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Lantek Steelworks The solution for Goros

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Lantek Steelworks The solution for Goros Lantek offers its Lantek Steelworks solution for the integral management of the Goros company.

Basque company Goros has trusted Lantek to manage all its production processes, workshop machinery and business structure. The characteristics, dimensions and precision of its projects, in addition to the demanding technological requirements, make Lantek Steelworks the perfect solution for the company, with a fast and guaranteed return on investment. With this software application, Goros, as a co-operative company that manages steel structure projects,

Alberto Martínez Managing Director of Lantek

has achieved greater profitability and speed in its processes thanks to the integration with the CAD/ CAM solutions, and to the updated and real-time control over quality and information. It thus significantly optimises its resources, in addition to its levels of productivity, competitiveness and service quality, making a clear commitment to process innovation.

“Goros is an example of a company that decides to invest in tools that will help it to organise and control its activity in a much more rigorous manner, so they can optimise their decision making and place themselves at the vanguard of their sector”, comments Alberto Martínez. “The challenge of integrating the processes, systems and management has been solved with the Lantek Steelworks solution, which provides broad functionalities, high performance, scalability and flexibility, in addition to greater efficiency, making Goros a company that is better prepared to offer a fast and efficient response to the demands of the steel structure market”.


news Lantek, Kaltenbach and Remmert bring their open technology innovations together Kaltenbach, the company promoting this collaboration agreement, has trusted Lantek -its partner for four years-, and Remmert with the design of a solution that would allow them to take full advantage of their machines’ performance, that would offer increased productivity and that could be, in addition, easily handled by the users. Thus, Lantek has provided the technology to generate the machine cutting data and the evacuation and palletising positions that the robot must execute in a simple and visual way, taking full advantage of the system. Remmert, on the other hand, has been responsible for making sure that the palletising information reaching it is correctly executed by the robot. Last of all, the team at Kaltenbach has coordinated all the processes so that the machine executes the right movements at the precise moment.

robot quickly moves the part to the pallet assigned to it by Lantek’s software, the Kaltenbach machine can continue with its cutting activity without interruption, significantly increasing the speed of evacuation of parts.

The combination of all these technologies offers great benefits for Goldbeck. On On the other, as the operator the one hand, it allows it to substantially increase its pro- does not have to handle the heavy parts, accidents are ductivity, because while the

avoided and safety is increased. As a result of this fruitful experience, Lantek and Remmert are considering a continuation of the agreement, extending this collaboration to other scenarios. Read more>>

At the heart of the Punching machines Lantek offers a powerful and robust application for this segment, called Lantek Expert Punch, which has extensive functionality and is capable of working with all existing punching technologies, regardless of the manufacturer, providing intelligent solutions for machining, evacuation, micro-cutting, “lift”, etc. The main benefits are increased efficiency of the machine, savings in time and costs, and an extension of the useful lifetime of the machine and dies. Similarly, this solution includes a gallery of dies that is faster and more functional, facilitating the management of different colours for punching depending on the type of die, shape or work area, providing virtual 3D simulation of the CNC and offering full management of turrets and drill bits. Lantek’s technology has thus become the “heart” of many punching machines. It allows users to maximise the manufacturing processes and to cleanly and effectively manage each and every operation, with the possibility of personalising and adapting the program to their way of working.

Lantek Expert The functionalities of this software translate into a significant increase in the power and speed of the system, which is optimised to work with any cutting or punching technology. All this thanks to a personalised interface, an efficient management of all parts, the functional gallery of dies and the CAD/CAM 3D simulator.



Training courses Lantek arranges training courses so that end users, as well as our partners, learn how easy the software is to work with, and how to take maximum advantage of its many features. Moreover, Lantek arranges custom courses at our facilities or the customer’s, in order to meet the training requirements of our partners and/or customers.

It should be remembered that training plans are continuous; on the one hand guaranteeing that new or substitute personnel understand the possibilities that the solution offers, and on the other making sure that users get the most out of it, profiting still more from the system.

NEXT TRAINING COURSE • If you need more information about our training course, please, send us an email:

Maintenance and Support There are different kinds of maintenance and support contracts so that that each customer can choose the one that best meets the specific equirements of their company.


Training discounts. Preferred telephone hot-line service. Annual software update. Direct Service Pack updates throughout the year. Discounts for customer site visits by our technicians. Private access to the Customer website, where thefollowing information is available: • Knowledge Base. An extensive database tha provides the answers to our customers’ FAQs. • The latest upgrades or technical documents for the software. • Access to customer enquiries or dealings.



By Raúl Alvarado

Document-oriented databases At some point we have all heard about databases as the information storage facilities of our computers. However, not all databases are the same. We can thus establish a classification depending on different criteria. Relational databases —the most extended type for decades— group the data in tables that are interconnected. Every table establishes a set of columns (fields). For example, the data of a customer would be represented by a row (record) of a table with a specific value for each column: name, telephone, e-mail, etc. In addition, the table containing the customers can be linked to a table of orders, so that an application that queries a database can find out what orders correspond to each customer. This dialogue between applications and databases is normally based on SQL (Structured Query Language), a form of communication offered by all suppliers of relational databases. Since early 2009, the term NoSQL describes a new wave of databases that proposes alternatives to the traditional relational databases. Within this trend, the document-oriented databases are increasingly frequent. In this case the work unit is not the record but the document. Unlike records, documents are

more flexible as they do not have a pre-established set of fields shared by all records. Let’s take the following example document: Name=”Francisco”, Address=”Paseo Marítimo 12”, Hobby=”fishing” This could be another document stored in the same document-oriented database: Name=”María”, Address=”Gran Vía 84”, Age=[{Name:”Miguel”, Age:10}, {Name:”María”, Age:8}, {Name:”Elena”, Age:2}] Note that both documents contain similar information but also different information. The NoSQL movement has to do with the need to adapt the systems to

scenarios where traditional databases showed poor performance: when supplying many websites in short periods of time; when large blocks of information are required; to divide the data between different servers in a communications network; when distributing video and audio over the Internet. Let’s think, for example, about the volume of data manipulated on a daily basis by social networks. If we only take into account the messages, the updates and the exchanges of photos, we can easily understand that such demanding scenarios are the norm. Precisely giant software companies such as Google, Amazon, Apache Software Foundation and Facebook make use of the NoSQL philosophy. For those interested in learning more about document-oriented databases, MongoDB is an excellent starting point. It is an open-source implementation, simple to use and well documented. It could be useful for us in many environments as it works with programming languages such as C/C++, C#, Java, PHP, Python, Rubby and JavaScript. By the way, its name refers to “humongous”, which means colossal in colloquial English. This word perfectly summarises its main objective: to offer good performance even when our demands regarding data are colossal.

This month’s tip Truco del mes

We should be prepared for possible losses of machine configurations. You must do the backups of your configuration in two steps. The machine configuration will be saved in an installation folder.


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