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The Secret Travels of the Grapevine… Grapevine is now available around the world: lampetergrapevine/stacks … but we are also really interested to know how far and wide the paper versions have travelled; what local villages and communities it has reached and what route it has taken - Or perhaps how many people have passed it on to someone else? Are you planning any travels over the coming months? If so please don’t forget to pack your copy of Grapevine - we’re always fascinated to find out where in the world it goes. Can your copy of Grapevine be the most environmentally friendly traveller? Or will yours be shared in a variety of unusual ways, be found in an quirky local location, be upcycled or recycled? Where will your copy of Grapevine end up? Why don’t you send us your photos:

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Grapevine out on a lovely jaunt recently with Lampeter WI on a trip to a great Welsh hotspot, the Great Orme!

Thanks to Sue Jones for kindly sending this one in. 2

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Croeso / Welcome to this issue of the Grapevine

As a recent arrival to the Lampeter area, this issue has been an eye-opener for me. Getting a smallholding up and producing whilst starting university for the third time at the ripe young age of 60 has not left much time to explore the local hotspots. Only in the last two weeks did my partner and I finally make it out to Denmark Farm for a fascinating class teaching seed harvesting and storage. As gardening is a passion that was honed in high and dry New Mexico, I hope to make it out to various gardens such as Yr Efail, and Bwlch y Geuffordd (page 32) and Ysgoldy’r Cwrt (page 25) that are showing off their last blooms and unique designs before the colder weather settles in. Even ‘Secret Gardens’ (page 12) can become a gathering place for friends and fauna. All of the gardens are so green, so fertile, and astonishingly breathtaking. My ear more quickly tunes in to the melodic rhythms of the Welsh language spoken so beautifully here. I realise that anywhere I can hear, learn and practise a bit more Welsh is the place to bide a while. Being able hear Welsh sung by a chorale (page 10, 14) is an added bonus! Classes at Aberystwyth take up a few mornings and afternoons, but there is still time in the week to learn more about 1000 years of history (page 8), made even more impactful now that we call Lampeter & Cellan home, or touch base with the local MS group. Even my Assistance Dog, Ruth, loves being here in the cool and damp. There are so many things to do, places to visit, and people to meet in our corner of the world. Even if the rain is pelting down or the wind is sending bits of Ireland east, I know that I can always find some of our best local hotspots in the kitchens and homes of our many friends and neighbours who have welcomed us to this heavenly part of Wales. Hope to see you soon! Carolmarie Chamberlin, Editor-until-Angie-feels-up-to-it! Darllenwch yn hapus / Happy reading.

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Fiona Castle to speak at Annual Church Service for Cancer in Lampeter

and medical terminology while trying to come to terms with the future and the meaning of a terminal diagnosis. One of the stand out positives was from the support of the community in terms of coming together to help us both through difficult times. It was a truly amazing response with lots of events and ideas for charity fundraising, messages of support from friends as well as strangers, prayer groups from far afield and a generally proactive, practical and positive response from everyone. Jane's incredibly positive attitude also helped and has inspired everyone who has met her." Steven continues "After speaking to others in similar situations, I learnt how important 'Faith' is to many, in helping staying positive and providing community in different forms. It was with this in mind that I wanted to bring a church service together, for all beliefs or none, that would be open to those affected by cancer, whether it be a survivor, friend or family, carer or medical professional. The Pause for Hope services which were set-up in 1999 by Prof. Donnelly seemed the ideal model and so the seed was sown. Since the first service of its kind in Wales in 2017, we have had an absolutely great response and involvement from a lot of the local churches, local school, charities as well as individuals. We have kept the services upbeat and positive, which works really well when including the local school children and underlines the idea that cancer affects all of us in some way. This year we are delighted to have the involvement of Fiona Castle OBE, wife of the late Roy Castle, the entertainer who died 25 years ago of lung cancer. She has supported the charity which bears his name (Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation) from the beginning as well as being very open about her faith and the strength it gave through the very public journey of Roy's diagnosis and death." "This year’s Pause for Hope service looks to continue the successes and support of previous years and hope that it can touch the lives of many, going through difficult times, by giving hope and community in the form of the Pause for Hope service." The service will take place in St Peter's Church, Lampeter on Sunday 20 October at 2:30pm

Pause for Hope is delighted to be holding its third annual bilingual service in Lampeter later this year (Sunday 20 October, 2:30pm, St Peter's Church Lampeter) with guest speaker Fiona Castle OBE, wife of the late entertainer Roy Castle. Pause for Hope is a national charity that enables prayer services throughout the UK for all those affected by cancer, from patients and carers to medics and health professionals, all are welcome of any faith, or none. The idea to bring the service to Wales was from Lampeter resident Steven Holmes after his wife Jane was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer at the age of only 43 as well as a subsequent meeting with Prof Ray Donnelly (Founder and President of the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and Founder and Trustee of Pause for Hope). Steven said "After a cancer diagnosis of someone close, everything changes and you are thrown into an unknown world of tests, results Dear Editor You may be aware that Lampeter driving test centre will be closing from the 22nd of this month (August). Local learners (such as myself) and driving instructors are finding out by word of mouth only as there has been no official announcement or explanation given. This will have a huge affect on the local community for years to come as learners will now have to spend more to factor in travel time if they want to practice in the test areas of Carmarthen, Cardigan or Aberystwyth. Many local people feel this is wrong and are calling for a halt or at least a suspension of the closure while adjustments can be made. There is a lot of comment about this on local Facebook sites and Carmarthen Journal / Wales online are looking into it. I wondered whether your publication would be interested in looking into this too as it will be relevant to your readers. MP Ben Lake and MP Jonathan Edwards have been made aware. There is a petition that has been started up but as we are all finding out so late there is great concern that efforts will not be enough. Here is a link to the petition I hope this matter is of interest to you and to hear from you soon, Yours Faithfully Hannah Benson

For more information, please contact Steven, 07821 524060, and for more information on Pause for Hope please visit or email Steven Holmes 4



n ddiweddar mynychodd y Dirprwy Faer Cyng. Selwyn Walters a Cyng. Helen Thomas gyfarfod gyda’r Comisiynydd Trosedd, y Prif Gwnstable a’u timau. Fe wnaethant gadarnhau y byddai'r teledu cylch cyfyng yn cael ei droi yn ôl yn Llambed ar ddiwedd mis Hydref Dywedodd y Dirprwy Faer mai'r prif bwnc arall oedd brwydro yn yn erbyn mater cyffuriau yn y dref. Roedd yr heddlu’n awyddus i’n sicrhau eu bod yn gweitho’n ddwys ar y broblem cyffuriau yn yr ardal. afodd y Maer, Cyng. Rob Phillips cyfarfod gyda’r Arolygydd Fraser a ma hi yn awyddus i ddenu arian ar gyfer gwasanaethau i bobl ifanc yn y dref. Y syniadau sydd wedi dod o’r Cynlluni Lle yw bod y plant ifanc ishe parc bwrdd sglefio yn y dref. ae y Maer yn anfon llythyr at y DVSA i leisio ein siom bod y ganolfan prawf gyrru wedi cau yn y dref ac ein bod yn anhapus iawn gydar’r penderfyniad a’r diffyg rhybudd a gafwyd ynglyn a’r cau ac i ofyn iddynt ailystyried y penderfyniad.

he Deputy Mayor Cllr. Selwyn Walters and Cllr. Helen Thomas recently attended a meeting with the Crime Commissioner, the Chief Constable and their teams. They confirmed that the CCTV would be turned back on in Lampeter at the end of October. The Deputy Mayor said that the other main topic was combating the drug issue in town. The police were keen to assure us that they were working intensely on the drug problem in the area. he Mayor, Cllr. Rob Phillips has met with Inspector Fraser who is eager to attract money for services for the youngsters in town. The ideas that have come from the Place Plans, is that the youngsters in town want a skate board park. he Mayor will send a letter to the DVSA to voice our disappointment that the driving test centre has closed in town and that we are very unhappy with the decision and lack of warning received regarding the closure and to ask them to reconsider the decision.

BioBlitz day at Denmark Farm!

bryophytes for Ceredigion and some less common moths, including the Devon Carpet, as well, a new helliborine plant for us and a rare plant bug! Wow! ommon species of wildlife as well as less common were found, all of which are important, and which we now know all can be found at Denmark Farm nature reserve. veryone was kept fed and watered throughout the day by Mara and Jackie, who made some delicious pizzas for everyone and were much appreciated. So many thanks to both of you as well. ll these records collected over the day will help us to monitor the biodiversity we have here. We’re hoping to run another BioBlitz day in a couple of years’ time and then we can compare results. This will help us to continue to manage this special place for the future and increase the biodiversity that lives here at Denmark Farm. Many thanks again for everyone who was involved in the day. f you would like to join our team of volunteers on our new project Cadw Natur Mewn Côf, Nature in Mind, please get in touch with Linda Bradshaw-Wood at




ou may be saying ‘what is a BioBlitz?’ Well, it’s a day of recording all of the various species of wildlife found and this is what we have recently done at Denmark Farm. hat a fantastic day we all had! We worked closely with West Wales Biodiversity Information Centre (WWBIC) who kindly contacted all the Ceredigion Local Recorders who specialise in different species and invited them to take part. Toni and Sophie from WWBIC also joined us for the day to record all the findings on their database. e had experts in many different groups of species including mosses, lichens, ferns, plants, birds, land and water insects, moths, butterflies and bats. Many thanks go to all these amazing people who all gave their time freely for the day. heir records are still arriving and being updated on the WWBIC database, but it looks as though there will be about 600+ different species found over the day including the discovery of three new species of





Linda Bradshaw-Wood 5

MAKE DO AND MEND 9 I was going to give you a quick repurposing tip for straightening out a worse than useless potato masher into a passable spatula, but as Australia go into the dry season with river systems already facing collapse, some running at as low as 1.5%, some water storage at only 11%, and rainfall in the lowest 10% of historical records, I read from a Guardian article entitled ‘Dead things everywhere’ and my heart sank. Julia Creek lost three quarters of a million head of cattle in floods that swept fencing and pastures away, yet outside floodplains drought continues... days ago I watched muddy rain pouring off ploughed fields one side of the road while the other side of the camber ran clear... we are so much more fortunate here, but if we don’t start farming resiliently (without ploughing and relying on chemicals for fertility) climate extremes will hit us hard too. Agricultural policy has to change, because regenerative agriculture restores carbon and natural fertility to soils, retaining clean water that benefits everyone, in complete contrast to existing methods, which work counter to any ideas of sustainability, using more energy, more water (poisoning what’s left), more chemicals, creating more need for chemicals, whilst still failing to provide the nutrition we need for our own health. Make no mistake - Catastrophic Climate Change is already upon us; ask anyone in the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, India or anywhere else savaged by storms; anyone affected by unprecedented forest fires springing up everywhere; anyone affected by unprecedented flooding; anyone living at sea level... Watch as weather extremes play havoc with growing conditions all around the world... and watch as food prices increase.

Where can I recycle foil lined crisp packets in and around Lampeter?

Reception, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Lampeter Campus, Ceredigion SA48 7ED

Denmark Farm Conservation Centre Betws Bledrws LAMPETER Ceredigion SA48 8PB

Our Public Inconvenience Announcement is ‘Grow Your Own’ ‘Rebel For Life’ & ‘ACT NOW!!’ Youth activists from the international school strike movement called for a global strike 20 September. I hope everyone was able to come out in solidarity with school students fighting for a better future for us all, so they can see they are not fighting alone. If you were unable to contribute, Extinction Rebellion are continuing with protests, with a major uprising from 7 October in London. Come and join in, show your support online, and keep having these conversations. Talk to any of us at The People’s Market, The Repair Cafe, The Inconvenience Stall, The Seed Library, Incredible Edible, Transition Lambed, and Cheryl Hillier singer/songwriter, health and climate campaigner and Biochar Lady


CAVO Bryndulais Bridge Street Lampeter SA48 7AB

Victoria Hall, Bryn Road Lampeter, SA48 7EE

Llanbedr Pont Steffan - Building Bridges from the Past to the Future I recently attended a meeting on the theme of “What next maintained valuable skills, we could be a centre for for Lampeter?” This meeting was hosted by Ben Lake, M.P. resilience in a rapidly changing world. The University could pioneer courses in sustainability in for Ceredigion, and attended by local business owners, many areas such as: eco-building, land-use, food-production, Town and County Councilors and members of some local plant-based cookery, transport, water and waste organizations. What I came away with was the conviction management, traditional craft skills. that we, the people who live in the Lampeter area, need to Town and County planning departments could prioritize come together and agree on a vision for the future. support for eco-building, encouraging low-carbon homes Some excellent work has already been done by the team and gradually phasing out carbon heavy heating. Ceredigion working on the Place Plan. Funding could be available for County Council has already begun to do this. change, however first we all need to unite behind a vision. With support from LAS we could pioneer a clear re-cycling So here is my vision, to start the ball rolling. Let’s have a policy, which includes consumer education, to ensure that conversation - through the pages of Grapevine, in the many all homes know what and how to re-cycle and that there is brilliant Cafés and bars in Lampeter, and wherever we full accountability on all re-cycling. meet with others who love this place we were born in or Lampeter could become the first carbon-neutral town in the chose to live in. UK. A good electric vehicle transport scheme could be initiated Let’s look at our strengths. here, that links to the rail network realistically. One of the core qualities we can celebrate is resilience: The A Lampeter App could be developed. Welsh language is, and always has been, strong. People still A Car-Share App could be developed. practice, and value, many of the ‘old’ skills, such as dry-stone Lampeter could have excellent and welcoming signage and walling, hedge-laying, spinning, and quilt-making. maps indicating areas for shopping and recreation. This This is one of the most beautiful areas of the United would include a walk beside the river with seating and a Kingdom. picnic area. We are a friendly town, with strong community values, One or more of the empty shops could be purchased (Welsh people have time to talk to one another here. Government grant?) to be developed into a youth centre/art Lampeter is peaceful, with clean air and pure water. gallery/ bowling alley that will draw people to the town Long Wood is one of the largest Community Woodlands in centre. the UK. Empty town centre buildings that are neglected by absentee The Lampeter Campus is the oldest University in Wales, and landlords could pay higher levels of Council Tax than those third oldest in the UK. which are well-maintained and made available as pop-up Lampeter Town Centre has many award-winning shops. independent shops. Lampeter can be a destination town for walkers, runners, A large and growing community of creative people have horse riders and mountain-bikers. To enable this we can made their homes here. develop good maps, signed walks, biking routes and the Sarn Lampeter Music Club has been bringing live classical music Helen run. We could also open up a walk connecting to Lampeter and surrounding area since 1982. Lampeter town with Long Wood. Organic farming was pioneered here. A regular calendar of events which would include: two We have a Welsh Quilt Centre and a Museum. weeks of events in December; St David’s Day parade and Lampeter has been a Transition Town since 2007, actively events; the Lampeter Food Festival; the Lampeter Carnival; a working for a sustainable future for all in the Lampeter area. Bi-annual Dallas Fayre; a Creative Arts Festival in late We have many strong and active societies and groups, such September to coincide with the arrival of students; a as the Chamber of Trade, Hanes Llambed and the Rugby programme of excellent music events at Victoria Hall and Club. the University Arts Hall that attract visitors to Lampeter; The Chin Kung Multi-Cultural Educational Foundation have residential Conferences at the University. made Lampeter Campus their European Headquarters. Lampeter Writers Group is the longest running weekly This is only a beginning. Please add your ideas. Discuss it writing group in Wales. with your friends and neighbours. Ask yourself how much We may be one of the least economically wealthy areas of time you could offer to support making our shared vision a reality. the UK, but what we have is beyond value. What would A public meeting will be held soon to further discuss the YOU like to add to this list? future of the Lampeter area. Please come and bring all your enthusiasm and great ideas. Where Are We Going? We could become a flagship community, demonstrating Together we can do anything! how to live in the twenty-first century. Because we are Josie Smith small enough, and community minded, because we have 7

Cronfa Eisteddfod Ceredigion 2020

Ceredigion 2020 Eisteddfod Fund

Llanbedr PS, Neuadd Lloyd Thomas, Coleg Y Drindod Dewi Sant 12 Hydref 19.30: Harmonïau’r Hydref cyngerdd yng nghwmni Cwlwm, Delwyn Siôn ac Ifan Gruffydd yn arwain. Tocynnau £15 (i gynnwys lluniaeth ysgafn), ar gael Ann Morgan – 07791 966122; Carys Davies – 07791 337891; Carys Lloyd-Jones – 07976 645957. WEDI GWERTHU ALLAN.

Lampeter TSD campus, Lloyd Thomas dining hall 12 October 19.30: Autumn Harmonies concert with Cwlwm, Delwyn Siôn and Ifan Gruffydd conducting. Tickets £15 (inc light refreshments) from Ann Morgan – 07791 966122; Carys Davies – 07791 337891; Carys Lloyd-Jones – 07976 645957. SOLD OUT

Llanbedr PS, Neuadd Ysgol Bro Pedr Iau, Teras Peterwell 19 Tachwedd 19.30: Gadael Tir 1,000 o flynyddoedd o hanes Cymru mewn un sioe! Bydd cantorion gwerin Owen Shiers a Gwilym Morus-Baird yn ein tywys trwy hanes hawliau tir yng Nghymru, gyda chyfraniad cynulleidfa a cherddoriaeth. Addas ar gyfer plant 14+oed.

Lampeter Ysgol Bro Pedr Junior School hall, Peterwell Terrace 19 November 19.30: Gadael Tir (Leave Land) 1,000 years of Welsh history in one show! Folk singers Owen Shiers and Gwilym Morus-Baird take us through the history of land rights in Wales, with audience participation and music. Suitable for 14+ yrs.

Tocynnau: oedolion £6 (£5 i grwpiau o 10+), 14-17 oed £3,

Tickets: adults £6 (£5 for groups of 10+), 14-17s £3.

Wrth Ann Morgan – 07791 966122; Carys Davies—07791 337891; Carys Lloyd-Jones – 07976 645957; Julia Lim – 07462 301061; Mulberry Bush - 01570 423317; Watson and Pratts - 01570 423099

From Ann Morgan – 07791 966122; Carys Davies—07791 337891; Carys Lloyd-Jones – 07976 645957; Julia Lim – 07462 301061; Mulberry Bush - 01570 423317; Watson and Pratts - 01570 423099

Noddir y perfformiad gan LAS Recycling, Llambed

Sponsored by LAS Recycling, Lampeter

Tudalen Facebook - Cronfa Codi Arian Tref Llambed Ceredigion 2020

Facebook page: Cronfa Codi Arian Tref Llambed Ceredigion 2020

Cronfa Eisteddfod Ceredigion 2020 Ceredigion 2020 Eisteddfod Fund Anfonwch at / send to


Permablitz Llambed Building Community Food Security One Garden at a Time

f you are someone who has had ideas to turn your little garden, small plot of land or even your window sills into a food growing area but lacked the time, finance, energy or experience, then free help from a permapermablitz is permaculture speak for an intensive blitz could be for you. A PL Survey, Analyse and Design work event (usually done in a day) which brings (SAD) team will meet with you initially and help you design together a group of permies/volunteers and your project and discuss its feasibility and budget. Then, someone who needs lots of hands on deck to carry out a sort a date to host a permablitz. As host, you will need to project. The classic Amish example being, “It takes a com- provide most of the materials to build the project, and of munity to put up a barn in a day”. But, it could be anything course, feed and water the permies/volunteers on the day. from digging a pond or compost toilet, to building raised The LPG/GPL and other local groups can help source plants beds, to creating a whole cottage/kitchen garden. Lamand some materials. Then it’s over to you to grow food. If peter Permaculture Group/Grwp Paramaethu Llambed is you need training in growing food, that can be sorted. And setting up Permablitz Llambed (PL) to help build communi- if you produce any surplus, we hope you will share it with ty food security, one garden at a time. the community. re you someone who has wanted to “do someL is there to marry up these 2 groups of people thing” for your community but has to manage a and help build community food security. If you busy work-life-family balance and cannot make a either want to be on a permablitz or want to host long-term commitment to a project, could you give a few a permablitz project, then contact the PL e-mail address hours a YEAR? If yes, then, a Permablitz Llambed project below and we can get plants growing. could be for you. Hock, LPG/GPL




My Love of Music and a Special Cryptic Crossword Prize Experience My introduction to music began when I was twelve with our new music teacher, Mr Towers who loved music and appreciated my love of music. Until I was twelve years old, music lessons consisted of a surly teacher playing piano, to which we were ordered to sing along to. I was once told to sit with my fingers on my lips as I had a tuneless voice, as a child such ridicule has had a lifelong effect and I'm still unable to sing, alone or in public. During the war, everything went towards the war effort, railings were taken to smelt down, and for a while we had no school to study in, lessons took place in a local hall where Mr Towers played the piano for pleasure in his lunch hour. I would sit and eat my sandwiches and just listen to him play. This was how he realised my love of music was deeply profound. He brought records and played them to the class, introducing in depth each of the instruments in the orchestra and the role they individually play in creating the whole sound. Like many families at the time, money was scarce but Mr Towers offered to pay for me to go to see The Halle Orchestra playing The Thieving Magpie and Fingals Cave conducted by John Barbirolli, a memory that has never left me. I became a long time supporter of the Halle, and saw my first large harp solo at Manchester Free Trade Hall, a wonderful occasion indeed. I never envisaged being allowed to play a harp, but my recent visit to Teifi Harps in Llandysul saw that dream come true. I cradled the harp and instinctively reached out my arms and touched the strings. A truly beautiful sound ensued, I've found it's impossible to make a horrible sound from a harp, and it was an honour to have the

opportunity to play this wonderful instrument. It was a sheer thrill being in the workshops. The lovely people there made tea and biscuits for myself, daughter Julia and her partner Ray, then spent over an hour guiding us through the elaborate production process, from the raw blocks of timber to the wood and metal machining, the latter being a very intricate process with very large computerised machines producing the most delicate pieces. Teifi Harps make everything on site, except the gut used for the strings. I forget how many individual parts make up one harp, but it was a lot! Thank you Grapevine, thank you Teifi Harps, and thanks to Mr Towers all those years ago. Doris Critchley


Mae Côral Aberaeron yn cyflwyno Aberaeron Chorale presents

Cyngerdd yr Hydref 2019 Concert: M is for Music


Nos Sadwrn 30 Tachwedd 7.30yh Saturday 30 November 7.30pm

Tues 19 Nov 7.30pm - Bro Pedr Junior School Hall

Eglwys Sanctaidd Drindod/ Holy Trinity Church, Aberaeron

Owen Shiers & Gwilym Morus-Baird

Gan gynnwys/ To include: Handel’s Messiah – Pt I & “Worthy is the Lamb” Magnum Mysterium – Morten Lauridsen Cerddoriaeth gan/ music by Mozart & Monteverdi Gan gynnwys unwdwyr gwadd / Featuring guest soloists: Caryl Glyn - Soprano Buddug Verona James - Mezzo Huw Rhys-Evans - Tenor Richard Morris - Baritone Kathryn Price – Cello + Director Charles Matthews – Organ

Tocynau £10 (dan 16 oed yn rhad ac am ddim) ar gael wrth 01545 574934 (9-10 dydd Mawrth-Iau), aelodau’r côr, neu wrth y drws Tickets £10 (under-16s free) available from 01545 574934 (9-10 Tues - Thurs), choir members, or on the door.

In an evening of 1,000 years of Welsh history, with music and audience participation! “Gwilym and Owen’s performance is both emotionally engaging and historically enlightening. They deftly weave comedy and tragedy together – as skilfully as the bards of ancient times, I imagine. It really feels like going on a journey – through time and back to the roots of the tensions between the aristocracy and the common people. This history needs to be told and is meant for all of us. I’ve seen it twice and I’d definitely see it again!” Tickets: £6 (£5 to groups of 10+); 14-17s £3 From: Ann Morgan – 07791 966122; Carys Davies—07791 337891; Carys Lloyd-Jones – 07976 645957; Julia Lim – 07462 301061; Mulberry Bush 01570 423317; Watson and Pratts - 01570 423099 This local Eisteddfod fundraiser is sponsored by LAS Recycling, Lampeter


Welsh Culture Is World Culture



ales has a unique role to play in leading many positive changes on a worldwide scale. Successful preservation of the Welsh language in the face of historically strong opposition provides an essential window to a once global culture, far too long hidden from public view. efore the Roman occupation, Welsh was spoken throughout the British Isles. The Celtic, or more accurately, Kymric traditions held many commonalities in both language and culture with ancient India. Sanskrit, the phonetically perfect language of the vast library of Vedic texts, is widely acknowledged as the root of many Indo-European languages, including Welsh. omparative studies have indicated numerous structural similarities between the societies of India and Celtic Europe. Both were traditionally headed by their respective intellectual classes of Brahmins and Druids, similarly trained for 20 years to become experts in dispensing justice and providing optimum guidance for the administrators, food producers and general workforce. hen the British Empire first began its 200-year occupation of India, ending in 1947, scholars were astounded by the benchmark standards for non-sectarian religion, monarchy, social administration and ecological harmony so clearly and extensively elucidated within the Vedic texts. However, imperial priorities dictated that the conquest of such an ancient, noble and evidently superior culture required some highly effective but very underhand propaganda tactics. y the mid-1800s Oxford University was offering cash prizes for works that minimized, ridiculed and portrayed Vedic culture as primitive, wicked, barbaric, uncivilized and “un-Christian.” Takers were numerous and a notorious breed of pseudo-scholars known as Indologists rose to prominence and wide acclaim. This coincided with a time when any child heard speaking Welsh in schools was punished, a practice that continued well into the 20th century. he opportunity to restore widespread public awareness of our once native Celtic/Vedic culture, based on the impeccable teachings of the Vedas, represents a potential evolutionary leap for mankind. Societies have always suffered under rule by the rich when guidance by the wise is so glaringly obviously the intelligent and universally beneficial way of real progress. With today’s communications technology, we can all help to raise our educational and governmental institutions above lingering racial, cultural and linguistic prejudices that have no place in any forward-looking society. With one word for love in English but 64 in Sanskrit, love remains the greatest hope and Wales is uniquely situated to lead the way ahead to a love-centred world culture.

Wildlife Conservation Doing our bit at Yr Efail

ot tidying all the ‘dead’ plants after they have given their best through the summer isn’t just laziness – insects and wildlife use them for shelter until spring and birds need the seeds through winter – there’s nothing quite like watching a bullfinch feast on forget-me-not seeds. My garden is buzzing with pollinators that will enhance production as we practice companion planting, eg vegetables with marigolds & feverfew. ’m working to include more late-flowering plants that are pollinator friendly (eg rudbeckia) in our flower scheme to help the bees build up stores as autumn approaches and some of their honey has been harvested for our consumption. e have been lucky enough to see the occasional hare in our field. Hares and other wild mammals can often be killed during harvest by big machinery, so cutting from the middle of the field towards the outside means they can at least try to make an escape. e have been frustrated by birds (especially sparrows and their fledglings) eating our vegetable seedlings, so now use enviromesh to protect the young plants – its mesh is too fine for birds to become entangled whilst being thick and stiff enough to keep the birds off. don’t use slug pellets as they kill more than just our slimeytrail-leaving destroyers! Hedgehogs who are such good friends of our garden, eat poisoned gastropods and don’t recover. oxes – we keep our chickens locked up safely at night and local folklore has it that a fox will not kill chickens on his own patch! I’m not too enamoured by the visit of a mink or polecat though! I wonder if the pine martens will range this far and start predating on our pesky grey squirrels. I dream of seeing the reds returning to our native woodlands instead of hiding away in the depths of the forestry where they can survive on the small seeds in cones and are relatively safe from the squirrel-pox-carrying greys. ur midge population seems to be reasonably well controlled by pipistrelle bats that happily roost in our roof through the summer, although they are less than happy with the house sparrows attempting to encroach on their space. pen Garden season is still with us with 4 Ceredigion gardens open by arrangement through September. Arnant, Bwlch y Geuffordd gardens, Llanllyr and Yr Efail are happy to welcome you into autumn. ongratulations to Brenda Woodley’s stunning garden at Ysgoldy’r Cwrt, which is one of 30 finalists, only five of which are in Wales, in ‘The Nation’s Favourite NGS Gardens’ competition run by ‘The English Garden’ magazine. Please help put Ceredigion on the gardens map by voting for this amazing local garden. To vote go to www.theeng or vote in the magazine by the end of September. Shelagh & Steve Yeomans







Madan Lloyd 11

‘Gardd Cudd’ yn Hafan Deg Cartref Preswyl i’r henoed, Llambed

‘Secret Garden’ at Hafan Deg Residential Home for the Elderly, Lampeter

Yn Angen: Un neu Ddau Garddiwr Gwirfoddol unwaith y mis.

One or Two Gardening Volunteers Needed once a month This Secret Garden was designed and made by three local people every weekend over one year as a Millennium project. It was planted on a shoestring with organic herbs. flowers and trees that have all matured well over 19 years.

Dyluniwyd a chrewyd yr ardd cudd yn Hafan Deg gan 3 pherson lleol pob penwythnos dros gyfnod o flwyddyn fel rhan o brosiect Mileniwm. Plannwyd heb lawer o arian, gyda pherlysiau organig, blodau a choed sydd nawr wedi aeddfedu dros 19 mlynedd.

In the centre of it is a Solar Fountain built using recycled materials and eco paints for residents, staff and birds and Yn ei chanol mae Ffynnon Solar wedi ei hadeiladu gan ddef- insects to enjoy especially during the summer months. nyddio deunyddiau wedi’u hailgylchu a pheintiau eco er Over the last years the garden has been tended by the origmwyn i aelodau staff, preswinal makers twice a year, ylwyr a phryfed ei fwynhau yn being pruned and weedenwedig yn ystod yr hâf. ed and replanted where needed. Dros y blynyddoedd diwethaf mae’r gardd wedi chael ei Having had to relocate to dendio dwy waith y flwyddyn the north of England two gan y llunwyr, mae wedi ei of them are only able to thocio a’i chwynnu a’i hailvisit once a year. Thereblannu ble bod angen. Mae fore we are desperately nhw nawr wedi symud i seeking people with garogledd Lloegr ac ond yn gallu dening knowledge and ymweld unwaith y flwyddyn. love for the environment Rydym felly yn awyddus i ffeinto provide some addidio pobl sydd ag ychydig o tional care once a month wybodaeth garddio a chariad for 2-3 hours doing simat y tirwedd er mwyn darparu ple tasks like weeding ychydig o ofal unwaith y mis and sensitive trimming. am 2-3 awr gan wneud tasgiau syml fel chwynnu and Due to council cuts the thacluso. home can only provide tea, coffee and biscuits Oherwydd toriadau i gynghorau gall y cartref ond ddarparu but you will certainly enjoy the peaceful surrounding and te, coffi and fisgedi ond byddwch chi sicr yn mwynhau relax in a glorious spot while doing the work. gweithio ac ymlacio yn llonyddwch y lle. Please get in touch if you find you want to help: Cysylltwch os ydych am ein helpu: Phone Rachel at Hafan Deg 01570 422565 Rachel yn Hafan Deg 01570 422565 or Tina/Annemarie 07811258587 neu Tina/Annemarie 07811258587

"We Need Wellies" Coedwig Gymunedol Long Wood Community Woodland and Home-Start Ceredigion are on a mission to provide wellies when they visit the woods and would be grateful to receive any wellington boots in all different sizes that you no longer need. When we have the wellies, we will arrange a date and time to invite you to come along to help create a wellie stand. Many thanks Dona Hage Gweinyddwr y Cynllun/Scheme Administrator

Home-Start Ceredigion 1st Floor 37 High Street Lampeter Ceredigion SA48 7AW T:01570 218546


Regional Picnic success at Urdd camp Llwyddiant picnic rhanbarthol yng for Syrian refugees Ngwersyll yr Urdd i ffoaduriaid Syriaidd A regional summer picnic was a great Roedd picnic haf rhanbarthol yn llwyddiant success for Syrian refugees at Gwersyll yr mawr i ffoaduriaid Syriaidd yng Ngwersyll yr Urdd, Urdd, Llangrannog. The picnic on 1 August Llangrannog. Cafodd y picnic ar 1 Awst ei fwynhau was enjoyed by 200 Syrian Refugees who gan 200 o ffoaduriaid Syriaidd sydd wedi dod i fyw have come to live in Ceredigion, Pembrokeyng Ngheredigion, Sir Benfro, Powys a Sir shire, Powys and Carmarthenshire. Gaerfyrddin. It was an opportunity for children and Roedd yn gyfle i blant a theuluoedd sydd wedi families who have settled locally to meet ymgartrefu’n lleol gwrdd ag eraill sydd wedi cael Digwyddiad Ffoaduriaid Urdd with others who have had similar profiadau tebyg. Treuliodd y plant a’r rhieni y Llangrannog 2019 experiences. Both children and parents diwrnod yn cymdeithasu a chawsant gyfle i roi spent the day socialising and had a chance to cynnig ar lawer o’r gweithgareddau ar y safle, gan Refugee event Urdd Llangrannog 2019 try out many of the activities on the site, gynnwys beicio cwad, go-karts, rhaffau uchel a including quad biking, go-karts, high rope thrampolîn. and trampolines. Yn 2015 dywedodd Llywodraeth y DU y In 2015, the UK Government said it byddai'n adleoli 20,000 o ffoaduriaid o Syria o’r would relocate 20,000 Syrian refugees from rhyfel Syriaidd yn y DU erbyn mis Mai 2020. Mae the Syrian War in the UK by May 2020. cynghorau Ceredigion, Powys, Sir Benfro a Sir Ceredigion, Powys, Pembrokeshire and Gaerfyrddin yn cymryd rhan yn y rhaglen ailsefydlu Carmarthenshire councils participate in the ffoaduriaid mewn cydweithrediad â llawer o refugee resettlement programme in awdurdodau lleol eraill ledled y DU. collaboration with many other local Mynychodd Cadeirydd Cyngor Sir Ceredigion, authorities across the UK. y Cynghorydd Peter Davies, y digwyddiad i Ceredigion County Council Chairman, groesawu’r ffoaduriaid i Langrannog. Dywedodd: Councillor Peter Davies attended the event “Roeddwn wrth fy modd i gael croesawu nifer o to welcome the refugees to Llangrannog. He deuluoedd o ffoaduriaid Syriaidd i Langrannog a said: “I was delighted to welcome the many Cheredigion. Roedd hi wedi fy nhrawi, er gwaethaf families of Syrian refugees to Llangrannog erchyllterau’r rhyfel Syriaidd, fod Ceredigion a and Ceredigion. I was struck that despite the chynghorau eraill wedi gallu helpu rhai teuluoedd i horrors of the Syrian War, Ceredigion and gyrraedd diogelwch. Roedd hi’n galonogol iawn other councils have been able to help some Cadeirydd a yn sgwrsio â merch fach. gweld cymaint o deuluoedd yn mwynhau diwrnod families reach safety. It was touching to see hyfryd ar arfordir Cymru pan allai eu sefyllfa fod Chairman chatting with little girl. so many families enjoying a beautiful day on wedi bod mor wahanol.” the Welsh coast when their situation could Cyfarfu'r Cynghorydd Davies â bachgen o'r have been so very different.” enw Hamza yn gwisgo cit Dinas Abertawe. Fel ffan Councillor Davies met a boy called frwd o’r Elyrch, roedd Cynghorydd Davies wrth ei Hamza wearing a Swansea City A.F.C kit. As a fodd i ddysgu bod Hamza hefyd yn gefnogwr brwd keen fan of the Swans, Councillor Davies was o’r Elyrch. delighted to learn that Hamza is also a keen Fe barhaodd y Cynghorydd Davies: “Er ein bod Swans fan. yn dod o wahanol wledydd a diwylliannau, fe Councillor Davies continued: “Despite wnaethon ni fwynhau cwmni ein gilydd. Mae gan coming from different countries and bawb ohonom ddynoliaeth gyffredin gref. cultures, we enjoyed each other’s company. Roeddwn i wrth fy modd i wneud ffrind newydd ar We all have a strong common humanity. I y diwrnod hefyd. Er mod i erioed wedi cwrdd â was delighted to make a new friend on the Hamza na’i ffrindiau o’r blaen, roedd gennym dir day too. Despite having never met Hamza or cyffredin hawdd wrth gefnogi’r Elyrch. Mae his friends before, we easily had common pethau fel hyn yn bwysicach nag unrhyw Cadeirydd a Hamza Orlb. ground in our beloved Swans. Things like this wahaniaethau.” Chairman and Hamza Orlb. transcend any differences.” Y Cynghorydd Ellen ap Gwynn yw Arweinydd Cyngor Sir Ceredigion ac mae’n Gadeirydd Grŵp Councillor Ellen ap Gwynn is Ceredigion County Council’s Leader Ailsefydlu Ffoaduriaid Ceredigion. Dywedodd: “Rwy'n falch iawn eu bod i gyd wedi cael diwrnod difyr a'u bod wedi cael cyfle i gwrdd â chymysgu â and is the Chair of the Ceredigion Refugee Resettlement Group. She phobl eraill sydd wedi bod trwy galedi tebyg cyn dod i Gymru. Rwy'n siŵr said: “I am delighted that they all had an enjoyable day and that they bod gwersyll yr Urdd yn Llangrannog yn lleoliad gwych ar gyfer diwrnod got the opportunity to meet and mix with other Syrians who have been through a similar ordeal before coming to Wales. I’m sure allan hwyliog i'r plant.” Gwersyll yr Urdd in Llangrannog was a fantastic setting for a fun day 2019 yw'r drydedd flwyddyn y mae'r pedair out for the children.” sir yn rhanbarth Cymru wedi dod ynghyd ar 2019 is the third year that the four counties in the gyfer digwyddiad ffoaduriaid yn yr haf. Yn 2017, Wales region have come together for a summer cynhaliodd Powys ffoaduriaid am ddiwrnod o refugee event. In 2017 Powys hosted refugees for hwyl ar faes Sioe Frenhinol Cymru. Yn 2018 a fun day at the Royal Welsh Showground. In buont yng Nghlwb Rygbi Llanymddyfri. 2018 they were at Llandovery RFC. 13

Côr Cwmann

Twynog Davies, Ellen Williams a Kees Huysmans

Côr Cwmann, Ellen Williams, Kees Huysmans, Elonwy Davies ac Elonwy Pugh Huysmans

Government to do something about climate change; but I think the third one needs tweaking. If we need a citizens' assembly or something like that, and presumably we don’t think that Parliament is fulfilling that role properly, why are we asking the Government to set it up? What about setting it up ourselves? It’s been done before, for example in the syndicalist movement in Spain in the 1930s, where local citizens’ groups were set up by the local people, and they met and sent delegates to area groups, which sent delegates to the national group, with corresponding feedback going down the chain as well – and that seemed to work, until some ambitious individuals unfortunately got the whiff of power and started making decisions “on the people's behalf”. (Can we learn from history, I wonder?) Of course it would be another matter to have the Government recognise it, but if it was already in existence and working well, how could they not? Anyway, good luck to them – I think they’ll need it. Hope there’s plumber's-type food for your own thoughts in there, too. Frank Pitcher *Plog is a word I’ve invented - it’s like a blog, but it’s not online it’s on paper!

Plumber’s Plog* I was thinking about local hotspots... and I know it’s a bit of a leap, but that got me thinking about the Extinction Rebellion movement and the recent publicity it has had... it’s quite hot! It’s interesting to look into the background of “civil disobedience”; most people nowadays probably associate it with Mahatma Gandhi, who made peaceful protest well-known in the 20th century. But actually it’s a lot older than that, going back hundreds of years. Thoreau, in 1849, wrote a pamphlet which popularised the phrase, after he was arrested for not paying tax (he objected to war and slavery). His reasoning was, the Government is a group of people that I have asked to do certain things for me, because I either can’t or don’t want to do them myself; so they are in that sense my servants. If they do something that I disagree with on principle, I am entitled to withhold payment for it. He got into trouble for it, as I said, but he germinated the seed of an idea which was taken up by later generations, including the protesters in Hong Kong as I write this. The other thought I had about it was about the demands that XR are making. I can see the sense of the first two... getting the 14


Second Gŵyl Lyfrau Aberaeron Book Festival

he second Gŵyl Lyfrau Aberaeron Book Festival is to be held over the first three days of November, beginning with a poetry and music night in the town at 7.30pm on Friday 1 November followed by a two-day festival and book fair in the Memorial Hall. n addition to guest artists, there will be open mic opportunities on the Friday night for people to perform their own work or a favourite poem by an established writer. Check out the festival Facebook page for details of the venue and how to book your slot. he festival will be open 11am-5pm on Saturday 2nd November and 10am to 4pm on Sunday 3rd November, with Aberaeron Memorial Hall hosting a full weekend of writing workshops, book launches, author presentations, book readings and a two-day book fair. There will be special children’s sessions on both afternoons in Welsh and English, including storytelling, craft, witches, wizards and scrambling bikes. All events are free to attend, although booking is advisable particularly for the workshops. dult topics covered will include crime, sci-fi, fantasy, biography, travel writing, historical fiction, poetry, modern fiction and even stories set in Aberaeron. Readers will have the chance to meet authors, to discuss their books and get them signed, with several new launches planned over the two days. A special feature this year is an opportunity for anyone to give a five minute



review, on stage, of their favourite book they have read this year. These review slots will run on the main stage throughout both days, between the author readings, performances and talks. or writers, workshops and author discussions will be held on Saturday and Sunday covering fiction, non-fiction and poetry. One exciting feature is a travel writing workshop including tips on how to write for internet travel sites and get paid for your contributions. Several adult and children’s authors will be present, with Q&A sessions on all aspects of writing, editing and getting published. he book fair will run throughout the two days in the main hall, offering a wide range of books in Welsh and English, from local and national publishers. Amongst the pre-Christmas bargains on offer will be exclusive signed editions, children’s books, teenfiction, modern fiction, poetry and a wide range of biographies and non-fiction. ore information is available on gwyllyfrauaberaeron bookfestival and from Niki and Karen Brewer GwisgoBookworm on Alban Square, Aberaeron; 01545 238282




Jottings While walking around Aberystwyth you can often watch gulls and crows feeding on discarded processed foodstuffs - can this be good for them? Recent studies in the USA have found that crows


that had access to some processed foods had higher cholesterol levels than those that were unable

Cynllunio am Argyfwnng yn yr Hinsawdd

to find this resource. Whether it had any effect on the health of the birds has been difficult to prove:

PERMA-SOLUTIONS SEASON: Designing for climate crisis.

researchers found that crows that ate processed food had a lower survival rate than those that did

Noson ffilm yn rhad ac am ddim / Free film night (Croesawu rhoddion / Donations welcome)

not; however, nestlings fed processed food had raised levels of cholesterol yet had good body condition. That high levels of cholesterol can cause health

Pobl a Bwyd / Humans and Food.

problems in humans is well known; their effect on

2 ffilm ysbrydoledig am dyfwyr bwyd a chynaliadwyedd. 2 inspirational films on food growers and sustainability.

wild birds and other wild animals less so and more extensive studies are needed. Wild animals and birds have not evolved to eat processed food and problems may show up after longer periods of study. We all enjoy watching the birds we attract

Sadwrn 19 Hydref/ Sat.19 Oct. Victoria Hall, Llambed

to our gardens by providing them with specially bought food, but food that they scavenge from our

Yn agor/ Doors open: 6.30 pm Ffilm/ Film : 7.00 pm Wedi ei drefnu gan/Organised by LPG/ TL

waste may not be good for them, a good reason to ensure that this waste is inaccessible.

David Price 15

Multiple Sclerosis Support Group - Lampeter & District - ‘Local Hotspots’ us feel cold when others feel hot and vice-versa. ‘Local Hotspots’ are common for people with MS. I find myself thinking about volcanic eruptions … geological ‘hotspots’ of energy … neurogenic pain caused by damage to the nerves in the brain and spinal cord. Areas of heat can feel like burning sensations often in the feet even though the rest of the body can feel cold. Research is showing that ‘exercise can help to relieve muscle stiffness and spasticity’ and that ‘exercise might increase the levels of chemicals in the brain that promote the repair and regeneration of damaged nerve cells’. [MS Matters Spring 2019]. At our meeting we concluded that we live in such a beautiful place and all the things around are already ‘local hotspots’.

Here is a list of ‘local hotspots’ that we came up with at our Support Group meeting on 6 September: The Victoria Hall – a place for buying local produce at the Peoples’ Market while listening to music, meeting friends, eating, drinking. Plant-swaps, seed-bank, bands and music, public meetings. Llanerchaeron. Beautiful place, good food, lovely walks around the gardens and into Aberaeron. Aberaeron itself. Fish, Welsh cobs, Cantre Mobility (for mobility scooter/wheelchair repairs and purchase), beautiful harbour, river, beach, the walk back to Llanerchaeron. The Falcondale for afternoon tea…one day maybe! Ty Glyn Aeron for the amazing Christmas dinners we have every year. Tribute Bands. The Dulais. Swans swimming on the flooded fields by the Coop. Llanllwni Mountain. Longwood. Beautiful woodland walks. Llanfair Clydogau Show. Great fun. The beer festival. The Lunar Market. The many lovely cafes, always welcoming. The Mustard Seed for being so accommodating to us for our support meetings. Mobile ‘phone coverage, WiFi ‘local hotspots’. My mobile ‘hotspots’ are very local, available at one end of the house but not the other!. The Leisure Centre – hot in the gym but cold in the main hall for our sit-down exercises. Multiple Sclerosis can muck up our autonomic nervous system. Some of

Our Support Group meets on the first Monday of the month from 1.30-3.30, in the back room of The Mustard Seed, Lampeter. We welcome anybody with MS, carers, and anybody wanting to know more, from wherever you are. You are also welcome at our Aberystwyth group which meets in the new Tesco’s community/charity room 12.002.00 on the 1st FRIDAY of the month. CROESO I BAWB/WELCOME TO ALL. Judith McKay, Support Volunteer, 01570 493509 Hazel Ellis, Chair of Ceredigion Branch, 01974 261640

Film Nights Fri 4 October: Rocketman (15)

Taron Egerton, Richard Madden, Jamie Bell British musical drama about the life of singer/songwriter and musician Elton John. 121 minutes

Fri 18 October: Tolkien(12A)

Nicholas Hoult, Lily Collins, Derek Jacobi British biopic. The young J.R.R. Tolkien finds friendship, love and artistic inspiration in a group of fellow outcasts at school. 112 minutes

Fri 1 November: Sometimes, Always, Never (12A) Bill Nighy, Sam Riley, Alice Lowe A detective fantasy / family drama where a love of words helps a father reconnect with a missing son. 91 minutes

Doors open 7.15pm, film at 7.45pm Admission by Donation Join our Film Screening Team! Contact: Tony, 07778 278017 Our new website:

Copy Deadline: Issue 74 - November Fri 11 October Theme: ‘Favourite Things’ 16

Papur bro ardal plwyfi: Cellan, Llanbedr Pont Steffan, Llanbedr Wledig, Llanfair Clydogau, Llangybi, Llanllwni, Llanwenog, Llanwnnen, Llanybydder, Llanycrwys ac Uwch Gaeo a Phencarreg. The Welsh language community newspaper for Lampeter and the neighbouring parishes.

Cofiwch fynd i’r wefan hyperlleol am newyddion Cymraeg ardal Llanbedr Pont Steffan. Dyma grynodeb o rai storïau diweddar.

Please go to the hyperlocal website for Lampeter area news in Welsh. Here is a summary of some recent stories.

Carnifal Llanbed 2019

Lampeter Carnival 2019

Gan Carnifal Llanbed 07/08/19 Holl galyniadau’r dydd a lluniau.

By Carnifal Llanbed 07/08/19 All the day’s results and photographs.

Cau Canolfan Prawf Gyrru Llanbed

Lampeter Driving Test Centre closure

Gan Dylan Lewis 02/08/19 Dim rhagor o brofion gyrru ymarferol yn Llanbed o ddiwedd Awst ymlaen.

By Dylan Lewis 02/08/19 No more practical driving tests in Lampeter from the end of August.

Gŵyl Fwyd Llanbed yn llwyddiant Gan Rob Phillips 31/07/19 Y trefnwyr yn amcangyfrif bod dros 7,000 o bobl wedi mynychu’r Ŵyl eleni.

Successful Lampeter Food Festival By Rob Phillips 31/07/19 The organisers estimate that over 7,000 people visited the Festival this year.

Ras Tenovus 5K Llanbed Gan Helen Willoughby 31/07/19 Adroddiad a chanlyniadau’r rasys.

Lampeter Tenovus 5K race By Helen Willoughby 31/07/19 A report and race results.

Canolfan Deulu Llambed yn symud safle

Lampeter Family Centre moves location

Gan Lampeter Family 29/07/19 Apêl am gymorth ariannol ac ymarferol.

By Lampeter Family 29/07/19 An appeal for financial and practical support.

Catrin Finch yn Llanbed

Catrin Finch in Lampeter

Gan Jen Cairns 24/07/19 Cyngerdd llwyddiannus gan Catrin Finch a Seckou Keita.

By Jen Cairns 24/07/19 A successful concert by Catrin Finch and Seckou Keita.

Cymanfa’r Cyhoeddi – Eitem Pwyllgor Maes B

Proclamation Cymanfa – Maes B Committee item

Gan Elin Haf Jones 09/07/19 Cerdd Luned Mair a berfformiwyd yn y Gymanfa yn Llanbed.

By Elin Haf Jones 09/07/19 A poem by Luned Mair performed in the Cymanfa in Lampeter

Dylan Lewis


what’s going on listings are free. send details of your event to

Victoria Hall: regular activities and classes Bryn Road, Lampeter SA48 7EE To book Victoria Hall phone: 07891 632614 Email: Community groups & local, small-scale commercial: We have a committee room and small therapy/ class /conference rooms. Licenced bar on request for functions. Catering service available. See for more details Day



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Erin Green

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Spiritual Gathering

Sarah Thomas

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Easy Save Credit Union Lindsay

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Stage Goat Theatre School



Lampeter Town Council meeting

(Older kids)


Lampeter Food Project Thursday

Last Thurs each month

A free meal and good company for all who want it! (Made from donations of food from local businesses) Tracey O’Grady

07976 052888

Tracey O’Grady

07976 052888




Stage Goat Theatre School


2nd & 4th Sat each month


People’s Market



Lampeter Evangelical Church

Gareth Jones at the Mustard Seed café

01570 423344

M 1st Sun in month


Custard Queens: Women’s Institute

Christine Chabert

07815 086579


Local food, produce and crafts, café, live music Contact: Dinah Mulholland 07531 963175

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MONDAY Golden Broth Lunch Club: 21 October 11.30-2pm Line Dancing: 7-10pm TUESDAY Lampeter Home Ed. Group: 1-5pm Qi Gong & Tai Ji: 6-8pm Lampeter Bee Keepers: 8.15-10.15

(2nd Tuesday of month from 10 Sept) WEDNESDAY Yoga: 5.30-7pm Aerobics & Body Toning: 7.30-8.30pm THURSDAY WI: 2nd Thurs of month 7.30pm FRIDAY Five Rhythms Dance: 11.30-1pm

(Re-starts end Sept –please check on with Hara Willow 01570 493 729) Film Night: fortnightly 7.15pm for 7.45pm

Can you spot the ‘Grapevine grin’? Somewhere amongst the pages of Grapevine each month you will find this sunny smile. Maybe tucked away or perhaps clearly in view? Where will it be this time?


MONDAY KEEP FIT with Debbie White: 9.15-10.15am TUESDAY YOGA with Karen Hills: 6.30-7.30pm WEDNESDAY YOGA with Jackie: 11am-12.30pm YOGA with Karen Hills: 6-7pm SHORT CARPET BOWLS: 7.30-9.30pm THURSDAY WELSH CONVERSATION CLASS: 10-11.30am TWINE AND WHINE: 2-4pm Every 2nd Thursday WI: 7.30-9.30pm 3rd Thursday of the month FRIDAY ART GROUP: 10-1pm HALL AVAILABLE FOR BOOKINGS WIFI, FULLY STOCKED NEW KITCHEN WARM AND FRIENDLY £6 PER HOUR FOR INFORMATION + BOOKINGS

01570 493288

Creative Hotspot The Lampeter Family Centre visit the residents at Hafan Deg and the Day Centre on a regular basis to keep a the link between young and older strong in the community. Rachael Jones, Manager of Hafan Deg said: “Thank you to the staff and families at Lampeter Family Centre for helping produce Mae'r murlun yn darlunio Tref Llanbedr Pont such a lovely mural here at Hafan Deg and Steffan. Lampeter Day Centre – the residents and The mural is a depiction of the town of Lampeter. service users had lots of fun joining in and creative! Mae Canolfan Deuluol Llanbedr Pont Steffan yn ymweld â getting residents, thrigolion Hafan Deg a'r Ganolfan Ddydd yn rheolaidd i gadw'r Our Service users and cysylltiad rhwng pobl ifanc a hyn yn y gymuned. Dywedodd Rachael Jones, Rheolwr Hafan Deg: "Diolch i'r staff a’r staff always look teuluoedd yng Nghanolfan Deuluoedd Llanbedr Pont Steffan am forward to visits helpu i gynhyrchu murlun mor hyfryd yma yn Hafan Deg a from the families of Family Chanolfan Ddydd Llanbedr Pont Steffan – roedd y preswylwyr a Lampeter Centre they bring defnyddwyr y gwasanaeth yn cael llawer o hwyl yn ymuno mewn lots of joy and hapa’i fod yn greadigol! Mae ein preswylwyr, defnyddwyr y piness with them gwasanaeth a'r staff bob amser yn edrych ymlaen at ymweliadau gan deuluoedd Canolfan Deuluol Llanbedr Pont Steffan - maent which is a tonic for yn dod â llawer o lawenydd a hapusrwydd iddynt sy'n cynnig our residents and service users.” tonig i'n preswylwyr a defnyddwyr ein gwasanaethau." 24

Ceredigion Eco-Garden Shortlisted for National Award A wildflower garden created by husband and wife team Gil and Gaynor Kinnaird at Ysgoldy’r Cwrt, Llangeitho, Tregaron has been shortlisted for ‘The Nation’s Favourite Gardens’ competition run by the National Garden Scheme and The English Garden Magazine. With large areas of wildflower meadow, Ysgoldy’r Cwrt provides a haven for wildlife including bees, butterflies and hedgehogs whilst herons are frequent visitors to the four natural ponds and stream. Brenda Woodley, owner, designer and plantswoman of Ysgoldy’r Cwrt, says, “Gil and Gaynor have been working hard for 10 years to transform this land from a field of boring grass and rushes into a model of environmental friendliness that teems with wildlife. They are really leading the way in Wales at showing how we can all garden in ways that encourage rather than diminish bio-diversity.” Ysgoldy’r Crwt is open to the public by appointment. Contact details and more info are available on the National Garden Scheme website at:

Readers wishing to view the Nation’s Favourite Gardens Competition shortlist can do so here: the-nations-favourite-garden-shortlist-announced-its-timeto-vote/, whilst those wishing to vote for their favourite garden can do so here: www.theenglishgarden. Gil Kinnaird

Nature-friendly gardening team, Gil and Gaynor Kinnaird with Brenda Woodley (centre).

Ysgoldy’r Crwt prior to establishment of the eco-garden

With the evenings drawing in, and a new bite in the air, you’ll find Tribal Unity Wales raising the temperature in the dance studio above the sports hall in the University. On Tuesday lunchtimes from 1pm2pm, a beginners’ class dances level 1 moves in formations; trios, quartets and in a circle. It’s the same on Wednesday night from 6pm-7pm, while the class that follows is for intermediate dancers, exploring new combinations of moves and changing the formations with fades. On Tuesday evenings, from 6pm8pm, the advanced class ramps up the heat with all of the above, plus turns, double spins and quad spins,

as well as new advanced combinations and formations. Bellydance is a full body work out, exercising muscles and strengthening joints, but more than that, it works out the mind too. Our style of dance is dependent on connection between dancers, so we’re always thinking of and synchronising with the other members of the tribe. We dance so much together that the cues for the moves are seen and acted on immediately by our bodies. We raise energy and heat our dance space within a few minutes of being together, so ladies, come and join us and keep warm this winter. Wendy Steele for more information about American Tribal Style® Bellydance




INDIAN BANQUET SATURDAY OCTOBER 12 at 7.30pm Three course meal, with a sharing platter of starters, vegan Indian Thali and a selection plate of desserts Price £ 18 per head

CHRISTMAS FEAST SATURDAY NOVEMBER 30 at 7.30pm Taking bookings from 7.30-9.00 pm Three-course festive Vegan meal from menu Price £ 18 per head Bookings essential. Dietary needs catered for. Bring your own drinks Contact: email: Facebook: cathsvegankitchen Tel no: 01570 493684


Karen’s Creative Compendium 048 This month we range from the joys of our own Eden and faerie concerns to raging seas and a pudding nightmare! Add the second instalment of Ruth’s epic, there’s plenty to think about, and smile if you get custody, read on McDuff, hwyl, Karen


(Part2) by Ruth Cooke And generals declare Triumph But the tales are yet told At hearth and kitchen table Of times the soldiers came Over the years They came and came again In one uniform or another, Sometimes in high glittering glory Sometimes a bickering rabble Stealing each other’s scraps like rats In rags arrayed, cold and hungry Their trust betrayed, tired and angry Harsh and bold They came and came again To rape and loot In uniform or suit For loyalty or for gold To bring their dust and tumult To the clear air. --The uncertainties that must beset Seed-time and harvest, The love and change and loss The shuttle warp and weft that beget The ordinary fabric of the heart, The random cruelties of life That toss us reeling and bereft And turn our dreams to ash; All, all are dwarfed Utterly By the systematic slash Of men not just with Violence of passion alloyed But tempered to be from birth Muscle wrapped around a void To subdue The enemy and the earth. And he is back from the war And he is not back from the war And he has bad dreams But still would rather stay Within his citadel, than turn And see the slash and burn Than face the plundered whore That he has made Of the Other Of the Mother Of his own Deep Soul, Than realise that all his power Is an own goal, Cannot come down from his tall tower To walk upon the dying Earth. (to be continued)

Thick Skinned

by Karen Gemma Brewer Bright yellow birds, aviary bred. Not canaries, yet still the gas kills them. Under the blazing sun their bodies dry, on terracotta roof tiles, like rows of fried, rectangular, bird yolk, blood eggs. Donkey powered machinery grinds Eden SA48 dried cadavers to bright yellow by J. Sandover powder, captured in Through the trees Cool dripping green cardboard stumps, labelled A portal of blackthorn ‘Instant Custard’.

Bridal in spring Opening the water meadow

Raging Seas

By Derek Moore Whilst you feign democracy to suit your agendas You forget who the major shareholders are We cover 71% of the mother Waters of her womb So heed our warnings Oceans are the emotions of Gaia Her tranquil compassion Rippling frustrations Waves of savagery Tsunamis’ of redemption Our swell can dwarf your tallest building Submerge your lands Piss all over you Drown man in his own plasticity and excrement Divorce him at will Decree Nisi pending Beware the woman scorned!

The heat of grassland hits Greeting senses grateful To step through wonder On a frost rimed morning In this local hotspot Reconjuring the seasons Birdsong and blossoms The burgeoning of berries Dragonflies zip through A consciousness of aeons To imagine this place Perfect primal Memorising the passing of Life's diversity I tip-toe through Observing feeling Barely breathing Every nuance imprinting Heart beating with hope I will continue Haunting this path Remembering Beauty Long after we have fallen Returning to the chill of Eternity

Faerie by Polly Phemus “If the mass of the brain were the mass of the mind, then the bear would be shooting at my behind”, as philosophers say. What is a thought? Emotion? A soul? “What is matter?” asked Russell, and “never mind” was his own answer. Yet for some thinkers there is now, almost unbelievably, an ontological a priori intuition that the universe is wholly contained within consciousness. Tricky to prove, and this is where belief enters the room, one might say. Indeed, some have believed things even stranger to modern minds: spirits in the air; Spenser's fey elementals born of systems of thought dating from pre-Christian times, but still alive today, probably, somewhere. Entities visible only in oblique, and heard only on the wind. Unfinished lives, maybe: if so, not all of them, one feels, will necessarily be good. 27

CHRISTMAS PARTY Organising a Christmas Lunch or Dinner Party whether for friends, family or colleagues - can be a bit of a burden. With quite a lot of worry over the things that can go wrong, and precious little Thanks! Why not let The Dolaucothi Arms help you? We offer you a great atmosphere, fine food and drink, flexible space from smaller groups of 6 - 24 to large groups, right up to booking the whole restaurant for 60. Book a Christmas Lunch or a Christmas Dinner and as a special thank you - your meal is free of charge.* Our Christmas Menu is available for groups of 6 or more and can be booked for Tuesday November 19th right up to Christmas Eve. Why not call Clare or Laura and we can start planning your party now?

the dolaucothi arms

01558 650237

Christmas Helpline Number


Christmas at The Dolaucothi Arms CHRISTMAS PARTY MENU


TO BEGIN Chicken Liver and Bacon Paté V) Potato, Leek and Boursin Soup V) Walnut, Celery, Radicchio and Stilton Salad Prawn & Smoked Salmon in a Bloody Mary Sauce ******** TO FOLLOW V) Mushroom and Spinach Filo Pastry Pie French Trimmed Lamb Cutlets with Minted Gravy Salmon Fillet in a White Wine and Chive Butter Sauce Turkey in a Red Wine, Bacon & Mushroom Sauce

TO BEGIN Smoked Chicken and Bacon Salad Large Shell-on Crevettes, Garlic Butter Cheese & Ham Tortellini, Chicken Broth, Parmesan V) Baked Goat’s Cheese wrapped in Parma Ham, Crouton ******** Lemon Sorbet ******** TO FOLLOW Loin of Cod on a Seafood ‘Cassoulet’ Supreme of Guinea Fowl in a Coq au Vin Sauce V) Aubergine & Date Tagine, Pomegranate Jewel Couscous Fillet Steak in a Madeira Sauce on a Paté topped Crouton

(groups of 6+ from Nov 19th)

all with little roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables ******** TO FINISH Tio Pepe Trifle Welsh Cheeseboard Christmas Pudding, Brandy

Glass of Sherry or Prosecco when Seated

all with little roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables ******** TO FINISH Welsh Cheeseboard Mulled Pear Crumble Chocolate Brownie and Cherry Sundae White Chocolate and Raspberry Brioche Pudding

Poached Pear, Spiced Red Wine 2 COURSES £17.95, 3 COURSES £21.95

Pumsaint, Llanwrda 01558

650 237 28

Croeso Yn ôl i'r Ysgo

Welcome Back to School A warm welcome back to everyone after the summer break. A special welcome to our new children, Cameron, LillyBeth, Sam, Miles and Jax. We also welcome Miss Tracey a new member of teaching staff to key stage 2.

Croeso cynnes i bawb wrth ddychwelyd i’r ysgol ar ôl y gwyliau haf. Croeso arbennig i’n plant newydd sef, Cameron, Lilly-Beth, Sam, Miles a Jax. Croeso hefyd i Miss Tracey sydd wedi ymuno gyda fel athrawes yng nghyfnod allweddol 2.

Llongyfarchiadau i’r plant bu’n brysur yn steddfota ac yn gwneud gwaith crefft mewn amrywiol sioeau dros yr haf. Congratulations to the children who have been busy competing in on the stage and making art and craft Yr ydym yn hynod filch ohonoch i gyd.

projects for various local shows. We are very proud of you all.

Bu Asha a Beca yn cynrychioli’r ysgol mewn cynhadledd ‘Llais y Disgybl’ ym Mhenmorfa, Aberaeron gyda’r Comisiynydd Plant, Sally Holland ac Arweinydd y Cyngor, Elen ap Gwyn.

Asha and Beca represented the school in a ‘Pupil’s Voice’ conference with the Children’s Commissioner for Wales, Sally Holland and the Leader of the Council, Elen ap Gwyn.

Mae blwyddyn 6 yn brysur iawn yn y clwb coginio ar nos Lun gyda Mrs Jen. Maent eisoes wedi coginio pizza a chacen lemwn!

Year 6 are busy in Monday night’s after school cookery club with Mrs Jen. They have already made pizzas and a lemon cake!

Diolch i ‘Ceredigion Actif’ am gynnal sesiwn hwylus o bêl fasged gyda disgyblion blwyddyn 5 a 6. Roedd pawb wedi mwynhau cael chwarae gêm gwahanol yn fawr iawn.

Thank you ‘Ceredigion Actif’ for holding a basket ball session with pupils in years 5 and 6. Everyone really enjoyed the opportunity to play a different sport.

Llongyfarchiadau i fechgyn blwyddyn 3 a 4, bechgyn blwyddyn 5 a 6 a merched blwyddyn 5 a 6 bu’n cystadlu yn nhwrnament pêldroed Dyffryn Cledlyn. Roedd pawb wedi chwarae’n ardderchog ac wedi mwynhau’r profiad yn fawr, da iawn bois 3 a 4 am ddod i’r gêm gynderfynol. Cafwyd wledd o hanes a chyfle i weld rhagoriaethau Ceredigion ar daith yng ngofal Mr Dafydd Morgan o Dregaron. Cychwynnodd y daith yn Llanbed wrth iddynt ymweld â chofeb gêm rygbi cyntaf Cymru a hithau’n ddiwrnod y seremoni a gêm agoriadol Cwpan Rygbi’r Byd yn Siapan. Yna ymlaen i Dregaron ac i glywed hanes yr eliffant a’r lleidr penffordd Twm Sion Cati, i Bontarfynach i glywed straeon y bont gan orffen yn Borth a chwedl Cantre’r Gwaelod. Diolch o galon i Mr Morgan am rannu ei arbenigedd yn y maes yma gyda phlant blwyddyn 5 a 6.

Congratulations to the boys of years 3 and 4, the boys of year 5 and 6 and the girls of years 5 and who all played magnificently in Dyffryn Cledlyn’s football tournament. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Well done year 3 and 4 boys for getting to the semi-final. A wealth of history was shared during a trip around Ceredigion led by Mr Dafydd Morgan from Tregaron. It began with a visit to the memorial of the first Rugby match held in Wales, in Lampeter on what was the opening ceremony of the World Cup in Japan. Then on to Tregaron to hear the legend of the elephant and Twm Sion Cati, to Devils Bridge to hear the story of the first bridge, finishing in Borth with the famous legend of Cantre’r Gwaelod. A huge thanks to Mr Morgan for sharing his knowledge with the children of years 5 and 6.

Lilian Jones


Global Strike for Climate Change On Friday 20 September from 10am until 1pm Harford Square was full of all generations taking a stand on climate change inspired by Greta Thunberg’s example. School children, students, shop keepers, and local people raising awareness of the need for changes to save the planet. There was singing, protest chants and the tooting of car horns to show support. Leaflets were also handed out about climate change.

copy deadline for nov - issue 74: friday 11 oct 2019

The People’s Market

theme: ‘favourite things’

Victoria Hall, Bryn Road, Lampeter

articles: adverts: listings:

Every 2nd and 4th Saturday 10am-1pm 30

Cothi Gardeners Throughout the year, Cothi Gardeners arrange speakers to talk to members and their guests about a particular gardening topic, often a specific group of plants. This sends everyone home with renewed enthusiasm and a plan to get digging! In October however the mood will be more relaxed when we’ll welcome Neil Barry to tell us about the Plant Hunters and Explorers. Neil trained at Kew Gardens and is now a freelance horticulture tutor with a keen interest in community gardening. On 16 October he’ll be with us to speak about those brave people who set out over land and sea to bring back specimen plants, many of which we’re still familiar with. Look at the Latin names for some plants and you’ll see an addition commemorating the botanist or traveller credited with discovering it, Joseph Banks and Joseph Hooker being just two. Join us at 7.30pm on 16 October for an evening of scientific discovery at Coronation Hall, Pumsaint. 21 November will be our last open meeting of the year when the theme will be ‘Hedgehogs’, but we’ll be back with you in 2020 with many more inspiring speakers. More information on our website: or Facebook. As always, visitors and guests most welcome, £3 (includes refreshments) Donna Worrall


HUMANS AND THE LAND: A celebration of those who feed the world

FOOD, EARTH, HAPPINESS: A true story of sustainability On: Sat 19 Oct. 2019 In: Victoria Hall, Lampeter Doors open: 6.30 pm for 7.00 pm start

Free entry - Donations welcome Organised by: Grwp Paramaethu Llambed / Lampeter Permaculture Group, Transition Llambed and Transition Llambed Development Trust

Celtic Christianity L I I St Bidofydd Reposed 6th Century. Remembered 26 April. Bidofydd was a 6th century saint of Wales, often associated with saint Fidalis / Vitalis. St Bleiddian / Bleidd / Lupus Reposed 1022. Remembered 29 July. Enwogion Cymru: Bleidd, is the Welsh translation of Lupus, bishop of Troyes, who accompanied Garmon from France to Britain about A.D. 429, to halt the progress of Pelagianism. Bleiddian seems to have been the younger legate, and to have borne a subordinate part, as he is only mentioned in conjunction with Garmon. The church of Llanvleiddian Vawr, in Glamorganshire, is dedicated to him, and Llanvleiddian Vach, or St Lythian, in the same county. (Myv. ii. 249. Rees' ??? Welsh Saints???.) St Bleiddyd Bishop of St Davids. Reposed 1070. Enwogion Cymru: A bishop who succeeded Joseph in the See of St Davids in 1061, and died in 1070. (Myv. Arch. ii. 519.) St Boda Monastic. Reposed 6th Century. Enwogion Cymru: A saint, who was one of the sons of Helig ab Glanawg, and lived in the early part of the seventh century. When their fathers territory was destroyed by the great inundation, he and his brothers embraced a monastic life, and became members of the colleges of Bardsey, and Bangor in Caernarvonshire. (Bonedd y Saint.) St Bodfan / Bodvan Reposed 7th Century. Remembered 2 June. Enwogion Cymru: A saint, the son of Helig ab Glanawg and brother of Boda / Brenda and Brothen. He founded Llanaber, the church of Aber, or Abergwyngregyn, in Caernarvonshire, which parish immediately adjoins the Lavan sands, which before the inundation formed his fathers territory. (Bonedd y Saint.) St Brenda Reposed 7th Century. Enwogion Cymru: A saint, who was one of the sons of Helig ab Glanawg (with Bodfan and Brothen), and embraced a monastic life, when their territory was inundated in the early part of the seventh century. A saying of his is recorded (Myv. Arch. ii. 30.):

Gwir a ddywaid Brenda Sant: "Nid Ilai cyrchir y drwg na'r da." Truly saith Saint Brenda: "The evil is not less resorted to than good."

Harry Harrison 31

Local Hotspots Why not visit one of your local NGS gardens this autumn and enjoy sharing in a beautiful experience, relaxing in amazing surroundings, gaining lots of ideas and inspiration all whilst contributing to caring charities. What could be better?

Rough grid - Cryptic Crossword No 57(Jeep) 1



Bryn Road, Lampeter

Every 2nd and 4th Saturday











18 19






26 30




36 40







38 42 45







44 47



52 54


56 57

People’s Market

Victoria Hall,

6 13


Yr Efail, Llanio Rd, Tregaron, SY25 6PU, 01974 299 370 Bwlch y Geuffordd, Bronant, SY23 4JD, 01974 251 559 Llanllyr, Talsarn, SA48 8QB, 01570 470 900 Enjoy. Shelagh Yeomans




Try these local gardens open by arrangement:-


Don’t forget Copy Deadline for November Issue: 74 Friday 11 October;; 32

This fifty-sixth Local General Knowledge and Cryptic Crossword is sponsored by Bodan. The owner, Fleur Zuidweig, has kindly offered the winner a voucher to be spent in her shop in Bridge Street, Lampeter. PRIZE: Voucher Fleur is the owner and manageress of Bodan, which opened on 1 June this year. Fleur originally Prize Local Knowledge/Cryptic Crossword No 57 (Jeep) comes from Amsterdam but 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 moved to England when she 12 13 14 was a child. She then 15 16 17 returned to Amsterdam to 18 study fashion and design at 19 20 21 22 the university there. She has worked in theatre and film, designing costumes, and also in 23 24 the NHS. Fleur and her family moved to Lampeter two years 25 26 27 28 29 ago and love it here. Bodan reflects Fleur’s talent for design. 30 31 32 33 The interior is colourful and imaginative. Here you will find a 34 35 36 37 38 range of good-quality clothes suitable for babies and young 39 40 41 42 children up to the age of five. Fleur stocks clothes made from 43 44 45 46 organic materials and intends to go plastic-free with her 47 48 packaging. She also stocks good-quality second-hand 49 50 51 52 pre-loved clothes. A visit is recommended! 53 54 55 competition


See rough working grid on opposite. Eds


Across 1. Meets weekly during University term time in the Old Boardroom (7,8) 12. Dice rolling game is missing in action (3) 13. Is Buddha guarded by just nickel and nothing more? (3) 14. Pale powerless beverage (3) 15. Digest north soup mixture could ensure great entertainments (5,6,2,2) 18. Romanian notes (plural) hung round necks of Hawaiians (3) 19. Now questioning old fear of Chinese immigration (4,6,5) 23. Suddenly seize or reverse veto (3) 24. Cut short, Louis left nothing at the University (3) 25. Tactile formation of patterned framework (7) 26. They fluctuate sounds and led Rosy around (7) 30. Man addressed on central desires (3) 31. Rearms alternative to crash with ship (3) 33. I’m pre-noon founder of school of law (4) 34 & 55. Plea for help? Nothing is average (2-2) 36. Perform a commotion (2) 38. Sit apple hash ready for half small vegetable (5,3) 39. USA petrol is the reverse of a drift to leeward (3) 41. Grisly is only partly cunning (3) 43. Nothing the French commune in Moselle has (4) 44. Slake dwarf misery with container for liquefied gases (5,5) 48. No Scottish alternative to insane (3) 49. She works at Pont Steffan Practice (6,9) 53. Me at odds with work group (4) 54. Uneven start to oddment (3) 55. See 34 Across. 56. Tipster’s bet eastern winner by a neck (4) 57. Food shop and bakery at Unit 23 Lampeter Industrial Estate (6,3,6)

Down 1. Bridge Street sponsor of the 54th crossword (4,5,4) 2. Spin malt around for new gnashers (8) 3. Bind if there is no winner (3) 4. 7 to 8.30 swim at Lampeter (5,5) 5. Philosopher poet had chillers unfrozen (8) 6. Name not recorded as competition winner (2,2,8,4) 7. Manipulate with new sails (3) 8. Greek island can back footwear after lost century (3) 9. He and Otto started with a tenth of a Vietnamese dong (3) 10. Nothing left of old penny for the advanced years (3) 11. Held in Victoria Hall every 2nd & 4th Saturday (7,6) 16. Sixteenth held start of golf competition (3) 17. Turn to the east to find first foot hold (3) 20. French mime artist taking pointless statins (4) 21. Small forest has no end for couples to seek romantic attachment (3) 22. Short dessert has no southern potato base (3) 27. Created light from the first life’s initial thinking (3) 28. Misshape new impression (8) 29. His or her names are sorted (3) 32. In the way that there is an endless gasp (2) 35. Nothing at the grain (3) 37. Nothing new is achieved by the bold losing note (3) 40. Satin he sews to excel (5,2) 42. School of Talmudic study is heavy work (7) 45. Surprise attack is arid abuse (4) 46. For ever enclosing deep eddying river starts tributary (6) 47. Small role in film never went with nothing (5) 50. Eastern tan burst and erupted (4) 51. Shoes that let out water (4) 52. Arrange kind (4)

…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Closing Date for Entries: Fri 11 Oct 2019, 5pm Name: ............................................................... Tel: ............................................( Day)................................................(Eve) Email: ..................................................................................................................... Place in Competition Entries box in Library, Mark Lane Bakery or Postbox at Victoria Hall By post: Cryptic Crossword No. 57, Grapevine, c/o Victoria Hall, Bryn Rd, Lampeter SA48 7EE.


ads & classified


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I provide multiple treatments which are: Gel Nails extensions Hand shellac Feet shellac Hand mask Russian manicure and shellac Manicure 1:1 method eyelash extensions I use only the best quality equipment and products

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People’s Market Victoria Hall, Bryn Road, Lampeter

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Family History Research Would you like a full family tree, detailed research into individual ancestors or help solving a family mystery? I am an experienced genealogist and particularly enjoy uncovering the personal stories of everyday life. Elissa Aldous-Hughes 01558 650525 34

Thurs 3 Oct National Poetry Day 11am - 4pm - Poetry Karaoke Fri 4 Oct Jackie Biggs Book Launch Sat 5 Oct Indie Bookshop Day

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Krystian from The Farmer (Burger Specialist) awaiting winner

Firstly, apologies must go out to Gill Thomas and Michael Jones who entered the last cryptic crossword competition but due to an admin error, unfortunately weren’t included in the draw, sorry. Both were included in this month’s draw instead. Congratulations to all puzzlers who completed cryptic crossword 56: Helen Davies & Clare Davis, Jen Davies, Sarah Davies, David Hyde, Susan James, Michael Jones, Dawn Kenwright, George Kinchington, Merrymakers, Evan Pugh, Ieuan Reid, Geoff Smith, Gill Thomas & Marye Wyvill. Check out your own answers below and see page 33 for details about our 5t7h cryptic crossword, and sponsor for issue 73, Bodan, Lampeter. NB: Competition entry boxes are located in the Library and Mark Lane Bakery, or you can post entries to Cryptic Crossword No 54, Grapevine, C/O Victoria Hall, Bryn Road, Lampeter or drop it into the letter box if you’re passing. If you are a local business, organisation or individual offering a service and would like to sponsor a crossword, then please contact and we will pass on your details to our crossword guru. Diolch/Thankyou. Local Knowledge/Cryptic Crossword No 56 by “Jeep” An swers

what are your favourite things? have you got a favourite food, place, memory? what makes your favourite things so precious ? do you share your favourite things? why not write in and tell us what you think... share your thoughts with a wider audience … (400 words maximum please! )

Diolch / Thank you We look forward to hearing from you soon

A V O I D I N G R E A C T I O N 35




















Profile for Lampeter Grapevine

Lampeter Grapevine Issue 73 Oct 2019  

Lampeter's events, news and views monthly digwyddiadau, newyddion a barn Llambed bob mis

Lampeter Grapevine Issue 73 Oct 2019  

Lampeter's events, news and views monthly digwyddiadau, newyddion a barn Llambed bob mis