Los Angeles Master Chorale: Annual Report

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JULY 1, 2021–JUNE 30, 2022


Our Vision Our MISSION

We envision a world in which choral music is a conduit for belonging, a vehicle for participation in the arts, and a means for understanding and exploring commonalities and differences.

We are an independent and innovative professional vocal ensemble that shares the traditional and evolving spectrum of choral music with the widest possible audience.

We advance this art through performance, community education, collaboration, commissioning and recording.

letter from the president & CEO

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that we must remain focused on the future while maintaining the flexibility and nimbleness to pivot or change course at the flip of a switch. The pandemic was certainly nothing we’d ever planned for, but we emerged from those trying times with more creativity, innovation, and perseverance than we’d ever thought possible.


400000 600000 800000 1000000

As a result, the Chorale is at the peak of its artistry. We’re fortified with even more ways to realize our vision for a world where choral music is a conduit for belonging, a vehicle for participation in the arts, and a means for understanding and exploring commonalities and differences. We didn’t arrive at this position by accident or luck — our Chorale family, leaders, donors and community carried us through, unified by an unwavering commitment to our mission and a firm belief in the magic of choral music to transform lives. Because of you, we stand here today, ready to face whatever the future holds. Because of you, we’ve seen steady year-over-year asset growth despite significant financial peril. And because of you, we pushed through a year with no live performances that generated the largest surplus in the organiza tion’s history, supported by emergency funding, including a $1.5 million grant from the LA Arts Recovery Fund, almost $700,000 of appreciation in the value of endowment investments, and a programmatic spending hiatus.

We’re so grateful for your support, belief, and partnership. We’re brimming with pride in what we’ve accomplished and filled with optimism for what we will do together in the coming years. Thank you.

FYE Jun-17 FYE Jun-19 FYE Jun-20 FYE Jun-21 FYE Jun-22 (Est)

FYE Jun-18



FYE Jun-18

FYE Jun-17 FYE Jun-19 FYE Jun-20 FYE Jun-21 FYE Jun-22 (Est)

$1,802 $59,638 $(21,462) $2,296,953 $349,154


$4,962,527 $5,898,361 $6,128,255 $8,003,946 $8,275,644 1000000150000020000002500000

Deficit due to sustained payment to singers despite canceled events.

2 20 40 60 80 100 ANNUAL EXPENSES BY FUNCTION FYE Jun-18 FYE Jun-17 FYE Jun-19 FYE Jun-20 FYE Jun-21 FYE Jun-22 (Est) 11% 10% 79% 11% 12% 77% 10% 11% 79% 15% 5% 77% 21% 24% 55% 11% 20% 69% From 2006 to 2019 the chorale’s budget grew by 99% The budget is projected to reach between $10 million and $12 million in the next two years. Total employees 280 n Programmatic n Fundraising n General/administration Programmatic spending is typically greater than 75% but was lower during the no-live performance year and the resumption year. PROGRAMMATIC SPENDING BY PROGRAM TYPE 20 40 60 80 100 FYE Jun-18 FYE Jun-17 FYE Jun-19 FYE Jun-20 FYE Jun-21 FYE Jun-22 (Est) 9% 19% 72% 8% 17% 75% 57% 13% 11% 19% 8% 7% 14% 70% 1% 13% 1% 1% 85% 6% 88% 4% 2% n LAMC performances n Contracted services n Education & community services n Touring n Recording n Full-time administrative staff n Rostered singers n Auxiliary singers n Rostered orchestra members n Stagehands n Teaching artists n Education assistant n Intern 100 90 50 18 15 5 1 1 expanding & transforming A LOOK BACK AT WHAT YOU’VE MADE POSSIBLE


6,800 700,300 16,715

students and community members participated in education programs in person and online

social media impressions

people attended 2021–22 season concerts


A feature in The New Yorker. An article in the Los Angeles Times. Mul tiple mentions in well-known trade publications and industry reports. The spotlight shining on the Chorale has never been brighter.


For the performance of “Mahler: Symphony No. 8, ‘Symphony of a Thousand’,” the Chorale, along with the LA Philharmonic, National Children's Chorus, Los Angeles Children’s Chorus and Pacific Chorale, earned a 2022 Grammy Award for best choral performance.


Nothing more accurately represents the magic and power of song than Big Sing California, the largest group singing event in state history. Broadcast live to five other California cities and livestreamed online, the 2018 Big Sing joined more than 11,000 voices together in unity.

Making its joyous return in 2022 at the Music Center’s Grand Park, Big Sing repertoire included popular favorites such as The Beatles’ “With A Little Help From My Friends,” Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me,” Quirino Mendoza y Cortés’ “Cielito Lindo,” John Rosamond Johnson’s “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” and Alan Menken’s “A Whole New World.”


Los Angeles Times, April 6, 2022

The New Yorker, April 11, 2022

“…the finest-by-far major chorus in America…”
“The adventurous vocal ensemble turns precision into wonder.”





As we emerge from the COVID pandemic slightly bruised but fully intact, we know now more than ever that what we do is important. Without the generous support of our donors, our ability to nurture wellbeing and create a sense of belonging and community during physical separation would have been difficult, if not impossible.


Instead of pulling back, we were able to continue on during the shut down, avoiding furloughing or laying off even a single staff member, and keeping our musicians and staff protected with regular testing and extra precautions. It was the generosity of our donors that maintained us throughout a protracted period of difficulty and positioned us to not just survive but to thrive.

Ticket sales trends illustrate the historical level of ticket support (about $1.5 million/year pre-pandemic).





1600000 0


• In the partial shutdown year (FYE June 2020), ticket revenues fell below $1 million due to canceled performances

• In the full shutdown year (FYE June 2021), no ticket revenues or any other kind of earned income

$1,600,000 $2,500,000

$1,200,000 $2,000,000

$800,000 $1,500,000

In the FYE June 2022 year, audiences are at about 60% of prepandemic levels.

Individual and institutional giving over the years (including pandemic) has remained relatively steady due, in part, to the strength of the annual Gala financial contribution.

The Chorale raised $4.3 million of pandemic-related emergency funding.

$400,000 $1,000,000 $500,000

$0 $0

FYE Jun-22 (Est) FYE Jun-22 (Est) 400000

FYE Jun-21 FYE Jun-21 0

FYE Jun-18 FYE Jun-18

FYE Jun-19 FYE Jun-19

n Ticket sales n Contracted services n Touring presenters’ fees n Other


FYE Jun-20 FYE Jun-20

n Individuals n Institutions n Pandemic emergency n Planned gifts n Events

FYE Jun-17 FYE Jun-17



In 2022, we celebrated Grant Gershon’s 20th season as the Kiki & David Gindler Artistic Director and his astonishing work transforming the Chorale from its early beginnings as a vibrant volunteer chorus to the largest, most acclaimed independent professional chorus in the country.

GALA 2022

Thanks to our generous supporters, Gala 2022 raised more than $750,000 for the Chorale's education and artistic programs. In cele bration of Grant Gershon’s 20th anniversary milestone, the gala featured performances by the Chorale, the world premiere of a never-beforeheard version of Morten Lauridsen’s “O Magnum Mysterium” featuring acclaimed violinist Anne Akiko Meyers, the world premiere of “The Open Hand,” a new commission by award-winning composer Michael Abels (Get Out, Us, Nope, Omar), and a tribute presentation by com poser and conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen.

5 38 commissions 45 world premieres
During Grant’s tenure, the chorale has premiered including
66 new works

2021–2022 concert programs

The Chorale’s wildly successful 2021-22 season was both a celebration of our long-awaited return to Walt Disney Concert Hall and a wideranging presentation of feature works by more than 50 composers. Representing a variety of styles, periods, and points of view, the season included beloved masterworks from Rachmaninoff, Handel and Bach; music by the Master Chorale’s Swan Family Artist-in-Residence, Reena Esmail; and works from Medieval composer Hildegard von Bingen to contemporary artists such as Derrick Skye, Gabriel Kahane, and Anna Thorvaldsdóttir.

The 2021-22 season also marked 20 years of the highest artistic aspiration under the direction of Grant Gershon. The outstanding skill and artistry of the Master Chorale singers and the range of programming reflected the impact he’s had on the ensemble and organization as a whole.

2021–22 SEASON

Grant Gershon led Rachmaninoff’s All-Night Vigil, regarded as the highest achievement of the Russian Orthodox Church choral tradition (November 20 & 21, 2021).

Two beloved holiday traditions returned: Festival of Carols (December 4 & 11, 2021), featuring treasured carols and songs, and Handel's perennially popular Messiah (December 19, 2021), performed in its entirety.

A free program, Carols on the Plaza, became our newest holiday singalong event (December 20, 2021).

City Called Heaven featured the live performance debut of Derrick Skye’s Ready, Bright, and world premieres from Saunder Choi, Dale Trumbore, and Gabriel Kahane (January 30, 2022).

Associate Artistic Director Jenny Wong conducted select works by Swan Family Artist-in-Residence Reena Esmail, including TaReKiTa and Frank Martin’s Mass for Double Choir (February 20, 2022).

Handel’s Dixit Dominus and Arvo Pärt’s Te Deum offered two extraordinary settings of sacred texts that capture the full range of the spiritual experience expressed through music (March 20, 2022).

Guest conductor Rollo Dilworth returned to lead United We Sing, a program showcasing the breadth and vitality of the many shared cultures that reflect the musical ethos of America, with music from Dilworth, Alice Parker, Mary Lou Williams, and more (May 8, 2022).

Our season concluded with Bach’s B-minor Mass with Musica Angelica Baroque Orchestra and guest soloists, including tenor Nicholas Phan and countertenor Reginald Mobley (June 25 & 26, 2022).


living our mission

As we look to the future and the next phase in our evolution and growth as the nation’s largest, most acclaimed professional chorus, we will focus our collective efforts on transforming young lives through an empowering city-wide choral music program, expanding our reputation for unsurpassed artistic excellence, and increasing our global reach through expanded touring and digital strategies.



The many health benefits of actively engaging with music are well known and particularly important for children and young adults. With the transformational power to influence and alter the way that the brain processes information, music education enhances perception of language and speech and improves the ability to communicate with others and the world. Following a time of such extreme isolation, expo sure to the teamwork and creativity that singing together creates is a salve that every child deserves.

To this end, the Chorale recognizes a responsibility to create access points and increase exposure to the power of singing together regard less of geographic or financial barriers.


The award-winning Voices Within is a 10-week artist residency program for fifth grade students who learn to use their imagination to com pose lyrics and melodies of their own original songs and perform them together for an audience of peers, parents and community members.

Meeting the challenge of remote learning in the face of COVID with aplomb and flexibility, the Chorale created “Music Maker at Home” as a new Voices Within program for the digital age. Beginning as an online pilot program with Huntington Park Elementary School, Music Maker at Home continues to serve young people, families and teachers in the virtual world, reaching more than 3,000 households in 2021–22.


The Oratorio Project immerses high school students into a semesterlong collaborative process to write a large, complex work similar to an opera. Combining elements of music composition literacy skills, and 21st century learning techniques like collaboration, digital literacy,

critical thinking, and problem-solving, the program leads students through writing the libretto (the story) and creating the melodies for each movement of the oratorio, such as an aria, duet or chorus.

For 20 weeks, students at Van Nuys High School worked collaboratively with teaching artists from the Chorale to create seven original songs centered around the idea of utopian cities. Presented over two live performances in May 2022, the song cycle featured choir, soloists, piano and spoken word.


Since 1989, the Chorale has offered high school students a chance to deepen their exposure and understanding of choral art through a year-long experience that culminates in the annual High School Choir Festival Day. One of the longest-running and widest-reaching arts edu cation programs in Southern California, the festival brings teens from the Greater Los Angeles area to perform in Walt Disney Concert Hall.

In April 2022, the festival returned as an in-person, live performance and welcomed more than 500 high school students to sing as a massed choir in Grand Park.




Choral music unifies individual voices as the instrument of storytelling, drawing from an ever-expanding repertoire of lived experiences as much as from the traditional repertoire. It’s at the intersection of glorious tradition and artistic daring where the most magnificent music is created and where the Chorale is at its absolute best.


As part of an organization-wide commitment to equity, diversity, inclu sion, and access, and in the spirit of a deeply rooted belief that the culture we create should be the product of all human experiences, at least 50% of the chorus’s programming spotlights work by composers from historically excluded groups in classical music, including people of color and women.

The Chorale also engaged KJR Consulting in 2021 to implement a survey of all board, staff, and musicians to measure workplace engagement. The survey included demographics, which were collected for the first time and will be used as a baseline of the specific metrics we intend to continue tracking as we progress.

Guided by a ratified five-year strategic plan, and the workplace sur vey and baseline demographic report, our work is intensely focused on improving representation at the staff and board levels and continuing to build a more diverse roster of singers, orchestra musicians, composers, and creative collaborators that reflect the vitality of our community.


Non-binary/ third gender


In October 2021, the Chorale engaged KJR Consulting to conduct an inclusion, diversity, equity and access (IDEA) engagement survey to gain insights into current strengths and opportunities for improvement.



Prefer to self-describe

Asian or Asian American*

Black or African American n Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander**



Some other race

Prefer not to say



Non-binary/ third gender

Prefer not to say

Prefer to self-describe

Asian or Asian American* n Black or African American n Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander**


Multiracial n White

Some other race n Prefer not to say

Prefer not to say

Prefer to self-describe

Asian or Asian American*

Black or African American n Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander**



Some other race

Prefer not to say



Non-binary/ third gender

Prefer not to say

Prefer to self-describe

Asian or Asian American* n Black or African American n Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander**

Multiracial n White

Some other race n Prefer not to say

Gender Identity
Racial Group Racial
*Chinese, Filipino, Asian Indian, Vietnamese, Korean,
Pakistani, Cambodian, Hmong, Other Pacific Islander **Samoan, Chamorro, Other
11% 9% 6% 6% 5% 5% 6% 65% 55% 64% 40%
Gender Identity
Pacific Islander
Racial Group 6% 6% 6% 39% 61% 83% 88% 36% 1%
Non-binary/ third gender
Prefer not to say
60% 15% 10% 10% 5% 60% 30% 5% 5% 3%
Gender Identity Racial Group



During the last full year before the pandemic, we reached more than 175,000 people a year through the concert series at Walt Disney Concert Hall, guest appearances with the LA Philharmonic, and inter national touring of our most innovative works, and our online audience has grown to nearly 500,000 worldwide. The opportunities to share our music with exponentially more people will only continue to grow into the future, and our viability as an arts organization depends on our ability to effectively and creatively harness the potential of digital technologies to reach as far and wide as possible.


The Chorale’s circle of audiences widened even more with the recent installation of new, state-of-the-art cameras and recording equipment in Walt Disney Concert Hall. The technology facilitates the ongoing digital releases of segments of live performances, all of which are now searchable in Time Machine, a catalogue of all our concerts, beginning with our debut season in 1965.


The Chorale’s reputation and renown has grown significantly over the past several years thanks in no small part to the introduction of national and global touring. Throughout 2018, 2019 and into 2020, the Chorale toured our production of Lagrime di San Pietro, directed by Peter Sellars, to 19 cities in eight countries including Mexico City, London, Paris, Melbourne, and Auckland in addition to opening the Salzburg Festival in 2019.

Building on the success of Lagrime di San Pietro, “Song Mirror,” written by installation artist Doug Aitken, was brought to life in the mountains of Gstaad, Switzerland and performed by six vocalists from the Chorale. “Song Mirror” is just one element of a larger, upcoming feature-length film called LIGHTSCAPE, which is focused on the Chorale's collaboration with Aitken.

“The voice is the instrument we use to make connections with one another, and we all have a voice.”
REENA ESMAIL The Swan Family Artist-in-Residence
The Chorale has performed in 19 cities in 8 countries over the last three years.



$6,000,000 $5,000,000 $4,000,000 $3,000,000 $2,000,000 $1,000,000 $0 Jun-17 Jun-18 Jun-19 Jun-20 Jun-21 Jun-22

n Endowment assets (at market value) n Planned gifts (net present value)

Endowment assets have grown over time, but still represent only a fraction of annual operating costs.

Planned gifts have steadily grown throughout the years.

Our funded endowment increased more than $1 million in three years.

Michael Abels

Michelle Acosta

Dr. Susan Addington

The Ahmanson Foundation

Brian Alcala

James Alderete

Allyson and Todd Aldrich

Rick and Susan Amante

Lisa E. Andersen in memory of Darolyn Andersen

Jill Anderson and Steven Jobst

Robert C. Anderson

Cecelia R. Andrews

Marie Andros

Georgeann Andrus

Anonymous (15)

Diane and Noel Applebaum

Murray Aronson

Linda Atkinson

Austin Au

Luvi Avendano

Cheryl Avirom

Dr. Gloria Avrech

Maggie B. Ayala

Antonio Azar

Christine Buckley

Ruth Bachofner

Louise J. Bahar

Elizabeth Ball

Larry and Judy Ballenger

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Banducci

Clare Baren and David Dwiggins

Gregory and Harriet Barker

Bob Barnes

Janell A. Bartkus

Elizabeth Bartscherer

Leslie Bauce

Queenalyn Bautista

Nancy Griffith Baxter

Jeff and Joan Beal

Marjorie Beale

Lesili Beard and Dr. Iris S. Levine

Candace and Thomas Beck

honor roll


Donna Beckage

Karen Sapio and Anthony Becker

Thomas and Judith Beckmen

Sondra Behrens

Kathryn Bellamy

Joni and Miles Benickes

Dr. Christina Benson, M.D. and Dr. Kenneth Wells, M.D. Lorri and Steve Benson

Bobbie and Paul Bent

Jeffrey and Susan Berman

Julie M. Bernstein

Fabio Bidini

Susan Bienkowski and Wang Lee

Annette Billings

Carol Binion

Regina Birdsell

Ms. Mary Louise Blackstone and Mr. Donald Burnett

Dr. Andrew Blaine and Dr. Leigh Lindsey Daniel Blake and Bonnie Ericson

Candace Blankenship

Reynold M. Blight and Mrs. Joanne D. Saliba

The Blue Ribbon

David F. Bode, M.D.

Charles Bohlen Wilbert F. Bohn

David Bohnett Foundation

Lindsey Boice

Marla Borowski

Kara Bouton

Greg A. Bowden

Debra L. Boyd Kyle Boyd

Calvin Boyer

Ursula Bradshaw

Laura Berns

Mandy and Steve Brigham

Jane E. Brockman

Gordon Brodfuehrer

Onetta Brooks

Jerrie Paula Ortega-Brown and Abbott L. Brown

Suzanne C. Brown in honor of Grant Gershon

Victor K. Brown Jean Bruce Poole Douglas and Jandre Buck Thomas C. Roby

Margaret Burdge Dorli Burge

Kelly Burling in memory of Mark Edwards Jim and Barbara Burns Katharine Burns Benjamin Burt Liesel Maria Butcher Betty Butler Curtis and Jean Byer Anne Byrd Barbara Byrne Don Cadien Rick Cadruvi

Abner Caguioa Kathy Cairo Alonso Calderon

California Arts Council

Dr. Jayne E. Campbell in memory of Nina Henson Rasmussen

Linda Campbell in memory of Thomas A. Techentin

Priscilla Campbell

Miles Canaday

Susan Canjura

Maureen Cantlin Capital Group

Joan L. Cashion

Constance Castro

Catherine Chambers

Renee and Bruce Chapman Kathrin Chase Linda Chase Mary Ann Chausée

July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022.

Juanita Chauvin

Dora Chen

Brendan A. Cheng

Alice Cheung

Billy Childs

Jessica Choi

Marjore Chronister Steve Chucovich

Young Chun

Patricia Churchill

Alicia G. and Edward E. Clark

Jim B. Clarke

John and Sue Clauss Karen Cleaver

Ernest Clements

Frederic Cohen and Antoinette Adams

Dr. Lawrence and Jane Z. Cohen

Marie Cohen

Jacqueline Cohl Colburn Foundation

Brent Collins

Margaret Sheehy Collins

Anne Morss Combs

Eleanor Congdon

Father William J. Connor

Susan Convirs

Donald and Bette Cook Jeanette Corcuera

Priscila Cordero

Edward and Karin Costello

Corinna Cotsen and Lee Rosenbaum

Molly and Walter* Coulson

Michael F. Cowan

Gerald W. Craft

Keith Kajiya in memory of Mark Edwards

Sally Crock

Cathleen Crone

James Cronk

Elizabeth Crooke

Areta Crowell

Doug M. Crowley

Dr. Diane E.A. Cunningham

Jessica Curran

Lisa F. Curtis

Dr. Robert A. Cutietta and Mist Thorkelsdottir

Sandra Cutuli

Harindra Dahanayake

Dan Murphy Foundation

Judi and Bryant Danner

Doris Darre

Jeanne Davenport

German Hipolito David Jean Davidson and Kojiro Umezaki

Carolyn J. Davis

Jayne Davis

Lynette and Michael Davis Martha Dawson

Joseph C. Dayball

Della De La Torre

Jose and Cecilia De Souza

Teresa DeCrescenzo

Catharine Deely

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Deland, Jr. Catherine Dellacamera

Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles

Wayne and Pat DePry

Anne and Ray Destabelle

Craig and Mary Deutsche

Kay Devonshire

Jared Diamond, Ph.D. and Marie Cohen, Ph.D.

Myrna Diaz in memory of William Gershon

Maclaine Diemer

Jennifer Diener

Ani Dikranian

Arline Dillman

Christopher R. Dixon

Sharon Dobbyn

Amanda Doenitz

Becky Doody

Kathleen and Terry* Dooley

*In memoriam
We’d like to thank our generous donors and friends who supported us between
Thank you for all you’ve done to help us share the spectrum and power of choral music with the widest possible audience throughout the world.

Leslie and John Dorman

Caroline and Donnie Dove

Lamoine Doyle

Kevin and Marianne Droney

Kathleen and James Drummy

Marshall G. Duell

Thomas and Mary Duggan

Dennis Duitch

Dr. and Mrs. William M. Duxler

Frank and Teresa Dvoracek

Dwight Stuart Youth Fund

Thomas Dwyer in honor of Pamela Perkins Dwyer

Jerrold Eberhardt

Kathleen and Jerry Eberhardt

Richard Eberhart

Esther Edber

Margaret Waegell Edmondson

Jamie Edwards-Orr

Nancy A. Edwards

Nicki E. Edwards in memory of Mark Edwards

Randall Edwards

Ann Graham Ehringer

Gail Eden Eichenthal in honor of Jean Davidson and Grant Gershon

Julia and John Eidsvoog

Mirna Elias

Kathleen Elowitt

Barbara and Damien Elwood

Employees Community Fund of the Boeing Company

Peter Epstein

Bonnie Ericson and Daniel Blake

Dr. Annette L. Ermshar and Mr. Dan Monahan

Suellen Eslinger

Ozair and Alda Esmail

Dr. Reena Esmail

Randall T. Espinoza, M.D. Carolyn S. Estrada

Mark Evans

David and Jordan Fabish Mark Fender

Dr. And Mrs. J Murray Fadial in honor of Dr. Mark Berry

David Falconer

Robert and Anna Lee Farber

Gerald Lee Faris

Mike and Virginia Fawcett in honor of Carol Reich and Steven Harms

Michael Fay

Evelyn Feintech

Gordon and Vacharee Fell

Judy and Richard Felton in memory of Mark Edwards Jeffrey Fenner

Dave J. Ferguson

Melodee Fernandez

Corey Field

Lisa Field

Financial Communications Society

Arthur and Marjorie Fine in honor of Bob and Denise Hanisee Maureen Finnerty

Mr. Richard Cullen and Mr. Robert Finnerty

Anthony Brooks Firestone

Jacqueline Fischer-Lougheed

Michael Fishbein

Edward Fisher in memory of Warner Henry Dan Fisk

Jeanie Fiskin

Lorna Fitzgerald in memory of Virginia L. Fitzgerald

Hon. Michael W. Fitzgerald and Mr. Arturo Vargas

Patrick Fitzgerald

Capt. Dundas Flaherty and Ms. Sandra Kulli

Lauren and Patrick Flahive Bill and Patricia Flumenbaum Sarah Forth Jennifer Fortuny

Louise and Thomas Fox Germaine Franco Jeremy Frank Shirley Fredricks

Kathie and Alan Freeman

Friars Charitable Foundation

Roberta Frye

The Daum Family Fund

Peter Furby James Gadd

Jane Galbraith

Jamie Gallo

Jenna Garcia

Lisa Garcia

June Bartczak and Ami Gargir

Julie Garner

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Mr. Richard Gerber

Elissa Johnston and Grant Gershon

Bill Gershon*

Elizabeth Gibbar

Steve Gilbreath in memory of Lauran Gilbreath

Robert Gilliland

Suzanne Gilman

Kiki Ramos Gindler and David Gindler

Donald Goldman and Valerie Lezin Ramon Gomez

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Nancy and Lenny Gonzales

Michelle M. Gonzalez

Olivia Goodkin in honor of Marshall Rutter Janet Goodwin

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Mr. and Mrs. Scott T. Graff Dr. Dayna Grant Philip G. Grant Anne Grausam

Douglas Green Lauren Green

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The Green Foundation

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GRoW @ Annenberg Rodger J. Guerrero

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Patricia Guy in honor of Martha Groves Alma Guzman Maya Hadar Louise Haglind Erica Hahn

Jeff Hall Denise and Robert Hanisee Amy Hansen

Meredith Harewood, M.D. Berkeley and Kristin Harrison James and Carol Hart Lucas Hausrath

Katherine Hawks Dr. Charles Edward Hay Kendis Heffley

Vince Bertoni and Damon Hein Tyler Heiss

Bonnie Busenberg and Tom Helliwell

Bret Hembd

Timothy W. Henderson John Hendra

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Carol and Warner* Henry

Jillian Hessel-Spivak in memory of Edith Bell Hessel Mark Hilt Marsha Hirano-Nakanishi

Ms. Jennifer Hoang and Mr. Brian Krechman

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Travis J. Howell in memory of James Howell

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Monica Hubbard in memory of Mark Edwards

Catherine and Robert Hudspeth Linda and John Huetinck

Robert Hunka

Margaret Hunt in honor of Jean Davidson

Steve Iglehart

Barbara Isenberg Cynthia Ison Robert Israel Tomoko Iwakawa

Jane Jackson in memory of Thomas A. Techentin Mika Jain

Jeffrey Janis Frank Jarvis

Larry Jarvis and Janet Shaffer

Paul and Missy Jennings

Richard P. Jensen

Barbara Jex Courter Firoza Jhabvala

Christopher Jobst John and Beverly Stauffer Foundation

Jerry Johnson and Leana Kleinman

Margaret Johnson

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Robin and Craig Justice

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Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Karns

Lawana Tate and Michael Kaylor Dr. Patricia A. Keating

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Mr. Ken Kwapis and Ms. Marisa Silver

LA Arts Recovery Fund

LA County Department of Arts and Culture

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Edward and Carol Lane in honor of our son Bryan Lane

Thomas and Gloria Lang

Sarah J. Lang

Thomas and Gloria Lang Daniel LaPorte

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Kent Lewis

Jing Li

Jennifer and Joey Li June and Simon Li

Scott G. Liggett

Marjorie Lindbeck

Fong Zhi Liu

Shelley Loescher

William R. Lomax, Ph.D.

Lon V. Smith Foundation

Susan and Bob Long

Ronald Long

Beverly A. LoPorto, Ph.D.

Richard and Miki Lorentz

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors/Kathryn Barger Anahita and Jim Lovelace

Lillian Pierson Lovelace

John Lundgren, M.D. and Susan Jay, Ph.D. Dennis Lyday

Doris Lynk

Faith and Thomas Lyons

Stephen and Mary Maack

Robert Macias

Mindy and Jonathan Mack Masako Maki

Fernando Malvar-Ruiz

Fred Manaster

Chantal Manseau

Connie Manz in memory of Mark Edwards Frank* and Mona Mapel Lou and Denise Marchant Robin Marchese Barbara and Joel Marcus

Patricia Marcus

Rebecca Margolis Beverly Marksbury

Denisse Marquez Dr. Marguerite Marsh Gail Marshall Kathleen Martin Michael Martin

Rob and Christie Martin

Cynthia Marty in memory of Gregory Young

Terry and Chip Marvin Weta and Allen Mathies

Jahn Mathis

Margaurite Mathis-Clark in memory of Bob Hebert Dr. Joseph Matthews

Dennis K. Matthies

Christopher May Jane and Edward J. McAniff

Jerilyn and Peter McAniff

Kathleen McCarthy

Jane and Randy McClintick

Lauren and Lee McCollum

Kenneth and Patricia McKenna Lynn McLeod

Jane M. McNeil

John McPherson

Mr. Robin Meadow and Ms. Margaret Stevens Barlett W. Mel and Maria Carreira

Frank Melton

Jane Mendel

Robert L. Mendow

Barbara Mensendiek

Dr. Nicholas K. Menzies and Dr. Melinda Herrold-Menzies

Virginia and John Merriam David and Kimberly Meyer Nicholas and Stephanie Meyer Maurice Meysenburg Nathalie Miller

Rich Mills

Gertrude Monro Carlos Montes

Dr. John Montgomerie Chip and Sharyn Moore Louisa Moore

Rachel Moore

Terrence Moore and Harry Prince Tom Moore in memory of JoAnn Moore

Ms. Margaret A. Morgan and Mr. Wesley K. Phoa Sharon Morgan Margaret A. Mortimore Diane Morton

John E. Mosley Louis and Sharon Mountford James Mulally Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP


Patricia Murar

Alice Kirwan Murray

Michael Murray

The Music Center Foundation

Ron Myrick

Steven and Jerri Nagelberg National Endowment for the Arts Robert and Sally Neely Steven P. Neiffer and Eric Lassiter*

Bea Nemlaha

Douglas Neslund

William and Lois Nettleship

Diana Nevins in memory of Curtis Ray Joiner, Jr. Ellen Newhouse

Michael and Marianne S. Newman in honor of Ted and Jane McAniff

Chinh Nguyen Mary D. Nichols Marsha Nikora Marian and John* Niles

Renae and Greg Niles

Brian Nixon

Naseem Nixon

Dr. Frances Nobert in memory of Paul Salamunovich Scott Noble

Judith and Donald Nollar

Mr. John and Rev. Elizabeth Nordquist

Heidi Novaes

Julie Noyes

Toni Noyola

Karen Nusbaum

Susan O'Leary

J.P. O'Connor Ms. Christine M. Ofiesh Julie Okun Helen O'Lone

Richard W. Olsen

Estate of Robert W. Olsen Susan Olsen

Eric Olson and Carol K. Broede Loretta Olson Neil Olson

Christopher O'Meara

Ms. Laura Ornest and Mr. Rick Leslie Glenn Orton

Sylvia L. Osborne

Michael O'Sullivan

Siegfried Othmer

Robert B. Packer

Aaron Paley

Emilie Pallos

Courtland Palmer

Judith Palmer and Nancy Walcott

Dunn, Pariser and Peyrot in honor of Chris & Elyse Willis

Shinnshill Park and Aiden Lee

Ralph and Jane Parks

Christopher Parsons

The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation K. Casper Partovi

Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts

Donald Pattison Diane and David Paul Stephanie Peck

Vijay Pedapudi Nadine Pence

Clifford and Joyce Penner

The Ann Peppers Foundation

Pamela Perkins Dwyer

John Perkins in memory of Ann Perkins

Cheryl Petersen and Roger Lustberg

Anne B. Peterson in memory of Mark Edwards

Cindi Peterson

Dr. Lowell and Mary Peterson in memory of Mark Edwards

Thomas Peterson

Betty A. Petitt

Carol Pfannkuche

Anthony Phelan

Lewis and Catherine Phelps

Riley Phillips

Lucy Ping

Brian Plymell

Carrie Kirshman and Jerry Podczaski

Deb Podus

Marjorie Poe

Monique Poon

Steven W. Popper

Lynne Porter

Janice L. Poss

Gaines Post Jack and Sandra Powazek Joseph S. Powe John Powell


Drea Pressley

Sandy and Barry Pressman

Dean and Judy Pruitt

Rita Coveney Pudenz

Kai-Li and H.H. Quigley

Dr. Nigel Raab

Faith Raiguel and Billy Weber in memory of Norma Raiguel

Gary and Marina Raines

Suzette Ramirez Carr

Sonia Randazzo

Clifford Ray

Sherry Reames

Susan and George Reardon

John Redmond

Wendy Reeder

Mary Lou Reid and John Celentano

Julia and Kenneth Reinhard

Pamela Reis

Kathleen Reiss

Candy Renick

Ellen Rentz

Rev. Robin Rhodes

Sharon Rhodes-Wickett

Drs. Gail and Richard Rice

Lisa Richardson

Madison F. Richardson, M.D.

Thresa Richardson

Iris and Robert Rickenbach

Charles and Susan Ridgeway

Carol and François Rigolot

Marvin and Ricki Ring

Rozan Ristakian

Loren Roberts

David D. Robinson

Edwin T. Robinson

Claudia Rodriguez

Penelope C. Roeder, Ph.D. Kenneth Roehrs and Sara McGah

Carli V. Rogers in memory of Anthony Rogers

John B. Rogers

Julie Rogers

Ilean and Steve* Rogers in honor of Grant Gershon

Ronald Rogowski and Karin Best

Melissa and Alex Romain

Sonia Roman

Ann* and Robert Ronus

Karen Rook

The Rose Hills Foundation

Felicia Rosenfeld and David Linde in honor of Jean Davidson

Dana Ross

Bruce Rothschild

Geri Rotella Rotter

Mary Rourke

Millicent Rovelo

Shirley Rude

Fred Ruopp, Jr. and Sue Ruopp

Douglas Russell

Deborah F. Rutter and Peter Ellefson

Rachel Moore and Robert Ryan

Amy Sacapano

Nancy Sadler

The SahanDaywi Foundation Robyn Salter

Sylvana Salvatierra Jochanan Samama

Joanne Sanders

Brian E. Saul

Lorraine Saunders

Gaye Saxon

Dr. Gregory Schaefer Debra Schaeffer

Mary Lou and Arthur Schanche Dr. Michael Schapa

Steve Scharf in honor of Grant Gershon

Marleen Scheffy

Jo-Michael and Mary Scheibe

David Schlakman in honor of Pamela Perkins Dwyer

Justus and Helen Schlichting

Guenter Schmidt

Joanne T. Schneider

Imke Schroeder

Rosemary Schroeder

Thomas Schultz James Schum

Susan P. Schwartz Ruth A. Schweitzer Julie B. Scott

Melonie Scott Alice Adele Seebach

Marc Seltzer and Chris Snyder in memory of James Howell Pat Shaver

Edward A. and Ai O. Shay Family Foundation

Teresa Shea

Debra Franco and David Shepard

Cathie Sherman Greer

Brydon and Beverly Shirk

Janet and Andrew Shulman

Randy A. Shulman

Sidney Stern Memorial Trust

Ray and EleanorSiebert

Loretta S. Genelin

Sevda Sigharian

Johnny Silva

Anna Silver

Kerry Silverstrom

Susan Simmons

William Skinner

Dr. Harold R. Slater in memory of Stacey Frederick

Diane and Ken Sleeper

Eric Small

Edward Smallfield in memory of James Howell

Carol A. Smith

Frank Smith

Luchus P. Smith

Robyn Smith in memory of Mark Edwards

Laura Smolowe and Adam O'Byrne Barbara Smythe

Elizabeth Snowden-Ifft Matthew Snyder

Patsy Snyder K.T. Somero

Hyejoo Son

Daniel Song

David and Beverly Speak Della Speer

Nancy and Dick Spelke

Amy Spound

Mr. Donald R. Spuehler and Dr. Jill Roth Spuehler

Brendt and Tracey Stallings

Susan Stamberger

Franklin Stanley Robert Stapp Kathy Starbird Nadya S. Starr Sharon Stearns Alison Stendahl

Christian Stendel Eva and Marc Stern Karen Stevenson

Debra Stewart in honor of Pamela Perkins Dwyer

Peter Stoller in honor of Claire Pegram and Jules Pegram Christopher M. Strait Victoria Stratman

Tom Strickler

Thomas Strout

Mr. J. Theodore Struck and Mr. Al Whitley

Jason Subotky and Anne Akiko Meyers in honor of Grant Gershon

Ed Summers

Joe Suntharaphat

Harold A. Sutherland

Elizabeth Swackhamer Kristan and Philip A. Swan

Dr. Shawna L. Swanberg In memory of Terri Murphy Dawn Swift in memory of James Howell Melanie and Bill Switzer Nackkum Synn Priscilla and Curtis Tamkin

John and Pamela Taylor Laney and Tom Techentin

Barbara A. Teichert

Ms. Diane Thomas and Mr. Ray Frauenholz

Douglas Thompson Marjorie Thomson

Beverly Walker Thrall

Jean H. and Jimmy E. Throckmorton

Karen and William Timberlake Haydee and Jim Toedtman in honor of Lois Erburu Dorcas and Zoltan Tokes

Michael D. Toman

Anne and David Tomlinson in honor of Grant Gershon Maredith Palmer Torres

Marina Torres

Wendy Torres

Paul and Catherine Tosetti Dr. Richard L. Tradewell Mina Tran

Janet and Robert Tranquada John and Susan Trauger

Judith Trento and Michael Drummy

Lawrence Triesch

Barbara Troxell

Richard Trubey

Anne Tryba and John Hale Dr. Iwona Trybus

Anita and Harold Tsuji Dr. James Tuck-Lee

William M. Tully in loving memory of Jane Tully

Elizabeth Turner

Elinor and Rubin Turner in honor of Annette Ermshar Betsey Tyler

Florence and Ken Umezaki

Jean Davidson and Kojiro Umezaki

Lora Unger

Marilyn and Luis Uranga U.S. Small Business Administration

Bob Uyetani

Stephen Manes

Dr. Gilbert Valentine

Jeffrey Van Dyk

Julian van Eyken

Arturo Vargas in memory of James P. Fitzgerald

Arlene Veliz in memory of Mark Edwards

Erica and Anthony Vickers

Jason Vierzba

Scott and Silva Virgil

Nancy Vogt

Brenn von Bibra

Reyes and Wolf Von Schmidt

Barbara E. Wagner

Patricia Waldeck

Dr. Gene R. Wallace

Don Wallschlaeger

Walter J. and Holly O. Thomson Foundation

Ann W. Wang

Marilene Wang

Teresa Ward in memory of Kermit E. Ward

Stuart and Susan Warren Mary Jane Weaver

Diane and Joe Webb Margot Webb

Lucy Wegner

Ilene Weingarten

Suzanne Weiss

Alexander Weitzel

Doreen Weller

David and Ahlene Welsh

Sean Wen

Amy P. Westling in memory of Daniel J. Chaney

Floyd White

Jerald Whitehouse

John R. Whitesides

Ian and Barbara White-Thomson Dorothy L. Whitham

Linda Whittemore

Annie Wickert

William H. Hannon Foundation

Andrea and Gregory Williams

Greg and Grace Williams

Jennifer Williams

Dr. Karyn L. Williams

Jann and Kenneth S. Williams Gary D. Wilson

Michele and David Wilson

Susanna Wilson in memory of my mother, Dorothy Mark Wimbish

Rebecca Wink Wade and Gaia Winter Sherman Wintrob Robert Wolff Fund

Judy Wolman

Brian L. Wong

Patty Woo

Jerry Bluestein and Regine Wood

Sharon L. Wood

Jean and Walt Wood

Peter and Romy Wyllie

Bonnie Yaeger

Dr. Gale A. Yee

Marika Zaharkiv

Sal Zambrano

Rudolf H. Ziesenhenne

Kat and Thomas Zimmerman Glenn Zinser


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