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The Official Newsletter of the Lake of the Woods Association, Inc. Vol. 17, No. 10



September 13, 2019

General Manager’s Annual Report 49th Annual Meeting Lake of the Woods Association, Inc. September 2, 2019

by Phillip L. Rodenberg, CMCA®, AMS®, PCAM® LOWA General Manager Photo by Dan McFarland

The 2019 LOWA Board of Directors consists of: (L-R) Treasurer Walt Diercks; Vice President Jennifer Zukowski; President Cliff Wilks; Secretary Pete Brown; Directors Carl Clawson, Heidi Brown and Benita Forrest.

Certification of 2019 Board of Directors Ballots by Walt Diercks, Secretary, Board of Directors and Lisa McKinney, Elections Committee

We certify the following to be true and correct to the best of our knowledge: Total Ballots Received: Total Valid Ballots Cast: Total Invalid Ballots Cast:

1,182 1,146 36 (See explanations below)

Total Valid Electronic Ballots Cast: Total Valid Paper Ballots Cast by Mail: Total Valid Paper Ballots Cast at Meeting: Total Valid Ballots Cast:

1,073 36 37 1,146

Votes Cast For:  Phillip D. “Pete” Brown  Jennifer Zukowski  Benita Forrest  Paul Edward Conrad  Adrien L. “Terry” Terrenoire, Jr.

890.50 777.54 537.04 456.50 400.54

Elected to the LOWA Board of Directors for a Three Year Term:  Phillip D. “Pete” Brown  Jennifer Zukowski  Benita Forrest Explanation by Category of Invalid Ballots Cast: 5 = Previous Owner 2 = Abstentions 14 = Members not in Good Standing 5 = Proxy Holders not present at Annual Members’ Meeting 6 = Paper Ballots received with no signature/date nd 3 = Duplication: Electronic ballot first; then paper ballot submitted second; 2 vote counted 1 = Duplication: Day of Election Duplicate Below are two questions which have been asked numerous times followed by the answers: 1. Why are there partial votes for the candidates?

See Board Election on p. 11

It is my honor to present the Annual Report summarizing the year and discussing future challenges. We are four months into the 2019/2020 Fiscal Year and collections are on target. Reserve Fund Balance is $4.1M, and Reserve Cash plus bank loan funds are adequate to cover this year’s capital spending plan of $1.7 M, which includes loan repayments related to the Clubhouse Area Recreation Complex Project. Operating Cash stands at $3.1M, adequate to meet our operation and maintenance obligations. Most Departments and Amenities are performing at or better than budget. Assessment delinquencies last year were 1.7 percent, up from 1.2 the previous year but still beating the industry standard of 5 percent. The independent financial audit will be presented to the Board on Sept. 18. LOWA remains the largest concentration of homes and population in Orange County, with 3,844 completed homes on the 4,258 private lots, up 12 homes from last year. I say 4,258 because we gained one private lot due to an RSA sale of a well lot. We are 23 percent of the county population, exceeding the 2015 estimate of 7,926 full time residents, especially on busy holiday weekends like this one. Housing stock is a key indicator of a healthy community, so it is good news that, from May 2018 to April 2019, the Environmental Control Committee approved 33 new home construction projects (down 4 from previous) and approved 60 renovation projects (down 103 from previous). Our Finance Department issued 334 resale packages during the same period for properties changing hands (down 33 from previous year). The Board of Directors and Management spent significant effort on the nine stated Board Goals, which included starting new Lakes Management Projects; expanding information sharing between the Association and Members; reviewing and updating processes and procedures; constructing, opening, and operating the Clubhouse Pool/Fitness Center and Beach Bathrooms; developing a construction advisory list; launching a community-wide referendum to amend the Declarations of Restrictions to establish a member appeal process for Environmental Control Committee decisions, and to expressly establish charges for lot violations of community standards; replacing multiple software packages with one unified software system for gate access control and visitor management; and increasing the use of electronic voting. The Board adopted the Five Year Capital Plan, updated Regulations on trespassing, walking on ice prohibition, vaping prohibition, and a complete overhaul of Fitness Center rules.

See GM Annual Report on p. 4

Some lots have multiple owners. Example: Two Members share ownership of a lot located between their lots. Therefore, each member retains .5 votes for this lot; total vote for this lot is 1. Example: An Estate leaves a lot to four children; each child retains .25 votes for this lot; total vote for this lot is 1. 2. If you multiply the total valid ballots cast by three (number of candidates), why does it not Wednesday, September equal the total votes cast?

18 LOWA Regular Board Meeting Some members only voted for one or two 2 PM, Community Center

General Manager's Column 1 Not all ballots submitted voted for three candidates. President's letter 2 Candidates. Also, based on the percentage each member owns per lot, a partial vote may be counted. Board Agenda 2 Saturday, September 21 Association News 2-10 LOW Skate Park Day Board Minutes 3 10 AM-3 PM, CH Basketball Court) Calendar 9-10 Viewpoints 20 Tuesday, September 24 Orange County 25 Meet the Management Classifieds 26-27 9 AM, Holcomb Building

Planning Committee Town Hall Meeting on Proposed 2020-2024 Capital Plan 6:30 PM, Clubhouse Friday, September 27 Music on the Point with Chris & Mark 6-9 PM, Clubhouse Point Saturday, September 28 LOW Small Business Day 1-4 PM, Sweetbriar Park Pavilion

LOWA Website Links TEKControl (Visitor Management) LOWA.ORG/TEKCONTROL Lake Currents online: LOWA.ORG/LAKECURRENTS

Association News Lake Currents September 13, 2019

President’s Letter by Clifton D. Wilks

So how do rules get changed in Lake of the Woods? There are at least two misconceptions that I have heard concerning rules. The first misconception is that the Rules Committee makes rules; the second misconception is that members have no role in rule making. Below is the language from LOWA Rules and Regulations and an explanation of how the process

works. The LOWA Rules, Section 1, K, provide the following five step procedure (actual language in bold print):

Step one: A proposal for a change to LOWA Regulations can come from a LOW member in good standing, a LOWA committee, the General Manager or the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall determine if the request has enough merit to send to the Rules Committee and the LOWA Counsel. If the rule change you believe appropriate is rather simple and noncontroversial, you simply notify the Board of Directors via electronic message or letter of your proposal and the reasons you believe it appropriate. You should refer directly to the current rule you think needs be changed and any proposed language you have drafted. If your proposed rule change is for a practice or procedure that is long standing, for instance, the soliciting rules, it would probably be more effective if you obtained signatures on a petition for the change. A petition is not required, but it may help support your proposal. Your proposal should have the current language, if any, and then the language you are proposing. Whatever language you propose will be vetted by the Board Members, Rules Committee, and the Association legal staff. Send your email to or deliver a letter to the Board of Directors at the Holcomb Building. The Rules Committee does not determine that the proposal has merit; that decision is reached by the Board who then refers the matter to the Rules Committee for review and recommendation. Step two: The Rules Committee conducts research to determine if the request is redundant or in conflict with the governing documents or any other regulation. If the Rules Committee determines that the proposal is redundant or conflicting, it shall report this conclusion to the Board. Otherwise, the Rules Committee shall prepare a resolution using appropriate language in congruence with the governing documents and submit the resolution to the Board. When the Board agenda has an item identified as “Consideration of Sending to the Rules Committee a proposal to change rule . . . “, this means that the Board, in sending the proposal to the committee, has determined that the proposal has enough merit to send to the Rules Committee. When the Rules Committee meets to discuss the proposal, Members are invited to attend and participate in the meeting. It is the Committee’s job to determine whether the proposal is redundant or conflicting with governing documents. Members who keep up with the Association business through Lake Currents or the website can come to the Board meeting and offer opinions and/or suggestions about the proposed changes to the Board or provide a written comment. They are published as part of the Board agenda of a given meeting when the Board considers referring the matter to the Rules Committee. They may also attend the Rules Committee meetings to offer input there. Generally, when a proposed rule change is referred to the Rules Committee, it is simultaneously sent to the legal staff for appropriate review. If the opinion of the legal staff is received before the Rules Committee meeting, the opinion is imparted to the committee members.

Lake of the Woods Association, Inc.

Agenda (Tentative) Regular Board of Directors Meeting September 18, 2019, 2 PM, Community Center 12:45p.m. CALL TO ORDER 1. EXECUTIVE SESSION 2:00 p.m. 2. OPEN SESSION 2.1 Pledge of Allegiance 2.2 Meeting Notice and Quorum Confirmation 2.3 Approval of Agenda 2.4 Approval of Minutes: August 21, 2019, September 2, 2019, September 4, 2019, September 10 and 11, 2019 3. REPORTS 3.1 Officer Reports A. Executive Session Actions B. Committee Changes C. Referendum Update 3.2 General Manager Report A. July Financials B. Lakes Management Report 3.3 Committee Liaison Reports A. Legal and Compliance Committee Motion on Continuing Violation 3.4 Committee Reports A. Pools Committee – Carolyn Bohling, Pools Committee Chair B. Finance Committee – Jane Haltmaier, Finance Committee Chair 4. PRESENTATIONS 4.1 Employee Health Insurance – Heather Marr, Account Executive, McGriff Insurance Services, Inc. 4.2 Security Company Contract Finalist 5. MEMBER COMMENTS ON UNFINISHED AND NEW BUSINESS AGENDA ITEMS 6. UNFINISHED BUSINESS 6.1 Consideration of Approval of Back Gate Design and Construction 7. NEW BUSINESS 7.1 Consideration of Approving Employee Health Insurance for November 1, 2019 to October 31, 2020 7.2 Discussion of Board Goals 7.3 Discussion of Budget Guidelines as Recommended by the Finance Committee 7.4 Consideration of Entering a Lot for Maintenance 7.5 Consideration of Approving Union Bank and Trust Corporate Authorization Resolution 7.6 Consideration of Authorizing the Sale of LOWA Owned Lot 1-27A (Resolution 2019-19) 7.7 Consideration of Accepting All Committee Annual Reports 8. MEMBER GENERAL COMMENTS 9. DIRECTOR COMMENTS 10. SCHEDULED MEETINGS • Regular Board of Directors Meeting, Saturday, October 5, 2019, Community Center, 8:45am Executive Session, 10 AM Open Session. • Regular Board of Directors Meeting, Wednesday, October 16, 2019, Community Center, 12:45 pm Executive Session, 2 PM Open Session. 11. ADJOURNMENT The Board reserves the right to remove, add and/or relocate agenda items as necessary. Please silence phones and maintain order throughout the meeting. Members of record may record any portion of this meeting so long as (1) you first notify the President for an announcement before you begin and (2) you do not interfere with other members or the official recording. (See Administrative Regulation 2016-4).

See President's letter on p. 7

Board of Directors, LOWA, Inc.

Send email to the Board at: President: Cliff Wilks Vice Pres.: Jennifer Zukowski Treasurer: Walt Diercks Secretary: Pete Brown Directors: Heidi Brown Carl Clawson Benita Forrest


General Manager: Phillip Rodenberg ( Assistant General Manager: Chester Guzek ( Director of Facilities: Jessie Graves ( Director of Finance: Charlie Maneval (

Editorial Staff President of the Board General Manager Communications Manager: Carolyn Brodeur ( Communications Assistant: Lisa Naghshineh ( Copy Editor Dan McFarland ( Graphics/Layout: Chris Porter ( LOWA Communications Department: 540-972-2278

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Minutes of the Forty-ninth Annual Meeting of the Membership September 2, 2019, Unapproved Minutes 10:00 a.m., Community Center Note: These minutes are provided to members for review

1. CALL TO ORDER President Clifton D. Wilks called the Forty-ninth Annual Meeting of the Membership to order at 10:02 a.m. in the Community Center. 2. Pledge of Allegiance 3. CONFIRMATION OF QUORUM AND MEETING NOTICE Secretary Diercks confirmed that a quorum exists and remains because of the number of members present and by proxy, and further confirmed that proper notice was made to all members of record. 3.A. APPROVAL OF AGENDA Motion by R. Hancock and seconded, passed unanimously, to approve the Agenda.

5. ANNUAL REPORT OF THE GENERAL MANAGER General Manager Philip Rodenberg summarized the accomplishments made in each of the Operation Centers, amenities and common grounds throughout the Community this past year. LOWA remains in good financial condition with a $4.1M balance in the reserve funds sufficient to cover this year’s $1.7M capital spending plan. Our assessment delinquency rate at year-end was 1.7%. There are currently 3844 completed homes in LOW and 7926 residents, making LOW the largest concentration of homes and representing 23% of the Orange County population.

See Annual Member Meeting Minutes on p. 6

Member Services/ Holcomb Building: 540-972-2237 M-F; 8:30 AM-5 PM; Sat. 9 AM-1 PM Clubhouse: 540-972-2221 Office Hours: W-F, 9 AM-5 PM Dinner: W, SU, 5-9 PM; TH, F, SA, 5-10 PM Lunch: S, SU, 11 AM-4 PM Brunch: SU, 10 AM-1 PM Menus: Community Center: 540-972-9680 ECC Office: 540-972-2211 M-F, 7 AM-3:30 PM

Annual Board of Directors Meeting September 4, 2019, Unapproved Minutes 9:00 a.m., Community Center Note: These minutes are provided to members for review

Present Others Clifton Wilks, President Phil Rodenberg, General Manager Jennifer Zukowski, Vice President Linda Brooks, Recorder Walter Diercks, Secretary Carl Clawson Heidi Brown Phillip Brown Absent Bob Hoh, Treasurer 1. CALL TO ORDER President Wilks called the meeting to order at 9:01 a.m. in the Community Center. 2. Pledge of Allegiance 3. MEETING NOTICE AND CONFIRMATION OF QUORUM Secretary Diercks confirmed that a quorum is present and proper notice made to all members of record. 4. APPROVAL OF AGENDA Motion by H. Brown, passed unanimously, to approve the Agenda. 5. CERTIFICATION OF ELECTION RESULTS Motion by Diercks, passed unanimously, to accept the results of the 2019 Board of Directors Election as certified by the Chair of the Elections Committee. (D-19-97) The ballot results were as follows: Total Ballots Received: 1182 Total Valid Ballots Cast: 1146 Total Invalid Ballots Cast: 36          Number of valid votes cast for each candidate were as follows: Phillip D. Brown 890.50; Jennifer Zukowski 777.54; Benita C. Forrest 537.04; Paul E. Conrad 456.50 and Adrien Terrenoire, Jr. 400.54 Phillip D. Brown, Jennifer Zukowski and Benita C. Forrest were elected to the LOWA Board of Directors to serve three-year terms. 6. SEATING OF NEW DIRECTORS President Wilks excused the outgoing Board members and invited the new Board members to be seated.

See September 4 Board Minutes on p. 6

Amenities Maintenance Office:

Equestrian Center: 540-972-2238 M-F 8:30 AM-5 PM (Appt. required) Sat/Sun 9 AM-5 PM: Walk-in times for Lessons/Pony Rides- 10 AM, 11 AM Trail Rides, 1 PM, 2 PM, 3 PM Fareways Café: 540-972-2216 Mon-Wed, Fri-Sat: 7 AM-9 PM Thur: 7 AM-10 PM Sun: 7 AM-7 PM

Lake Currents September 13, 2019

4. PRESIDENT’S REMARKS AND RECOGNITIONS President Wilks welcomed members to the Annual Meeting and invited members who have questions or comments to fill out a card for that purpose and staff will respond during the Member Comments section later in the meeting. President Wilks acknowledged and thanked all former Board Presidents present, the current Directors, Committee Chairs and the General Manager for their valuable contributions to the work of the Association. He summarized the individual contributions of each Board member, who donated considerable time to furthering Board goals and improving LOW for the benefit of all residents. Important accomplishments this year included formation of the Ad Hoc Audit Committee, completion of the Clubhouse Area Recreation Complex Project, initiating stormwater management studies, resolving the embezzlement incident and chartering an Ad Hoc Committee to study fencing needs along Route 3. On behalf of the Association, President Wilks presented a check for $42,000 to LOW Volunteer Fire & Rescue, Inc. Vice President Tom Cornell in appreciation of the many services LOW Fire & Rescue provides to our community and local county area residents.

Lake of the Woods Association, Inc.

Association News

Lake of the Woods Association, Inc.

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Association News Lake Currents September 13, 2019 4

GM Annual Report from p. 1 When we look back on the year, we will remember cutting the ribbon on the new Clubhouse Pool and Fitness Center on June 21. It was exhilarating to open the largest new amenity in a decade. We also completed the 14th Pond Project on the Golf Course, designed to better handle stormwater and protect Keaton’s Lake from sediment and pollutants. There were significant personnel changes. Charlie Maneval was hired as our Director of Finance, and Barbara Riley replaced Laurie Doane as Accounting Manager. We hired Sarah O’Toole as Assistant Clubhouse Manager, replacing Brian Matte, and Chris Brode as Golf Pro, replacing long time Pro Rea Hargraves who served here for 29 years! We will also look back on the rebuilding of the Finance Department, a year after an embezzlement by a former finance employee. Over the past year, we had several staff changes until we found Charlie and Barbara and reestablished our team. Since then, we have been working to add new processes, procedures, and internal controls to prevent fraud, and are close to completing efforts to re-establish ongoing reporting and operations management reviews. We were able to recover all embezzled amounts from our insurance carrier, and cooperated with county and state law-enforcement to bring charges against the former employee who circumvented our internal controls and perpetrated the fraud. Looking ahead, we will again be able to focus on the business of the community with a solid finance team. Communications launched the new LOWA Boat Test site in November 2018, improving the process for members, staff and security. Communications Manager Carolyn Brodeur worked to add several new features to such as the How Do I page and the search-withinpage tools for forms and resolutions. She also upgraded the board and committee agendas and minutes so that they can now be subscribed to via RSS, and added electronic forms to the website, such as the Maintenance Inquiry Form. She also researched ways to expand our document library on the site, but found the options to be cost prohibitive for now. Travis Miller, TV18 Station Coordinator, created excellent videos such as the LOWA Real Estate Promo and the 2018 Community Event Recap. The LOWA Low Down continues to average about 1,200 views per video and is now a mainstream method of communicating about upcoming events. Carolyn worked with the Planning & Communications Committees to develop the 2019 LOWA Member Survey. How proud are you of our community’s appearance? was one of the questions. According to the results, members believe the appearance of the community is improving. The Planning and Communications Committee presentation called it a “significant shift into positive ratings this year.” A total of 93 percent said they were proud of the community appearance when you combine the three “extremely”, “very” and “somewhat” categories. The other 7 percent were “not very” proud, “not at all” and “no response”. Communications Statistics • Key Statistics (July 31, 2018 – August 1, 2019) o Clubhouse Online Emails: Total of 4,853, an increase of 300 subscribers (up 6.6 percent) o Facebook: Total of 3,194 Likes, an increase of 417 likes (up 15 percent) o *New* Facebook Video Views: 132,000 views per year (average 2,640 views per video) o Website: Average of 4,853 users per month, an increase of about 225 users per month. (up 11.36 percent) o YouTube (Primarily Board Meeting Videos): 4,800 total views per year (average 120 views per video), decrease of 3,207 views per year (down 40 percent) Challenges ahead include preparing TV18 for eventual transition from cable broadcast to digital stream, and identifying more ways to meet the community’s demand for increased communications. Patrick O’Loughlin, our IT Coordinator, helped consolidate multiple software platforms for our access control into one unified TEK Control system that will also include the new License Plate Recognition system at the front and back gates. He is overseeing the installation of a surveillance camera at the entrance to Section 16 on Rapidan Road. The emphasis of the Security Force continued to be on reducing wait times at the front gate and working closely with Orange County Sheriff to deter crime. We hosted our third National Night Out event in August. Total front gate/back gate count for the year was approximately 2.5 M. We received 1.9 million vehicles through the front gate. I encourage members to use the TEKControl phone app rather than call Security to manage their guests. Chief Scott Walker continues to emphasize good customer service at the front gate and on the roads. This year Lakes Patrol stepped up its equipment safety checks on the Main Lake. Allied Universal is in its seventh year with LOWA, and the security contract is currently being re-competed. Challenges ahead include improved member use of TEKControl, identifying unregistered tenants, assisting Orange County Sheriff on criminal matters, improving boater safety, and accommodating private lot construction. Our Finance Department had a busy year, with heavy property transfer activity bringing many new members to the community. In the past 12 months, 356 properties have changed hands. The Finance team supported the Board’s annual update of the Replacement Reserve Study review of our assets, continued the collection effort to hold delinquencies at the 2 percent rate achieved for the last four years, and assisted in the expanded use of

both the electronic notice regarding member accounts and electronic voting using Challenges are to keep assessment delinquency rates below 2 percent; absorb the ongoing loss of tenant fees, given the trend of a decline in tenant properties; improve internal controls; and manage the budget. Our Maintenance Department, led by Facilities Director Jessica Graves, takes great pride in maintaining roads, parks and buildings. The Buildings Department’s plumbing repairs helped reduce operating costs at the Clubhouse, Stables and Community Center. The Grounds Department has revamped landscaping efforts to include colorful flowers around the Association. The Roads Department, through a contractor, will have completion of resurfacing Lakeview Parkway from RV/Boat Storage to 736 Lakeview Parkway and the Sweetbriar Walking Trail by the end of September. Health of the Lakes remains our overarching concern and Environmental Resources Manager Bobby Jones, along with Erosion and Sediment Inspector Michael Barnett, are leading a concentrated effort to combat nitrogen and phosphorous levels that are three times the EPA standard in Keaton’s Lake and 2.5 times the EPA standard in the Main Lake. Keaton’s Lake water clarity has continued to improve, but we have much more work to do. As part of our Lakes Management Improvement Program for the Main Lake, LOWA is working on the design, permitting, and construction of the Flat Run Forebay, currently in design phase. The 100 percent Design is scheduled to be delivered to LOWA by Sept. 6, and an Invitation for Bid will be posted for prospective construction contractors. This Best Management Practice structural project has the potential to catch and contain over 493 tons of sediment per year at the Flat Run entrance to the Main Lake, near the Back Gate. Here, the sediment can be periodically removed (estimated at once every 1.4 years) before it is carried by current and deposited throughout the Main Lake. This can improve water clarity and water quality for the Main Lake. Maintenance oversaw 5,454 feet of roadside ditch reconstruction in 2018, and continues to reconstruct roadside ditches in-house weekly, for a total of nearly 13 miles of reconstructed ditches. Seven years into the Program, we have completed 56 percent of the 23 miles of roadside ditches. One mile of reconstructed roadside ditch removes 54 tons of sediment a year from entering the Lakes. As for Keaton’s Lake, the 14th Pond Retrofit with Forebay Project is complete. The pond had been filled in with years of stormwater sediment, to a depth of 1-2 feet. The pond was excavated to approximately 6 foot depth, and a forebay was built upstream of the pond, to catch and contain sediments prior to entering the pond, and Keaton’s Lake. This BMP structural project has the potential to catch and contain 4,346 pounds of sediment, 38.6 pounds of Total Nitrogen, and 5.2 pounds of Total Phosphorous per year. Bacteriological and algae monitoring have taken place on our Lakes and Front Entrance Pond throughout the swimming season. We have not had any swimming/water activity closures this season; being below recommended threshold levels for safe swimming and water activities. The challenge on the horizon is Stormwater Management including manpower, funds, and coordination to get the grass to grow, after stabilizing the reconstructed ditch lines throughout LOWA. LOWA’s Roads Crew will continue to reconstruct sediment filled ditches throughout the year, along with its seasonal daily duties of tar and chip road reconstruction, roadside ditch leaf removal season, right of way tree trimming and grass cutting, pothole and damaged roads cold patching, snow plowing/removal, and the many other tasks that our Roads Crew handles on a daily basis. FY2019 contains $140,000 for outside contractor work in our Storm Water Management Program. These funds are allocated to storm water management; the Patrick Henry Court to Small Marina Drainage Project will be the first pilot project in the storm water management program in the near future. Additionally, the LOWA Grounds Department will have challenges with manpower to maintain over 200 acres of LOWA Common area now that the new Clubhouse Pool/Fitness Center has added additional workload onto the Department. At the Community Center, Manager Tracie Hayes and her team hosted several community events. Community Center use increased to 54,072, up over 15,000 from last year, mostly attributed to the loss of the Lower Level Clubhouse meeting space, the 175+ Pickleball Club members, and the addition of new special events. In March, the Fitness Committee hosted a successful Health & Wellness Fair to raise money for new fitness equipment. Our spring community yard sale was not rained out for the first time in two years. At the start of the pool season, the Pools Committee hosted a movie night at Sweetbriar Pool; thank you, Carolyn Bowling and Janet Klingensmith, for running the show. The Pools Committee also hosted its annual Teen Pizza Pool Party to close out the season. The new Fitness Center and Clubhouse Pool had a smooth opening on June 21. The Fitness Center now has 679 new memberships, up over 100 from last year and continuously rising. The pools have brought out 21,639 people this summer season. This is up over 2,000 from last year. Almost 1,400 individual lots were represented. The annual LOW Independence Day event was a smashing success, even considering the loss of the annual parade; a big thank you to the Orange County High School drumline for leading our mini parade around

See GM Annual Report p. 5

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Lake Currents September 13, 2019

Clubhouse Point. The Summer Concert series brought hundreds out to four concerts, thanks to sponsors picking up the tab for the musicians. This year’s Junior Tennis Clinic hosted a total of 28 participants. With the help of Community Youth Activities, we hosted 6 events including two BINGO nights, March Madness, and a family date night. Join us for upcoming events Soggy Doggy Swim, Small Business Day, the Arts Show, and Wine Tasting in September; our annual Treats on the Point at Halloween; and the Christkindlmarkt and Visit with Santa in December. Challenges for the upcoming year include transitioning groups back to the Lower Level Clubhouse and continuing to adjust to new Fitness Center processes. Our Golf maintenance contractor IGM has been with us since 2005, and Superintendent Mike Kuhn and his crew are keeping the Golf Course in excellent condition. AGM Chester Guzek and our new Golf Operations Manager Chris Brode and his team report golf rounds at 17,518 for FY20182019, down from the FY2017-2018 total of 19,144, due to rainy weather. Annual memberships are at 145, up from last year’s 133, and showing consistent membership year over year. Immediate challenges are to continue to grow membership and increase afternoon rounds played. The IGM contract is up for renewal and the new Board will be asked to determine if we should renew the contract or bring golf maintenance in house. We continue to promote play through physical improvements, including tree removal and trimming, resprigging fareways and rebuilding bunkers. Golf is proud of hosting four junior golf camps with 18 participants, and of hosting a PGA Junior Golf League with 14 children. Golf hosted several tournaments including the Schutzenfest, which brought in 92 golfers and the Low-n-Brows oompah band! The Ninth Annual Schutzenfest is Oct. 19. Fareways Café revenues of $452,225 exceeded last year’s revenue by $22K, and beat budgeted revenue goals. Fareways chits decreased by 903 to 34,231. This means that there were larger chits covering more patrons. Fareways is in the process of increasing the number of tablets and working towards taking payments at the table. Fareways has a variety of entertainment for your enjoyment: Karaoke is one of the popular events, Tuesday Open Mic Nights, Wednesday Trivia Night, and selected Monday and Thursday night football events. Carletta Johnson, Sandy Stanley, and the rest of the Fareways staff look forward to serving you! A challenge for Fareways is controlling expenses to achieve the goal of zero subsidy. Ryan Richardson and the Clubhouse staff has hosted a variety of events in the past year including wine tasting, club events, weddings Clubhouse Luau, The Silver Tones and Dinner with Santa to name a few. Staff hosted 55 special events this past year including 13 weddings, 21 more events than last year. Our expanded menu, monthly and daily specials, seasonal menus and farm-to-table offerings have been well received by membership. Favorites include prime rib, local oysters, sautéed halibut with lobster butter, crab-stuffed rainbow trout, and cedar plank salmon. Top line

revenue was just under $1.2 million (100K increase from prior year), eclipsing the $1 million in sales mark for the seventh straight year, while decreasing the subsidy per lot from $70.16 to $44.60. With scheduled events and a busy year in banquets and restaurant dining, we expect to increase topline sales to just over 1.3 million, while continuing to lower the subsidy. Staff served 2,200 more guests this year than last year. The implementation of the handheld order taking system in 2017 has streamlined communication between our service staff and chefs to ensure your orders arrive in a timely fashion. The Clubhouse is poised to continue the upward sales momentum thanks to our loyal membership! Challenges for the Clubhouse in the coming months include continuing to provide superb service to the membership along with increasing the number of events we host. Bridget Hutchens, Assistant Manager Melissa Zukowski, and the Equestrian Center staff care for nine equines, down two from last year. This translates to 4 LOWA-owned horses, 3 boarded equines, 1 leased pony and 1 staff member-owned horse that is available for programs. This summer, the Equestrian Center offered six weeks of Pony Camp as well as one week of Advanced Camp. Since all of the camp sessions were filled, the leftover demand of overflow was directed into lessons. Afternoon lessons for regular customers continued throughout camp, as well as riding lessons, pony rides and trail rides for summer visitors. The Equestrian Center has received major utility upgrades in the electrical and water main lines, as well as improved ventilation for the Lower Barn, which our horses truly appreciated. In September, the Lower Barn will be receiving a new concrete apron and aisle way on the wash-stall side. The Equestrian Center is host to four Hunter Horse Shows a year, with the final shows coming up on Sept. 8 and Oct. 13. The total revenue for the first of two shows of the 2019 season is $4,040, putting the revenue line for horseshows ahead by $2,240. LOWA is currently in first place in the race for High Point Rider, and our horse Patton is the first in line to receive High Point Horse, for the THIRD year in a row. In November of 2018, the Equestrian Center began offering walk-in hours to the community on weekends. The biggest challenge is to maintain this program while balancing existing appointments for lessons and pony rides. Thanks to the Board of Directors for all its good work and partnership. Congratulations to Treasurer Bob Hoh, Vice President Jennifer Zukowski and Director Pete Brown on your successful terms of service! Thanks also to the management team and operation center managers who helped all of us make this year a successful one. Thanks to the members for all your helpful feedback about how we operate your association. It is your community!

Association News

GM Annual Report from p.4

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Association News Lake Currents September 13, 2019

Annual Member Meeting Minutes from p. 3

September 4 Board Minutes from p. 3

The Board made significant progress toward completing the goals they set last September.

7. ELECTION OF OFFICERS The Board voted via paper ballot when more than one candidate was nominated for any office. A hand vote was taken when only one candidate was nominated. Election of President: President Wilks asked for nominations for President of the Board. Director Diercks nominated Clifton Wilks. Director Clawson nominated Heidi Brown. There being no other nominations, nominations were closed. Votes for Wilks – 4. Votes for H. Brown – 3. Clifton Wilks was elected President by a vote of 4 to 3. Election of Vice President: President Wilks then asked for nominations for Vice President. Director Clawson nominated Heidi Brown. Director Diercks nominated Jennifer Zukowski. There being no other nominations, nominations were closed. Votes for Heidi Brown – 3. Votes for Jennifer Zukowski – 4. Jennifer Zukowski was elected Vice President of the Board by a vote of 4 to 3. Election of Treasurer: President Wilks then asked for nominations for Treasurer. Director Clawson nominated Walter Diercks. There being no other nominations, nominations were closed. Vote: Yea: Wilks, Zukowski, P. Brown, H. Brown, Forrest and Clawson. Nay: 0. Abstain: Diercks. Director Walter Diercks was elected Treasurer of the Board by a vote of 6-0-1. Election of Secretary: President Wilks then asked for nominations for Secretary. Director Zukowski nominated Phillip Brown. There being no other nominations, nominations were closed. Vote: Yea: Wilks, Zukowski, H. Brown, Clawson, Forrest and Diercks. Nay: 0. Abstain: P. Brown. Phillip Brown was elected Secretary of the Board by a vote of 6-0-1.

Mr. Rodenberg reported details of the changes to key personnel and provided an overview of the programs, events and the many infrastructure and facility projects undertaken during the year at our amenities and throughout the community. He thanked the Board members, the operation center managers, management team and staff who worked to make this past year another successful one. 6. HONOR AWARDS PRESENTATION Honor Awards Committee Chair JoAnn Buttimer introduced the members of the Honor Awards Committee and thanked them for their service this year. Awards were presented by Ms. Buttimer, assisted by Karen Kovarik and Betty Beck, to the following LOWA members in recognition of their volunteer service and contributions to the community: Certificate of Appreciation: Anne Felder, Allie Felder, Joya Lord, Robert McFarland, Josef Rokus and Mark Woerner. Outstanding Service Award: Maureen Callahan, Reggie Gavett, Dan McFarland, Tena Marangi, Clyde (Buddy) Perry, Peggy Powell, David Reilly, Dorothy (Dottie) Lohr, Kathy Smith and Jeanne Woodward. Distinguished Service Award: Tina and Tony Aris, Connie Buttimer, Harry (Ted) Cryblskey, and Violet and Frank Liberti. Youth Award: Nicholas Benner and Devin Jackson. Community Service Group Organization Award: Home Helps (LOW Church), and Locust Grove AARP Chapter 5239. The following awards were presented by President Wilks: Director Awards (Term Completed): Jennifer Zukowski, Philip “Pete” Brown and Robert Hoh. President’s Award: Director and Board Treasurer Robert Hoh. 7. MEMBER COMMENTS In response to one question from a member, General Manager Rodenberg said the Equestrian Center will be purchasing two more horses for their stables. 8. SCHEDULED MEETINGS Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors: Wednesday, September 4, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. in the Community Center. Agenda: Election of Officers, Committee Liaison assignments. Special Meeting of the Board of Directors/Retreat: Tuesday, September 10 and Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. each day in the Community Center. Regular Board of Directors Meeting: Wednesday, September 18, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. in the Community Center. 9. ANNOUNCEMENT OF CLOSE OF VOTING FOR DIRECTOR ELECTION President Wilks announced the close of voting in the 2019 Director Election at 11:28 a.m. The results of the election will be announced following a final ballot count by the Elections Committee. 10. ADJOURNMENT There being no further business, motion by M. Musatow and seconded, passed unanimously, to adjourn the meeting at 11:31 a.m.

8. ADOPTION OF THE ANNUAL BOARD MEETING CALENDAR 2019-20. (D-18-98) Motion by Wilks, passed unanimously, that the Board adopt the 2019-20 Board Meeting Calendar as proposed by the General Manager. 9. ASSIGNMENT OF COMMITTEE LIAISONS Directors accepted liaison assignments to the LOWA Committees as follows: Director Zukowski: Communications, M & E and Planning. Director Wilks: Rules, Honor Awards and Safety & Security. Director Clawson: Clubhouse, LCC, Community & Youth Activities, and Nominating. Director Diercks: Fitness, Finance, Investment and Ad Hoc Audit. Director Heidi Brown: Equestrian, Golf and Lakes. Director Phillip Brown: External Affairs, Elections and Board of Examiners. Director Forrest: ECC, Pickleball/Tennis and Pools. 10. Member General Comments: No comments. 11. SCHEDULED MEETINGS Special Board of Directors Retreat: Tuesday, September 10 and Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. each day in the Community Center. Regular Board of Directors Meeting: Wednesday, September 18, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. in the Community Center. 12. ADJOURNMENT Motion by Clawson, passed unanimously, to adjourn the meeting at 9:31 a.m.

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Lake of the Woods

Step three: After receiving the reports of the general counsel and the Rules Committee, the Board of Directors approves, modifies or rejects the resolution. If approved, the Board forwards it to the General Manager for publication in Lake Currents. The LOWA membership will then have not less than two weeks to comment to the Board on the new regulation. Once the Rules Committee performs their functions and the proposed change is referred to the Board, the General Manager along with the Board President and Vice-President reviews the Rules Committee recommendations, in conjunction with the legal opinion, and prepares draft language to be discussed and voted on at a Board meeting. Directors are provided the Rules Committee recommendations and any proposed modifications by the legal staff. The Board meets and discusses the proposal and may make further revisions at that time. Once a vote takes place to publish the draft proposed rule, it is placed in the next available edition of Lake Currents for Member comment.

by Bob Hoh, Past Board Treasurer

This month my term on the Board of Directors was completed, so this will be my last Glad You Asked column in Lake Currents. The financials for the first quarter 2019-2020 fiscal year were included in the last Lake Currents edition with an excellent lead-in by Charlie Maneval, our Director of Finance. Charlie noted that we are off to a very good start. But plenty of work remains for the new fiscal year. The finance team will address many issues including: - Finalizing the 2018-2019 annual external audit so that it can be presented at a board meeting in the near future. - Transitioning the Ad Hoc Audit Committee to a permanent standing committee – a draft charter has gone through several iterations to date. - Assessing options to determine the best approach to mitigate the association’s increased insurance premiums - this might include modest increased deductibles, prudent reduction of coverage in some areas, as well as identifying sources of funds within the current budget in order to remain within the approved budget. - Completing the implementation of the updated internal financial controls.

Step four: The Board of Directors shall take into consideration the comments received from the membership and shall adopt, reject or modify the proposed changes. Should the proposed redraft of the regulation be significant as proposed by a majority vote of the Board, the changes will again be published in Lake Currents for public comment. Following the designated two weeks for comment and final approval by the Board of Directors, the adopted or modified Regulation(s) will be incorporated into the LOWA Regulations. The Board of Directors will upon adoption, announce the effective date of the proposed and/or modifies Regulation(s). Members do comment and such comments are reviewed. They may be incorporated into the proposed rule. The Board schedules the proposed rule for consideration to adopt the proposed rule. Once adopted, the GM follows the next step.

Association News

Glad You Asked: Who Will Be Our New Treasurer?

President's Letter from p.2

I have greatly appreciated the support I have received from the board, the financial staff and LOWA members during my tenure as Treasurer, and have the utmost confidence that this will continue for the new Treasurer and the entire financial team. If you have read the related articles in this issue, you already know the answer to the question “Who will be the new Treasurer?” Having said that, you know I have passed the Treasurer baton to the very capable Walt Diercks. With his experience on the LOWA board and throughout his career, Walt is extremely well qualified, and brings a fresh perspective to the position.

Moisture or Water in Your Basement?

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Lake Currents September 13, 2019

Step five: The GM shall ensure the adopted amendment is published in Lake Currents in a timely manner before enforcement begins. (6/15/16) Summary: Any Member can propose a new rule or current rule change by following Section 1. K of the Rules and Regulations (page 6) The Rules Committee does not make rules. The above process allows for feedback at any step of the process. If you have any questions, please contact George Lovelace, Chair of the Rules Committee at or Clifton D. Wilks at

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Association News

2019 Harvest Moon Dinner , Dance & Silent Auction

Fall Two Person Team October 5 & 6, 2019

Saturday, October 5th

This event is open to everyone! Golfers will pick a partner of the same gender and sign-up in the Pro Shop. Shotgun start both days at 9 am.

at the LOWA Clubhouse Cocktails 6 PM | Dinner 7 PM Music provided by DJ Harry Lovell.

Format: One “Best Ball” of the Two Golfer Team Three separate events: Men, Senior Men, and Ladies. Events will be pre-flighted using their April monthly handicap

Tickets $60 each If you cannot attend, then a tax deductible contribution is welcome (501(c)3 #95-2884608). For reservations, contact Laura at 540.972.8552 LOW Auxiliary, P.O. Box 382, LOW 22508 Paid Advertisement

Lake Currents September 13, 2019

Sign-up in the Pro Shop

Lake of the Woods Players present


THe ART Of WIne Sunday, September 29, 2019 | Noon to 4:00 PM Rain or Shine | Lions Pavilion in Sweetbriar Park Free Wine Tasting Featuring Wines from Seven Local Wineries 3 Food Vendors Sliders, Tacos, Cheese Plates The CRAB MAN is back with crab cakes!

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s first musical, based on the Biblical story of Joseph, son of Jacob, and his coat of many colors.

Tickets (adults 21+) $15 Online Advance Purchase at $20 at the Event LOW Residents and Invited Guests Only

PERFORMANCE DATES | 540.972.6385 Lake of the Woods Community Center 110 Sweetbriar Park Road Locust Grove, VA 22508 8

Thanks to our sponsors: Atlantic Union Bank | Licata Group Paid Advertisements

OCT 18, 19, 25, 26 - 7:30 PM OCT 20, 27 - 2 PM

Auto Medic | Breeden’s Auto Repair | Car Doctor JK Carpets | Orange County Roasters Lakeside Manual Physical Therapy This event is a benefit for Paired with the LOW Visual Arts Council Art Sale

TV18, shown on Comcast Channel 18, features unique shows designed especially for Lake of the Woods. NOTE: Schedule shown is subject to change To view our videos online visit: LOWA.ORG/TV18.

September 13 - 19 8 AM

LOWA Board Annual Meeting – September 18th

11 PM

LOWLINC - Jim LaGraffe: About RRCS

12 PM

Licata Showcase Annual Meeting of the Board

1 PM

Aging Together: Veteran Resource Summit

3 PM

49th Annual Meeting of the Membership

5 PM

LOWA Regular Board of Directors – September 18th

September 20 - 26 8 AM

LOWA Board Annual Meeting

11 PM

LOWLINC - Jim LaGraffe: About RRCS

12 PM

Licata Showcase

12:30 PM

Real Virginia Aging Together: Veteran Resource Summit

3 PM

Honor Awards Annual Meeting of the Membership

5 PM

LOWA Regular Board of Directors

Have a show idea? TV18 is accepting new shows from members and local organizations to air on Channel 18 & our TV18 on For more information, view our TV18 Community Programming Guidelines on or contact the Communications Department at 540-972-2278.



Meeting Facility Key: CC Community Center CCCR Community Center Classroom CR Community Center Craft Room CH Clubhouse CHGH Clubhouse Great Hall CHPR Clubhouse President’s Room EQ Equestrian Center FW Fareways Cafe FC Fitness Center HF Hollyfield Park LGES Locust Grove Elementary School (Rt. 20) LLCH Lower Level Clubhouse LOWC LOW Church MCR Maintenance Conference Room RR Holcomb Building Reading Room SB Sweetbriar Park ULH Upper Level Holcomb WC Woods Center

Lakes: 9/16, 7 PM, CC Rules: 9/17, 4 PM, CC Planning: 9/17, 7 PM, CC M&E: 9/18, 7 PM, CC LCC Meeting: 9/18, 7:30 PM, CC LCC Hearing: 9/18, 8 PM, CC Honors: 9/19, 9:30 AM, CC ECC: 9/19, 8:30 AM, MCR Golf: 9/23, 3 PM, WC Investment: 9/23, 1 PM, CC Treasurer’s Mtg to follow Elections: 9/24, 10 AM, WC Communications: 9/25, 3 PM, WC Planning: 9/25, 7 PM, CC

Fitness Center QR Codes

by Amber Hubbell, Community Operations Lead Have you ever wondered how to properly use a piece of cardio equipment at our new fitness center? Wonder no more! There are now Quick Response (QR) codes on every piece of cardio equipment and some weightlifting equipment; each QR code is linked to a video to show the user how to properly work the equipment. With newer phones you can simply scan the QR code with your phone’s camera to access the videos; with older phones you may need to download a QR code reading app. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free the reach me at or 540-972-9680.

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Lake Currents September 13, 2019

1 PM

Committee Meetings: Members are encouraged to attend. Meetings are subject to change; contact the Committee Chair for current information. Visit Committees.

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12:30 PM

Tuesday, September 24 6:30 PM, Planning Committee Town Hall on Proposed 2020-2014 Capital Plan, CH

Association News

Wednesday, September 18 2 PM, LOWA Regular Board Meeting, CC

Decks Additions Basements Remodels Kitchens

• • • • •

Bathrooms Sunrooms Insurance Restoration New Homes Etc.

Free estimates and references available upon request.

Call: 703-966-9495 Fax: 540-785-4758 David Bradie

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Friday, September 13 6-9 PM Chris & Mark on Clubhouse Deck. Info: 540-972-2221. Saturday, September 14 9 AM Tennis Social (HF Courts). Info: Jim Bois 570-216-8285. 5 PM Good Time Cruise-In (LGTC). Info: Monday, September 16 10 AM LOW AARP Chapter 5239 Meeting (CH). Info: Larry 540-9721847. Tuesday, September 17 6:30 PM Wilderness Toastmaster Meeting (CC). Info:

Lake Currents September 13, 2019


Wednesday, September 18 2 PM LOWA Regular Board Meeting (CC). Info: 540-972-2214. 6 PM Trivia Night at Fareways Café.


(subject to change)

Location Aerobics




8:30-9:30 AM


M, W, F

Church 540-972-9060 Audrey 703-401-5050

Carolina Shag Dance


7-8 PM

2nd/4th TU

Edelweiss Dancers


6-8 PM


Brooke 540-972-4628


10:30 AM


Donna 540-972-1977

Meditation Class


4-5 PM

1st/2nd TH

Terry 540-412-2282

Pickleball Beginner Class


12-2 PM 10:50 AM-12:20 PM

SA 9/14 TH

Dave 540-846-1613

Exercising for Health


Praise & Worship Dance


10 AM-12:30 PM


Sonja 540-972-1734

Senior Softball


9 AM


John 540-229-7940

Square Dancers Club


7:30-9:30 PM

2nd/ 4th/5th F

Dick/Lynn 703-298-6254

Square Dance Lessons Beginner


7:30-9:30 PM


Dick/Lynn 703-298-6254

Square DancersLords & Ladies


7:30-9:30 PM

1st/3rd F

Ruth/Marty 540-412-2186 Joyce 540-972-1924


8:30-9:15 AM

M, W, F

Frances 540-972-5435


9-9:45 AM


Elba 540-850-8577


6-8:30 PM 9 AM-12 PM

M 2nd SA

Alice 540-424-8004

Stretch and Flex Strength & Toning


Tennis, Mixed Doubles Tennis, Women’s Doubles


9-11 AM


Alice 540-424-8004

Tennis, Men’s Doubles


9-11 AM


Jim 540-972-8888

Volleyball Adult/coed


7-11 PM


Michael 540-809-7406

Walkers & Joggers Club

Grnsprings CH

9 AM 9 AM


Diane 540-388-2930

Friday, September 20 6-9 PM Fulton Patrick & Friends on Clubhouse Deck. Info: 540-972-2221.

Water Fitness

Wilderness Pres. Resort

10 AM & 11:15 AM

M, W, F

Carol 540-972-6739

Yoga – Gentle



10:30-11:45 AM 11 AM-12 PM


Rebekah 908-358-8406

Saturday, September 21 6:30 AM LOW Bass Anglers Tournament (CH Dock). Info: www. LOW 10 AM-2 PM Wilderness Food Bank Drive, sponsored by LOW AARP. Drop off at the Front Gate parking lot. 10 AM-3 PM LOW Skate Park Day (CH Basketball Court), free event. Info: 540-972-2210.

Yoga – Chair



9:30-10:45 AM


Rebekah 908-358-8406


9-10:15 AM 6:30-7:30 PM 9-10:15 AM


Rebekah 908-358-8406


Rebekah 908-358-8406


Elba 540-850-8577

Thursday, September 19 5:30-8:30 PM LOW Lions Picnic at Sweetbriar Park Pavilion. RSVP: Charlie 540-903-7796.

September 24 9 AM Meet the Management (RR). Info: 540-972-2214. 12-6 PM Red Cross Blood Drive (CC). Info: Christy, 540-412-2470. 1:30 PM LOWLINC Speaker Series (CC). Info: 6:30 PM LOWA Planning Committee Town Hall Meeting on Proposed 2020-2024 Capital Plan (CH). Info: 540-972-2214. Wednesday, September 25 6 PM Trivia Night at Fareways Café. Thursday, September 26 7 PM LOW Veterans Club (LLCH). Info: 540-972-0153. Friday, September 27 9 AM-3PM Lioness Card Party, Luncheon & Fashion Show (CH). Reserve: Connie 540-412-5958. 10 AM-3 PM DMV Connect Mobile (CC). Info: DMV2Go. 6-9 PM Music on Clubhouse Point with Chris & Mark. To benefit St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Saturday, September 28 1-4 PM LOW Small Business Day Event at Sweetbriar Pavilion. Info: 540-972-9680. 10 AM-5 PM Fine Arts, Crafts, & Photography Show & Sale (CC).


C a l e n da r o f E v e n ts

Sunday, September 29 12-4 PM LOW Wine Tasting (SB Pavilion), LOWLINC sponsored. Tickets: 10 AM-5 PM Fine Arts, Crafts, & Photography Show & Sale (CC).

Yoga – Flow


Yoga – Foam Roll/Restore $ Zumba Zumba, seniors



6:30-7:30 PM 6-7 PM 9:30-10:30 AM FUN (subject to change)





AARP Meeting


9:30 AM

3rd M

Larry 540-972-1847

Bridge, Sunday Duplicate


7-9 PM


Joe 540-972-8052/Caroline 540972-7688

Bridge, Monday Night


7 PM


Charles 540-972-8030/Mike 540972-8251 Glenda 540-785-8882

Bridge, Wednesday Ladies


9 AM-3 PM


Book Club, LOW

Wilderness Lib.

1 PM

2nd W


Chess Club


6:30-8:30 PM


Jack 540-972-6211

Childhelp Auxiliary

LOWC, rm. 211

10 AM

1st W

Nancy 540-972-2599

Civic Club Meeting


7 PM

2nd W

Pat 540-735-7998

Civil War Study Group


10:30 AM

4th F

Charles 540-972-2401

Closet Quilters


12:30-3 PM


Maureen 540-972-7010

Coloring Book Club


10 AM



Craft Group


9:30-11:45 AM


Rochelle 540-972-3438

DAR Susannah Chandler


1 PM

2nd SA

Betty Larson 540-661-7202

Democratic Club


1:30 PM

2nd W

Kerry 540-220-8547

Fun Bunch 55+


10 AM-1 PM


John 540-972-5611

Garden Club


12:30 PM

2nd M

Jan 540-972-1630

Happy Tails Dog Club


7 PM

4th TU

Investment Club


7 PM

4th TU

George 540-840-2740


9:30-11:30 AM

W, F

Sharon 540-848-5810

Knowledge Club


10 AM 6:30 PM

2nd TU 2nd TH

Litter Pick-up in LOW

All around LOW

9 AM

3rd SA

Jan 540-972-1630


6 PM


Ann 540-972-3326 Rani 540-972-7859

LOW Lions Club


5:30 PM

3rd TH

Charlie 540-903-7796



1-4 PM


Debby 540-412-5240

Mothers of Preschoolers

LOWC, Founders

9:15 AM

1st /3rd W


Open Mic Night


5:30-8:30 PM


Fareways 540-972-2216

Players, Theater Group


7 PM

2nd W

Marilyn 540-972-0392

Photography Club, LOW


7-9 PM

1st/3rd TH

Bill 540-834-9866

Republican Women’s Club


11:30 AM

4th W

Connie 540-972-0083

LGES (Rt. 20)

5:15 PM


Nita 540-219-7028 Audrey 540-222-3569

Veterans Club


7 PM

4th TH

Dan 540-972-0153

Wilderness Toastmasters


6:30 PM

1st/3rd TU

Woodworkers Club


7 PM

4th TU

Glynn 703-625-3849

Knitting & Crocheting


LOW Lioness Club

TOPS weigh in/meeting $



Please refer to meeting room location key on previous page

LOW Realtor’s Open House Sunday, Oct. 6

Board Election from p. 1

Below are two questions which have been asked numerous times followed by the answers: 1. Why are there partial votes for the candidates?

by Brenda Rogers, Open House Coordinator

Some lots have multiple owners. Example: Two Members share ownership of a lot located between their lots. Therefore, each member retains .5 votes for this lot; total vote for this lot is 1. Example: An Estate leaves a lot to four children; each child retains .25 votes for this lot; total vote for this lot is 1. 2. If you multiply the total valid ballots cast by three (number of candidates), why does it not equal the total votes cast? Not all ballots submitted voted for three candidates. Some members only voted for one or two Candidates. Also, based on the percentage each member owns per lot, a partial vote may be counted.

LOWA would like to thank Outgoing Board Member

Bob Hoh

for his service to the community.

The best-kept secret on the east coast is no longer – LOW has been discovered! As LOW nears build out, more and more people are realizing all that this community has to offer. Sometimes houses are sold even before they have been listed. Members make the best referrals. Invite friends and family who would enjoy living in an active recreational community. You may sell your house by listing with a Realtor or by owner. For more details on including your house on the open house tour, contact Brenda, 540-972-8117 or email: The Open House begins at the Clubhouse. Come early and enjoy the delicious brunch beginning at 10 AM Sunday morning, Oct. 6. Pick up the fantastic tour map that lists each house on the tour with its address and selling price. Highlight the houses you want to tour, and you will be ready to go. The Open House Tour is from noon to 4 PM. Look for traditional real estate “for sale” signs to lead the way. When the tour is over, take time to stop by the new pool and fitness center located next to the Clubhouse. Then return to the Clubhouse to enjoy that million dollar view and a cocktail around the fire pit. Welcome; you will love where you live!

Association News

5 = Previous Owner 2 = Abstentions 14 = Members not in Good Standing 5 = Proxy Holders not present at Annual Members’ Meeting 6 = Paper Ballots received with no signature/date nd 3 = Duplication: Electronic ballot first; then paper ballot submitted second; 2 vote counted 1 = Duplication: Day of Election Duplicate

LOWA Needs Your Input on the Five Year Capital Plan

by Allie C. Felder III, Chair, Planning Committee

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Introducing the Robinson Center for Rehabilitation

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Lake Currents September 13, 2019

My article in the Aug. 30 issue of Lake Currents gave an overview of the LOWA budget process and the actions the Planning Committee takes to support developing the LOWA operating and capital budgets, including the LOWA Five Year Capital Plan. The Planning Committee does not propose projects. Our charter specifically requires the committee to “communicate requested capital additions and improvements to the Association and subsequently present at a Town Hall to secure LOWA Member feedback.” The Planning Committee Town Hall on the proposed 2020-2024 Capital Plan will be held at 6:30 PM, Tuesday, Sept. 24, at the Clubhouse. The session will identify (1) major lake management improvement projects valued at over $100,000, (2) all proposed capital projects; and (3) all replacement reserve projects valued at over $100,000. This is YOUR chance to voice your opinion on what is being proposed. Your input will help the Planning Committee evaluate each project and make recommendations to the Board as the Capital Plan is refined as part of the budget process. Please come and give us your thoughts.

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Diane Clauson

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2019 LOWA Honor Awards

Distinguished Service Award:

When Ted applied to be a LOWLINC volunteer in December 2016, he signed up for some of the heavier duty services, and quickly became a highly valued member of the Handyman Team. In two and a half years he has performed 66 handyman and home maintenance services. He is a man of many talents, including hooking up TV equipment, installing curtain rods, hanging drapes and blinds, repairing doors, replacing y light bulbs and smoke detectors, setting up holiday k e displays, rewiring lamps and installing light switches, s l r y b hanging pictures, moving furniture, and assembling a bed! ”C d e He has done 94 services including driving members for a total H a rr y “ T of 408 miles. A member of the LOW Veteran’s Club, he serves as an honor guard at memorial services for deceased veterans. He is an active participant with the Lion’s Food Pantry, and in Project Healing Waters, dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled service personnel through fly fishing.

Lake Currents September 13, 2019

Honor Awards

Photos by Mermaid Lake Photography

Distinguished Service Award:

Violet has served on the Program Committee for the Locust Grove AARP Chapter 5239 for five consecutive years. During her tenure she has located and invited in excess of fifty speakers whose topics were valuable to our seniors within our community. She also found time to work at the Lions Eyeglass Center on multiple occasions and heavily supported the Election Day Chicken BBQ for many years, serving chicken dinner to 650 customers. Frank is a member of the Veterans organization ti and always volunteers for the flag detail for Memorial r e ib Day, Independence Day and most important, “The L nk Final Salute.” This event is completed to memorialize our Fr adeceased veterans. d n a Vio let He also served as a cook for the Election Day Chicken BBQ. He knows this is AARP’s major fundraiser and support of local charities, and that inspires him. Distinguished Service Award: Connie is Lake of the Woods most constant and dedicated cheerleader, with nearly twenty years of active participation in committees and clubs. She was one of the founders of the Lake Youth Foundation and has organized many youth activities, including the cardboard boat regatta, Band Night and babysitting classes. She was also successful in getting 501(c) (3) status for the Foundation. She presently serves as advisor on the Clubhouse Committee. She is a Lioness and has been a dedicated member for many years, serving in multiple capacities, Co including as president. She was instrumental in n ni e Bu establishing Lioness scholarships for high school graduates. t ti m e r She was a member of the Garden Club and worked diligently to plant and care for the butterfly garden. Connie’s enthusiasm is contagious and she is always a willing volunteer to support and promote Lake of the Woods.

Distinguished Service Award: Tina has served on the programs committee for AARP Chapter 5239 for 10 consecutive years, providing 100 different speakers for monthly meetings. Tony and Tina coordinate our Meals on Wheels participation by recruiting drivers, setting schedules and, when necessary, picking up and delivering from Culpeper to the Senior Citizen’s Center in Orange. There are12 volunteers for this weekly service so coordination is a priority. Tin They also handle TRIAD meetings for our chapter. aa nd TRIAD is an integral part of community policing, with a Tony A ris focus on reducing fear of crime and on improving the quality of life for seniors. This couple give a huge amount of their time handling these various programs, as well as additional volunteering for our chapter and the community when needed.


Outstanding Service Awards:

la C al n e e r M au



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Maureen recognized very early the potential value of LOWLINC to the LOW community. She became a volunteer in 2015, and in 2016 became co-chair of the Social Activities Committee. She served as co-chair from 2016 to 2017, chair in 2018 and continues to be known as LOWLINC’s “facilitator of fun.” For the past two years, she has served on the Member Outreach Committee. In addition to her invaluable service to LOWLINC, she quietly contributes to residents well-being by providing services that rarely become known.

Reggie is a Past President of the LOW Lion’s Club. During his years of service, he has been willing to do whatever is necessary to serve his neighbors and community. Under his leadership the Lion’s Yard Sale had a year of record revenues, increasing Lion’s charitable donations to the community. He has led and supported the full spectrum of Lion’s service programs and fund-raising activities. He is also active in other community programs, serving as a member or LOW Vets Club and LOW AARP.


g g ie

G av ett

See Honor Awards on p. 13

Honor Awards from p. 12 Outstanding Service Awards (cont.):

ow Peggy P

A member of LOW Veterans Club, David will get you to your first meeting, make sure you know who their next interesting speaker is, and take you to town for a VFW event or other appointment. After retiring from the US Army, he directed a high-school ROTC program and coached football and softball. While working with young people for two decades, he taught them to give back to parents, friends and community for opportunities received, and he epitomizes this principle in his daily life. We have been fortunate to have him as neighbor, friend, caregiver, teacher and guardian for over 30 years.

Dan serves as vice-commodore of the Lake of the Woods Sailing Club, and his volunteer contributions and leadership have been invaluable to club operations. Each year the club organizes and conducts two one week classes on the fundamentals of sailing through the Youth Sailing Camp. He underwent the course of study required to be certified as an instructor, and has taught at the camp which regularly provides upwards of 30 students with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of sailing. He was one of three Da nM specialists appointed by the LOWA Board to the Boating c F arla nd Safety Board of Examiners to review and study the existing rules and regulations on lake operations and propose improvements.


i d R e i ll y

See Honor Awards on p. 14





Lake Currents September 13, 2019

Tina has been the backbone and linchpin of Pickleball here at LOW since she became the first chairperson of the club in 2016 and the first cochair of the Pickleball/Tennis Advisory Committee in 2018. She has worked tirelessly as a volunteer to improve the facilities at LOW, promoting the game to LOWA board members and management. She made presentations at board meetings; designed six new outdoor courts; wrote the request for proposal and contacted contractors and suppliers for construction of the new lighted courts at Hollyfield Park. She was an original volunteer g i Neighborhood Watch captain and, after seven years, has ra n T e na M a over 100 residents in her group. She also serves as a voting member of the Finance Committee.

For raffle tickets call Karen 540 972-9043 $5 each or $20 for 5 chances

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Buddy’s a unique combination of characteristics have made him an indispensable, much-appreciated member of the LOW community. He is people-oriented, has an engineer’s eye for things that need attention and the focus to see these tasks through to completion. He is a volunteer dedicated to serving his friends and neighbors. As an accomplished handy-man, he provides snowblowing; clearing roofs and gutters of storm damage and other minor home repairs, all without Cl yd fanfare. He will drive you to a doctor’s appointment; e( Bud pick up at airports; or just visit, talk with you and provide dy) P e rry comfort. As a community, we all benefit from his caring efforts which enhance our health, welfare and quality of life.


Honor Awards

Dotty has been an active member of the Ladies Golf Association since 2004, serving in a number of positions and volunteering to do whatever is needed to support LGA programs. She chaired the LGA cancer tournament for two years; served as LGA treasurer for two years, and has co-chaired the hospitality committee from 2017 until present. She participates in tournament committees and helps to keep the LGA closet organized. As a member of the Lioness Club, she served as Lion hr Tamer; chaired the spring flea market; co-chaired the L o Book Fair and was active in the Lion/Lioness Wilderness ) tt y ( D o Food Bank. Although no longer an active Lioness, she has D o ro th y continued to help the Food Bank, and collects donations from the LGA each month, delivering them to the Food Pantry.

Peggy has held many positions in LOW AARP, and provided service of benefit to LOW seniors, charities and the community, while serving as vice-president and treasurer. She also handles publishing the AARP monthly newsletter Perspectives. She personally prints copies and places them in the Administration office for distribution. As vice-president, she was responsible for oversight of many AARP fund-raisers, such as the 50-50 raffle and election-day chicken barbeque. Monies raised by these events and others are given to local charities.


Lake Currents September 13, 2019

Honor Awards

Honor Awards from p. 13

Outstanding Youth Awards:

Outstanding Service Awards (cont.):

For the past five years, Nicholas has been an active volunteer in Lake of the Woods Adaptive Watersports, On the Edge Water-skiing, and Dream for Kids. These help differently-abled people to experience water sports in a way they would otherwise not be able to appreciate. He has been an active and invaluable volunteer in LOW Adaptive Watersports since it was established five years ago. He introduces himself to the participants and makes them feel comfortable. He shows up early and sets up for events, sacrificing his personal time on weekends to r help others experience what many others take for granted. e n B e n He shows compassion and consistently goes above and N ich o las beyond to make sure they have a fantastic and safe experience. Nick has expressed joy at seeing participants smile, knowing he is part of the reason. “It feels good to be part of something bigger than myself”, he said. Nick has also been an active high school wrestler and has helped referee tournaments for younger children. He was also a three time wrestling state qualifier, and maintained a GPA of 3.0.

Kathy has long contributed to the general health, welfare and quality of life in the LOW community. She joined the Ladies Golf Association in 2007 and has served as vice president and president. She has chaired many committees and tournaments with success. She was a member of LOW’s golf committee for 2017-2018. She is very involved with the LOW Church and was a participant in the church’s long-term Illness group, offering support via her health occupation background. She was secretary of the Church Board of Elders for seven years, and also served as president of the LOW Ladies and Friends bowling league from 2015 it h K at h y S mto the present. She volunteers regularly with the Lion/Lioness food pantry as a shopper and registration volunteer. Jeanne has been a member the Ladies Golf Association for 25 years, serving as president and vice president. She is currently captain of the LOW Ladies League of Virginia traveling team. She organized the Jefferson League play date at LOW. She has organized and participated in many tournaments; designed and formatted a larger style Ladies Golf Association membership booklet which she updates, edits and prints yearly; and created the sunshine corner Je and member spotlight section of the LGA newletter. an ne W oo She instituted the Join Your Prez For Some Wine event to d w ar d encourage ladies who don’t play much to come out, have some fun and play three holes. She also assisted the former golf pro in staging a yearly golf event at LOW for Special Olympics participants.

Devin has a tremendous servant’s heart. He serves on the Student Leadership Team, the “Timothy Group’ at the LOW Church. He has trained 50 hours to facilitate sports camps in our community, to coach basketball, soccer and football to elementary-age children. He also serves as a lead Bible teacher during the week of free sports camps, serving over 250 children in our community. He is traveling to the Navajo Nation in New Mexico to lead sports camps there as well. Devin also serves on the Lake of the Woods Church “Home Helps” team, doing yard work and De vi n home repairs for the elderly, and has cleaned out many J ac k s o n gutters this year. He is active in varsity Lacrosse and cross county in his school, and has recently become an EMT.

See Honor Awards on p. 15

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g So

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Honor Awards from p. 15 Certificate of Appreciation






(n o

t pic tur ed)

In May 2018, a group was formed to revise and update the Committee Chair Orientation Guide. Anne and Allie distinguished themselves by taking on the bulk of the work. They reformatted the guide into a handbook with a table of contents explaining the purpose of the guide, what the guide would contain, and how it would help committee chairs and members to fulfill their duties, including information that committee , chairs can use to prepare for meetings. Joya r de el finalized the document into a professional-looking F ie handbook prior to its publication. The resulting A ll , r lde handbook provided more extensive information on the Anne Fe details of committee work, and was a great team effort.


e M ark W o

Two weekends each year, spring and fall, this group of volunteers from Lake of the Woods Church fulfills the mandate to “love your neighbor”. They have the equipment needed to assist the elderly, the disabled, the needy, and single moms to stay in their own homes in the LOW community. The volunteers include senior citizens, singles, and entire families, parents and teen-agers. Hours of preparation take place prior to the weekend. m Referrals are gathered, assessments are e made, team leaders are assigned, and volunteers Hel ps are gathered. In the last six years, this group has of LO served 130 homes, including 16 outside LOW. In 2018, WC h u rc h the teams completed 136 projects in 48 homes. A total of 88 people volunteered.



b er

t Mc F arla n d Joe is a founding member, board member, and secretary of the LOW Civil War Study Group. As an author and historian, he has been instrumental in various projects started by the study group. He has also been actively involved with helping the National Park Service staff at nearby Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania Military Park. He has been involved in transcribing the Civil War letters of Union Sgt. Jerome Pierce of Massachusetts, and has recruited over a dozen fellow LOW residents in this project, giving them the opportunity to participate in preserving history.

This group has been serving LOW for 21 years. They are involved in a large number of service projects, including The Woods Cares (transportation to doctor and other appointments, simple repair tasks, picking up prescriptions). A free Tax Aide program, Meals on Wheels, Vin Etching, Smart Driving Course for Seniors are some other programs they support. In 2018, their members accumulated 6,763 hours of service to others.

ha A AR P C

r pte



See Honor Awards on p. 16

Where Pets Are

Lake Currents September 13, 2019


J os ef R o


Community Service Organization Group Award:

Bob was nominated for his many years of superb service to the Lake of the Woods Players. He joined in 2008, and performed in many productions, while also working tirelessly in the background to improve sound, lighting, and facilities for the productions. He brought online automation to the ticket purchasing function. He also worked with LOW 50th Anniversary Committee to stage the Rave-On concert in 2017.

ku s

rn e

Honor Awards

Mark has helped the Pickleball Club grow from 20 members to nearly 200 in the last several years. He is one of the club’s senior instructors and rating evaluators who has continued to go above and beyond. He offers his teaching expertise and conducts evaluations for those members wishing to advance to the next playing level. He has made a special effort to help those members who could not make the normally scheduled times and need special evening and weekend sessions.



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Exceptional Service with a Personal Touch! 4207 Germanna Hwy Locust Grove, VA 22508

540-903-9732 Charlie and Penny Ostlund 15

Association News

I Just Saw a Leaf Fall!

Honor Awards from p. 16

by Chester Guzek, LOWA AGM

President’s Award: Given for the work he has done supervising, and all he accomplished, in this Board Year, in response to the necessity for forensic investigation. He has done an outstanding job of addressing the needed layers of financial security in the wake of the embezzlement matter. He actively participated in the effort to get the audit completed. He suggested, and we formed, Bo the Ad Hoc Committee for the purpose of adding these layers to our procedures. The Ad Hoc b H o h, Committee has made progress toward the proposed Pa st T charter for a permanent risk assessment committee, r e as u r er progress that will continue with the next board, thanks in large part to the beginnings by Bob. This work was necessary, in tandem with the efforts of the Financial Department and the General Manager’s Office, to add layers of security to our financial decisions.

Yes, leaf time has arrived. The fun time of raking and bagging has begun. With the two or three leaves that might fall on your property, we would like to remind you about the do’s and don’ts of leaf removal. The DO’s! 1. Have fun and enjoy the great outdoors! 2. After raking into piles and having to re-rake due to the urge to jump into your pile, either you or your contractor may bag your leaves and take them to the 9.9 maintenance area where you must dump the leaves out of the bags. No bags or trash may be dumped at 9.9. 3. You may mulch them. By using your lawn mower, you can chop up your leaves. The leaves will biodegrade and provide nutrients for your lawn. 4. You can “leave” them be. You can do nothing. However, uncut leaves take longer to biodegrade. 5. You can start a compost pile in an inconspicuous part of your property, and use later for flower pots, raised gardens etc.

Lake Currents September 13, 2019

Now for the DON’Ts! 1. Do not look at leaf removal as a tedious chore; look at it as being one with nature and a great way to get some exercise.

Please do not blow your leaves into the lakes and ditches.

2. Please do not blow your leaves into the lakes and ditches. LOWA Maintenance will routinely do ditch leaf removal. However, if the ditch has been intentionally filled with leaves, Maintenance will not remove those leaves. You will then receive a notice to bring this matter to your attention. You will then have seven days to remedy the issue. Then, if the problem persists, you will receive a summons to the Legal and Compliance Committee.

Skate Park Day – Sept. 21, 2019 Clubhouse Point Basketball Court FRESHPARK 10 AM – 3 PM

3. If you happen to live on the golf course, please refrain from blowing your leaves onto the golf course. You will receive a notice as well. Plus you do not want golf maintenance to blow them back into your yard!

The LOWA Skate Park Waiver and Release must be filled out for each participant. To get the form, visit and search Skate Park or pick up a form at the Holcomb Building, near Member Services.

Why not...…..?

Janice Mae Johnston, ABR, MRP

Lake of the Woods Community Center

(434) 258-1617

430 Birdie Rd.

September 27th 2019 ; 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

107 Green St.



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Stage Alive! Shades of Bublé

by Karen Kovarik, Subscription Chairman

by Jan Moore, Co-chair, LOW Visual Arts Council

Water Fitness 2019 by Carol Greeney, Instructor

Photo by James Moore

Lori Grant will be showing and selling her beautiful jewelry Sept. 28 and 29 at the annual LOWVAC art show.

Photos provided

The 2019 season may be over for the LOW Water Fitness Program, but its success is still felt by all. It was a wonderful season, especially because of the new Clubhouse Pool, which easily accommodated all the participants. There were 97 registered members with 14 guests this season - an all-time record! Water exercise does not have to end as our pools close. Classes are held Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at the Wilderness Presidential Resort at 10 AM and 11:15 AM.


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Lake Currents September 13, 2019

The 37th annual Lake of the Woods Visual Arts Council Art Show and Sale is Sept. 28 and 29 at the Community Center. The show is open to LOW property owners and residents who want to exhibit or sell their own original art, any media. The show is a delightful community event, showcasing LOW talents. Each year an amazing amount of creativity is exhibited. Professionals as well as hobbyists are invited to enter. Newcomers, you are welcome! This is a good time to purchase gifts, or something special for yourself! Setup for the show is Saturday morning and close is Sunday afternoon, so weekenders can participate too. Show hours are 10 AM -5 PM both days. Entry forms, with complete details, are available at the Holcomb Building lower foyer and the Community Center. The entry deadline is Sept. 21. Admission to the show is free, but there is a fee to exhibit and LOWVAC charges a 15 percent commission on sales at the show. Proceeds from the 2018 show enabled LOWVAC to donate $3,600 to Orange County art teachers. Woodworkers will join the show again with their 1x3 challenge, Lake Authors will have books to sell and Sunday afternoon, LOWLINC will repeat their very popular wine tasting event. So much to see and do, you will not want to miss this annual event. For more information, call Jan Moore 540-972-9355 or Sallie Wallace 540-972-0412.

LOW Community

Stage Alive! kicks off its 50th anniversary at the Culpeper County High School with Shades of Bublé, music comprised of only songs recorded or performed by Michael Bublé. Celebrating the continuing career of multiple Grammy Award-winning artist Michael Bublé, this threeman tribute performs his incredible catalog with sensational three-part Photo provided harmony. This world-class act Shades of Bublé honors – but doesn’t imitate – the sophistication, retro style, and high energy fun that Bublé himself brought to his concerts, while engaging die-hard fans by combining big-band standards from the jazz era with hits from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. This promises to meet the gold standard your Stage Alive! Board sought for opening night. As always, you may preview this amazing trio as well as the artists engaged for the 50th season at

4304 Germanna Hwy Locust Grove, VA 22508 (540) 972-3122 Find Us On Social Media!

(800) 228-5203 * 25 years experience * Licensed and Insured * OCCC Member * Equal Housing Opportunity *


LGA News

by Heather Kuzma, LGA Publicity Chair

The President’s Cup winners were: 18-Holers Flight A Low Gross: Nancy King Low Net: Kathy Smith Flight B Low Gross: Mary Kelly Low Net: Sue Richards Flight C Low Gross: Betty Gosnell Low Net: Garnet Brannan 9-Holers Flight A Low Gross: Heidi Brown Low Net: Maryann Hamilton Flight B Low Gross: Betsy Marcum Low Net: Gail McCarthy It’s hard to believe that September is half over already. We do have one more LGA golf event. That is the Closing Day Fun Scramble on Tuesday, Oct. 29. Be sure to sign up for this one. It’s an opportunity for the 9 and 18 holers to play together, and it’s always a good time. Look for the sign-up sheet soon. Don’t forget to bring non-perishable food items to donate to the Wilderness Food Bank on Tuesday, Oct. 1, the first Tuesday of the month. Dottie Lohr will collect the items and deliver them to the Food Bank. Look for her car in the Woods Center parking lot with the trunk open on Tuesday morning. Our start time in September is 8:30 AM with sign in at 8 AM. The start time will change to 9 AM October 1 with sign in at 8:30 AM.

by Marty Hartmann, Vice Regent, Susannah Chandler Chapter, DAR

September marks the 232nd anniversary of THE most important document in our country! On Sept. 17, 1787, our Constitution was signed, creating a government unlike any in the world. EVERY American should take the time to READ the Constitution to understand how the rules of our government are set! It may surprise you that it is not quite what the news, politicians, and Facebook are spinning! Our Constitution is classified as rigid, as opposed to flexible. The provisions are written in a legal document that cannot be changed with the ease that ordinary laws may. In fact, more than 11,000 constitutional amendments have been introduced in Congress, yet only 33 have gone to the states to be ratified, and just 27 have received the necessary approval from the states to actually become amendments to our Constitution! Join us Saturday, Sept. 14, at the Community Center for an interesting program on the Constitution and a little Constitution Jeopardy. You will even get a free copy of the Constitution! Everyone is invited to participate, including kids (suggest grades 4 – 12). Program begins at 1 PM, followed by refreshments. Celebrate Constitution Day with Bells Across America, by ringing bells at 4PM, Sept.17. All our programs are free and open to the public. Don’t miss our free Beginning Genealogy Workshop, Saturday Oct. 5, at Wilderness Library. Questions? Feel free to email us at SusannahChandlerChapter1@gmail. com or call 540-661-7202.

Lake Currents September 13, 2019

LOW Community

We’re hoping that Mother Nature cooperates next Tuesday, Sept. 17, with a beautiful, sunny day for the St. Jude Benefit Tournament. The Tournament Committee worked very hard to make this a fun day and to raise a record amount of money to donate to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. If you aren’t playing and would like to make a donation to this great cause, any amount is greatly appreciated. Make your check payable to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and place it in the St. Jude box in the pro shop. Congratulations to the 2019 LGA Match Play champion, Karen Woods. Betty Gosnell finished second. Lisa Halpin and Sheran Marks tied for third.

Constitution Week: Sept. 17 – 23

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Sept. 21, Wilderness Food Bank Drive. AARP Food Collection Program will be held at the Lake of the Woods front gate on September 21, from 10 AM to 2 PM. Your contributions are greatly appreciated by AARP and the Lions Club, but most importantly, by families in need. Please drop off some food! Good Time Cruise-In Car Show at Locust Grove Town Center, Rtes. 20 & 611, second Saturday each month through Oct., 5 PM til sundown. Free to all, Family Friendly, Great Cars, Awards, Prize Drawings; 50/50, Food on Site, Proceeds go to Local Charities.; on Facebook: Good Time Cruisers of Locust Grove. Cause 4 Paws. We are in need of volunteer foster homes, monetary donations and donations of the following: Purina Kitten Chow, Purina Cat Chow, Friskies Pate canned food and Fancy Feast Kitten Wet Food. Proceeds benefit feline rescue. Donations are tax deductible as we are a 501(c)(3) charity. Donations can be mailed to Cause 4

Alcoholics Anonymous: Meeting every Mon, Wed, Fri, at 7 PM at LOW Church (Rm 210). Info: LOW Church 540-972-9060. Cancer Support Group for Women and their Caregivers: Meetings are held at LOW Church. Please contact Suzanne Lentine for meeting dates/time or for more information, 540-972-9060. Dementia Memory Café: Second Wednesdays, 2:30 PM, Country Cookin’, 247 Southgate Shopping Center, Culpeper. This is a social event where the person with dementia and/or the caregiver(s) are welcome to come discuss issues. Contact Bonnie at 540-547-4824 or Dementia Support Groups: Mondays, 6:30-8:30 PM, Home Instead Senior Care, 111 Olde Greenwich Drive, Suite 101, Fredericksburg; Mondays, 11 AM12:30 PM, England Run Library, 806 Lyons Blvd, Fredericksburg. Info: Ginny Biggs, gbiggs@ Grief Support Group: Griefshare is a free worldwide Bible based support group designed to help you through your grief journey after the loss of a loved one. See We meet twice a year for 13-week sessions of videos and discussions at the LOW Church. Several leaders, a minister, and a workbook will be available to assist you. Please call for days and for more info, 540-972-9060 or Living Water Community Clinic in Locust Grove (32345 Constitution Hwy, Suite H) offers free medical care and prescription assistance to the uninsured in Orange, Spotsylvania, and Culpeper counties. Medical care available on Thursdays from 5 to 8 PM. Call 540-854-5922 for appointments. Volunteers Needed. Info: 540-8545922, Suzanne. LOWLINC - Non-profit membership service organization dedicated to enabling seniors at the lake to continue living fully and independently in their homes. Volunteer services provided: transportation, light home maintenance, computer assistance, check-in calls, friendly visits and referrals to screened service providers. Fee-based. Info: 1-855-LOWLINC or visit LOW Lions/Lioness Wilderness Food Pantry: Located behind Locust Grove Town Center, Route 20. Usually open the first and third Fridays from 9 AM to noon, the second Wednesday from 4 to 6 PM and the last Saturday from 9 AM to noon. Please call: 888-5089274 to confirm schedule and to check for special opening dates and times. Mail contributions to Lions Wilderness Food Pantry, P.O. Box

605, Locust Grove, VA 22508. Info: Stan, 540-412-9854. LOW Lions Medical Equipment: Durable medical equipment is available for temporary loan to those with needs. Equipment can generally be picked up and returned 9 AM to noon Saturdays at the Lions Building near the LOW trash compactor. Lions also gratefully receive donations of used equipment, in clean and good condition, that can be readily used by others. In case of immediate needs, please contact Dave at 540972-2125, Susan at 540-972-2772 or Mark at 540-412-6694. If contacts are not immediately available, please leave message and we will return your call. Orange County Free Clinic: Offers primary medical care and prescription assistance to the uninsured in OC. Medical care available Mon. through Thurs., by appointment, and on Tues. evenings (walk-in). 101-C Woodmark Street, Orange. Info: Dorren Brown, 540672-0793. Red Cross Blood Drive: Fourth Tuesday, every other month from noon to 6 PM. Next drive is Sept. 24 at the Community Center. You must be generally healthy and 17 or older. Go to for more detailed information. Make an appointment online or call 1-800733-2767. Making an appointment saves you time! Walk-ins accepted, on space available basis. Info: Christy, 540-412-2470. Seeking Counseling? The LOW Church offers affordable counseling for all persons by appointment. Info: Church, 540-972-9060. The Woods Cares: An AARP program, will run errands and do small repairs, light yard work for shut-ins and caretakers. Free service. Call Jeanette 540-9720726, or Ed 724-523-5255. Rappahannock Rapidan Community Services Care-AVan will provide transportation to health care (including picking up prescription medications) and legal appointments for senior citizens (over 60) and persons (over 18) with physical disabilities. Available Mon-Fri. with minimum of 48 hours’ notice. Free Service (donations accepted), Call 540-825-3100 ext. 3358 or 3013. Vision Impaired Support Group. Meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 10 AM, Community Center, Room 1. Sponsored by the LOW Lions. Contact: Gail Sauro, 540-972-1629 or Gail.Sauro@

Lake Currents September 13, 2019


Human Services

LOW Community

Square Dance FREE Drop-In Sessions: The LOW Square Dance Club is offering one more Free Beginners’ Modern Western Square Dance Drop-In Session on Friday, Sept. 13, from 7:30-9:30 PM at the Community Center. No dancing skills and no special clothes required, just a desire to have fun and make new friends. Singles, Couples, Families, All are welcome. Beginner class series starts Wednesday, Sept. 18 from 7:309:30 PM ($75 for a 14-week series.) at the lower level of the Clubhouse. Information or Questions, Email: Text (or call) Dick/Lynn Unser 703-298-6254. LOW Art Show, Sept. 28 & 29 - Entry forms for LOW Art Show are in racks at the lower foyer of the Holcomb Building and at the Community Center. Deadline: September 21. Questions? Jan Moore 540-972-9355 or Sallie Wallace 540-972-0412. Lost or Found Pets in LOW can be posted on LOWlostandfoundpets. Hearing Aids/Eyeglasses Recycled: Place used hearing aids and eyeglasses in LOW Lions boxes at Wells Fargo Bank, LOW Hair Studio, and LOW Security. Project EXCEL. The Orange County Office on Youth is looking for volunteers to tutor elementary school students who are as much as a year behind in reading. As little as an hour per week could make a big difference! Please email Ginny Biggs at: project_excel.ooy@outlook. com or call 571-259-8951 for more details and a volunteer application (a background check is required).

Paws, P.O. Box 301, Locust Grove, VA 22508. For more info, see us on Facebook: causefourpaws Locust Grove VA or call LA, 540-485-4181 or Darlene 540-972-8038. LOW Directory. Cost is $10 at Member Services in the lower level Holcomb Bldg. Sales benefit F&R. Information: Dick or Carolyn Durphy at; or 540-972-3306. LOW Lioness Book Sale. Used books will be sold on the last Saturday of each month from 8:30 AM to 2 PM at the Ferris Building. Proceeds go to the Benevolence Fund. Book donations are accepted at our book sales and on Mondays from 9:30-11 AM. No reference or text books please. Info: Ann, 540972-4338; Sherri, 540-412-9854; or Helene, 540-412-0798. LOW Lions Medical Equipment Loan Program seeks donations of wheelchairs and rollators in working condition to share with neighbors in need. Donate at Velona Building (by compactor) any Saturday from 9 AM to noon, or call Lion Mark at 540-412-6694, Lion Susan at 540972-2772, or Lion Dave at 540-9722125 to schedule a pick-up. If you or a family member need a walker, shower bench, bedside commode, or other medical equipment, the Lions are here for you! Lions Furniture Pickup and Yard Sale. The LOW Lions accept donations of furniture and merchandise at the Velona Building (Shoosmith Road, near the trash compactor). Donations accepted Saturdays from 8 to11 AM. To arrange for donation pickup, call Doug at 540-495-0640. The Lions are a 501(c)(3) charity; donations are tax deductible. The Lion’s Yard Sale at the same location is open every Saturday from 9 AM to noon. O.C. Humane Society. Our local animals need your help. Volunteers are needed to respond by phone from home, to voice mail messages from the public, once every two months as part of a team. More information at 540-672-0069 or OrangeCountyHumaneSocietyVa. org. We are a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation and donations are taxdeductible. Please mail to OCHS, P.O. Box 852, Locust Grove, VA 22508.

Deadline for submissions to the September 27 issue of Lake Currents is September 16. Deadline for submissions to the October 11 issue of Lake Currents is September 30.



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Lake Currents September 13, 2019


Yes You Can! (Learn to Square Dance) Beginner Classes Start Sept. 18 by Geraldine Amaral Hodson, Member

Photo by Geraldine Hodson

Square dancers enjoy dancing at the club Drop-In session.

by Mary R. Nolan, Book Club The new neighbors on Lowland Way open a used car lot on their front lawn (with their products spilling onto the parking places in front of other residents’ homes); engage in messy DIY renovations of their property; and play loud music at all hours. Such actions have consequences as described in Those People, by Louise Candlish, LOW Book Club’s selection for its Oct. 9 meeting. The picture-perfect street in an upscale London neighborhood gradually seems to turn in on itself, as neighbors become pitted against each other; an innocent bystander meets a fatal end; and a placid elderly resident’s seemingly innocuous conduct is revealed. Please note that this book differs from the previously mentioned selection for the October meeting. The book is available in all three local library systems (Orange County, Culpeper County and Central Rappahannock Regional). LOW Book Club meets at 1 PM on the second Wednesday of the month in the meeting room of the Wilderness Library. All are welcome, and no prior notification or attendance commitment is necessary. For further information about the club, call 540-972-9284.

Bocce Players Wanted; Possible Senior Olympics at LOW by Dirk Essert, LOW Member

I am interested in setting up a Bocce league at LOW and am trying to round up folks that have played before or are interested in learning how to play. Bocce is an Italian lawn bowling game that is easy to learn and fun to play. Also, anyone interested in participating in and organizing a Senior Olympic Games for the community please contact me. Possible games for the Senior Olympics are: horseshoes discus basketball cornhole shot put volleyball tennis javelin softball pickleball bocce races Medals awarded to top three (Gold, Silver & Bronze) participants in each age grouping. Groupings are by age (50-55, 56-60, 61-65, 66-70, 71-75, 76+). This could be a lot of fun for all. Anyone with interest in either Bocce or the Olympics should contact me, Dirk Essert, at 540-622-3440 or email

The Germanna Foundation is excited to be a part of 50 Ways to Fall in Love with the Foothills as we celebrate the anniversary of Virginia’s 50 Years of Love! To mark this occasion, the Germanna Foundation will be hosting a special event on Thursday, Sept. 19. From 5:30 to 7:30 PM, Foundation staff and representatives from Germanna Community College and the National Park Service will be stationed around the Fort Germanna Visitor Center grounds to provide a historical narrative about the history of its property. Learn about: • Germanna, one of the first communities in present day Orange County • Germanna’s connection to its heritage and past • The early origins of Germanna Community College • The archaeology done at the Fort Germanna and the Enchanted Castle site • The community that flourished in Orange County in the 19th Century • The role the land played during the Civil War.

Photo by Dan McFarland

Octogenarian Fred Wellman shows off his slalom skiing at the Ski Club Labor Day show.

The event is free to the public, and visitors can walk the property at their own pace. In the event of inclement weather, the stations will be moved inside the Fort Germanna Visitor Center and the Hitt Archaeology Center. Complimentary cookies and punch will be available inside the visitor center. Location: Fort Germanna Visitor Center, 2062 Germanna Hwy, Locust Grove. For questions, please contact Ashley Abruzzo at aabruzzo@germanna. org or 540-423-1700.

Lake Currents September 13, 2019

Germanna Foundation History and Heritage: 1700's to Present

LOW Community

On Aug. 9 and 23, the Lake of the Woods Square Dance Club held “dropin” sessions, designed to acquaint anyone new to square dancing with the Lake of the Woods Square Dance Club, its friendly community, and even allow them to learn a few square dance steps. These sessions were well-attended with new dancers learning and dancing with the experienced club dancers. The club’s professional callers, Gene Chamberlain and Larry Winegard, led the new dancers through a number of basic “calls” and had everyone dancing within the first five minutes! The final drop-in session is Friday, Sept. 13, at 7:30 PM in the Community Center and as always, all are welcome. This is Modern Western Square Dancing and it is for anyone. It is done to all types of music and is easy to learn. If you can walk to music then you can learn to square dance. Dress casually and wear comfortable shoes. These drop-in sessions are the “warm-up” to the beginners’ lessons starting on Wednesday, Sept. 18, from 7:30 to 9:30 PM at the lower level of the Clubhouse. Even if you did not make any of the drop-in sessions, but want to learn how to square dance, please come to the first lesson. Please stop by for our final drop-in session on Friday, Sept. 13, from 7:309:30 PM in the Community Center Gym (free, no-obligation), or just show up at our first lesson on Wednesday, Sept. 18 at 7:30 PM. Everyone is welcome – singles, couples, and families; no special clothes or dance skills required. For more information or questions, email: or call: Dick/Lynn Unser 703-298-6254 (text. preferred). We hope to see you there. Note: The official square dance beginner series lessons start on Sept. 18. The entire series of 14 lessons costs $75. Lessons will be held Wednesday evenings 7:30-9:30 PM in the Clubhouse, Lower Level.

LOW Book Club


LOW Garden Club: Food of the Month?

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

The roots of the LOW Garden Club extend beyond Lake of the Woods, and indeed beyond Orange County. Within the county, it extends to supporting our local food bank. A recent conversation with the supervisor of the food bank identified certain staples that were needed, and the Food of the Month for September is pancake mix and/or syrup. For October: pickles, all varieties! Now who would have guessed? So, remember to bring along your pickles to our October meeting. Our roots also extend to greater Virginia to help reforestation in our national parks for areas affected by flooding, fires and disease. How can the LOW Garden Club help? Each month we pass a jar to collect pennies (or loose change and orphan bills) for Pennies for Pines. Each $68 collected purchases a plantation, 200 trees! To date our club has funded 13 plantations or 2,600 trees, one penny at a time! (Currently the jar holds $45.41.) Finally, an invitation to our next evening meeting; a field trip to the Wilderness Winery on Thursday, Sept. 19. Car pool from the Clubhouse lower level at 6:15 PM, the guided tour starts at 6:30, with optional tasting and snacks to follow. A sign-up sheet was available at the picnic, but if you missed that opportunity you may phone Shellee Williams, 540-412-9894, email, by the 17th so that we may order the snacks for you. This is a Members-Only event.

Just four more weeks until opening night for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Joseph suffers in his slavery; at one point he lands in jail. While in jail, Joseph sings the lovely Close every Door. He also foretells the outcome of two other prisoners, one of whom is the butler to the Pharaoh. That prisoner brings Joseph to the attention of the Pharaoh, and the story progresses from there. Imagine the Pharaoh belting out a song in the likeness of Elvis Presley. Then there is the western hoe-down, as well as odd scenarios done to various styles of music. You will recognize a number of familiar faces playing the various roles, plus a few newer ones. I have not been able to get to a full cast rehearsal yet, but I hear Lee playing the music and learning the lyrics. I may know the words to most of the songs by the time the show actually opens. We do hope everyone will come and enjoy this telling of Joseph and that dreamcoat. You do not want to miss seeing the actual dreamcoat. Tickets are now on sale for the performances on Oct. 18, 19, 25, and 26 at 7:30 PM and matinees on Oct. 20 and 27 at 2 PM. More information can be found on our website: . Tickets can be purchased on line or you can call me at 540-972-6385. If you have to leave a message, I will call you back as soon as I can. We welcome and extend an invitation to attend our meetings to anyone who likes theater and is interested in seeing some of the things that our group does. Our meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at the Community Center in Classroom 1, starting at 7 PM. Our next meeting is will not be until Nov. 13.

LOW Community

by Karen Kovarik, Publicity Chairman

by Sandra Frame, LOW Players

CWSG Annual Dinner

by Charles Brewer, President, Civil War Study Group The Civil War Study Group will hold its Annual Dinner on Oct. 18 at the Clubhouse. Our speaker will be Chris Mackowski, whose topic will be the Mine Run Campaign of late 1863. Seating for the dinner is limited, so you are encouraged to visit our website to view the details and print out a reservation request form. At its monthly meeting, Sept. 27, 10:30 AM in the Clubhouse Great Hall, the Civil War Study Group will host National Park Service museum curator Luisa Dispenzirie, who will discuss why the NPS has museum collections, and how they care for them, highlighting the Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania collections. Everyone with an interest in Civil War history or historic preservation is invited to attend our presentations. For more information about the program, or the Civil War Study Group, contact Charles Brewer 540-645-2705 or go to

Lake Currents September 13, 2019

LOW 2nd Annual

Small Business Day When: Saturday, September 28th; 1pm-4pm Where: The Lion’s Pavilion at Sweetbriar Park

Thinking about a career change? How about Real Estate?


Admission is FREE!

Get Licensed Fast! Classes starting soon!

There will be a 50/50 Raffle, tickets are $1 each

Hot Dogs will be sold for $2 and water will be sold for $1


Contact Jessica Basho, Career Development Specialist 703-888-5277 or


Gold Canyon Candles ∙ Paragon Pier ∙ Rodan & Fields Lady D’s Teas ∙ Down to Earth Balance ∙ Lake Currents Banks Floors and Décor ∙ And MORE!

Come out and see all the wonderful small businesses LOW has to offer!!


Remember… It’s a great day at the Lake!

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The Licata Group ∙ Fit for Life ∙ Color Street

Second Annual 1” x 3” x 8’ Woodworking Challenge

LOWLINC Speaker Series: Trinity Senior Village

by: Glynn Smith, LOW Woodworkers Club

by Carolyn Rourke, LOWLINC Board Chair

An assisted living and memory care community, Trinity Senior Village, is coming to Locust Grove in 2020. Representatives of the new senior community are the featured speakers at the September LOWLINC Speaker Series. B & K Properties, a family-owned and operated Virginia business, is building the assisted living and memory care community on Route 3 at the corner of Somerville Road. Currently working through the last pieces of the permitting process, B & K expects breaking ground to occur very soon. The opening of the community is targeted for early summer 2020. Kerry Reardon and Kay Close will join us to present information about the new senior community. Kerry is a member of the B & K family and will head up the community’s business operations. Kay Close RN, BSN, LALA, is Trinity Senior Village’s Executive Director. She is a registered nurse with 30 years’ experience, has a master’s degree in senior housing administration, and is a licensed assisted living administrator. They will speak about the company business philosophy, define what assisted living and memory care encompasses, and present details about the facility, including schematics of the buildings, amenities and programs. LOWLINC is pleased to offer this free presentation to all Lake of the Woods residents as part of its Speaker Series. The presentation will be held Tuesday, Sept. 24, 1:30 PM, at the LOW Community Center.

Or, go on the internet and just type in your subject for instance, “how to make wood puzzle boxes”, “how to make wooden toys”, etc. Looking forward to seeing your project! Rules: Participants: Residents of the Lake of the Woods or Their family members living outside the lake; groups or organizations residing within the lake; or, Students enrolled in the Orange County High School Carpentry Class. (Members of the LOW Woodworkers Club will not be eligible for prizes.) Use only one piece of 1” x 3” x 8’ pine lumber (fasteners such as glue, nails, screws, hinges, etc., lighting, and finishes such as stain, paint, etc. will be permitted) No other materials can be used. Each contestant must drop off their project at the LOW Woodworkers table at the LOW Visual Arts Council’s Fine Arts, Crafts, and Photography Show located at the LOW Community Center on Saturday, Sept. 28, between 9 and 10 AM. Subsequently, judges will review all submitted projects and the first, second, and third place awards will be presented at 2 PM on Sept. 28. Projects will be judged on three criteria: Originality, Artistic Presentation, and Woodworking Technique. Participants will be allowed to leave their projects on display until 5 PM on Sunday, Sept. 29.

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LOW Community

It’s not too late!! The summer has gone bye and if you still have not started your project for the 1” x 3” x 8’ Woodworkers Challenge there is still time. Some of us are challenged for ideas about what to make. Here are a several websites from which to get ideas:;

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LOW Veterans Club

Congresswoman Spanberger to Hold Town Hall Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger, who represents Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, will hold an open, county-wide town hall in Orange County on Sept. 15. This will be Spanberger’s 10th town hall in Central Virginia since taking office eight months ago. Town halls allow her to hear about issues that matter most to Central Virginians, answer questions about her work for the w Seventh District, and discuss solutions that can om an make our communities stronger. The bulk of Spanberger’s town hall will be devoted A b ig ail to questions from constituents. However, she will deliver S pa n b e rg er a brief progress report on her recent work in Central Virginia and in the U.S. House, including her community roundtable on prescription drug pricing, her two-day, nine-stop farm tour across the district, the 2019 Rural Broadband Summit, recent bills to help Central Virginia students with student loans and work-study opportunities, and additional topics. Her team will be on-hand to help anyone experiencing an issue with a federal government benefit or program. The Town Hall will be held on Sunday, Sept. 15, from noon to 1 PM at the Germanna Community College Locust Grove Campus, Room 114, 2130 Germanna Highway. All are welcomed, tickets are not required, and the doors open at 11:30 AM.



Lake Currents September 13, 2019

by Elaine Freeland, Member


The LOW Veterans Club is donating a full size American Flag to the LOWA Fitness Center. The flag, previously flown in Afghanistan, is intended to be on display inside the center. The Veterans Club has hundreds of non-fiction World War II books that are available for free. Please contact club president Dan Greene about acquiring any amount of these books. At our last meeting, one veteran highly praised the cancer treatment that he has received from the Veterans Administration hospital in Richmond. The Hunter Holmes McGuire Hospital provided the excellent medical care. Our next meeting is Thursday, Sept. 26, at 7 PM in the Clubhouse lower level. The featured speaker will be Jason Rector, a representative of Virginia Department of Veterans Affairs. He will provide an informative and entertaining presentation about veteran rights and benefits. Nominations for club officers including president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer are being considered. All members are encouraged to notify the Nominating Committee in order to seek nomination and election for the term beginning in January. Veterans are encouraged to bring pictures of them taken in uniform, for the purpose of hanging them on the Clubhouse Christmas Tree. The program was a great success last year, according to visitors to the Clubhouse. For information about the LOW Veterans Club and its activities, please contact club president Dan Greene at 540-972-0153 or email him at


LOW Community

by Fred Pulis, Member, Veterans Club

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by Alayna Stiffler, Member

by Lee Frame, District 5 Supervisor

Be Prepared! A motto heard throughout the years. As parents, we have said that to our children, teachers remind students to be prepared to take a pop quiz, Scout leaders have used it over the years for teaching points, and colleagues expect co-workers to be prepared for meetings, deadlines and more. Some most-used reasons for a new guest attending a Toastmasters meeting are: someone suggested attending, required for a promotion, or a curiosity to learn about Toastmasters. Being prepared to speak doesn’t seem as if it would be difficult, because we talk every day, even if it is to ourselves, but if someone needed a speaker to fill in and you knew the topic, would you be prepared to speak or would fear stop you? At Toastmasters, we have a handful of seasoned speakers who carry in their hip pocket a mini prepared speech in the event there is not a speaker on our agenda. A Toastmaster learns that being prepared does not only apply to the classroom or to the board room, but everywhere, from networking to the preschool meeting with the teacher. Learning to season your words with preparation usually has an overall better outcome because you learn skills to think through processes before speaking hastily. We meet on the first and third Tuesday at 6:30 PM at the Community Center. For more info, email

Knowledge Club

by Alayna Stiffler, Knowledge Club We are excited to announce our speakers for the coming months. Although many of our topics are financially driven, we also like to have other speakers to bring you timely information, especially about the news in Orange County or something to personally help you and your family. Please join us every month. • Oct. 8 - 10 AM – Virginia Senior Resource. A free service to seniors and children of seniors who are seeking advice • Oct. 10 - 6:30 PM – The new changes to Medicare during Open Enrollment • Oct. 11 - 10:30 AM - The new changes to Medicare during Open Enrollment, Please note this one will be at the Wilderness Library • Nov. 12 - Savvy Ways to Save on Taxes • Nov. 14 - Estate Planning • Dec. 10 - Get Organized for 2020 • Dec. 12 - Knowledge Club Open Discussion Knowledge Club is always free to all ages. We hold our meetings at the Community Center on the second Tuesday and third Thursday of the month. You are welcome to bring a friend who would be interested in learning more about any of our topics. Light refreshments always provided and if you are interested in suggesting a guest speaker, please contact us at

Lake Currents September 13, 2019

At a recent meeting of the Orange County Board of Supervisors and the Orange County Broadband Authority, easements were requested from the TRICORD Corporation to run fiber optic lines on their property, and from the Rapidan Service Authority to run fiber optic lines and construct a communications tower on their property. An easement gives another person or organization a legal right to use another’s land for a specific limited purpose, but the legal title to the land itself remains with the owner of the land. In some cases, the owner can grant an easement by selling it. In the cases listed above, RSA as a public entity grants a no-cost easement to serve the public. In TRICORD’s case the no-cost easement will eventually serve their homeowners in providing better public safety communications and possible broadband coverage. To install the fiber optic core network lines to all of the schools in the county, we used the Virginia Department of Transportation right-of-ways along roads in the county so that private property easements were not required. In the Town of Orange, the Broadband Authority needed their permission for fiber optic line installation. As the county selected sites for the public safety radio towers throughout the county, we attempted to remain on public land so as to avoid the need for private landowner easements. The easements discussed above are new, but there are many easements already in place throughout the county, including Lake of the Woods. Easements are needed for water and sewer mains, electrical power lines and other utilities that serve multiple properties. In some cases there may be drainage easements across private properties. An easement does place some limitations on the property owner’s use of their property. They cannot do anything that would disturb the purpose of the easement once it is granted. An easement usually includes the right for the entity receiving the easement to have access to maintain the easement’s purpose. An owner who has landscaped in the easement area may find that it has to be removed if maintenance is necessary. The granting of easements is usually a voluntary transaction between the grantor and the grantee. In some cases money or other compensation is involved. In my last article I mentioned that the county acquired an easement for flight path airspace, but since there was no benefit to the landowner we paid for that easement. If an agreement cannot be reached, other options to the requested easement are investigated, but in the end, condemnation through eminent domain for an easement, similar to the taking of land by a government entity, is a very last resort. In these cases the courts get involved and the government entity has to thoroughly justify such taking, and then the court determines compensation. Most local governments are extremely reluctant to use eminent domain because individual property rights are considered extremely important, and a local taking becomes much more personal. Fortunately, during my tenure on the Orange County Board of Supervisors, eminent domain taking has never been seriously considered. If you have questions about county government or want to let me know your feelings on specific issues, you can contact me at leeframe@

Orange County

Orange County Supervisor’s Letter

Wilderness Toastmasters

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Lake Currents September 13, 2019

LAKEFRONT RENTAL for vacations, graduations, reunions at your back door. Sleeps 18. Three night minimum. Call Tom at 540268-0908. (LOWA registered).


Services 1 CALL ABOVE All, A+ BBB Rated, Ask Luke Zello Takes Care of It All. A Best of the Burg multiple category Top 5, Home Depot Pro Referral, Class A Licensed & Insured family operated company, 20+ year LOWA residents. Our professional tradesmen love to work and we donate heavily to a home in India that rescues the smallest victims of human trafficking. Protect yourself. Before you hire, verify licensed contractors at See All of our classifieds & give us a call. Ask Luke Zello, 540-406-3589. 1 LESS WORRY, Let Me Stain and Seal Your Deck or Dock, So You Can Relax For Years To Come. Call LongTime Resident, Erich 540-972-2664. 24 HOUR EMERGENCY Service and Storm Damage Repairs. We work with your insurance! Ask Luke Zello, 540-406-3589. 30+ YEARS RESIDENT. Animal Care and House Cleaning. Call Linda 540-220-2138. A&T ENTERPRISES Household repairs and upgrades. Install Toilets, Water Heaters. No job too small. LOW resident 6 years. References available. Terry 412760-4593. A/C & HEATING Installation/Repair - Ask Luke Zello, 540-406-3589. AIRPORT CONNECTIONS We drive you to/from IAD, DCA, RIC, BWI airports. Reliable service. Reasonable rates. 540-222-6649. AIRPORT RIDES at Lowest Local Rate. Free Quotes, 24 Hour availability. Didier’s Rides provides Uber ride sharing (LOW resident) at 540-661-2377. ALL HOME IMPROVEMENTS, all flooring, decks, basement finishing, roofing, painting, bath and kitchen remodeling, power washing, house and garage cleanouts, additions, house building. Gutter Cleaning and Install Seamless Gutters. Have small backhoe for digging drain pipes and drain tiles. Licensed and insured. Call Jerry at 540-840-2248 for free estimates. ANIMAL CARETAKER/PET Sitting. Reliable and experienced pet sitter/walker in LOW. Excellent availability and rates. Call/text 540850-5514, Nikki. ARE YOU Just thinking about selling in 2019-2020. Market is strong, inventory is low. For no obligation consultation call or email Vassa Olson w/United Real Estate Premier. Serving LOW homeowners since 1991. Vassaatthelake@gmail. com or 540-840-9444. ASK LUKE ZELLO - Inside and Out Home Improvement and Repairs, 540-406-3588. ASPHALT Sealing, Repair - Ask Luke Zello, 540-406-3589.

BARBARA’S CLEANING. Regular, Move-in or out, or One-time Cleanings are welcome. Baths & Kitchens a specialty. 540-672-8069. BRICK/STONE Masonry - Patios, walkways, porches, retaining walls. Ask Luke Zello, 540-406-3589. BULKHEADS and DOCKS, Boat Slips, Ground Level Decks, Wood Walkways, Lake Steps and Beaches. Since 1993 we have provided quality, affordable services to our neighbors at LOW. We are Licensed and fully Insured. You won’t hire us and then have us hire someone else (uninsured) to do your job. Our bulkhead replacement can be measured in miles, not feet. We build year-round and do not use large equipment in our work. See some of our work at both LOW Marinas, the small lake boat ramp, LOW Kayak Dock and Meadow Farms Golf Course. Free estimates, second opinions, and proof of Insurance are gladly provided. Call D&B Services, Inc., 540-972-7361. LOW Resident. CARPET STEAM Cleaning – Garland Ray, Vietnam Veteran. Powerful truck-mounted equipment. Cleaning in Lake for over 20 years. 540-832-7602. CERAMIC TILING For Bathrooms, floors, foyers, countertops. Call 898-7773 for a free estimate. Ask for Bob Yak. References available upon request. CHIMNEY REPAIR - Ask Luke Zello, 540-406-3589. CLEANING - PROFESSIONAL Service. Excellent References. Call Lourdes, 703-795-5184 or KandHCleaningServices@gmail. com. CLEANING DONE Right! Over 20 years experience. All supplies included. Free estimates. Call Maid4-Hire, Theresa 540-920-8277. CNA STATE Certified Nurses Aid. LOW resident. Your CNA on the go, when you need short term care. Insured and Member of Chamber of Commerce. Diane Clauson, 540388-2930. CONCRETE MASONRY Driveways, Patios, Walkways, Hardscaping - Ask Luke Zello, 540406-3589. CONTRACTOR - CHECK http:// to verify licensed contractors. Ask Luke Zello, 540-406-3589. CRAWLSPACE WATER Issues? Ask Luke Zello, 540-406-3589. CULVERT REPLACEMENT Ask Luke Zello, 540-406-3589. CUSTOM HOUSE Painting. Inside and out. Bob Yak & Sons, 540-898-7773. Free estimates. CUSTOM SHARPENING 540308-9895. DAVE THE MOVER LLC. 20 years experience. Local and distant. 540-229-9999. DECK STAINING - Ask Luke Zello, 540-406-3589. DIGITAL MARKETING – Specializing in Business Development! Email Marketing. Graphic Design. SEO. Social Media. Web Design. Web Writing. 10 Years’ Experience. Excellent References. Contact 703-328-7673.

DOCKS, BULKHEADS, DECKS, and more. Our company has been doing work in LOW since 1976 and has always given our customers affordable, quality and reliable work. Licensed and Insured and we do all of our own work. My Dad started the business in 1976 and I joined him in 1986 when I graduated from Orange County High School. Most of the original bulkheads in LOW were built by me and my Dad and the design for the bulkheads that are used today was created by my Dad, Rixey Almond. Many bulkheads and docks are still standing after 25+ years. We only use large equipment if it is absolutely necessary and then only with the permission of the homeowner. We also do Log Homes, Log Home Repair, Additions, Garages, Barns and no job to small. We will give references upon request or proudly take you to see our work. When you are planning to have work done always compare apples to apples!! Free estimates, second opinions, and proof of insurance are happily provided. Call Almond Construction LLC., Roger Almond 540-207-0979. DOG WALKING, Pet Care, Plant Care & House Sitting Services by Chelsea. LOW resident since 1982 with references! Call or text today 804-467-4770. DONAHUE HOME Improvements - Additions, sunrooms, screen porches, bath remodels, decks. Over 30 years experience. We do it all and do it well! Resident since 1967. 540220-2764. DRAINAGE ISSUES? Ask Luke Zello, 540-406-3589. DRIVEWAY REPAIR - Premier Arbor Services LLC 540-718-3794. DRIVEWAY SEALING. 25 cents sq ft. Call Johnny B. Quick and save money at 540-903-5369. ELECTRICAL ISSUES, Ask Luke Zello, 540-406-3589. FLEA & TICK yard treatments. 1st Class Exterminating 540-8546759. Rodent control. Free Pest Inspection. FOUNDATION REPAIR - Ask Luke Zello, 540-406-3589. FREE ROOF Inspections, Ask Luke Zello, 540-406-3589. GARY’S OUTDOOR Service - Grass Cutting, Landscaping, Gutters, Pressure Washing. Call 540-229-5959. GUTTER CLEANING/Guard Installation - Ask Luke Zello, 540406-3589. GUTTER GUARDS, gutter cleaning, gutter repairs and home repairs. 35 years experience. LOW Home Owner. Kenny Skeen, 540972-4326. HANDYMAN PLUS - 32 year LOW resident and Licensed Contractor. Serving LOW over 20 years. I don’t claim to know it all, and I can’t do it all, but what I can do, I do well. To inquire and for a free estimate, call Erich 972-2664. HOME IMPROVEMENTS & Repairs - 40 yrs Experience, LOW Resident, Reasonable Prices. Free Estimates. Better Call Paul 571-4050653. HOME REPAIRS - Ask Luke Zello, 540-406-3589.

JUNK HAULING - Ask Luke Zello, 540-406-3589. JUNK REMOVAL Fast, Call Johnny B. Quick 540-903-5369. KENNY SKEENS Home Repairs. 35 years experience. LOW Homeowner. 540-972-4326. LAMPLIGHTS LLC - Clean and Service Gas Fireplaces and Front Yard Lights Refurbish or Replace. Free estimates. Call Joel 540-8405343, LANDSCAPING HARDSCAPING, Retaining Walls, Patios, Walkways. Ask Luke Zello, 540-406-3589. LANDSCAPING - PREMIER Arbor Services LLC. Hardscapes, Yard installation, Stump grinding, Tree trimming, mulching, stone work. 540-718-3794. LAWN MOWING - Ask Luke Zello, 540-406-3589. LEAF REMOVAL, 101HP Diesel ODB Municipal 16” Leaf Vacuum. Ask Luke Zello, 540-406-3589. LOT CLEAN-UP. Ask Luke Zello, 540-406-3589. MOVING - DAVE THE MOVER LLC. 20 years experience. Local and distant. 540-229-9999. MOVING LOCALLY? Ask Luke Zello, 540-406-3589. MULCH DELIVERY - Doubleshredded hardwood. For prices, call Brian, 540-219-7660. MULCHING (DELIVERY/ SPREADING). Ask Luke Zello, 540406-3589. NOTARY SERVICES – LOW. On-site, will travel. Sherri Lahay Lasover, 540-412-9854 or 202-2888564. PAINTING- PIONEER Painting: 30 years in business, licensed and insured, A+ rating on Angie’s List. Call 540-220-8439 for free estimate. PAINTING/STAINING, Interior/ Exterior. Drywall Repairs. Ask Luke Zello, 540-406-3589. PATIOS, WALKWAYS, Retaining Walls - Ask Luke Zello, 540-4063589. PLUMBING PROBLEMS? Ask Luke Zello, 540-406-3589. POWER WASHING- Go from green to clean. Do you have mold on your siding, rotten wood, that’s a HOA violation. Call 540-642-2349 for estimates or email: jnave@ Licensed/Insured. 10% Discount for seniors and military. PRESSURE WASHING. Ask Luke Zello, 540-406-3589. REPAIRS & ROOFING. Install new and repair any small roof issues-- don’t wait until they cause extensive damage. Skylights, Seamless Gutters. Best warranty. 540-972-9444 or ROOFING and REPAIRS - No leak guarantee! Ask Luke Zello, 540-406-3589. SELLING? DON’T want the stress/expense of fixing & waiting for your house to sell when you could close in two weeks? Ask Luke Zello, 540-406-3589. SERVICE UNLIMITED. Affordable plumbing, home repairs and service. Licensed and insured. Yearly Plumbing Program. LOW homeowner. 540-287-3984. 24 hours for emergency.

For Sale

LOWA Employment

PADDLE BOAT for Sale. 5 x 7, 4 person paddle boat. $50. Call 540972-1179.

Clubhouse – Part Time: Busser/Dishwasher: Must be able to work flexible hours, weekends and holidays. Responsibilities include loading, running and unloading the dish washer and assist with kitchen and busser duties as needed. Great team to work with in a pleasant environment. Good customer service and communication skills necessary. Clubhouse – Part-Time Servers: Successful candidates must have excellent customer service skills, enthusiasm and energy. Must be willing to work flexible hours and weekends. If you are 18 or older, have a positive, out-going personality and are a team player, this job is for you! Some restaurant experience preferred. Clubhouse – Part-Time Host/Hostess: Seeking candidates with excellent customer service and communication skills and a hospitable disposition along with a positive and enthusiastic attitude. Must have some computer knowledge and ability to work between 4 PM and 10 PM Wednesday through Sunday, including some holidays. Equestrian Center – Part-Time Barn Staff: Successful, dependable candidates will assist with barn chores including cleaning stalls and paddocks, cleaning and filling water tubs, feeding the horses and blanketing when required. Additional duties may include assisting with pony rides and parties, trail rides and helping with shows and other special events. Weekday and weekend shifts available. Experienced horse handling skills plus good communication skills essential. Fareways – Part-Time Line Cooks needed to accurately and efficiently prepare hot food products as well as prepare and portion food prior to cooking. One year experience is preferred along with good communication skills, ability to work flexible hours and a team spirit. Maintenance – Full-Time Roads Laborer. The qualified applicant will operate vehicles and equipment as required to maintain and repair streets, work with the team to patch holes, install/maintain street signs, cut brush and seasonable remove snow and ice. Must be able to lift 50 lbs., use a variety of hand tools, weed trimmers, chain saws and vehicles. Work is performed outdoors in all weather conditions in loud noise level and exposed to fumes, hot liquids and materials. HS diploma required with one year related experience.

Misc. FRESH PRODUCE, 21388 Jacobs Ford Road, Lignum, VA 22726. 540-672-8069. MAH JONGG Lessons at Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation Dept. starting on September 24 at 3 PM. Register at Catalog-of-Activities or call 540-3721086. NURSE AIDE COURSE. $1195 includes tuition, books, PPD, background check, drug screening, CPR, uniform. Next Start Date: Oct. 15, 2019. Info: 703-402-2509.

Deadline for submissions to the September 27 issue of Lake Currents is September 16.

Lake Currents September 13, 2019

SNAPPER JACK Yard Care, LLC, - Complete yard care, mulch, powerwashing, grass trimming and pruning. LOW homeowner. 540-9075800 or Fully insured and Free estimates. Veterans 10% off. TREE CARE/REMOVAL - Premier Arbor Services LLC, Complete Tree Service. Hardscapes, Yard installation, Stump grinding, Tree trimming. 540718-3794. TREE REMOVAL, Any size, anywhere. Fully insured. Ask Luke Zello, 540-406-3589. WATER MAIN Leak Repair/ Replacement, Ask Luke Zello, 540406-3589. WE BUY Houses & Fix yours! Ask Luke Zello, 540-406-3589. WHAT’S UNDER Your House? We fix wet crawlspaces with transferable warranties. Sump pumps installed/replaced. Free inspections, second opinions. Licensed and Insured. Since 1993. Call D&B Services, Inc. 540-9727361. LOW Resident. WINDOW & DOOR Replacements by Bob Yak & Sons, 898-7773.1990 SYLVAN PONTOON 19’ with Trailer. Pontoon completely rebuilt 2014. 50 HP Johnson motor rebuilt 2015. Asking $3500, Call 703-408-2348.

All Pay Market Competitive. Submit applications and resumes to HR@ or fax to 540-972-2243. All positions must be able to pass a criminal background check and have a valid VA driver’s license. More information regarding these positions is available in the Human Resources Department. EOE.

Deadline for submissions to the October 11 issue of Lake Currents is September 30.

Saturday November 16 9:00 - 4:00 Sunday November 17 9:00 - 1:00


Arts & Crafts Bazaar

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~Saturday only~ Pancake Breakfast & BBQ Lunch will be served

~Bake Sale (Saturday)~ ~ Kitchen & Bath Gifts/Accessories ~ Jewelry ~Wall Hangings~ ~Doll Clothes~ Cards for All Occasions~ ~Seasonal Wreaths & Center Pieces ~ Baby Items ~ the ever popular “Scrubbies” and so much more! All proceeds benefit LOWC Youth Missions Cash * Checks * All Major Credit Cards Accepted


Seller Success Stories GUEST SPEAKERS:

Wilderness Resorts 9220 Plank Rd, Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA 22553

• Michael Ullman, First Heritage Mortgage • Pam Godfrey, Universal Title • Scott Harvey, Home Inspector • Kelly Roberson, 2-10 Home Warranty

Lake Currents September 13, 2019

LOW Community

Sept. 25, 2019 1PM-3PM This Home Buyer Workshop event will feature on site loan consultations. The first of it’s kind “Love It or Leave It” program. And access to other premium programs not available to the general public. So come and learn. Register by Sept. 25th at: or call 540-388-2541 Lunch Served & Provided by Universal Title

LICATA GROUP BUYER ADVANTAGE PROGRAM • USE OF A MOVING TRUCK! Within 60 miles of Locust Grove • HOME WARRANTY PROTECTION FOR ONE YEAR Through one of our preferred providers. • LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT PROGRAM When you work with us, we will sell the home you buy through us for free. This is how it works: During the first 12 months after your closing, if you are dissatisfied with your new purchase for any reason at all, simply let us know, and you get our incredible home selling system at no charge from us. We will list your home until it sells. During this period, any commission paid for the listing side of the sale will be forgiven. Ask your Licata Group Advisor for details. • LIFETIME VENDOR RELATIONSHIPS Highest quality of workmanship, results and customer service through an experienced network of service providers while you own your home from beginning to end. • BUYER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! If you are not completely satisfied with the job we are doing for you, we won’t hold you hostage!


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Keller Williams Capital Properties 36111 Goodwin Dr Locust Grove, VA 22508

(540) 388–2541

It’s another beautiful day at the Lake!

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Lake Currents September 13, 2019  

Lake Currents is a bi-weekly newsletter for Lake of the Woods Association, Inc.

Lake Currents September 13, 2019  

Lake Currents is a bi-weekly newsletter for Lake of the Woods Association, Inc.