of Savista Developments and Chair of Hallmark Care Homes said: “We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Karen Green as Land Director.

At Savista, we are dedicated to delivering outstanding environments for future residents and Karen’s extensive experience will help us to acquire quality development locations across England. We wish her all the best for the future in her new role.

24 Construction UK Magazine - August 2020

NEW EVO®VISTA™ DUALSWITCH™ helmet certified to both EN397 and EN12492 with integrated eye protection The EVO®VISTA™ DUALSWITCH™ helmet provides the perfect solution and protection for those needing both Head Protection for working at ground level and working at height combined with Eye Protection in the form of a lens or shield which is fully integrated and fully compatible. Combining the new EVO®VISTA™ retractable eyewear helmet technology with the innovative DUALSWITCH™ chinstrap harness system, it is easy for the wearer to switch between working at

ground level standard EN397 and working at height safety standard EN12492 by flicking a switch. At the same time, the EVO®VISTA™ DUALSWITCH™ helmet provides individuals with compatible integrated Optical class 1 eye protection which is fully retractable when not in use and cannot be lost by the user or damaged on site after issue. Wearers can wear their own spectacles under the lens or shield saving additional costs to companies for prescription safety eyewear.

The EVO®VISTA™ DUALSWITCH™ Helmet offers the choice of either a VISTAlens™ or VISTAshield™ depending on the levels of protection and performance required. Select the EVO®VISTAlens™ DUALSWITCH™ Optical class 1 overspec for an unobstructed wide view lens conforming to EN166.1.FT.KN providing F rated impact protection - tested with 6mm steel ball bearing at speeds of up to 100mph (160kph), even at extreme temperatures with anti-scratch and anti-mist coatings. Or choose the EVO®VISTAshield™ DUALSWITCH™ Optical class 1 eyeshield which offers a clear panoramic view conforming to EN166.1.AT.KN providing A rated impact protection - tested with 6mm steel ball bearing at speeds of up to 425mph (685kph), even at extremes of temperature with anti-scratch and antimist coatings. The EVO® VISTA DUALSWITCH™ range has been designed to be fully compatible with JSP respirators such as the Force™8 PressToCheck™ and the Sonis® helmetmounted ear defender range. Website: www.jspsafety.com

KNEE AND BODY PROTECTION FROM REDBACKS CUSHIONING Redbacks Cushioning Limited, developers of the award winning, ‘Leaf-Spring’ cushioning technology offers a range of products to help protect the knees and body from damage caused by kneeling. The Redbacks Pocket Kneepad, specifically designed to fit work trousers, features a flexible leaf-spring held within a thermoplastic honeycomb matrix which unlike foam or gel ensures a high compression rate and 100% recovery to its original shape. This combination and the inherent ‘memory’ aspect gives unique controlled weight distribution; the deceleration of pressure protects both the knees and body from potentially damaging impact forces and gives long lasting, anti-fatigue support; traditional foam or gel solutions create point-pressure

which focus the force or energy to a point which is then transmitted back into the knee joint and beyond. Easy to slide in and curved to fit comfortably around the knee, the water-resistant pads which conform to CE EN14404 Type 2 Level 1 help to protect against possible injury from sharp objects, wick away sweat and provide thermal protection from warm or cold surfaces; they are machine washable at 30°c and 100% recyclable. For more information or to become a supplier visit www.redbackscushioning.com, email: sales@redbackscushioning.com or telephone: 01327 702104

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RINNAI INNOVATION MOBILE HAND WASH & HOT WATER HYGIENE STATION Latest product development from Rinnai is a complete mobile hand wash and hygiene station geared up to supply unlimited amounts of continuous flow hot water for any and every site needing instant access to this facility - anywhere that needs instant handwashing - any queue outside a supermarket, shopping area, car park, building sites, temporary accommodation blocks or toilet blocks for essential services. The station consists of a Rinnai 17e hot water delivery unit, mounted on a mobile hand wash pod, complete with water connections and secured cage. The unit is easily connected to the water supply and gas is via LPG. The hand wash station delivers temperature accurate hot water at a pre-set temperature to facilitate, with soap, the quick breakdown of any COVID-19 bacteria. This pre-set temperature of 37 degrees C is not too hot but hot enough for breaking down lipid fat layers that surround the protein-based bacteria nucleus. According to trusted information sources on Covid-19, the ideal temperature for water used in hand washing, together with soap, is over 25 degrees C. Heat melts fat therefore use water above 25 degrees Celsius for washing hands. Hot water helps makes more foam and that makes it even more effective. Hands should be frequently washed - for a minimum of 20 seconds – after touching any surface or food, locks, knobs, switches, remote controllers, mobile phones, computers, keyboards, desks, TV, etc. And, of course, when using the toilet. The proprietary Rinnai technology will deliver temperature accurate hot water without any fluctuations to ensure constant supplies of hot water. As the hand station is purpose designed to be outside so any possible contact with the virus can be minimised as users do not have to go into toilets or wash rooms, where there is potential to come in contact with surfaces or poor ventilation.

Rinnai manufactures over 2million water heaters every year and as such is at the forefront of creating real advantages for users. Rinnai’s multipoint ErP A-rated 17e needs no flue as the unit is placed outside and so waste gas gases safely escape. The unit can be pre-set with a fixed temperature which is tamper-proof. The Rinnai 17e external internal model measures just 675 x 370 x 139mm and weighs in at 14.5kg - a one-man lift. The unit has a temperature range of 37°C to 65°C with direct electronic ignition. Gas input ranges between 4.53kW – 36kW. A single unit is readily capable of flow rates of up to 510 litres per hour at a 50°C rise and has full frost protection. Hot water delivery flow is an impressive 17ltr per minute max flow. Nominal operation pressure is 2-3 bar however it can operate at pressures lower than 1 bar and it uses a 230V AC 50Hz 1ph power supply with an electrical consumption of 80W. Rinnai is also offering full services for essential works support to NHS facilities, care homes, schools, and supermarkets during the lockdown.

• Out of hours and weekend technical

support – installers, site manager and end-users simply call 01928 531870 select technical and if the call isn’t answered immediately leave a voicemail. Response will be within one hour between 0800 – 22:30 / 7 days a week.

• Rinnai’s Runcorn UK HQ emergency

weekend opening and sales support open for emergency / essential equipment provision of new units and for spares.

• Collection of new units/spares from

Runcorn HQ for Saturday and Sunday. All will adopt ‘safe distancing’ in any contact for this or deliveries.

• Weekend operational support help line

- simply call 01928 531870 and select ‘sales’ and if the call isn’t answered immediately leave a voicemail and we will be back within the hour.

• Emergency delivery weekends / out

of hours - under “essential works” circumstances and, where possible, Rinnai will readily offer a delivery service to site.

Available within 24hrs from Rinnai is a range of units giving instant and constant flows of hot water for hygiene and cleaning use in all healthcare, care homes and mobile hygiene units, including any new or planned sites. If there is a constant supply of gas and water the units are guaranteed to supply

26 Construction UK Magazine - August 2020

temperature accurate hot water in unlimited quantities for all hygiene regimes in all types of healthcare sites or temporary accommodation. Rinnai’s complete range of hot water heating units are available for next day delivery on orders placed before the previous mid-day. Rinnai UK is continuing to be open for business throughout the current situation

with staff able to take any orders or enquiries via telephone or online and the company has excellent stock levels of all units in the range plus spares and accessories. Installers can contact the company direct in gaining access to the supply of units. Call 01928 531 870 or email sales@rinnaiuk.com – ‘alternatively use the smart online contact points “Help Me Choose” or “Ask Us a Question”, all held on the website homepage at www.rinnaiuk.com.

For more information on the RINNAI product range visit www.rinnaiuk.com

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Project News

The new temple is being funded through donations from the local community as well as supporters nationwide and internationally.

WORK STARTS ON £5M HINDU TEMPLE Work has begun on the construction of a new £5m Hindu Temple in Oldham, whose design is a blend of modern and traditional features.

Site clearance has begun and will be followed by ground works, structural steel works, glass-reinforced concrete works and then the internal finishes.

Shree Swaminarayan Temple has appointed Salford Quays-based Recom Solutions as the main contractor. The project is due for completion in 2022.

The site of the new temple was previously a housing association depot which has since been demolished.

Around 100 people, including members of the community, senior temple leaders, design team personnel and contractors attended a ground-breaking ceremony to bless the start of the scheme on Copsterhill Road.

Once completed, the Shree Swaminarayan Temple will feature a spacious and naturally-lit modern prayer hall, space for sports, events and teaching, a courtyard with landscaped gardens, parking and accommodation.

An ornate solid marble feature gate and traditional Hindu temple domes will be hand-crafted in India, imported and installed at the new facility. The Recom Solutions team is led by project director Jason McKnight, Josh Marrs and Jordan Stent. Other professionals involved in the scheme include LTS Architects, Curtins and Hurstwood Environmental Consulting. The Shree Swaminarayan Temple, currently based on Lee Street, opened in 1977. The community has been seeking a new, modern facility for a number of years. Planning permission for the new development was granted in June 2019.

CONSTRUCTION BEGINS FOR NEW £20M CARE HOME Work has begun on the construction of a ground-breaking 80 bed care home which will be construction company Savista’s fifth project. The new luxury development, which will be owned by Savista Development’s sister company, Hallmark Care Homes is being built at a cost of nearly £20 million across a two-acre site at Kings Drive in Eastbourne. The site’s construction team, were recently joined by Conservative MP Caroline Ansell, Deputy Mayor, Councillor Sammy Choudhury, Hallmark’s Managing Director Ram Goyal and Chair Avnish Goyal to officially mark the start of the build. The care home will include the latest features including residences for couples complete with fitted kitchen and bathroom and communal areas will include the usual; café, ice cream parlour, a state-ofthe-art cinema and a luxurious hairdressers and therapy room. The home will have an abundance of

28 Construction UK Magazine - August 2020

outdoor space on all floors including terraces, a summer garden bar, winter garden activity centre and half an acre of landscaped gardens with a unique woodland walkway for residents and visitors to enjoy. Chair of Hallmark Care Homes and Managing Director of Savista Developments, Avnish Goyal said: “We are proud that Savista Developments has started its fifth care home project since launching in September last year and combined with 23 years’ experience with building award winning care homes we are excited to be able to create a luxurious care home for the Eastbourne community and to continue the partnership between Hallmark Care Homes and Savista Developments.” “Residents will enjoy some of the latest features in care and design and live active and fulfilled lives.” The Eastbourne development called Willingdon Park Manor is scheduled to open its doors to its first residents in late 2021.

Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow

greenblue.com 0800 018 7797

Proud to support the design and installation of award winning Urban Tree Planting projects

Project News

WILLMOTT DIXON APPOINTED ON PRESTIGIOUS HALO OFFICE DEVELOPMENT IN BRISTOL Willmott Dixon has been appointed for the third time by award-winning property developer and urban regenerator Cubex to deliver another major landmark in Bristol city centre. After successfully completing the 95,000 square foot Aurora in 2018, the city’s first BREEAM outstanding office scheme which is located at Finzels Reach, followed by 194 ‘Build to Rent’ homes delivered adjacent to Aurora in 2019, Cubex has now given Willmott Dixon the green light on the £33m ‘Halo’, a cutting-edge office development opposite the first two schemes.

PLANS UNVEILED FOR MAJOR NEW INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT AT RADWAY GREEN IN CREWE 40-acre former BAE site when developed will accommodate 803,000 sq. ft of new industrial warehouse space. St Francis Group, a leading UK-based property development and investment group and an expert in brownfield development and regeneration has announced that a planning application has been submitted for the redevelopment of a former BAE site at Radway Green in Crewe.

Working in conjunction with the current landowners, plans have been submitted for 803,000 sq. ft of new industrial warehouse space on the 40-acre site part of which has already been demolished and cleared. Working collaboratively with Tilstone Industrial Limited, the proposals will see the creation of a high-quality multiunit estate replacing the existing old, outdated stock as well as significant infrastructure improvements. The planning application will seek detailed consent for two units of 208,000 sq. ft and 143,000 sq. ft and outline consent for an additional 452,000 sq. ft. Infrastructure improvements will include work around the sites access off Radway Green Road. Units could be made available for occupation by the end of 2021. Joint sole letting agents are Gerald Eve, DTRE and Savills.

Halo is being built on the site of Avon Fire and Rescue’s former headquarters and like Aurora, is targeting a BREEAM Outstanding rating. Staggered over seven floors, it will provide 116,133 square foot of Grade A office space, with international legal firm Osborne Clarke already agreeing to take nearly two thirds of Halo in a pre-let deal earlier this year. With sustainability at the heart of its design, Halo will be connected to Bristol’s district heating network, which draws heat from a heat bore in the centre of the city. In addition, energy will be generated from descending lifts. The range of sustainability initiatives embedded in Halo will create one of the UK’s most energy efficient office buildings. Halo’s modern design also features a corkscrew-like staircase rising up through a glass atrium, with LED lighting, roof-top mounted photovoltaic panels and even a drone landing pad. With its focus on employee wellbeing, key features will include outdoor space on the rooftop, a bike park and glazed façade to maximise views and daylight. Peter Walford, Director at Cubex said, “We are delighted to be working with Willmott Dixon to deliver Halo. This is the fifth Grade A office building that we’ve developed in this area of Bristol and with each, we aim to raise the bar in terms of both design and innovation, an approach which has been rewarded by the quality of the tenants and investors we have been able to attract.” John Boughton, Deputy Managing Director at Willmott Dixon said, “We are looking forward to once again working with Cubex Land, providing much needed office space, regeneration and opportunity to Finzels Reach.

We are embracing the challenge of delivering one of the most sustainable office buildings in the UK.

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AN INTERVIEW WITH HADEEL SAADOON Construction UK Magazine spoke with Architectural Technologist Hadeel Saadoon all about Building Information Modelling and Management

Have you always aspired to become an Architectural Technologist? Yes technology has always attracted my attention and I always aspired to be innovative. I started my career as an Architect working in the healthcare sector then moved to the educational sector and that’s where I had my initial experiences with Building information modelling. Since then I took a Master’s degree in construction management and BIM and that’s when it clicked that technology and Building Information management is actually what I would like to do so after few years of experience I got chartered by the CIAT (Chartered institute of Architectural Technologists) and progressed from a BIM coordinator role in the offsite construction industry into my current BIM Manager role at Coventry University Estates

Have you always felt there were many opportunities to gain experience in this sector? Yes. You can do so much with a degree in construction and especially in architectural technology. I worked in Northern Ireland and England and there are so many opportunities all over the country, you just need to be open minded and willing to take risks and It’s up to what you like. ATs can work in various roles from buildings design, interior design, onsite construction and also Building Information Management (BIM). With a lot of opportunities in academia and research too. You can also become a technologist in the new immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and become an expert in digital innovation!

Talk us through your job role and what it entails Currently I work as a Building Information Manager for Coventry University Estates. I’m managing the implementation of BIM across all the new projects and collaborate with our development team and operation and maintenance teams in delivering accurate data for all the university campuses in Coventry, London and Scarborough. I’m building a digital campus of Coventry University with our CAD/BIM team which consist of new and existing building models that are used for the operation of the buildings and for managing future works. The Estates comprises of over a hundred buildings that range between research centres, teaching facilities and accommodation blocks that needs continuous maintenance and development. My next biggest project is building a platform to exchange data with a structure that’s accessible by all of our stakeholders at Coventry University Estates. We are investing in a common data environment and my job is to manage it and lead the implementation team to adopt it and in the future integrate it with our existing systems to automate the data transfer through the buildings lifecycle. So my role has two main dimensions of work – the management of BIM data in design ,construction and also managing building data for Operation of the buildings to provide better customer services and to deliver excellent learning spaces to provide ultimate value to our customers – The Students and Staff of Coventry University.

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Interview What is Building Information Modelling?

BIM to me is about better information management, process optimization and better use of technology. It’s a new way of thinking and working that helps to Shape strategy, create best practices and benchmark digital maturity. What does your typical day to day involve? I manage the implementation of BIM and facilitate the digital transformation for our Estates, I seek continuous improvement of our workflows and processes. In the design and construction areas I federate individual models received from the external consultants and validate data while continuously develop the overall digital campus model that combines both new building models and existing buildings models that our team is creating retrospectively. I’m responsible for responding effectively to changes in legislation and standards such as the new International ISO BIM Standards and its effect on our policies and information requirements. I support our CAD/BIM team to continue our Digital Skills development, supervise our interns with modelling tasks and also support the Faculty of Engineering, Construction and Environment with research, guest lecturing and teaching and sharing case studies for the new students in various Built Environment courses. What are the challenges you face? The interoperability of data sets, missing data and formats that are incompatible with our existing systems and available software solutions are the biggest challenges we face every day. Mapping data is an everyday challenge that keeps the job interesting. One of the biggest challenges is also trying to implement BIM in such different areas and keeping consistency of data from design to construction and onto Facilities Management. Another challenge is showcasing the benefits of BIM and the

return on investment and I’m collaborating with the Centre of Digital Built Britain at Cambridge University to create Case Studies of BIM Benefits for two of our projects at Coventry University. In your opinion, do you feel there many opportunities for women in this industry sector? Yes! I’ve been very lucky to have always been supported by my managers in various roles since my early career till now and I think that women are getting a lot of support in the industry. There are a lot of networks such as the Women in Construction Network and also the Women in BIM network who help support women in different areas of the industry. I am a vice chair and deputy regional councillor of CIAT west midlands region and chair of the BIM4Estates group and we are always happy to support where needed and our groups are open for all women in construction! What are the three things you like most about your job role? Being at the forefront of digital transformation, implementing new

standards, methods and procedures and most importantly Turning data into knowledge that people can understand and benefit from. What are your aspirations for the future? I aspire to become a leader in my field and a role model for young women in architecture, engineering and construction. I want to increase the visibility of the contribution and achievement of women in construction and I aim to support the industry in adopting BIM, technological change and the vision towards Digital Built Britain. What would your one piece of advice be for other women who aspire to become an Architectural Technologist?

Be ambitious, the sky is the limit! With this profession you can practice, design, go to site, lead technology innovation and work with BIM. With persistence, hard work and dedication you can accomplish everything you set your goals too so always aspire to progress.

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Construction UK Magazine - August 2020  

The publication provides an extensive look at breaking news, analysis, features, projects, product launches, discussions and interviews from...

Construction UK Magazine - August 2020  

The publication provides an extensive look at breaking news, analysis, features, projects, product launches, discussions and interviews from...

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