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18 February 2018


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Enter the Fashion on the Field competition and be in to win

19 FASHION JUDGES Meet the arbiters of winning style


The dos and don’ts of spectator fashion


Channelling Alexa Chung’s style on the sidelines






Messages from the Auckland Polo Club and Land Rover

PROGRAMME The run of the day

What’s happening over the course of the day


Understanding how polo is played

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Horse facts

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LEARN TO PLAY Up for a chukka? Here’s how to learn the game

Meet the man who lives in two hemispheres for the love of polo

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SPARKLE LIKE MARKLE Or approach the dress code like Meghan Markle

MEN OF THE CLOTH Menswear essentials

THE DEFENDERS The 2017 winners are back again

TEAM TALK Meet the teams and players


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Auckland Polo Club, PO Box 24, Clevedon aucklandpolo.co.nz

Where to find what Facebook @LandRoverNZPoloOpen


Instagram @PoloOpenNZ

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Welcome We’d like to welcome you to the Land Rover NZ Polo Open. This event is the highlight of the local polo calendar. We hope you enjoy your time with us at Fisher Field


he Land Rover NZ Polo Open is the pinnacle event on this country’s polo calendar, having evolved from grass-roots polo to one of the most competitive tournaments in the Southern Hemisphere. As such, we’re delighted to welcome some of the top international and New Zealand players – all competing on fine Kiwi ponies. This year, six teams of high-goal players will compete in the 18-goal tournament throughout the week, with the much anticipated final, held on our magnificent Fisher Polo Field at Clevedon. We are absolutely thrilled to have partnered with Land Rover for the third year in a row and know one of the highlights of the day will be watching a Land Rover and a horse compete in a race that truly is a test of real horse power on both sides. I’d like to extend my thanks to the many people involved in the Land Rover NZ Polo Open, from the sponsors, competitors, patrons, grounds staff, umpires, supporters, club volunteers, our event team and our wonderful spectactors. Thank you all for making the day one of the country’s most enjoyable sporting events. Tony van den Brink President, Auckland Polo Club

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Land Rover NZ Polo Magazine 2018


e’d like to welcome you to the Land Rover NZ Polo Open, the highlight of the national polo calendar. We hope you enjoy your time with us at Fisher Polo Field. Land Rover is excited to be partnering with Australasia’s premier polo championship. An event which attracts global talent, the highly respected competition joins tournaments and clubs around the world from India to Africa, the UK, Europe and the Americas that are supported by Land Rover. As the Land Rover NZ Polo Open is both a premium sporting occasion and a social event, it has truly become the place to be each summer. From our elevated balcony, overlooking the action, we have the privilege of hosting many of our customers from the best seats in the house. With more than 25 years of involvement in equestrian sports, Land Rover is looking forward to introducing the prestigious sport of polo to more friends of the brand this year. Stephen Kenchington General Manager, Jaguar Land Rover New Zealand


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Build on Advantage

Programme LAND ROVER NZ POLO OPEN FINALS SUNDAY 18 FEBRUARY, 2018 Auckland Polo Club Fisher Field, 102 Clevedon-Kawakawa Road, Clevedon



Gates open

Half-time stomping of the divots



First game: Play-off for fifth and sixth place. Five chukkas

NZ Polo Open presentation and speeches at the Clubhouse



Stomping of the divots

Official George FM after-party



Second game: Subsidiary final. Five chukkas

Bus leaving for Britomart from main gate

2.00PM Fashion on the Field competition outside the Clubhouse. Pre-register for the Bestdressed Woman, Best-dressed Man and Best Shoe at info@aucklandpolo.co.nz There’s also a registration desk on the day

2.30PM Land Rover versus Pony horsepower race

2.45PM Parade of champions

3.00PM Land Rover NZ Polo Open 2018 Final. Six chukkas

IMPORTANT The Land Rover NZ Polo Open is strictly a no BYO event. A day in the country watching great polo goes hand-in-hand with a glass of champagne or a beer, obtainable at the venue. If you think you’ll be indulging and staying on for the after-party, consider booking a return bus from $22.50 per person. Entry is by wristband only, received at the gate upon sighting your electronic ticket. Go to ITICKET. CO.NZ/EVENTS/2018/FEB/LAND-ROVERNZ-POLO-OPEN SAFETY For your safety, polo ponies and polo balls travel at speed and if either hits you, it hurts. Spectators must not be in the safety zone during play. The safety zone is the area within 10 metres of the boards (the sideboards outlining the field) and 30 metres from the back goal line. Only players, umpires, referees, goal judges, officials or stick holders may enter the safety zone while the game is in progress. Land Rover NZ Polo Magazine 2018

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77 Ponsonby Road


Raising the bar

There is strictly no BYO alcohol on the day. A cold beer or glass of champagne from the sidelines is one of the day’s pleasures, so there are plenty of bars set up around The Hill, the Clubhouse and the Heineken Bar specifically for this.

Best in fashion

Ride of your life

Land Rover’s Terrapod – a track with some pretty steep inclines – will be across the field from the Clubhouse. Buckle up in the passenger seat and your designated driver will take you on a roller coaster ride so you can experience the meaning of off-road in the comfort of a Land Rover for yourself.

Good for the sole

Head to the GelActiv Lounge, get a lovely foot massage and some courtesy Scholl GelActiv Insoles slipped into your shoes before doing all that hard work divot-stomping. There are gelcushioning versions for every shoe possibility from Flat Shoes, Everyday Heels, Open Shoes and High Heels, so you can really get stuck into those divots. You’ll spot the GelActiv Lounge by the bean bags and comfortable chairs.

Aside from the polo itself, the fashion competition is a great spectator sport and will be judged outside the Clubhouse at 2pm. If you fancy your chances, enter either online ahead of the day, or on the day at the registration desk – by 1pm. There’s a women’s, men’s and shoe category, with some great prizes to be won for the sartorially inclined.

Depth of


When you can tear yourself away from watching the polo, there are plenty of other attractions on the day


The Veuve Clicquot marquee – themed in a bright and bold Colourama theme this year – will be celebrating the 200th anniversary of Madame Clicquot’s blended Rosé champagne. Instead of the conventional elderberry base, she blended Bouzy reds with her classic champagne – et voila, the first blended rosé. It’s as perfect for a summer day now as it was when she created it all those years ago. To test this treat for yourself, the Clubhouse will be selling Madame Clicquot’s finest.

Party on

Once all the on-field action is done and the prize-giving over, stay on for the after-party. Polo players enjoy letting their hair down and some of these afterparties are legendary, so worth staying for. All tickets include entry to the party and perhaps consider getting the bus back to the city, which leaves at 8.30pm.

Pony versus horsepower The race of the day is the polo pony versus Land Rover race. It’s two lengths of the Fisher Polo Field and promises to be a nail-biter at 2.30pm. Land Rover NZ Polo Magazine 2018

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Knowing the rules makes watching this thrilling spectactor sport even more exciting


he essence of polo is this: two teams ride ponies, furiously chasing a ball to try to score as many goals as they can by swinging their mallets at it to get the ball through their goal posts. The team with the most goals at the end wins. It is infinitely easier said than done and a lot more complicated than it sounds. The riders Before you can even pick up a polo mallet, you need to be an experienced rider able to think nothing of breaking into a gallop at the drop of a hat, control a horse by holding not one, but two sets of reins in a single hand that must be left only and to take aim and connect with the ball by swinging your mallet in your right hand. This is set into polo law. If you’re lefthanded you must use the mallet in your right hand to avoid the game being even more dangerous than it already is. The teams Consist of four players. Like golf, all players have a handicap. A learner would start at -2 goals and the best players are a 10 goal. There are less than 24 10-goal players globally. The team handicap is worked out by adding the individual players’ handicaps together. For the New Zealand Polo Open, the team handicap is 18 goals and this can be any player handicap combination, as long as the total equals 18. So

Polo by the book

Rules of Polo

you could have an 8, 6, -1 and a 5 goaler; two 5s, a 2 and a 6 – and so on. Positions Players are a 1, 2, 3 or 4. Their numbers are on their shirts. Number 1 is a forward, attacking and offensive player, like a striker in soccer, an accurate hitter who looks for scoring opportunities, but must also be able to defend the oppposing team’s Number 3. Number 2 is also a forward, but purely offensive, able to follow Number 1 on attack. Usually, the second highest handicapped player. Number 3 is the equivalent of netball’s centre. This spot is most often for the highest handicapped player, who is able to hit long, accurate shots up field. Number 4 is the defence position. The primary aim of this position is to protect the goal and get the ball out of the danger area. Together, they work as a well-oiled machine. The pitch It’s called a field and measures 274m long by 200m wide. That’s the equivalent of more than six rugby pitches and means the ponies can get good speed up. Length of game Between four and six seven-and-ahalf-minute periods called chukkas. Play will continue until the ball goes out of play, or the whistle is blown. Umpires Two mounted umpires on the pitch and a third off the field, who will arbitrate if the first two can’t agree. There are also goal judges at both goal ends, who’ll wave a flag when a goal is scored. Start of play One of the mounted umpires will throw the ball into play mid-field. Throw-ins also happen at the start of each chukka and after every goal.

Goals They’re 7.3m wide and collapsible for safety’s sake. Once a goal is scored, teams switch goal ends in the interests of fairness in the event of wind or sun-strike. Speeds These ponies can travel up to 55km per hour. Why so many ponies? Because these ponies go hard and fast, one chukka takes all their energy, so a fresh horse is needed each chukka to keep the game fast and furious. Most riders will have at least three or four ponies per game. They’re saddled up, warmed up and on the sidelines tended by the grooms. Sometimes you’ll even see a rider switch ponies mid-chukka. This in itself is entertaining as they’ll often leap from their mount to their new pony without their feet touching the ground. Right of way This is the line in which the ball is travelling. The player who has just hit the ball has right of way and no player can cross the line in front of that player, unless there is absolutely no danger to pony or rider. If they cross in a dangerous manner, that’s a foul. Hooking sticks It may look like dirty play, but it’s a perfectly legal mode of play, so long as it’s done from the same side of the opponent as the ball or directly behind and the stick must be below the level of the opponent’s shoulder. Disallowed and cause for a foul is trying to hook in front of a pony’s legs. Penalty Entirely dependent on the foul, although a free hit at an undefended goal 30 or 40 yards from the posts can be awarded to a player fouled against.

Land Rover NZ Polo Magazine 2018 2015

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Pony tales Without such valiant steeds, there would be no polo. We go stable-side to find out more about these equine athletes Why are they called ponies?

Thoroughbreds are. However, most of the ponies in New Zealand are Thoroughbreds. That’s because they’re quick and agile – important traits in a pony. In Argentina, revered for its polo players and ponies, their local Criollo horses are crossed with Thoroughbreds for what many believe is the ultimate polo machine.

Habit. Once upon a time, they were allowed to be no more than 14 hands high. A hand is four inches and the way a pony’s height is measured from the ground to the top of its wither. Technically, a horse is a horse when it measures 14.2 hands or more. These days a polo playing pony can be any height, but they’re typically around 15.1 hands.

What do they do when it’s not polo season? They rest, eat, drink

What makes a good polo pony? Speed. The ability to turn on

and make merry. When the season approaches, grooms and riders begin to condition them and get their fitness back to where it has to be for the season.

a pin-head. Daring and bravery. A love of the game.

What’s with the no-mane and bandaged tail? For safety’s sake. It’s called a hogged mane and it’s shaved so it won’t get caught in the reins or mallet as the rider is trying to play. Likewise, the tail is braided and folded up onto the tailbone and taped to avoid a mallet getting tangled during play.

So, how much would one set you back in New Zealand? How long is a piece of string? Anything from $5,000-$100,000-plus.


They look like they know the rules. Is that really the case? Players say a good pony will anticipate the play. They’ll read the ball, turn towards it to give chase, sometimes before the player even knows what’s happening. The same goes for placing the rider where they need to be to get a clear shot. And, without being asked, they’ll often bump up against another pony – a legal move in the right circumstances.

What exactly is the breed of a pony? They’re allowed to

for decoration. Saddle: Not only does it help the rider stay on and rise from the seat, the special polo saddle is cut away in the front, making it easier to lean out when taking a shot. Bandages and tendon boots: To protect the delicate cannon bone and fetlock from any knocks. Breastplate: Keeps the saddle from slipping. Bridle: A collective term for the headgear to keep the bit in place. Bit: The metal sitting in the pony’s mouth for steering and control. Martingale: Stops the pony from throwing its head up and hitting the rider in the face. Running reins: These are over and above the first reins threading through the snaffle from the saddle for extra control.

Saddle Bit

Martingale Breast plate Bandages & tendon boots

be anything. A polo pony isn’t a registered breed the same way

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Running reins

They’re wearing more gear than the players. Do they need it all? Yes. Nothing’s there

Land Rover NZ Polo Magazine 2018

Learn to play

Giddy up

Don’t just watch polo, learn to play it


nce you’ve seen the thrill of the game first-hand, you may want to get some chukka action for yourself. The Auckland Polo School is in Clevedon Valley and offers both group and private lessons from Tuesday to Sunday – horses provided. Anyone can learn. All-comers are welcome, from those who’ve never so much as sat in a saddle, to former child riders who grew out of pony club ages ago but would like to try polo.

Events : Weddings : Florals Email: carol@branchandbloom.co.nz

www.branchandbloom.co.nz Branch and Bloom NZ


The resident polo coach will match the horse to the rider’s ability. And, if you’re willing to have a couple of hour’s lessons a week, within a month you could be playing basic chukkas. Be warned: if you ask any polo player, they’ll tell you the adrenaline-fuelled sport is completely addictive. To find out more email admin@countrypolo.co.nz; or phone 021 039 6639.

FOLLOW THE BALL If you fancy watching more polo, the Mystery Creek Women’s Tournament on 24-25 February is a chance to see some of the best women players. Then, in the Waikato town of Kihikihi, the Savile Cup is contested from 6-9 March. It is one of the country’s oldest sporting trophies, dating back to 1890. Which makes the Ranfurly Shield’s 1904 origins positively modern.

Star player

Poles apart Gisborne-born Glenn Sherriff divides his year between Clevedon and England – all for the love of polo

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Land Rover NZ Polo Magazine 2018

Photography by Eye Witness Images


’ve been playing the UK summer circuit for the past 11 consecutive years, playing four or five games a week. Sometimes it can get as busy as two or three games a day – it’s a big industry there. When I’m in England my focus is on playing professional polo, so I play with different patrons and at lots of different levels, mainly between 8 goal and 18 goal. The games I play focus around the Cowdray Park Polo Club in West Sussex and Guards in Windsor. I run a barn of 20-25 horses in England with my girlfriend Lottie Lamacraft. We have a main string of 15 playing ponies and a few younger ones, who are still learning. Lottie plays in a lot of women’s teams, so she’s able to play the greener horses and prepare them to play the faster polo with me. I’ll get to the yard in England at 8.30am. I’ll check all the ponies and grooms are happy and all ponies have trotted up sound on their morning exercises. I’ll then school the horses that aren’t going to polo and ride some youngsters with Lottie. From there, I’ll head to the

game early for a team talk. Postgame routine is a rundown with my teammates – often accompanied by a couple of beers. Then, it’s back to the yard to check that the ponies and grooms are all home safe and sound. We’ll trot ponies up hills for seven weeks before we start any schooling or chukkas. We aim to build their overall strength, so they’re in peak condition before they’re put under any pressure. We’ll then practise and play chukkas for a couple of weeks to get them playing fit before the tournaments start. My life in New Zealand is very different to life in the UK. In Clevedon we have just over 30 horses, although we aim to have 25 in work at any time. We start at 6am and spend the whole day riding and schooling the ponies. We like to keep some variation in the routine to keep the young horses happy and give them an all-round education. Some days will be spent stick-and-balling on the polo pitch so the horses can learn about the mallet and the moving white ball. We also like to hack the ponies out on long rides across the farm, or on the beach and we try to practise chukkas two or three times a week. Chukkas are perfect for keeping the older horses fine-tuned and teaching the younger ones about the game. Once the season starts, I’ll play two or three games a week. Any spare time in Clevedon is spent breaking-in ponies and sourcing new potential polo starts. We try to buy young race horses between two and four years-old and give them a new opportunity in life if they haven’t succeeded on the racetrack. We’ll also breed about three foals a year from the top mares.

It usually takes three seasons to produce a polo pony. Once we’ve got a good one, the aim is to take it to England, where they have a much higher commercial value. If they don’t go there, we’ll sell them here or to overseas buyers. New Zealand polo ponies are popular in places such as China and Singapore. They’re renowned for being extremely tough, agile and fast. I hate packing – it’s the downside of living in two hemispheres. It takes a long time to pack all our possessions into storage each year and even longer to pack away the copius amounts of horse gear we have. We’re very lucky to have great friends in England and New Zealand, who are able to look after our horses while we are on the other side of the world. Polo is a universal language. You can play it in most places across the globe even if you can’t actually speak the local dialect. Collecting a prize from Queen Elizabeth II was pretty cool. In 2016 we made it to the Royal Windsor final at Guards and she was giving out the prizes.

Land Rover NZ Polo Magazine 2018

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Choose some sartorial Working Style splendour


Take your pick of RUBY’S always charming collections

Enduring jewellery crafted by Zoe & Morgan is worth entering for

The best-shod will receive a Merchant 1948/ Mi Piaci voucher

This ultra-luxe La Mer skincare could be yours

Style stakes Enter the Fashion on the Field competition and you could be rewarded for your sideline style


f ever there was an incentive to up the fashion stakes this could be it. If you enter, there are some great prizes up for grabs – plus the sartorial glory.

Best-dressed woman

The winner receives: A $500 RUBY voucher to spend in one of RUBY’s stores. The label is beloved for designs that “effortlessly embody youthful elegance and adventurous charm”. The aesthetic draws on chic prints and fresh palettes that are playful, yet assured. La Mer skin products. Luxurious skincare brand La Mer is imbued with the legendary fermented kelp Miracle Broth, which regenerates and restores. La Mer was a personal odyssey by founder Dr Max Huber, who suffered burns in a laboratory and wanted to treat them. The winner receives The Lip Balm, The

page 18

Land Rover NZ Polo Magazine 2018

Mist and The Hand Treatment. A $500 Zoe & Morgan jewellery voucher. The three siblings who are responsible for this highly regarded international jewellery house are known for their artisanal and creative approach to design. They craft pieces from precious stones as well as fine gold and silver jewellery that are coveted for their wearable and timeless beauty.

Best-dressed man

Best shoe

Pre-register for Fashion on the Field ahead of Sunday 18 February in Clevedon by emailing info@ aucklandpolo.co.nz. There will also be a chance on the day. Look for the booth by the bridge as you enter the grounds. It is open from 11am-1pm, with competition entry free.

The winner of the best shoe – woman or man – will receive an $800 Mi Piaci or Merchant 1948 voucher. Mi Piaci is Italian for “I like” and you are sure to like the Europeaninfluenced styling of the women’s shoe label crafted from premium leather. The Merchant 1948 label has both men’s and women’s shoes, so everyone is covered.

A $500 Working Style voucher to further the winner’s sartorial splendour in-store. For more than 30 years, Working Style has been trading in shirts, suiting and casual wear for men who do everything from go to the office to valve grinds and want to do it in style.


Meet the fashion judges We’ve called in the style heavyweights to preside over the Fashion on the Field competition. Here’s how to impress them

Wilhelmina Shrimpton Newshub television reporter and no slouch in the fashion stakes herself.

Sarah Stuart

Deanna Didovich

Diana Marshall

Roderick Singh

Mediaworks stylist. She’s the one responsible for dressing Samantha Hayes and Mike McRoberts for Newshub Live at 6pm every night, as well as The Project’s presenters and many more to boot.

RUBY designer Deanna has imbued the label with youthful elegance and adventurous charm.

Mi Piaci and Merchant 1948’s marketing manager will have her eyes trained firmly on the ground quietly appraising good soles.

As director for Working Style in Ponsonby, Roderick spends his days putting together total looks for his clients, so is well-versed in men dressing ably.


Wilhelmina For me it’s about the outfit in its entirety. I’ll be looking at how people pull a look together from top to toe. It’s not just about the dress, or the suit, but also about the accessories for a fully polishedoff look. Dressing for the conditions is also a must, and don’t forget about what colour palettes suit the surroundings. Being the height of summer, whites, creams, and pastels are a fantastic option for a day at the polo. Of course, shoes are a great way to finish it all off. Remember they should be fashionable but also practical. Most of the day is spent on the grass so, ladies, leave those stilettos at home and put on your best divot-stomping pair!

Sarah Clever styling from head to toe. I will take in all the very small elements that make up the

entire look. Sophisticated, feminine and weather-appropriate are key for dressing for the polo. I will be looking for style and originality.

You’ll always stand out when you’re comfortable and wearing the right amount of colour for you.

Deanna I’ll be looking for someone


whose personality shines through the outfit they have put together. I am sure there will be some beautiful fashion on display, but, for me, it’ll be all about not just the trendiest dress, but about considered styling, unique accessories and a great colour palette.

Diana An unexpected risk that elevates a look and makes the wearer stand out. Consideration should be given to occasion appropriate footwear. Stilettos are best left off the field.

Roderick Someone who shows their creative side and styles an outfit in a more relaxed, colourful manner than for the races. Keep it light, tailored and matched back to your natural features and personality. Bolder isn’t always better.

Wilhelmina Creativity. I’ll be looking for people who think outside the box, by putting their own spin on a classic polo look. Whether that’s with a bold print, or a less traditional piece. For ladies, a dress or skirt aren’t the only options. A tailored pair of pants or a jumpsuit is a great way to mix it up. Bring your A game!

Sarah Accessories at the polo are key, and a bold pair of earrings, sunglasses or a statement bag can be a fun way to make an outfit memorable. I’m also a big fan of gorgeous wide-brimmed hats. Deanna The best hat of course! Diana The finer details. A pedicure is an important finishing touch.

Roderick Complementary accessories. Land Rover NZ Polo Magazine 2018

page 19

The fashion crowd Polo is a spectactor sport. When you’re done watching the polo, train your eyes on the sartorial splendour of the crowd


efreshingly, polo is relatively devoid of rules when it comes to dress codes. Well, compared with a trip to the races. This is, after all, Sunday afternoon in the country in summer, so stuffy and formal will look decidedly out of place. That said, there are a few pointers about what works and what doesn’t and most of it is really common sense dressing for the time and place. It would pay to take heed of what Auckland Polo Club Open event manager Hannah Marshall wears: “Comfortable

wedges I can walk in all day, a floaty summer dress and a floppy hat to keep the sun off”.

YOU’RE IN THE COUNTRY. If there is one incontrovertable fashion rule for polo, it is this: vertiginous heels, a polo field and spectacting are mutually exclusive. They go together like oil and water. And anyone who’s ever tried to look effortless with spike heels sinking into turf will know what we mean. Wedges, a sturdy mid-heel or flat sandal are far better options.

REPEAT, YOU’RE IN THE COUNTRY, NOT AT THE BEACH. The dress code may be relaxed but it’s not on holiday. So denim cut-offs are not acceptable, neither are barely-there tops. Nor are Jandals highly rated.

OR THE OFFICE. A power suit or dress tailored to within an inch of its life is also a no-go. You’re off-duty and life isn’t all about networking.

IT IS SUMMER. In all likelihood you’ll need a hat to keep the sun

Fashion off. A wide-brimmed straw hat ticks both the shade-seeking hat requirements and style stakes. Avoid a formal hat – the sort the Royal family are fond of for a formal outing – like the plague. Totally wrong vibe.

POLO FASHION IS NOT PAIN. Style needs to have a practical face, so whoever said fashion was pain is all wrong when it comes to fashion at the polo. Short shorts and strapless tops that you need to keep hitching and a too-short dress that could easily catch the breeze and leave you redfaced are not great options. Comfort is key, and the winners here are crisp cotton shirts tucked into long floaty skirts, pretty silk dresses and wide-legged jumpsuits.

COLOUR WON’T SCARE THE HORSES. Though not colour blind, horses have dichromatic vision and are able to see blue and green, although not as acutely as we do. So, be bold and go all out with your choice of colour, or opt for white. That’s always a refreshing look for summer.

Survival kit

BONUS POINTS FOR A POLO SHIRT. Wearing a polo at the polo – it’s not rocket science. And the choice of colours is almost infinite. The preppy look is just perfect for the sidelines with a pair of chinos or linen pants.

SHORTS ARE ENCOURAGED. Linen shorts, a printed shirt and relaxed blazer is a great combo. If you’re contemplating shorts and a jacket, be wary of looking like a little boy at Sunday School. Mixing textures and colour is important here.

SOCKS ARE FROWNED UPON. With loafers, dare to go bare. If you must wear socks, do it with jodhpur-style boots.





1. Bobbi Brown SPF50 Protective Face Base, $78. 2. Seed sunhat, $59.90. 3. Kate Sylvester sunglasses, $349. 4. Antipodes Still Water, $4.

YOU WANT TO RADIATE NATURAL BEAUTY. Polished skin, a pretty lip and loosely waved hair, or a carefully coiffed ponytail are the order of the day. Save your cat-eye eyeliner technique for evening.

MEN The same goes for men when it comes to dressing for the conditions.

YOU’RE IN THE COUNTRY. You’re not meeting your banker, so stay well away from your weekday suit.

Land Rover NZ Polo Magazine 2018

page 21


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C B R E ( AG E N CY ) LT D, L I C E N S E D R E A L E STAT E AG E N T ( R E A A 20 08)

Fashion 15



14 13






What would Alexa wear?



When in doubt, fashion types often ask exactly this. If it’s to polo, Alexa Chung’s go-to is frills and laidback style. Nothing too done


1. Boston & Bailey bag, $$49.99, from Farmers. 2. Trelise Cooper dress, $699. 3. Merchant 1948 sandals, $199.90. 4. Witchery shorts, $109.90. 5. Zoe & Morgan Rising Sun earrings, $575. 6. Briarwood bag, $439, from Smith & Caughey’s. 7. Juliette Hogan sunglasses, $479. 8. Merchant 1948 lace-ups, $229.90 . 9. RUBY skirt, $199. 10. RUBY cropped top, $139. 11. Bobbi Brown Art Stick Harlow Red, $56. 12. Witchery lace top, $99.90. 13. Ace of Something straw boater, $85, from Smith & Caughey’s. 14. Witchery dress, $169.90. 15. Zoe & Morgan Rising Sun necklace, $599.



Land Rover NZ Polo Magazine 2018

page 23

Fashion 14 15 1




3 4

11 5

Make like Meghan On the sidelines, Meghan Markle is all easy elegance. Channel her and you really will sparkle like Markle



1. Bobbi Pot Rouge Rose, $56. 2. Witchery satin trench, $279.90. 3. Jo Malone Wild Bluebell Cologne, $116. 4. Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color in Neutral Rose, $64. 5. Zoe & Morgan Ahana ring, $275. 6. Witchery satin slip skirt, $199.90. 7. Mi Piaci heels, $260. 8. RUBY camisole, $129. 9. Matt & Nat bag, $279, from Smith & Caughey’s. 10. RUBY pants, $199. 11. Gucci sunglasses, $535, from Smith & Caughey’s. 12. Caroline Sills skirt, $219. 13. Zoe & Morgan eclipse earrings, $250. 14. Caroline Sills shirt, $319.15. Juliette Hogan dress, $649.

9 7


Land Rover NZ Polo Magazine 2018

page 25

Fashion 1

12 13





Blazers of glory


Pull no punches with colour when it comes to your polo, chinos and blazer combo

1. Meccano shirt, $89.99. 2. Zoe & Morgan triangle ring, $125. 3. Merchant 1948 suede boot, $369. 4. Ted Baker polo, $179, from Smith & Caughey’s. 5. Working Style shorts, $149. 6. Merchant 1948 suede loafer, $219.90. 7. Meccano belt, $49.99. 8. Tom Ford Noir Extreme, $260 for 100ml. 9. Working Style chinos, $299. 10. Superdry polo, $89.99, from Smith & Caughey’s. 11. Connor Naren shirt, $69.99, from Farmers. 12. Logan Thistle trilby, $39.99, from Farmers. 13. Working Style cotton blazer, $790.





page 26

Land Rover NZ Polo Magazine 2018


2017 winners

Tiger, tiger burning bright In last year’s dramatic final, Tiger Building won the day


here was one goal in it in last year’s final, but Tiger Building prevailed and snatched victory from Semco PDL. Final score: seven goals to six. On the winning team were brothers JohnPaul Clarkin (handicap 7 goals) and Matthew Clarkin (handicap 0 goals). Also part of what is now called Tiger Polo is Kit Brooks (handicap 5 goals) and Craig Wilson (6 goals). Harry Semenoff Jnr’s Semco PDL team consisted of himself (handicap

0 goals), Glenn Sherriff (handicap 5 goals), Thomas Hunt (handicap 6 goals) and the Argentinian wunderkind Juan Britos (handicap 7 goals). They fought hard for glory in honour of Harry’s late father, Harry Senior, who desperately wanted to get his hands on the cup. Conditions were challenging, thanks to heavy rain the night before the event. This made play difficult for the ponies, all eyes were on the field for a masterclass in polo.

Riveting is one word for it. Towards the end of the final chukka, Semco PDL got a penalty shot at goal, which would have evened both teams and sent the match into extra time. Matthew saved the day for Tiger Building, hitting the ball out of the air at full reach away from goal. With many of the players from last year’s final back again this year, there are some old scores to be settled on the field.

Land Rover NZ Polo Magazine 2018

page 27

2018 teams

Chris Mackenzie

Guy Higginson in full swing


Studio Italia C

Pete Dormer

hristchurch patron Pete Dormer is no stranger to the winners’ podium at the NZ Open, having taken home the trophy in 2016 at his second attempt. Experienced English professional Ollie Tuthill played alongside him then and is back this year, making the journey from the South Island, where he’s based himself during the Southern Hemisphere summer for more than 15 years. There’s fresh blood in the team courtesy of the incredibly agile Guy Higginson and South African superstar player, Chris Mackenzie. The Higginson/Mackenzie combination is sure to up the ante in terms of pace, with both players known for their love of fast play. The whippet-thin Higgie, as he’s known, is built for speed. He first wore the Silver Fern as an 18-year-old touring England as a NZ Colt and most recently represented the country at the FIP World Championships, held in Sydney in October. Mackenzie, a native of beautiful Plettenberg Bay in South Africa, is making his second trip to New Zealand. There’s very little left for this 24-year-old to tick off his polo bucket list, having lifted all the major silverware across the English high-goal season as well as on his home turf. Some of the best polo ponies are found in the South Island. This team will be bringing the Mainland’s finest equine athletes on the long trek north, making this team serious contenders.

› Pete Dormer

1 goal

› Ollie Tuthill

5 goals

› Guy Higginson

6 goals

Pete Dormer (left) and English pro Ollie Tuthill

Higgie makes a run

› Chris Mackenzie 7 goals Chris Mackenzie (left), representing South Africa

Land Rover NZ Polo Magazine 2018

page 29

Capital Markets Auckland CBD L13, 34 Shortland St +64 9 377 3700

South Auckland L1, 381 Great South Rd +64 9 377 3700

Christchurch L1, 145 Victoria St +64 3 377 3700


2018 teams Charlie Wood between chukkas

From left: Charlie and Henry Wood at a recent Christchurch tournament


Knight Frank W

Henry Wood in action

ood is the word in this team, with all three Wood brothers lining up together for the first time in this tournament. Polo courses through the veins of this South Island family. Father Roddy managed the royally-connected Guards Polo Club in Windsor Great Park for many years and has produced these three amazingly talented sons. All three boys are professional players and have represented New Zealand internationally. They say a polo handicap is a passport to the world and the Wood boys can certainly attest to that. During the past winter alone, Charlie, Jimmy and Henry have played in Zambia, Nigeria, Iran, Canada and the UK. That’s a fair few air miles. In the absence of a fourth Wood, England team captain James Harper has been brought in to round out this team. This looks to be an inspired move, the ultraexperienced Harper will bring a cool head to the team captain role and will likely direct operations from the number three position. James is no stranger to the NZ Open, having been a member of the winning team in 2015. He’s almost afforded honorary Kiwi status, as his wife Shannon is a native. Knight Frank have supported the Wood boys team for four years now. They’ve just won the South Island championship in Hagley Park and will be looking to take the honours at Clevedon this month.

› Henry Wood

3 goals

› Charlie Wood

4 goals

› Jimmy Wood

5 goals

› James Harper

7 goals

Jimmy Wood

UK import James Harper

Land Rover NZ Polo Magazine 2018

page 31

Vodafone Derby Day Saturday 3 March 2018 Barfoot & Thompson Auckland Cup Day Saturday 10 March 2018

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2018 teams Juan Martin Zubia in action for Argentina


Glenn Sherriff


unners-up last year after a herculean battle in less than ideal conditions, Semco PDL are here with their eyes very firmly on the prize. Team patron, Harry Semenoff Jnr, is making a third attempt at realising his late father, Harry Snr’s, dream of seeing the Semco PDL name engraved on the Land Rover NZ Open trophy. This stellar lineup could well be the team that pulls off the big win.The Gisborne-born international Glenn Sherriff will be bringing his trademark no-nonsense powerhouse approach to the field alongside his prodigiously talented fellow Kiwi international Thomas Hunt. The ultimate cool customer, Hunt makes the seemingly impossible look easy. He’s a man of few words off the field, but lets his mallet do the talking once the game begins. The team gets a dollop of South American glamour and skill courtesy of exciting young Argentine international, Juan Martin Zubia. The 18-year-old wunderkind will be fresh from playing for Argentina against New Zealand in an official test match, where his NZ Open team-mates, Sherriff and Hunt, will be on the opposing side.This Semco PDL team has the horsepower and the skill to meet any opposition in this tournament. Will 2018 be the year they take the trophy home? It could be time to clear a space on the mantelpiece.

Harry Semenoff Jnr

› Harry Semenoff Jnr 0 goals › Glenn Sherriff

5 goals

› Thomas Hunt

6 goals

› Juan Martin Zubia

7 goals

Thomas Hunt (in black)

Argentine rising star Juan Martin

Land Rover NZ Polo Magazine 2018

page 33

2018 teams

Kit Brooks

Kit Brooks chases the ball



JP and Kit talk tactics

New Zealand’s highest rated player JP Clarkin

Tiger Polo

ast year’s winners, Tiger Polo return, and they’re ready to bare their teeth to retain the NZ Open Champions title in 2018. Team Captain John-Paul Clarkin, NZ’s highest handicapped player and known as JP, has once again surrounded himself with two more of NZ’s finest internationals, Kit Brooks and Craig Wilson. This tried-andtested trio work seamlessly together and are guaranteed to produce some stunning action on the field. This year, JP has invited one of the country’s most exciting young players, Josh Diprose, to fill the pivotal number one position on the team. It’ll be a big moment for this talented and likeable young player, who’ll be keen to make his mark and catch the eye of the Kiwi selectors. Should you stumble into conversation with any polo aficionado, which is not recommended unless you have a lot of time on your hands, they will likely tell you this team has the highest horsepower in the tournament. Wilson, Brooks and Clarkin are all renowned trainers of top polo horses and superb horsemen. Team sponsors, Lawrence Boucher and wife, Diane, of Tiger Building have backed this team for five years and a second win would be a well-deserved reward for their steadfast support. Oh, and if you have a strong patriotic streak, this 100 per cent Kiwi team is the one you’ll back this year.

› Josh Diprose

0 goals

› Kit Brooks

5 goals

› John Paul Clarkin 7 goals › Craig Wilson

6 goals

John Paul Clarkin

Josh Diprose (in orange)

Last year’s winning team with the silverware

Land Rover NZ Polo Magazine 2018

page 35

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2018 teams

Henry Jones approaches the ball



Jeremy Jones better known as JJ

Matt Grimes from across the ditch

Paco O’Dwyer in his trademark helmet

Henry in action at the 2017 Open


nother team keeping it in the family, this time it’s cousins Jeremy and Henry Jones teaming up. Jeremy is another amateur player who had the skills to pursue a career in polo, but instead settled for a less transient life as a property developer based in Clevedon with his wife and three young daughters. Cousin Henry however has blazed a trail as an international professional, splitting his time between here and the UK. Joining the Jones duo are two very exciting players, the Argentinian Paco O’Dwyer and Australian Matt Grimes. The gentle, unassuming O’Dwyer is something of a smiling assassin and not to be underestimated. Teammate Grimes is crossing the ditch for his first attempt at this premier tournament. His last visit here was in December as part of an Australian team playing New Zealand in a trans-Tasman test match. We’ll sweep the result of that one under the carpet for our Kiwi readers. The field for the competition this year is very strong, with six equally matched teams. This Brink’s team are strong contenders, who have the added benefit of access to the Jones family’s string of top class ponies, many of whom will be destined for international careers themselves.

› Jeremy Jones

2 goals

› Henry Jones

3 goals

› Paco O’Dwyer

7 goals

› Matt Grimes

6 goals

Land Rover NZ Polo Magazine 2018

page 37

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2018 teams James Worker’s trademark grin

Boyd on Takapuna Beach

UK’s Boyd Allen


Jejo planning the next play

James Worker mid swing

KHS Sany

Libby Law Photography


ell-known Clevedon local, James Worker, is back for a second attempt at the Land Rover NZ Polo Open with his KHS Sany team. Despite being an amateur player, James has the talent and ability to play at professional level and before settling down to establish his business, Kiwi Hire and Sales, he played full seasons in both England and Australia and represented New Zealand in a colts team. James has not held back in bringing in some real grunt to support him in his bid for victory. One of NZ’s most capped international players, Waikato’s Tommy Wilson should never be underestimated. He brings a wealth of wily ways that only come with a vast array of experience and can lure the opposition into making mistakes. The inclusion of Uruguayan superstar, Jejo Taranco, on an 8 goal handicap, will be cause for concern to other teams but cause for excitement among spectators. The South Americans always entertain with their quick, clever moves. Brit Boyd Allen fell in love with New Zealand while studying to be a vet at Massey, and now bases himself in Clevedon each summer. Boyd is well-mounted and handy off 2 goals; if this combination gel, they’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

› Boyd Allen

2 goals

› James Worker

2 goals

› Tommy Wilson

6 goals

› Jejo Taranco

8 goals

Uruguayan hotshot JejoTaranco

Tommy Wilson

Land Rover NZ Polo Magazine 2018

page 39

Thank you to our sponsors

Special thanks The Auckland Polo Club would like to thank the vast team of volunteers who contribute to the Land Rover NZ Polo Open. From the timekeepers to the grounds’ volunteers beavering away night and day, there is endless effort put into this event behind the scenes. The Open could not run without the support we receive, and we wholeheartedly thank you all.

Please note the Land Rover NZ Polo Open is not a BYO event. Because a day in the country watching great polo goes hand-in-hand with a glass or two of champagne or a beer, there are bars where you’re able to buy drinks. If you think you’ll be indulging and staying on for the after-party, please consider booking a return bus from $22.50 per person. Go to iTICKET.co.nz. Entry is strictly by wristband only.

page 40

Land Rover NZ Polo Magazine 2018





Think you know polo? Take our quiz


Which world leader played polo?

A Ronald Reagan B Fidel Castro C Winston Churchill


Who said “playing polo is like trying to play golf during an earthquake”

A Sylvester Stallone B Idris Elba C Pierce Brosnan


Which left-handed member of the British royal family played polo but had to play right-handed, according to international polo law? A Prince Philip B Prince William C The Duke of Windsor


Which Woody Allen character said “there’s nothing wrong with you that a little Prozac and a polo mallet can’t cure”? A Alvy Singer in Annie Hall B Larry Lipton in Manhattan Murder Mystery

C Gabe Roth in Husbands

and Wives


Which is an old proverb?

A It is better to lose the saddle than the horse B If you have had enough of polo, you have had enough of life at Windsor C The trick to never falling off a horse is never cantering before you can trot


Novelist Wally Lamb said you’d be where, if you preferred liverwurst to pate and bowling to polo? A Long Island, not Bridgeport B Eastern Conneticut, not Western Conneticut C Queens, not Brooklyn


The polo-playing Prince Charles ...

A Met Camilla, now Duchess of Cornwall, at a polo match B Was in a coma for four days after a fall during a match C Played polo four days before his wedding to Diana, even though the Princess-to-be warned him against it


The 3rd Viscount Cowdray is credited with reestablishing polo in England after WWII. He played even though he lost his left arm at Dunkirk. He managed to do so with help from Churchill, who: A Changed the rules so one of the players on the opposing team had to have him arm tied behind his back at all times to even up the playing field when he played B Always played at his side, holding his reins for him when he took a shot C Enlisted his gun-makers to adapt an artificial arm so Cowdray could hold the reins with a hook


What is a ‘millionaire’s shot’?

A The easy goal shot set up by the more skilled team members for their lower-handicapped patron B A goal scored from mid-field, so called because it is the money shot C When the ball is shot very close to the legs of the pony or under the belly. If the legs are hit, it’s assumed only millionaires with a vast string of ponies can afford such a casualty

In Jilly Cooper’s novel Polo, what is Ricky France-Lynch’s burning ambition?


A To win back his wife B Become a 10-goaler C Break up Rupert Campbell-Black’s marriage, then break his nose

1) C; 2) A; 3) B; 4)B; 5) A; 6) B; 7) A; 8) A, although he did play polo three days before his marriage to Diana; 9) C; 10) C

Land Rover NZ Polo Magazine 2018

page 41


Ticket options There are so many ways to watch the polo and socialise. Take your pick from GA to luxurious marquees at the Land Rover NZ Polo Open

THE CLUBHOUSE TERRACE Treat yourself and nine friends or clients to a day of luxury at the polo. Buy a table for 10 in the historic Clubhouse, right in the centre of the action, and enjoy a three-course meal and beverage allocation. $2,750 for a table from iTICKET.co.nz or email openmanager@ aucklandpolo.co.nz

GENERAL ADMISSION Gain access to the Chukka Lawn for food and beverages, and to the after-party, plus the chance to enter the Fashion on the Field competition. From $35 at iTICKET.co.nz

BUS Take away the hassle of getting to and from the polo by booking the bus. The bus leaves from Britomart at 10.30am and returns at 8.30pm. Tickets from $22.50 at iTICKET.co.nz

CORPORATE HOSPITALITY Show your clients how much they matter by treating them to a VIP day at the polo. The hassle is taken out of hosting in a luxurious, private, field-side marquee. They come fully catered and furnished, with a private marquee steward and starter beverage package included. From $2,500. Contact the polo office for more details at openmanager@aucklandpolo.co.nz

All tickets available from iticket.co.nz FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT Hannah Marshall, Event Director Phone: 027 292 3004 openmanager@aucklandpolo.co.nz

Land Rover NZ Polo Magazine 2016

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Event Map

Profile for Land Rover NZ Polo Open

Land Rover NZ Polo Magazine 2018  

Land Rover NZ Polo Magazine 2018